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  1. That's what Rashford can do, that's about the tip of his abilities.
  2. Fairly certain I saw a news article saying that wasn't true, released by the ambulance service or something. Can't remember where though.
  3. That's Huddlestone's strength as well though, he's a calming influence. He has his bad games but he's been one of, if not, the best performers recently. I'm keen to see Bielik turn in a good performance, because apart from his first game (was it Scunthorpe?) he hasn't played particularly well.
  4. We'll seriously miss Huddlestone today, the recent games I've seen he's by far our best player at the moment.
  5. I'd say he's performed a lot better than Dowell though. Not seen enough of the scottish fella to comment.
  6. He didn't have the best managers around him whilst at Liverpool. Could be argued it would be Sterling, Salah and Firmino as I'm sure Klopp would find space for him.
  7. He's quite relaxed about he whole situation I think? As frustrating as it may be to us fans, seems like he's taking his time assessing the squad. Guess we're all gonna have to be patient.
  8. C'mon, let's list his strengths. He's absolutely brilliant at making space for himself to receive the ball, and he's pretty decent at trapping it. His major hang up is that he hangs onto the ball for way too long. He puts himself under way too much pressure, which impacts his dribbling, passing, crossing, shooting, everything really. He's unfortunately a liability for us, which is a shame because we're desperately lacking in centre midfield. His set pieces are pretty atrocious as well.
  9. I've enjoyed what I've seen of Bielik up until this game. Lots of players in Derby shirts just not linking up well at all.
  10. Bristol looking much the better team so far, looking much more alert and playing some good football. It's not quite syncing up for us at the moment.
  11. Did I hear right that Kemar Roofe has been sold, from Leeds to Anderlecht? Why have Leeds sold him?
  12. Reports on talk sport is that this is a done deal.
  13. Still a bit of work to do obviously, but you can see what's happening. Great shape, everyone's buying into Cocu's 'philosophy', proper grafting. We need a bit of bite upfront I reckon, midfield and defence is sorted. I really like the look of Clarke, looks like an hard man and will probably have a better season than Tomori. Just a couple of small things that make us marginally better than last season. Great to watch us see the game out I areas of panicking, when 4 mins added time went up I naturally assumed we'd see Huddersfield have an onslaught but we managed the game well there. For all the similarities of Lampards Derby, Cocu's Derby has better game management...so far!
  14. You must be a screwball to think Notts Forest have a chance.
  15. It's probably the best DCFC kit of all time
  16. Blimey, still, I'm not that bothered. Has been a breath of fresh air this year with the lack of links. Saying that, we weren't exactly linked with any of the players we signed last year, certainly the permanent ones. I think Mount was the only serious link we had? It's the year of the youth player. I think this management team is better equipped than even last year's management team to bring through youth players, I'm still absorbing the fact we've got Cocu as manager, and the two other Dutch guys have come across bloody brilliantly in their interviews. It's fantastic for Derby, I'm as relaxed as an Amsterdamion (Amsterdaminion?, Amster's?, Amsterdamido's?) In the coffee shop.
  17. Doesn't the loan window shut on August 31st? Plenty of time yet. Having said that, I'd be quite happy to see the likes of Bird getting some serious game time. Including the hype youngsters Sibley and Knight. I love a bit of home grown.
  18. I don't think it's fair to judge Wilson again the likes of Mane and Salah, the competition he has for first team places at Liverpool. Or if he was to drop into CM, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner, Keira and others I can't think of, the competition is fierce. Salah and Mane are world class. There's absolutely no chance he's going to be at their level yet. At least he's getting a chance in the friendlies, no reason to believe he can grow in confidence and ability under Klopp. I'm not sure on Klopps track record with youth, but TAA and Gomez (both defenders, Klopps former position, although TAA could be described as an attacking player) have improved massively. Wilson deserves a crack, but I'd be delighted if he came back here for another year. A lot of people praise Tomori and Mount, but Wilson was equally important last year, for his attitude and driving runs. He was my favourite out of the 3.
  19. I know we say every year he looks slim and lean, but he really does look slimmer this year. He looks ready as well, kind of nervous in his interview but ready for his challenge. Best of luck to him!
  20. They were going for age group continuity weren't they? Southgate stepped up to the senior side, boothroyd stepped up from the u19s and u20s. I agree with the sentiment that he's an odd choice for manager at any level of the national team. If England majestically flop this tournament (they were heavily backed to win it), we could see Paul Simpson move up from the u20s to the u21s.
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