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  1. Guys if Millwall want him - sell him. Cant keep an old bird - without someone else wanting to go out with her!! Get a new big f**ker of a keeper in - who can command the box!! Fraser Forster or the big lad from Brighton
  2. He is very good Longson and Pickering also carried the role very well also
  3. Tomorrow never comes....
  4. Yep two loanees and two Dutch lads signing tomorrow...
  5. and they still had Cattermole on an existing contract of 40k a week...completely ridiculous - thats a lot for a yellow card each week
  6. so are we bringing this big f**ker in from Brighton?
  7. done and shared Steve - all the best
  8. wasn't she on the Waltons......
  9. I think the model lends itself to loans - Villa and Us did it. - on the gamble you might get up. If you do. - you try and convert them and if not you have the dosh to buy some perms....saying no - just reduces your competitiveness. Do we really feel that 2/3 u23s from our own stable could propel us to prem?
  10. he can play CB and Holding CM...worth it I reckon
  11. he won't get a game at Villa - and he is well short of Prem. currently Championship for him I think
  12. Marina Granovskaia - Russian / Canadian who is one of Abramovich bods....really?
  13. I think you have to realise that Frank nursed him a bit - and got him going - motivated while he had his personal problems etc - and tried to get best out of him but he will never be of the level of the three loanees last year (Mount signed his big 5 yr contract at Chelsea today) and Tomori and Wilson (worth £50million) are a deck above him. Tom is miles off these 3 he needs to work hard and improve his game technically. - and not go missing in games We need you Tom!!
  14. Nope Chelsea Exec - Marina no bad eh?
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