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  1. Ta ta - bank the dosh Not seen any demonstrable improvement In our keepers for a long time
  2. Would try Sibley...,,why not Holmes has been poor recently
  3. All about money now and the severance deal
  4. my old man RIP used to say Charlie George was a bit of a lazy f**ker in training....but we didnt mind . - cos he banged them in from 30 yards every Saturday........natural talents cant afford to be lazy if they dont score!!
  5. I thought Lawrence’s was a red to be fair - soon as I saw it
  6. Robertson wound him up today at Anfield
  7. And I don’t know why - Sky are totally against us - and bigged Ameoibi up that he was some form of footballing God? the Effin commentary after the Bogle blunder was ridiculous.... Forest are no great shakes...
  8. im not to bad about it - after going to Brentford and Charlton - it was a better away performance. And much to build on. The goal was from a bad mistake from Bogle - real shame. It had a draw written all over it. Thats football - if Martin and Marriott - (both had a good chance) - had buried them. - it would have been different. I know losing to the Gumps is a bitter pill at the moment. - but much to build on.
  9. can we change the thread now - cos the title is the past
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