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  1. Confess your unpopular opinions

    I don't like cricket. I love it.
  2. Delusions of Billy

    Is he really refusing to take lower league jobs because he feels he deserves a top end Champ club? I'm sure his wife is enjoying the JSA paychecks because her husband doesn't think League One football is worth a second thought
  3. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    It's not our Scott. Too many teeth
  4. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Look I often try to stay positive and that sort of thing, and I'd love to blame the EFL but this is pretty inexcusable. If you're going to wait until deadline day, you need to have 100% confidence that it can be done last minute. You allow for human error, you always have to deal with human error. It's not Birminghams fault, or Kieftenbelds fault, or the EFLs fault. This is on us.
  5. International Break - Boredom Buster

    All in their squads though. Didn't say they had to be the manager that brought them through.
  6. International Break - Boredom Buster

    Huddlestone, Riggott, Grant and Eustace please. The irony of course being that all 4 have had already had a second spell at the club. Incredible how often we take back old players.
  7. Is Rowett up to the job

    Spending hasn't worked for us. Seriously, take a reality check. It hasn't worked. Why keep spending more and more every year if it's not working? Even if we had a limitless pot of money, there are very good reasons to shop for bargains. Lower money signings and loans come with lower expectations and less pressure. They tend to come with less egos. Look at how Brysons confidence was destroyed when he got a pay rise for example versus when he was in a plucky underdog team.
  8. Elsnik & Gordon join Swindon on season loans

    If they're that good then they'll tear it up at Swindon and we've got nothing to worry about. Unless of course we're afraid they'll flop, like all the players we loan out do. And then we'll be disappointed that our great white hopes aren't as good as we think they are.
  9. would pick from under 23 for hull city game

    I honestly don't know who Tim Blake or Ryan Bomboes are. I'm assuming spelling errors but I can't figure out who he means
  10. No leaders

    Really hope "ramma" isn't who I think it is, looking at his most recent posts. Would explain the crap clichés.
  11. No leaders

    Rubbish cliché that fans use when they don't understand what's happening with their team. See also: - "They don't care" - "Simply not good enough" - "Need to go 4-4-2" - "Inconsistent" These clichés get thrown about with absolutely no thought as to what it actually means and whether it actually applies.
  12. Mayweather v McGregor

    Stoppage is fair, but I can understand where Conor is coming from on that one, being from MMA. Takes a lot more than that to get a stoppage in the Octagon.
  13. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Not happening, not for a bit. I'm still not over it. You must have serious issues with @Will Hughes Hair anyway
  14. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Careful what you wish for
  15. One win from Wembley ?

    That's why I said the players from 2014

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