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  1. Ramshankered


    I've just started Manhunt: Unabomber. Excellent TV so far.
  2. Ramshankered

    What's fun in London?

    I can also recommend axe throwing: https://whistlepunks.com/ And crazy golf: https://www.junkyardgolfclub.co.uk/london/ Bars-wise, this is one of my faves: https://www.timeout.com/london/bars-and-pubs/satans-whiskers
  3. Ramshankered

    What's fun in London?

    I recommend a trip to Loading Bar in Dalston / Stoke Newington. It's basically a pub full of video games (all of which are free). They've got PS4s, X-box One's, N64s, Dreamcasts, SNES, table football and stacks and stacks of boardgames.
  4. Ramshankered

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Looks like it's official:
  5. Ramshankered

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Us? Subconscious bias? Pipe down!
  6. Ramshankered

    Liverpool v Real Madrid - Champions League Final

    Jeez. TWO howlers!
  7. Ramshankered

    Liverpool v Real Madrid - Champions League Final

    Disgusting stuff from Ramos.
  8. Ramshankered

    Lampard too expensive?

    Mick isn't quite right for me either. I love the guy's soundbites – but considering how divisive RowettBall was, Mick's style would be even more of a backward step in that regard. And with regards to Lampard – again, lots of assumption. Playing devil's advocate here, they may come because they want to play for Lamps, but that doesn't mean Lamps will automatically know how to get them playing (and by "playing" I mean "playing attractive, match-winning football"). Going off his total lack of experience at any level, I'd say that's probably the more realistic outcome. For me, Lampard is a massive, massive gamble. Considering we've already gambled so much of late (overspending on players / hiring & firing managers willy-nilly), I'd prefer us - for once - to take the sensible option.
  9. Ramshankered

    Lampard too expensive?

    To be honest, the thing you see as a positive, I see as a negative. For my two cents, seems we're getting a little starstruck with the idea of Mr. Frank Lampard himself managing Derby County. People talk about his image attracting good players, etc. That's one heck of an assumption. It also begs the question, who exactly are we trying to attract? Our squad is already bloated with ex-Prem journeymen. We don't need more expensive mistakes. Furthermore, it's fair to say the best squad we've had in the last few years was the Clough-built / Schteve-managed 13/14 squad. A team made up of lower league gems (Buxton), homegrown youth (Hughes), castaways (Martin) and scottish pedigree (Bryson). IMO, what DCFC need now is a manger to follow that template – someone with experience working in lower leagues who know's how to spot an up-and-coming player able to step it up. It's cheaper. It's less risk. And when it works it's a joy to watch.
  10. Ramshankered

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    No pressure then. He'll bottle it Monk style.
  11. Ramshankered

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Well that was horrible viewing. Don’t understand why Gary waited till we were 2-0 down to cut loose. Balls-to-the-wall defending for 90 mins was never gonna work.
  12. Ramshankered

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Don't you mean the 'ENGLISH HOME OF AMERICAN SPORTBALL' mate?
  13. Ramshankered

    Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Stick with it mate. These things can just be teething issues as you try and get used to each other's habits, etc. I've been with my other half for six years now. The first 3-6 months were wobbly AF tho!
  14. Ramshankered

    Fulham fans. Concern

    We beat them in the cup in Mac's first spell. From 2-0 down to 5-2! I will never forget that day mainly because it was the ONE time I couldn't make it down to Craven Cottage.
  15. Ramshankered

    Fulham fans. Concern

    I'm quietly confident. Our form has really picked up the last few games. My one worry is we never seem to play that well in London.

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