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  1. Jerome's a good player....

    Put it this way folks, if we sold Chris Martin, there'd be a fair share of people queueing up to tell the buying club that he's fat, mardy and lazy when at least two of those things are objectively just not true (he is a bit mardy) Jerome scores goals. And goalscorers tend to get the weight of the whole world placed on their shoulders. No matter how many you score, it's never enough.
  2. Sneaking up the Table

    Villa get three wins on the bounce after a poor season by their standards and they're now suddenly the biggest threat to us? They lost 3-1 to Peterborough only last week in the cup and just barely beat Forest. Not to mention we beat them not long ago. And no mention of Cardiff who are obviously the bigger threat right now. Let's not spend mental energy fearing others and just focus on what we're doing.
  3. Alt-right

    Trump was never Alt-Right. He used Bannon and his readership. Chewed them up and spat them out once he got in the white house.
  4. Scott Carson

    How did you quote this post on Friday 5th before Carl posted the original post on Saturday the 6th? Come to think of it, how did you post it 15 minutes before kick off? I smell a rat
  5. Sam Rush

    I don't think it's a shame and I don't think you guys do either. I love a good story, hope we get to see how this pans out and it doesn't just get settled the boring confidentiality way.
  6. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    It's now hard to not change our target to be playoffs at a minimum. Not because we're all more excited, but because it would take a meltdown of McClaren proportions to mess this up now. Most seasons, 75 points is enough to more or less guarantee 6th place. Sometimes it's as low as 68, and this is a weak year in the Championship so 75 should be more than enough. In our remaining 20 games, we could get 7 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses. P20 W7 D5 L7. That's a horrendous record by any stretch of the imagination, to only win 7 of your remaining 20 from that position in the league. Yet it still almost guarantees playoffs. If Rowett were to have got just 7 wins and 26 points from his first 20 games, he'd have been sacked by now. To not get in the playoffs now would be beyond all belief.
  7. "Oh Days"

    See I thought that too, but unfortunately like I said, this isn't the first time they've said this. I don't think they realise they're missing a word out. Either way it makes me cringe.
  8. "Oh Days"

    This needs to end. I don't even know what this is even supposed to mean. This isn't the first time the DCFC have posted this confusing series of letters.
  9. The not invincible Man City discussion

    Hardly failures though are they? If it wasn't for City's Superteam they'd be top of the league.
  10. The not invincible Man City discussion

    Morally want them to fail, but unfortunately I have to confess that I like to see history being born in front of my eyes and so I want them to just not lose another game this season and smash Arsenals Invincibles out of the water. They've got a chance to create the kind of history that there's absolutely no prayer of ever being beaten outside of a FIFA career mode on Amateur difficulty. Once they've done that, I hope they end up in the Conference North.
  11. Why do people feel the need to stir the pot like this when we're doing so well? If we start to falter in February, you can bet your life certain people will say we didn't invest enough in January. Is it so hard to just give your own club credit instead of preparing excuses to have a pop at your own club?
  12. Less than £2 mil!!

    Are you on the Christmas crack?
  13. Is Rowett up to the job

    Hang on, we've still got another day, there's still time!
  14. George Thorne

    If you were suffering long term health problems as a result of the physicality of your job, you'd be fine with just being thrown on the scrapheap then would you?
  15. Mr Brightside

    They play it mashed up with Sweet Child O Mine. Worst thing I've ever heard. And I like both songs.

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