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  1. Theres more than just two styles of football. Anyway, good point today. We'll leave that there.
  2. I think Cocu has more or less tried to continue what we did last season without the players we had, and without the specific direction. I don't think he has changed enough. I think he's guilty of trying to continue Lampard's work
  3. I mean Clarke can pass. He can bring the ball out from the back. He just can't defend
  4. Hey you know that English manager Steve McClaren? Famous for his direct hoofball style? Well what do you mean? He's English ain't he? Course that's what he plays.
  5. It's either Rowettball or it's a 'continental style'. Okie doke Did you vote Leave by any chance?
  6. In what regard are we attempting Dutch total football other than our manager being Dutch? I mean Cocu spent most of his career at Barcelona playing nothing like a total football style. And we're not attempting that either. At best, this is ignorant. At worst it's a lazy stereotyping job. Our first foreign manager ever and we're trying to guess what style of football he'll play by his nationality despite plenty of football evidence to the contrary. Lovely stuff.
  7. Also, Marriott is not going to be our saviour. This is not his game unfortunately. He's not getting a sniff
  8. We need to get a consensus here, are we hoofing it aimlessly or are we trying to play it out from the back? Look, this is poo but lets at least criticise what's actually happening rather than making any old poo up Sky criticising us for trying to play it out against the press but that's not the problem. The problem is we're not supporting each other out there. Players are completely isolated and not helping each other. No idea what's going on here.
  9. I think its players and manager together. I believe the players want to win games of football. I believe the manager does too, and that he has very distinct opinions and ideas on the game. The two are not melding at all. We don't play with any sort of style or identity. Cocu is struggling to implement his ideas, and the players are struggling to take them on board. Far more than just "teething issues" and "team needing to gel" as well. Very very poor. The players look absolutely lost and clueless. A big improvement needed. Hell of a big improvement. This is a collective problem. It's a club problem. We suffer and lose together. That's why I will back the playing staff and the coaching staff to turn this around. We share the pain. That's what being a supporter is about for me. It's not about happy clapping or wrist slashing (both vile phrases to describe the two encampments that fans love to jump on with. Bleugh.) It's about continuing to give our support whilst they figure things out. Because that's what teams do. They work together in mutual harmony. We, as fans, are included in that.
  10. Well after exploiting Brian Clough's alcoholism for that daft made up story he told everywhere and probably made a few bob from, I can't say I'm gutted for him. In fact, I'm laughing at him and the karmic justice of this. As said above, complete tool.
  11. I think there's a minority of over the top views but I don't understand why people are being ridiculed for being upset and concerned after tonight I think it's more than justified to be worried right now.
  12. I wish I knew what it was about set pieces that do us in. I can't put my finger on it. I suspect our managers both past and present are equally stumped.
  13. I'm backing the guy but you're all a bit premature aren't you? I have a very real concern that often the people that wax lyrical 3 games in are the same people who turn on managers 3 months later.
  14. Very upsetting to hear this. I am fuming
  15. Whatever we all think, can we at least agree that the word "snowflake" needs binning ASAP? Must be the most abused turn of phrase to describe someone feeling passionately about something you don't agree with.
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