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  1. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    I can accept fans being in hysterics to some extent but the players look absolutely rattled by this as well. Seriously taking it to heart far too much.
  2. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Think some people are looking into this game and seeing some things they want to see...
  3. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Think that's harsh. He's obviously got talent, he's just raw... Still... Reminds me of Miles Addison in that respect. You feel "when he matures, we'll have one hell of a player". And then they never mature. Hanson has got ability but he still plays like a kid who's making his debut at 16.
  4. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    That Nugent miss was bad. That's about all I can say about this game. I've never seen a game that epitomises preseason more. Such a nothing game.
  5. RIP Chester Bennington.

    Heard them play Hybrid Theory live in full at Download 2014. It was special to me then and it's extra special for me to be thinking about how much fun I had that day right now. His recent tweets suggest he was having fun touring and writing new music. Truly out of nowhere.
  6. Rowett's blinking

    "alright darling, did you know that you've blinked 600 times in the last 15 minutes? Can I buy you a drink?"
  7. Agree that the team lineup will be a massive statement. We'll get to really see for sure what Norbert Meier thinks is his best eleven as Die roten Teufel prepare for their 2. Bundesliga campaign. About time Die Laut pulled their finger out and escaped midtable mediocrity after finishing 13th last season. Pah!
  8. Keogh, Pearce, Shackell

    Thanks for opening the thread Bris, think it's Keogh, Pearce, Shackell in that order (first team, bench, get rid) for me.
  9. Rowett's blinking

    Some people blink excessively when they're lying...
  10. Bryson, Butters, Bradders

    Great thread. Like shag, marry, kill for footballers Johnson first team, Butterfield bench, let Bryson go. Lets do another one. Keogh, Pearce, Shackell...
  11. Derby teams with the same initial.

    Are we allowed Pascal Zuberbuhler?
  12. Derby teams with the same initial.

    Okay, let me give this a go. CM: Ruben Zadkovich ... Nope, can't do it.
  13. RamsTV

    One of those things. Some people celebrated uninterrupted perfect quality and were impressed, others had problems with their stream and didn't like what they saw. Fair enough. I couldn't watch it as I was at work, but it's worth remembering that the very existence of this service for league games is incredible in such a SkySports-dominated arena, even if it is only overseas fans for now.
  14. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    Even worse, I remember Russell playing up front centrally for us against Rowetts Birmingham and Rowett said in the post-match that he could tell he was struggling and they exploited it!!
  15. Title contenders??

    Titles are decided on the pitch, not on paper. Which suits us I suppose, because on paper we have no chance of winning the title.

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