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  1. After 7 days in the job he said he wasn't enjoying it. Don't think management is his kind of thing. That was the second time he was offered the job, turned it down the first time.
  2. If they lose the rest of the games they can take the 'most games lost' record off us.
  3. Coincided with the opening of Pride Park.
  4. I've just noted 4 weak links during this game, LB, CM, ST and lack of any real CB cover although I think Keogh and Tomori have played well today. Wilson's had a good game as has Holmes for a non natural RB.
  5. Got away with that. What was Wisdom even thinking?
  6. Whenever I get the chances to go and see a game, I always go on my own. Sod the costs, as you have learned, just go!
  7. You look at British managers nowadays and they've largely been left behind by the foreign influx of management. The Alladyces and Pulis types, Mark Hughes, Steve Bruce. None of them have embraced the evolution of football like the top foreign managers. Cept now we've got Frank Lampard, Bournemouth have got Eddie Howe. I'm sure they're others, that bloke at Villa. English management is evolving. Look at Gareth Southgate, he might not be decent at club level, but he's prepared to evolve with the game at international level. I'm sure we'll have the first English manager to win the league title under the premiership header in the next 10 years.
  8. We're looking like competitors for sure now. We've struggled for so long against teams like Birmingham and now we're beating them. Jack Marriott is pure danger!
  9. Ooo, even experienced pros can slip up. Great finish
  10. This is absolutely brilliant, hope we keep it up! Gulp, Carson doing a Keogh 😄
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