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  1. I gave away my Sunday Times sport Ridiculous all villa tossers
  2. Going out in Fulham now...resisted the pub.... but not now!!! need a beer - wouldn’t like to be in Kings Cross with Sunderland fans!!!
  3. Funny watching Cattermole trying not to get carded ....all innocence
  4. irobinson

    Ex Rams

    Chris Maguire subbed on 57 mins for Sunderland - pretty ineffective
  5. He won’t have to far to go and watch them at Villa Park next season
  6. Anyone see that - Christ wouldnt want that at Wembley in 3 mins!!!
  7. Submitted written transfer request today according to sky sports Rangers in at 500k
  8. Love footy - just bumped into a Sunderland fan 0750 - in London !! fag and beer tin!!
  9. That’s why I’m in dilemma - as I wore it to QPR game but my missus says it’s not the shirt -,it was her who jinxed it hasten to say - she’s not going!!! do what do I do go British midland to be safe
  10. Been here two days (got a place here luckily). Watched a bit of the Tramere game yesterday - 6th place team won ahem washed pressed my 1973 shirt yesterday - all getting a bit real meeting a mate tonight in Chelsea - for pre game drinks will be getting nervous.....but now got my head round that it’s a bonus for us cant help feeling Frank will have a chat with some of the younger lads....to say it’s your moment!! Come on Mason Mount et al - step to the stage for Derby County and England
  11. Agree with that - and another game tomorrow on it and the stadium is empty!! Surely this play off final should revert to the neutral ground in the middle! OT or Villa Park would have comfortably held it
  12. Sour grapes I’m afraid Jog on ******
  13. Exactly right - someday he will manage Chelsea but for now - he could express his career massively 2/3 years if he masterminded us a win on Monday And we are not complaining, he’s s winner - and we like being part of it
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