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  1. Louie Louie, he got a goal, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  2. Came here to see if this was being talked about, was not disappointed. I hope we have something to cheer about after this season's storyline, even if we are pipped to the post by Preston, Blackburn, Cardiff, Millwall, Swansea or QPR 😄
  3. Having lived in the north west for 8 years, and not had a birds bakery item for an equal length of time, I approve of the birds discussion. I'm always talking about birds bakery, there is nothing that compares up here. NOTHING. I'm making a detour to Belper's Birds Bakery next time I'm back in the East Midlands!
  4. I reckon we saw a completely different Tom Lawrence today though, normally i'd think the same as you. Same old Tom Lawrence, know exactly what to expect of his forward runs. Today he was making those runs but then halting them when he knew he couldn't find the space forwards and played the safe ball into midfield, retaining possession. It wasn't a one off, he was doing this throughout the game. obviously been trained into him. Much better, mature performance from him today that I've never seen him do before. Might be a one off but there was signs he's had one to one training on this.
  5. It's free for 3 months and then £15 thereafter.
  6. After he was sent off, I don't know if they still do it, but at Burnley they had a seating area for the players that puts them amongst the fans. Chris Martin was in the form of his life at the time as well. Anyway, he comes and takes his seat amongst the fans, there were people criticising him and saying he'd let the team down and now we have it, proof he did no wrong. We were the better team as well, even with 10 men until their killer 2nd. Massive shame, so close to promotion.
  7. I've never known a player to be as unlucky as George Thorne with comeback injuries. You've gotta laugh George, otherwise you'd be crying.
  8. Nice assist for the second goal as well.
  9. Awful challenge, Charlton player lucky to get away without an injury there.
  10. Middlesbrough at home, 10 men and Johnathon Hunt bags a winner for 2-1 win is a great memory. Bald eagles barmy army for years. Proper gutted he's gone.
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