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  1. Hm. Sort of shows why this appointment would be a bad idea doesn't it? Because your victim blaming is precisely why Anton Ferdinand was finished after that day and Terry enjoyed and is still enjoying a smooth transition from playing to coaching. With people like you willing to defend him to the hilt, why the hell would he ever bother changing his attitudes?
  2. Come on now, he's had far more terrible games than good ones. I think he may have had maybe 7 or 8 good games maximum before he ran out of steam before the end of the season. And then has started this one just as bad.
  3. Interesting that this hasn't been announced by the official club channels. I don't think this is Rooney retiring from playing, and I don't think it means he's got the gig for any more than on a short term interim basis. I still think someone else is on the way in, Rosenior either goes or stays on the staff, Rooney returns to the playing staff for the remainder of the season.
  4. The trade-off is that Liam Rosenior is going on at fullback, taking the place of a much younger and fitter player, and huff and puff around the pitch inaffectively - just to show Rooney what he looks like to other people.
  5. Saturday has to be 11 players and the subs giving 100% effort whistle to whistle. That is the absolute minimum from any game of football imo and I find it unthinkable that any football fan has to ask for this from their players. I never like to bring up money with footballers as I think its a tired old debate. However... the sheer amount of money these lot earn to live their dream morally dictates to me that the players do this very basic thing - give their best. 100% no less. And more to it, if they give 100% and still lose....fair enough. Then it comes down to ability/tactics/
  6. There is nothing that can justify his racist remarks
  7. Ryan Conway has retweeted this this morning, very timely. Very disappointing if we take this moron on as manager.
  8. We could win both of our next two games and still be rooted to the bottom six points from safety. Thats how serious this is
  9. I can't even pinpoint why we are so bad. We're just not playing football very well. In all aspects.
  10. Sounds like a quality player. So why would he come here again?
  11. Fortunately some of us have this free tonight, but I've seen a few on Twitter and Facebook say they're not going to pay to watch with our current form 2 questions from this 1) Is £10 too much in your opinion? 2) Is it 'plastic' (as I've seen some people be accused of) for fans to openly admit that they won't watch the club if we're in poor form? Presumably they would watch if we were winning games? Personally, I don't think £10 is too bad if you would normally attend games. I find our in-house coverage good and worth the money. Where people spend their money is none of my b
  12. It doesn't feel real yet, I need a lengthy Rams TV interview with Owen to really cement my excitement
  13. The bloke picking the team still on the whole earns less than the blokes on the pitch kicking the ball, but the manager is still senior.
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