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Derby County v Blackpool


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Rams 1-3 Blackpool.

I'm still sulking about just 4 pts this week. I've been cheerful up until now with the sort of football we've played in large patches.

I'm away in Blackpool this weekend too. Whats that about!!

Sammon won't score.

Ward FGS.

Get me a razor.

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I've seen a lot of Blackpool this season and they are having a bit of a wobble. The rumours flying round that Ollie is off to manage elsewhere is annoying everyone, and they're desperate for it to end. Performances haven't been terrible, they could easily have won the last two games. They need K. Phillips to return and hope he's got another year in him. The defense is looking shakey at minute with Evatt in a bad run of form. Obviously there's Ince and M. Phillips to worry about, they're not firing on all cylinders at the minute, but still a handful. The main worry for me is Elliott Grandin, back in from the cold after looking up some words in the dictionary, he's scored in the last two and looks like he wants to be at the club again. A Premier League player when in form.

I definitely think we can cause them problems and if Ward and Bryson are fit I'm pretty confident of us winning.

Derby 3 Blackpool 1

Ward, Theo, Hughes



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I'm going on Saturday and have a good record. I reckon 2-1 Derby with Bryson back and scoring first. This could be the most entertaining game of the year. Let's all get there and cheer on the Rams.

Stop this hopeless navel-gazing and accept the long term future is brighter than most!!

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