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  1. Colin Addison was underated as a coach - he also had to deal with Docs shocking transfers and crippling finances at DCFC in 1981 we couldn’t pay the subby to run the electronic scoreboard!! reading the first Vol of the Turbulent Eightees - good read
  2. irobinson

    Ex Rams

    Cool as you like
  3. irobinson

    Ex Rams

    Johnnie / why don’t you run up the wing for me - da da da.... starts tonight
  4. Dont like the sound of that!! After MM cancels Dubai trip
  5. Too early for Frank.....Nuno not a bad shout!! just to piss Wolves off would do me.
  6. I've got a Brentford mate. - who might help me!! lol
  7. great stuff we need him back
  8. great guy - proper Ram - but no - new era for us.........I feel the need. - the need for speed
  9. Hi guys - Im taking my mates to Brentford away - 4 of us going - and a night in London only managed to secure 2 tickets this morning - before selling out!!! Anyone releasing two tickets give me a shout - much appreciated Do Brentford sell out? can we get in the home end!!
  10. Have a rethink - release him
  11. If Villa don’t go up.,,,they’ll be gifting him to spurs...as Erickson is off to Real Madrid... thats the summary.... perform when it’s your time... if not... cream goes to the top
  12. RIP - 45 years old Christ
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