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Picture where you and your knee are now

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1 hour ago, Boycie said:

You’ve got odd feet mate. 

I quite like your toe nail varnish but your feet are on the wrong way round?

Take a closer look, @Boycie, and you’ll also see two hats... don’t read that back too quick!  😉

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To the two “angry face” reactions to my last photo... if I may...

This was our first ever visit to anything bull ring related, and I include a lack of shopping trips to Birmingham in that statement.  It was a “reasonably entertaining evening” without proving to be amazing in any way.

It was on the northern edge of the Basque region, in The Landes, France. 

There was no mention of the word “Fighting”, be that in print, verbally, or in reality. 

Yes, it’s a circus. Yes it includes animals. And yes, there is an element of teasing/taunting of the beast, so any accusations of cruelty could remain valid by some, I guess. 

 I can only assume it is comparable to keeping wild animals in captivity (Zoo, wildlife park, aquarium etc).  Perhaps on a par with “swimming with dolphins” or taking a racehorse “over the sticks” in a steeplechase?  Maybe camel racing?  Or many other forms of “entertainment” that involves live animals, around the globe?

The “official” humans involved appeared to be acrobats, adept at dodging any “attack”, but then also the members of the audience who took part in a 10 a side football match (with the bull playing the part of a certain out-of-control Mr S Attwell!) also managed to comfortably avoid a goring, as did the half a dozen under 12’s who also braved the arena. 

We appeared to be the only two adults in the arena, who were not accompanied by children!

Feel free to continue to remain “angry”, if that so be your desire. 

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6 minutes ago, Zag zig said:

Rooftop pool bar overlooking bay of Nice, watching planes and taking in liquids


Oh Thank God I read that twice... for a minute there, I thought a plane had crash landed on/in the water!  

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1 hour ago, Mucker1884 said:

I equate Brains (The brewery, not the human organ!) with Wales?  If so, I'll let others narrow it down from there.  The statue is certainly not familiar.

St Dogmaels, Cardigan Bay.

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