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  1. If they cared they'd invest in the grass roots game more. I know they've made changes over the years but it's not enough. Instead of wasting millions on an England manager they could pump that cash into the kids games.
  2. It's hard to care about the naional team anymore. The FA don't seem to care about it, the government don't seem to care about it and the top club teams prefer to invest in foreign youngsters. It all began when Arsene Wenger got here and his preference for French youngsters. Eddie Howe would be an idiot to take the job. It's perfect for Southgate, he can delude himself to the importance of the job knowing at the back of his mind he's not good enough for club management. It could be Southgate's job for years.
  3. May have already been said, but Stefan Kuntz is their CEO. Blast from the past!
  4. Yeah I Did some reading after making the post. I don't remember it like that at all. Maybe his legend here in Manchester has changed the story somewhat? The story goes, he just didn't like being famous and he was a big figure (like Rashford I guess, except white) at the time. Thrusted into the limelight. Liked a beer.
  5. Igor, Wanchope, Baiano, Eranio, Deano, Poom, Michael Owen, Beckham, Mcmanaman, Anderton, Paul Ince, David Seamen, Alan Shearer, Sheringham, ermmm, think I got too old after that lot. Football seemed to be the greatest thing back then, the anticipation of match day regardless of who you were playing be it Crystal Palace, Bolton Wanderers or Arsenal and Manchester United. Great days. All on the back of the 1996 Euro championships. P.s, got carried away reminiscing sonincluded Derby players. Sorry.
  6. Michael Johnson, great talent...couldn't handle the pressure though.
  7. Had a fantastic partnership with Richard Keogh, always communicating, so much so it wasn't obvious who was leading. We had a great team then didn't we with Eustace leading the midfield. We certainly lack good communicators now, Thorne was also a great communicator. I'd have him back, would bring the best back out of Keogh.
  8. Rashford is seriously over hyped in my opinion. He's mainly a head down and run type player. If he can learn to think when on the ball he might turn into a decent Daniel Sturridge type forward but he's got a long way to go yet. If he was to ply for England it would be at the expense of Harry Kane or Deli Alli? Either that or you're playing him as a wing forward?
  9. Yeah, Spanish clubs get a lot of favourable decisions in their favour when they have their backs against the wall.
  10. The goal that you thought Butterfield had scored, was actually an own goal. Hope that clears it up for everybody, happy to help.
  11. I reckoned a draw too, Fulham and Sheffield equal on points.
  12. At the end of the day we'll be in 8th position and 4 points behind 6th...
  13. Forsyth His name is Craig Forsyth Forsyth and he seems very nice Forsyth Nice to see you, to see you, Nice. (Blur, song 2)
  14. We will make in on the last day of the season when Fulham and Sheffield draw 1-1. Obviously we will beat all the other teams we play on the way to a joyous semi final victory against Huddersfield, and a famous victory against Leeds United at Wembley.
  15. Scott Parker? Warrabout Frank Lampard?