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  1. Hold on, there was 29 pages a minute ago. I was looking forward to reading that. You bloody lot running your mouth just cost me about 15 minutes of entertaining reading.
  2. Who next, Ray Charles?
  3. I've been very busy recently and haven't kept up with the transfer gossip. What's the noises about Ince right now? Always felt that Ince might leave this summer, he is a player who is shooting for the moon and I don't think he's going to pass up a chance to move if a Prem side wants him. Not a slight on him in the least bit, he's ambitious and that's good for him. Not to mention he's high profile and everyone knows who he is and what he can do. Means he'll have plenty of options. Again, not a slight on him, but for the right price I wouldn't be against letting him go. And I think certainly Rowett needs to have backing from everyone at the club, fans included, to build the team he wants to build. We need to start showing faith in managers. I know we've given big budgets to certain managers before but that's not showing faith in them. That's throwing cash at the problem and using it as a stick to beat them with, i.e. "We've spent £xmillion and you've done nothing with it" Back the man, let him see through his plans. Last time we truly did that was Nigel and while I won't go into whether sacking him was the right decision or not, it's undeniable that he build a very good squad. So if Rowett wants to let Ince go, I'm with it. After all, do you remember the uproar when Miles Addison left? And Kris Commons? And Paul Green? Players come and go.
  4. Well it's obvious ********, but you can take it out of context if you really want
  5. He's a smug *****. His own biggest fan.
  6. Crap. The league evens itself out. You are where you deserve to be. Would you also say we should have been in the top six? After the money we've spent and our previous season finishes, you've got to say we're a better side than Reading?
  7. I give it a month before that changes, if it even takes that long. Might just be 3pm today to be fair
  8. Even so. Being born in 1995, I missed the BBG by a gnats wing. I'm under no illusions that without the nostalgia, Pride Park is far better. Just wish I had seen for myself.
  9. It's hardly NOT supportive though is it? Because he hasn't scored many and plenty of us would genuinely have loved to see him score. It's born out of an excitement that he might come on and score. Is it not a motivation for him? He's had injury problems, I get that, but other than that I've not seen him give a **** playing for us. He looked shell-shocked that anyone paid £3m for him when he first turned up and every time he's been on the pitch he's looked like he needs a kick up the arse. I don't think any of our managers have done that, not even Pearson the famed arse kicker, clearly because he quite liked Blackman. I don't buy this unconditional support thing. I don't have high expectations of players that come to Derby County but Nick Blackman doesn't even come close to doing enough. And that doesn't even come on to the fact that I can't see what his assets are. A bit of pace, a bit of power, but not enough of anything. His finishing record isn't even that good. He's not scored many goals except in that one season for Reading. Or did fans sing nasty songs about him for his whole career as well that made him play like dogshit?
  10. I need to tell you that for a very long time I have been unable to read your posts without hearing it in Alan Partridge's voice. Especially posts like this. I just needed to get that off my chest.
  11. I've just realised in all this excitement that I have no idea how Derby are getting on
  12. Fury would be a very different test for AJ. Going to be hard to get inside him with Fury having the size and superior reach. He's going to have to work hard to unlock the door with Fury I think, otherwise he'll just be jabbed to death and Fury wins on decision.
  13. 30 quid sounds great. You can pay me 30 quid and I'll endure the shitshow for you.
  14. Come on, it'll be a laugh, think about it. We've got forever to keep playing them. Plus we'll have a really interesting preseason game. But yeah, if they stay up at least we get to play them again, I get that. Seriously though, think how funny it would be. I need a laugh.
  15. It's when he shouts" great scott!" and threatens to take you back to the future that scares people off.