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  1. If you Google his name, this comes up 11 years to the day! What are the odds!?
  2. Bobby Davison...absolute legend but very dull commentator
  3. To be fair I wasn't going to make this one anyway
  4. We haven't got a chance of winning this. They will absolutely go all guns blazing to win after their sad news. It's something that's beyond football and transcends it, of course. But just to bring it back to the game... First team we've come up against with more to fight for than us. No chance.
  5. A note on Mike Ashley and "sustainability" You cannot stay in the Championship as long as we have and be sustainable. Sorry, but you can't. This is the one place I will defend Mel vehemently. You have to either consistently spend no money, go down, rebuild your structure. Or you go up and you're set for about 4 or 5 full years minimum, even if you come hurtling back down. Nobody in this league has been here for as many years consistently as us and Forest and that's because of this reason. You cannot stay in the Championship while the games finances are built the way they are. If Mike Ashley buys us, it's because he's sure he's buying a League One club, and that he'll be able to sell a Championship club in a few years. He will not sustain us in the Championship, he will simply try to get us back up. Only a fool or an idiot (or a rich benefactor) would try to spend to keep us up year after year.
  6. I have greatly softened on the idea of Mike Ashley in the past day or two. Call me crazy but...
  7. Don't have an agenda. Was being highly unserious. I like the guy. Undebatable he hasn't been quite at the expected level but no agenda. Was just a laugh
  8. Noticed he isn't rated good enough to play vs San Marino
  9. Wasn't sure, I just glossed over it so as not to embarrass you
  10. It's not how it should work, but it is how it works in practice sadly
  11. And Birmingham in Sep too. Must be some sort of record if he wins it. Worst record (and no offence because he still deserves it) to ever win manager of the month
  12. I can see the argument for Ashley from a "better the devil you know" aspect, I will admit. Still won't see me jumping for joy though
  13. Ashley took over an established top half club, who only 10 years before were title candidates, and got them relegated twice in the span of a decade. They've gone backwards under him. Why anyone thinks he has the knowhow to get us "established in the Premier League" I don't know because he hasn't ever backed a manager in all his time there
  14. No way things are so bad people are defending Mike Ashley and wishing he'd buy us. We've got to get out of this mess soon, it's starting to twist our collective melons.
  15. I wouldn't have cared what the stadium was called if we had a decent sponsorship deal on it to be honest. It's a revenue stream at the end of the day and we need(ed) cash. As it is now, we wouldn't see a penny if the stadium was sponsored.
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