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  1. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Really, I thought 30 to 40 percent of Palestinians are Christian - not counting the PFLP and other communist or secular organisation. Mate, ISIS ain't a brother to anyone. Just read what @reveldevil wrote. Same goes to you @Norman
  2. Jon Toral

    You mean this fella?
  3. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    Is Andy Reid playing?
  4. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    It's pathetic how you are trying to score political points when there is a tragedy unfolding in Spain. What is exactly your point. You know you can be white skinned and be in ISIS? The article is assuming that Asian = Muslim. This is exactly the sort of stuff that we could do with out - the stupid graffitii that's probably done by teenage drugie kids and hateful inaccurate articles.
  5. Derby County v Preston North End

    He's hiding behind the biggest guy on the pitch
  6. Derby County v Preston North End

    Olsson way better than fozzy Wieman playing to keep the shirt. Good stuff so far.
  7. Actually, they are a decent club and often in the Euro Cup.
  8. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Another world beater giving his life away: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cycling/steve-wooldridge-dead-suicide-dies-olympic-cyclist-gold-medallist-australian-a7893736.html
  9. Think before you gif

    I always wondered if this was the burqa emoji.
  10. The most sense you have made in your posting career.
  11. Smoking Ban

    The only thing I remember was how smelly pubs and clubs where when the ban came in. Old smelly socks was the flavour. As a smoker back then (rollies) I was pleased with it because I too didn't want to smell like an ashtray. Now I vape haha #Vapelife
  12. Looks good on that showreal. Looks like a quicker version of Bamford
  13. David Miliband

    David should have been PM. And if he was we wouldn't be in this mess.
  14. Smoking Ban

    What do you think about vapers?

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