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  1. I was born in 1995 and so I can't comment on his footballing genius, but I certainly remember the character of the man as a very young child. Jimmy Smith - The Bald Eagle - The Icon. The first Derby manager I encountered and he hooked me in, even as a child of 3/4/5. I'm aware they weren't the best years of his Derby, but I remember my family explaining why he was leaving Derby and what "relegation" meant! It didn't make sense to me. He WAS Derby to me. My earliest memories of Derby County are watching Jim Smith on TV. I've certainly enjoyed other seasons of football more because I understood and remember them better, but he metaphorically held my hand as I began to learn about football and Derby County as a child. RIP
  2. The sort of post that makes me weigh up whether telling you what I think is worth the inevitable ban 🤔 I'll simply just say, you definitely never come across as the sort of bloke I'd like to have a pint with, judging by the general sort of thing you post consistently.
  3. Interesting how few of those players on both sides, England and Spain, had successful international careers. Being over 19 and being in the U21s is real last chance saloon it seems.
  4. I would agree that the game plays a little different here than it does in other countries. I absolutely dispute that there's such a thing as "continental football". The game plays differently in the Netherlands as it does in Spain. So no link can be made between his Eredivisie experience and his La Liga experience. I would also dispute that Cocu is trying to play a style of football that resembles either a Spanish or a Dutch style of play. I think it's a very English style of play. It reminds me of the dull rubbish we saw in the national team in the Capello and Hodgson eras - that's the problem! Slow, turgid, holding onto the ball far too long, only being totally inept at bringing the ball out from the back, even with long direct balls, which we don't attempt all that often. We would be doing this if we were emulating a Dutch style. Nor do we move the ball quickly and take minimal touches on the ball, as we would if we were trying to emulate Barcelona. Some very valid criticisms of Cocu but looking to his lack of experience in this league doesn't cut it for me. Like I said, if I take these comments in good faith which I am inclined to do, I would say that it's just the easy excuse. It's the easiest explanation and it saves us as fans from thinking "what the duck is going wrong here" and scratching our heads. As fans we hate not being able to put our fingers on what is wrong. We like to review the game afterwards and say "it's easy, they just need to do X and try more Y and it'll be fine". Its easy to say "our manager is struggling to adapt". If I take the comments at their worst possible interpretation, you could say fans are hounding out the clubs first ever foreign manager because they had already got it in their heads that they wanted somebody English, because a Dutch guy just won't "get it".
  5. Whatever happens with Cocu, we need to stop this rubbish about not understanding English football. He's watched a lot of footage. He's watched a lot of football. He understands football, English or otherwise, better than any one of you lot. It's our first ever foreign manager and people want to boot him out on the grounds that he's foreign so obviously he doesn't understand. At best this is misguided, at worst its outright xenophobic. It needs to stop. And if anyone else brings up Frank De Boer like it has any relation to Cocu, I swear I will hunt you down and do some damage (this is a joke, pls don't ban)
  6. I put it to you both that the two formations you have suggested differ so very little it's not even worth mentioning. In a 4231 Bogle and Lowe will still get forward and use the width of the pitch. Rooney will still be a second striker to Martin's set up play and Bielik will always drop in to the back to make a back 5 when we're defending. In the 3142, Rooney will still join Martin up top. Paterson and Holmes will still support the wing backs and get wide. When we talk formations, forget the numbers. It's all about the personnel and what specific instructions you give them and their particular strengths and weaknesses and philosophies on the game. The numbers take care of themselves.
  7. I couldn't disagree with @David more on this particular issue, but insinuating he is taking the official stance and being a club shill is complete rubbish. How long have you guys been on this forum? Obviously not long enough if you think that's what this website is about. In fact, freedom of opinion is so important to this guy that he allows any old idiot to make an account and post any old drivel they like. Believe me I've seen it
  8. He's getting paid either way and he wants to play again. Nonetheless, it's not about punishment. This will be even worse for his return to the side because he's cutting a dreadful figure out there and he's getting obscene amounts of abuse from both sets of fans If we want to rehabilitate him, he needs to not be in the side. From a purely footballing perspective, I can't say that we'll miss him.
  9. "Well I don't agree but I support the decision" Come on, grow a pair. It's our clubs integrity and dignity at stake here. I'm not against their reintegration but it's too soon. 🎟️🎪
  10. Jesus clown Christ what are we doing
  11. Wow, I have been accused of being a happy clapper in the past but how anyone can say they will support the decision to play them is beyond me. It won't happen anyway, but that really shows a lack of brains amongst some of our fans.
  12. Not even on the bench until their day in court please. Can't believe this is even a conversation
  13. I don't think he will. I think this fiasco has taken some heat off him, which is strange but it sort of gives him an excuse. It's a challenge in front of him, that he as manager needs to steer the club away from. I think for someone like Cocu this only strengthens his resolve because a manager has to be a leader of people and good in a crisis. This is his chance to show himself as a manager. Not a coach, not a tactician, not a footballing expert, but a manager. Someone who manages people and problems. All the luck and support in the world to him. Last thing we want now is to lose him. I'd take losing any player in this squad over losing him in this moment.
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