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  1. keeper is highly rated also - so double swoop on Oxford. They loved us when we did them for Dean Saunders in a dodgy Maxwell deal some years ago!!!
  2. Afraid it may be a loss 2-1 Baggies FRGS - sublime Sibbo
  3. Ooo just missed an injury time header - could have won it for them - ET now Could do with Pompey winning this - as we can get him cheaper and hopefully get a trip to Fratton next season
  4. I dont think Belek is a CH think they will try and buy Clarke or go for Rob Dickie
  5. MoM tonight for Oxford in play off semi first leg. Looked more than capable - good solid defender could be good for us if Matt Clarke doesn’t want to stay - and Oxford flunk it
  6. Quite relaxed boys and girls - reckon we’ll beat then red wine helps.....
  7. some of these guys....will have to realise that they aint going to cut it at top clubs........
  8. Well we sent Pattison and Dowell back - we all agreed with that..dont want time wasting loanees any more...wanabees Clarke would be good for us - and I hope we can secure him full time next season But the basis of the side is a lot better.........don't get me wrong I would love Wilson and Tomori back (if we reached the prem) but on our payroll and terms!! they have to want to play for us!!!!! Mount I have left cos he is going major places.........
  9. no loanees. - simple as that And had to cope with some stupid players actions and problems Full credit to the bloke - we are in a drag race with Cardiff for 6th I reckon - even if we comes 7th. - he has done brilliantly well As a) he only arrived three weeks before season b) had to put up with the players issues and incidents c) blooded 7/8 rams academy player - full credit to him for that well done Phil
  10. possibly play Evans - save Davis for the bish bash Saturday
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