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  1. He’s better work harder to earn a rams shirt or out
  2. Hazel OConnor song......from south stand
  3. Complete shambles - at a loss with him and this.
  4. Good luck to him bold move by WR I would have given it to Jags or Shinnie and made Tom vice but hey
  5. Great to see him back Need genuine honest and solid guys this season
  6. Hope he sees more that Roos
  7. Yeah but Leeds and Villa got up With a proper strategy where were we with MM? established prem teams now
  8. Detailed knowledge of amortisation and double book entry accounting required
  9. Didn’t think he or the polish were that great tbh shall we take a straw pole on it......
  10. Different market now won’t be 15m anywhere near the 10 mark be a good deal
  11. Broker for city sacked for cancer comments to Onuhas mother in an email good track record in sponsorship Etc Nike deal - but comes with controversy!!
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