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  1. Marcus Olsson

    He's frustrating to watch sometimes, the way he constantly keeps the player behind his right hand side. It's such a strange habit he's got himself into. Should try facing the attacker face on.
  2. Rooney

    She's probably called them herself.
  3. Derby County v Hull City

    Corners have improved by about 1000% this year both defensively and offensively.
  4. Derby County v Hull City

    Just saw Jon Toral. Didn't even know he was playing.
  5. 14 seconds away

    Hadn't heard of this. It's ridiculous really. I thought the Leicester one was 14 minutes, not seconds. 3 smaller clubs punished. 3 footballing careers messed about with. All for the sake of a few seconds or minutes. It's a farce. Does anyone remember the Arshavin circus? It was snowing at the time, that doesn't really add to the story but I remember it clearly. It was hours after the deadline that the FA 'allowed' it. Silva, Kieftenbeld and McBurnie have had the next 4 months of their career ruined. Sack the window circus, especially after this new ruling that only applies to the English FA joke.
  6. 14 seconds away

    Seems a bit strange that the first time we've heard about it, after 2 signings have been announced, they've had to come out and say they haven't been done in time. Too much of a coincidence, specially after the new transfer window thing has been announced. We're talking 14 seconds and 2 minutes and the lives of two men being messed about with. It's too much, the whole of the transfer windows idea should be binned and a new system that doesn't see people being flogged like cattle. It's too weird and the EFL and FA are arrogant by acting outside of UEFA.
  7. 14 seconds away

    Why are people getting all strict about it now? What happened? Every year since we've had this circus of a window, transfers have snuck through after the window shuts. Leicester and Derby though, nah.
  8. 14 seconds away

    I've never heard of this sort of thing happening before. 14 seconds too late? f*** off. Was it 23.00:14 or 23.01:14? Either way, f*** off. Is there any kind of grace period? 2 minutes for Kieftenbeld, so what? He made a mistake, there's no grace period for human error now? This, as far as I recall, has never happened. Andre Arshavin's transfer to Arsenal went through, and that was about 12 hours later than the window. Why have they started clamping down on it now? Why is the answer to all of footballing's problems to close things the Thursday before season kick off? Football is ran by idiots papering over the cracks.
  9. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    I was wondering if this was a loop hole that could be exploited?
  10. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Look at his little legs
  11. England v Slovakia

    Heh, who was Deli flipping the bird to then?
  12. England v Slovakia

    It's nice to see the players getting aggravated with one another. Nice finish Dier.
  13. England v Slovakia

    That's what I want to see England doing. Putting some frigging effort in. Brilliant work for the goal by them.
  14. England v Slovakia

    England fans used to back their team wherever they went, because they were putting the effort in.

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