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  1. Tombo

    Liam Delap

    We might actually stay up if we can bag him on loan for even half a season. No offence to CKR
  2. Could be another Jordon Ibe. Could be another CKR. Both were written off as finished/problem players.
  3. Absolutely none of you actually know what Shay does/did day by day so to speculate on his abilities as a coach is pretty baseless, just because we had a bad season last year. The buck stops with the manager with regards to results. His coaches do what he tells them to do.
  4. They have some amazing journalists full stop. Maybe somewhat off topic here...They have a very long article on there today covering the story of the entire "55 years of hurt" which I've found a great way to get ready for tomorrow's game. The entire "England National Team" story from 66 to today and it just reminds you why the crop of players we have now are so special. They have as much talent as any England team we've ever had but a lot of attributes we've not seen from an England team in half a century. Very much worth the money imo
  5. It is also worth mentioning that similarly to the way that the mainstream national press work with the government, access is everything. I imagine the Derby Telegraph have a direct line to the club...but they wouldn't do for much longer if they published stories that the club were not ready to be seen by public eyes yet. Therefore they are unfortunately reduced to mouthpieces for the club. But I suppose they say that they are given accurate and correct information from the horses mouth, and they are free to report, comment and analyse that information however they see fit. So in their defence that is how their role has changed with reference to the club.
  6. It might possibly, very likely, almost nearly, probably, very slight chance that it could be coming home....maybe
  7. The arrogance of this French team gets totally ignored and yet according to the Croatians every nation steps up a gear when they play England because we're so arrogant. France will win this tournament and they won't even need to try.
  8. I mean, do you really blame Wycombe? I don't
  9. The accounts to be read out loud on the PA system at half time on the 7th. Would love that
  10. I can understand why other clubs are laughing at us right now but they won't be laughing when they are next. The EFL is supposed to be a democracy, where clubs have a say in their own futures. Instead it's more like mob justice that instigates witch-hunts against its own member clubs to purify the leagues. It's insane
  11. I just don't know what the EFL are hoping to achieve. Is FFP still about protecting clubs from going bust or is it just a set of rules with no purpose? Dragging this out is stopping us getting the takeover that we desperately need. This could make us go bust, so where does this even relate to "sustainability" anymore?
  12. The business is extremely lean. There are debts, but we are a good prospect for a potential owner nonetheless. How many clubs have this little deadwood while simultaneously having a few sellable assets in our young players? Plus the owner is desperate to sell and the club is getting a worse press every single day. Someone who knows their football and their business knows that we are a very good prospect. A low level Championship club fighting off relegation, with low wage costs but high quality Premier League facilities? We have the platform to climb the table again, if we can very quickly put this mess behind us
  13. This is the first time in my lifetime I'm looking at a major international football trophy and thinking "England really ought to be winning this". And not just that we have a chance but we really REALLY should be embarrassed with anything less than semi-finals. We've got one of the better sides and the nations that usually beat us - Spain, Portugal, Germany...are all going through poorer generations of players than they've known for a while. France and Belgium are our biggest threats so would understand bowing out to one of those. We boast a squad in the top 3 in Europe in that respect. Whether we are the best, probably not, that's likely France. Belgium and England are close for 2nd and 3rd. So we absolutely can win this, and we should be challenging ourselves to win this one. If we're not going to this tournament to win, we may as well not bother. Winners: England Runners Up: France
  14. Rumour has it, he was listening to that song when he had his genius idea to renovate Pride Park as a live venue with a roof and own the club too. "Horton Hears The Foos"
  15. Would be interesting if Mike Horton is looking to take over as well given the choice of music there. We've had a few failed takeovers, fans are wary of any new owners and will struggle to trust any potential owners... ...but what if he says he's not like the others?
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