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  1. Look, I hate 501 and 503 as much as the next guy but don't you ever let me hear you slag off #club502 like that again
  2. Hey, you'll get the top down view. I'm on row 12 so a little closer. You, Eddie, all of the #club502, and I will reconvene after the game and share what we all saw. As far as I'm concerned, nobody else's opinion matters. They clearly couldn't see the game as they weren't in #502, or they were in the posho expensive seats and who cares what they think?
  3. Edward, I always knew you were a man of great taste. 502 is clearly the best view for a reasonable price #club502
  4. Lovely information but sadly I was referencing Red Dwarf - you usually catch onto those references but I suppose it was an obscure reference from the rocky end of the much debated Series 7
  5. It's possible to make diamonds out of pencils?
  6. We're now a team that don't know when they're beat. We're now a team that can unlock opposition defences, not just get shut out by a defensive wall. We're younger, fitter and better suited to a long arduous season. The wage bill is slimmer. We've had better coaching this year to the point that you can see players have improved over the course of the season i.e. Bogle, Bennett, Wilson, Holmes, Tomori, Roos We've got a manager who while is still learning, has a far more well rounded understanding of the game and is far more passionate about this club. We've broken the end of season slide curse. We finished strongly no matter what happens now. The curse is lifted. And the second most important one...we really really got under Leeds skin. They've been rattled all season by Frank Lampard's Derby County and we got the last laugh. The most important... ... ... We got to Wembley this time!
  7. "Leeds United, are failing again Fikayo Tomori - You'll never beat him Go back to Leeds, we'll be at Wembley And stop spying Bielsa"
  8. 1-0 down and we're talking about playing 5 defenders? What's going on?
  9. On reflection I was probably a bit rude - my apologies. I don't like negativity around the club, but probably in reality I was the negative one there. I do think though that we can't help things by speculating on player's temperament and attitude when we don't really know them aside from what we see and hear in the media. I think a person's attitude is quite a personal thing to speculate on if you don't know them. You might wonder about my attitude if you looked too deeply at my comment to you as a matter of fact. A bit of irony there 😁
  10. Takes the moral high ground...peddles a baseless rumour that he couldn't possibly have any idea about as he doesn't know him on a personal level moments later Genius. dcfcfans.uk, you never fail to amaze me.
  11. There's not enough people interested in making noise for 90 minutes, win, lose or draw. Honestly, this won't be popular but give up straight away and don't waste your time. Feel free to bookmark and rip into me at a later date when we create our own Kop.
  12. In that case, I'll have a consonant please
  13. Rubbish. He's just the manager that desperate clubs turn to, and therefore give him a boatload of cash that they don't have to try and work miracles. "Harry Houdini", remember? He doesn't sign the cheques.
  14. Must be joking. Totally silent all game.
  15. I don't watch or even follow any other football. Can't even tell you off the top of my head who is top of the Premier League. I know it's either City or Liverpool at the moment. Third downwards and it's murky. Spurs probably third? God knows after that. I'm not a football fan. I'm a Derby County fan. The only football that matters.
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