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  1. I'm gonna stick my neck out a bit here and suggest differently. We might not be scoring tons of goals, but we're a team loaded with young lads given a chance in the first team that have come from our very own academy. It's not a new phenomenon, we've been doing it more progressively for years now. We don't play unattractive football either, particularly since Rooney has taken over. We've had a way of playing since the end of Clough's tenure, in various different forms but the stamp has been there, also for years. Let's forget the Rowett year. Sure, we've had a terrible start to the
  2. Even their manager is a bit Billy Davies like isn't he, slightly old fashioned, slightly bonkers. Just needs someone else to replace him, like Alan Pardew?
  3. This is Stevie Macesque, not meaning to take anything away from Rooney but all the similarities are there.
  4. We beat beat Tranmere 6-2 in the return fixture, Paul Simpson scored an hat trick. Dean Yates scored, Daryl Powell might've scored
  5. Lee Buchanan is having an excellent game so far, he looks to be a foot taller than last year. More of the same please
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