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  1. Exactly from the same fold - his name did cross my mind. Not a hair out of place.......
  2. Pass got enough news and drama going on here young hungry CH beast, not a pretty boy for us...
  3. no and double no. Any doubt prefer to pass.
  4. Not a great success story yet. Encouraging yes....but a long way to go
  5. Palace did this moved their singers and Ultras to centre position of their stand behind the goal this caused a lot of disruption at CP cos some of the central seats had season ticket holders for over 20 years but they did an override on this - as they value their noisy section. And place this high on the agenda. palaces 12th man didnt work the other Sunday though lol
  6. Such a pity - loved the guy, lovely player So long Gorgeous George
  7. Going to Luton last time I reckon to Kennilworth road
  8. Play a strong team and get in the hat for the 5th round winning is a good habit
  9. Loved Bucko - hard as nails and a great shot on him
  10. Don’t listen to Me Clarke at QPR Ffs -
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