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  1. Unfortunately, man for man were much worse than last season and I'd argue with Bogle out were missing our best 4 players from last season. You compare position for position this season vs last and unfortunately it doesn't make good reading: Wilson > Josefzoon Mount > Dowell Tomori > Clarke Bogle > Lowe (I like Lowe, but the lad can't even control the ball with his right foot, I was embarrassed to watch him try take down a cross field ball with the outside of his left) Mason Mount is a firm start for Chelsea, and were looking straight down the mid-table line. Less said about Josefzoon the better. I like Clarke, but with pacey forwards were really missing a CB who can get back quick as we saw vs Stoke. I just don't think we have the answers to the problems this season.
  2. Hang on hang on hang on! I know the songs already! 1. Cocu's at the wheel... 2. Phillip Cocu's (Barmy Army) 3. Cocu, give us a wave
  3. Well... let's just say my mates dad's uncle talks to a bloke at the pub who's cousins daughter works as a cleaner at the ground.
  4. My mate buys my away tickets. playoff tickets etc for me every time and they always get delivered to his address. He ordered my Wembley ticket vs QPR too and again got delivered to his address 😀
  5. No - Season Ticket holders can buy more than 1 ticket in their own name I believe anyway.
  6. Think you need to keep refreshing mate
  7. Maybe you should all buy season tickets, although this won't be an issue next year as we won't need to go to Wembley, as we'll already be in the Prem 👀
  8. Not singing their poo Oasis songs any more Try not to worry, you'll beat us some day!
  9. I'm eagerly refreshing the Derby Social Media pages to book my place! Hoping I can somehow get my Fiance a ticket next to me too who isn't a season ticket holder - think I'm gonna be out of luck on that one but either way, THE RAMS ARE GOING UP
  10. The Rams are goin' up! The Rams are goin' up! And now you're gonna believe us... (Glory Posters out in full force)
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