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  1. 3-1 loss im afraid to to say FRGS - Marriott
  2. Clarke needs recalling to play with Keough Belik at CDM This needs to happen and stop tinkering
  3. Wales have got some good players - although back 4 and Hennessy look weak trouble is - I don’t think Ryan Giggs is as good as he thinks he is - if you know what I mean
  4. He rips off who he likes, he rips off who he likes.....
  5. Ooh it wasn’t good today 1-2 then 3 down in first half 2nd half spirited but not much. Think for second game running - no shots on target me and a few lads stayed back for a few beers - and just so happened stuck around when players came out not sure we have a happy camp - Dowell is about at the lowest, Holmes confirmed things not right. They don’t look a happy bunch worrying
  6. Joke with his BIL Scott Parker defending it after on the interview
  7. Claimed he’d only had two pints at Chester races - but couldn’t stand up
  8. Nah boot him to room 101 - ta ta
  9. Not realky Bielik didn’t look that classy!! clarke shaky and at fault tonight Waghorn offers nowt in open play - control non existent
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