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  1. Who the hell is Big Tom? We better not be talking Tommy Johnson. Talk about living in the past
  2. Er...ah...ermm.... 3-1 win??? Scorers of the next two goals will be Armstrong and Johnson? No WAIT! Hang on! Not that!
  3. Thanks for all your messages pointing out my jinx. There are too many to respond to individually. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all those I have hurt. Words can never undo what I have done but I will be taking some time out of the public eye. At the end of this I'm sure I can learn and grow and make amends with the community. Please don't cancel me Peace and Love Tombo x
  4. Him and Byrne and probably the two keepers. Can't really say anyone else deserves any credit.
  5. Hate to be a pessimist but this has got 1-1 late equaliser written all over it. Not because of anything we've done wrong necessarily, just has that vibe.
  6. Why are we all saying its in our hands? It most certainly is not. I know what you're saying, if we get some results we will stay up. If we don't we could go down. But by the definition of the phrase, its not in our hands. If our rivals win all their games, it is mathematically impossible to stay up, even if we win all of ours. That's the frustrating thing about our situation, that is it not ours to lose anymore.
  7. Of course. I did only say "wary" though, not that we should never trust them at all
  8. As a general rule, you should be wary of anybody who actively wants to own a football club as they are money sinks and make precisely nobody any money. Anyone who actively wants to be in that business has a screw loose.
  9. You know we're crap when this is considered one of our better performances. There isn't a single player I'd would be sad to see leave in the summer.
  10. Cocu was not a rookie, what kind of brainworms live in your head?
  11. Happy with that. We went to war and almost took all 3 points
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