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  1. Gypsy Ram


    There's no God. There's no karama. Next.
  2. Gypsy Ram

    Mel Morris - Please read.

    Stunt would be too kind. I said stitch up. Local hearts and minds matter more than national media... In this instance
  3. Gypsy Ram

    Mel Morris - Please read.

    Morris gives a new contract to Hanson, a cheap youth product that would never start a championship game for a promotion chasing side, then attends an under 23 game for local media. Smacks to me as a pr stitch up job.
  4. Gypsy Ram

    Under 23s,derby v West ham

    Gave hanson a new contract and show up to the next under 23 game smacks to me as stitched up pr. Sorry. Haters gonna hate. But that's how the pr world works. Its all subliminal. Edit But a little too late.
  5. Gypsy Ram


    Mate don't bother. I'm not getting drawn into this debate. Happy to agree with you on most football things, just not politics. Especially foreign policy.
  6. Gypsy Ram

    Jamie Hanson

    He isn't that good. He's league one at best. No offence, but he just isn't. And he's 22 right? Hrs hardly the future, his stature is small, and he's hardly had a good game.
  7. Gypsy Ram

    Jamie Hanson

    Is this a joke or is Mel and Gary agents of Forest running the club with utter disdain.
  8. Gypsy Ram


    Thanks for explaining that you are coming from a political angle and not from a humanitarian one. Anyways, I'm out. I'm sorry for causing a distraction.
  9. Gypsy Ram


    I'm too busy working in the middle East with a masters in middle east politics and islamist movements from soas to bother about it on a football forum. But it's clear you have a political agenda, hence why I asked you where you copied it from.
  10. Gypsy Ram

    The Alternative

    In comic book style? I'm in.
  11. Gypsy Ram


    @Lambchop Where did you copy and paste that from. Because it's 99 per cent wrong.
  12. Gypsy Ram

    The Alternative

  13. Gypsy Ram

    The Alternative

    Agreed. I'm out of likes. Will send some your way tomorrow.
  14. Gypsy Ram

    The Alternative

    Simpson as manager, Shteve as DoF.
  15. Gypsy Ram

    Mel Mendes

    Agreed. Dof. Mel takes a holiday. Simmo as manager.

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