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  1. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Our back four is nearly an anagram of awkward
  2. Its Snow Joke

    We have to take the piss tomorrow
  3. Where is George Thorne?

    Don’t understand what’s gone on with George if he’s fit what’s up? No excuse for being overweight - he s a pro footballer! and where did his passing go? Doesnt add up - must have problem either personally or just wants new scenary
  4. Keogh ....New Centre Back

    Get shut....sighs
  5. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Is the snow booked ?
  6. Honestly...

    You might be right but that’s when a board should say to the manager bring me three striker options to buy - different on the scale - and we will help you make a decision !
  7. Honestly...

    But if he came to him and said (and these are fictitious wages) we can sign Jerome - seasoned campaigner 30 yrs old on 25k a week - bit old but experienced or say someone like Bogle (as an example ) - who we liked at Grimsby and they wanted a mil for him - and he would have got a pay rise to 10k a week - and he going to fuckjn run is legs off, and bully centre halves for the first 60 mins or last 20 mins which one would get you out of your seat and rev you up more
  8. Honestly...

    I’m an old Ram - I got a kick out of going away in the 3rd division - we flooded the little grounds - Ram till I die Loved it - always my team
  9. I hope we get a nice kit for the next season

    Are we playing rugby league now ...
  10. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    1 each - Vydra
  11. I hope we get a nice kit for the next season

    I liked the Brentford away kit and I like yellow !!!!
  12. I hope we get a nice kit for the next season

    The Admiral Coventry away kit - seen for the first time at the BBG in 1978?
  13. Honestly...

    Yes Good post most important thing I take from it - was strategy and sticking to it. people on here have asked what does a board do and what are the managers reseponsibilities In my view MM and the board set a strategy - the manager is their to execute it. So if the goals of the strategy is do a rebuild (after selling best players) good brand of football and exciting up and coming players - why 1. Did Gary Rowett not listen and go in an entirely different direction towards new players 2 why didn’t the board reject - some of his signings - like Jerome - when he knocked on the door - and say sorry mate - not in the strategy we want you to look at league 1 for Mr Hungry who scores every week or develop X from our 23s In my view both the board and the leader are to blame for this season Only if we had signed two hungry young players with legs ! when we were second - things could have been different the underlying thing is - the board monitor the strategy and keep it on its tracks - if you don’t do this - then you might be a Sunderland (and ps they caned us at home the other week)
  14. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Bent just equalised
  15. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    What does a Chelsea player need to do to get in the eleven

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