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Best Derby individual player performances you can remember...


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Kris Commons FA cup replay vs Forest away, 2 down to 3-2 winners, made all the better by being sat in the Brian Clough stand with my Forest supporting bro-in-law, and hearing his plaintive cries of ffs, keep him of his left foot just as he smacked the winner from the edge of the box and slid on his knees towards the Forest fans, a truly magic moment in a truly great match!

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Thorne vs Brighton in the Home leg of the playoffs... need I say more?

I've seen better performances on highlight packages and videos but I wasn't there. Best individual performance I have witnessed and remember in my 19 year life is that one.

That whole game will live with me forever I think. My second favourite Derby game ever, just behind that 1-0 win over United in 2009. That cup run was the only decent thing Jewell ever did really... That game was about the magnitude of the result. The Brighton playoff game was the performance, atmosphere, result, everything was just amazing. Thorne, Hughes and Bryson made them look like a non-league side.

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