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  1. Keogh is Igor

    I hope you got your orgasm
  2. View from the outside

    For the record I have eaten humble pie and have changed my mind. The team doesn't play great football, but FFS where winning games and defending valiantly without even being half of the finished article. Well done Gary.
  3. Keogh is Igor

    Hahaha. Apologies. I'm in a different time zone. Nonetheless, I'm still enjoying yesterday's win.
  4. Automatic Promotion

  5. Keogh is Igor

    Apologies. I was on Defence mechanism
  6. Keogh is Igor

    Your such a bore Keogh had been amazing for years. And finally we have a bunch of players that he doesn't have to cover for. The guy is Derby county. He's already a legend.
  7. Keogh is Igor

    We'd win the league if we had both.
  8. Keogh is Igor

    It should be Chuck Norris or Keogh.... I know whom I chose
  9. Keogh is Igor

  10. Automatic Promotion

    Hand in hand bro. Butt naked all over instegram
  11. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    I'm sorry, but has she told you the news?
  12. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    I never played the guitar. I'm sure Richard Keogh plays it like Steve Morse.
  13. The best thing ever. I wanna high five that bloke. Is it @cosmic
  14. Automatic Promotion

    For the love of God. Can we line up the Keogh detractors and nail them with paint pellets. It's been years of abuse that the true believers had to put up with. Not everyone can see what a football genius he is. But now they do.
  15. Did they play enter sandman by Metallica at pride park. If so can they please keep it.

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