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  1. I have my reservations with how RD reports on games but that is an irrelevance to this. This issue has almost nothing to do with Chris Coles and even less to do with Ed Dawes who wasn't even there. And I am not a fan of Dawes' commentary at all. But this is nothing to do with him.
  2. The last one is particularly weird. I wasn't going to name names or call people out, but if we're persisting with being racism apologists rather than just moving on, I have to draw attention. Plus, you asked.
  3. Mad how we've got posters trying to explain what Ramage might have been trying to say when we all heard what he actually did say, and the subsequent apology which didn't really try to say he meant something different. I think we let Ramage speak for himself, and judging what he has said so far, he comes across as a racist. And good lord, some of the posts on here...what would Max and Jayden be saying if they read this thread? "Well what about the reverse racism? PC gone mad! *obviously what Ramage said was wrong..* BUT IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE!!" Is this the time? Really? Are we not sticking behind our players in the face of blatant racist abuse? God grant me the patience of a dcfcfans moderator...
  4. They are covering it up. I heard it unedited this morning and he said it, I promise you
  5. Any Derby player examples you can think of?
  6. Listen to it, he said exactly that
  7. Disappointing to lose last night but I noticed a lot of the play was almost carbon copied from the U19s game. The way we move the ball and the players positioning is so so similar. Cocu set out to standardise our playing style and it's starting to work. And I can see in the first team huge improvements from the start of the season. I'm starting to feel like we're starting something now and I want to see it through.
  8. Not sure he's that integral to be honest. Last night wasn't his night for example, it was Max Bird's. I'd be more concerned about losing Bird in the summer or next January the way he's going on.
  9. Sub there makes no sense, should have been earlier
  10. He was our only solid January target and he's gone and done that to us. Cruel game.
  11. Mentioned? I've been on a bit of a rant tonight. Can't help myself It's been mentioned a lot - you're not alone
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