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  1. I imagine it didn't even occur to them, with it being a quiet preseason friendly I'm sure we all agree it would have been good of them considering some people travelled a long way, but maybe they just forgot. I think it's that simple.
  2. Wtf is going on. America is ducking nuts.
  3. Two 60 minute games did they just say?
  4. If it has to be 433 But I'd much sooner see:
  5. Mel said on Radio Derby that we use the loan system to protect our youngsters. Bloating the squad with big money signings on 4/5 year deals blocks their path to the first team. Arguably, that's what's been happening for years now. Also, it takes time with academies, and you can't say because we don't get 3 or 4 top players a season, it's not producing. Bogle and Lowe have graduated out of the academy and could be good news in the next year or two. Not to mention Bird, Mitchell-Lawson, Sibley, Buchanan, MacDonald etc. who are also making waves and could have their breakthrough season the way Bogle did. Of the 7 players named there, we will be lucky if one or two make the grade. But they're all around the same age. So if each generation produces a decent amount of prospects, we'll start seeing a few of those break through. But we will see a lot more not make it, that's just how it is for all academies
  6. What's this about alleged health problems? Surely an improvement on Nugent from last year in the same spot in the squad anyway?
  7. What did I just read? Someone needs to get a life.
  8. I'll be perfectly honest. I'm avoiding this site at the moment because the colour scheme makes me feel physically sick. Cc: @David
  9. My source has said it'll all be done in the next 48 hours.
  10. Load of reds in here
  11. Who are you to distribute punishments, throwing your weight around like this?
  12. Better still, if you line up side by side in a sort of wall formation, I'll stand behind and get you to move a bit to the left just to cover my near post a bit.
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