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  1. The derby way equals the Brian Clough way.

    Why even bite?
  2. Keogh - Player of the Month?

    I will be telling my children about Richard Keogh, and my grandchildren. He's more than put himself in Derby history now, and every game he's cementing his legacy further. Think we've had the discussion on here before about "club hero" vs "club legend" and don't get me wrong, he's probably more in the hero category. But if anyone thinks we won't look back on Keogh fondly one day, you're wrong.
  3. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    3018 maybe
  4. Leeds United V Derby County

    TBF you executed it better than I did.
  5. Leeds United V Derby County

    What the hell do you think you're doing? That's my joke.
  6. Leeds United V Derby County

    3 points.
  7. Sexual Harassment

    On this note, there is a youtube personality who recently left his channel (or was booted out by the rest of the guys on the channel) because it came out that he had used his relative Youtube fame to receive nude photos of female fans. The messages that leaked showed that he had been somewhat pushy with it (and definitely creepy, no doubt) and targeted teenage girls (18+ it should be said though, so legal) who were fans with poor self-esteem deliberately. This was talked about as a severe abuse of power, which I think it is, but ultimately his biggest crime was being creepy as hell and lying to his girlfriend. He was all kinds of wrong, but there are movie stars and music stars who do far worse and it is brushed off. The greater the position of power, the more society is willing to brush these things off too, that much is clear. I also think the girls being consenting adults who sent these photos needs to be taken in consideration too. He's apparently seeing a shrink for all this because he made a frank and full apology and wants to get help.
  8. Sheff Utd

    We obviously need to remember though that Nigel Clough built the foundations for this terrific rise.
  9. Leeds United V Derby County

    No Andre Wisdoom?
  10. I'm enjoying this a lot more than I did before. Lowering expectations has made the playoffs feel exciting again. A year ago, when we were saying top 6 was the minimum expectation, this position in the league would be nothing special to us. This season it feels like something to cheer for. A bonus when I expected so little.
  11. Life Ruined

    I usually forget that it's actually a ram I'm looking at with the badge. It just looks like our badge. It helps that as a kid I didn't know it was a ram, it just looked like some weird island thingy, perhaps a badly drawn depiction of America, with a swirly northwestern coast and an island off the coast of 'Florida'.
  12. "100% of those shots were a mistake" - Me, a lightweight, on a night out
  13. POLL: Selling Hendrick; a good decision?

    Selling Hendrick for that money was a great decision. It was the series of poor decisions that followed with regards to that money that were the problem.
  14. The Tories

    My post was entirely jovial. I'm totally with you. Corbyn is my guy, he's changed British politics. Love that you responded with the facts though. I'll do the jokes and you keep laying down truth bombs. What a team we make

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