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  1. Disillusionment is probably a bit strong. But I do feel that the sale of Hughes fits the current pattern of DCFC shooting itself in the foot again and again. I guess it starts to grind you down after time - like a relationship going a bit sour. In isolation, the mistakes aren't so bad, but when you stack them up you start really questioning things (and why you're still committed!). We had a great team in 13/14. It needed tweaking. Instead through mis-management we tore it up. At the time all the set backs seemed like things we'd recover from, but in hindsight we've compounded them - a bit like slowly removing blocks from a Jenga tower....
  2. Doesn't it? I'd argue it's a fair reflection of the value championship players hold in the current market. Prices in the Championship have inflated over the past 2-3 seasons dramatically. Simply put: We paid £8m for a Watford player in relatively poor form but with a prior record of good form. Ergo, I would expect more for a Derby player going the other way who's in ok form and has a record of generally excellent form in previous seasons. Not to mention Will's potential way WAY outstrips Vydra's. Don't get me wrong - I appreciate that on emotional level, Will may feel he's going backwards at Derby and wants a fresh start. It's just if we green light this kind of deal, that puts up a MASSIVE neon sign to other clubs that DCFC are willing to sell their best players below their value - and in the long run it'll be US going backwards instead. For me I'd say about £15m is a fair amount considering Will's potential and previous form.
  3. Jeez-us! He's only 22 - best years are still ahead of him. £8 million?! He's worth double that (considering we paid the same for Vydra).
  4. Maybe they're on the bench? #SupersubSammon
  5. To be perfectly honest £1600 a month for a one-bed flat is probably about right. Give or take. Depends on the area of course. For context: We paid £1K pm rent at our last flat (which was feckin' tiny - one bedroom + kitchen + bedroom). Depends how much she comes to LDN I guess. If it's only once / twice a week, a hotel would be cheaper.
  6. I think it has to be done sensibly. At the end of the day you're looking for a return on that investment. So (bad as a I feel for saying this) if it's a Film & TV student, then probably shouldn't get a full grant. If it's Doctors, Scientists and such alike then that's completely different.
  7. He was out campaigning. If you followed Labour on social media, there was tons of content showing him out and about. The mainstream media chose to give him little cover though, just as they chose to smear him this campaign.
  8. I was expecting a Tory landslide so the exit poll is at least a day of hope. Finger and toes firmly crossed here in London.
  9. Shame it's only 40 copies. Would love it if someone trolled The Scum into oblivion. Nothing to do with the election - just my general attitude towards tabloid rubbish.
  10. The same Alan Sugar who's plugging today's Sun over on Twitter as reliable journalism. The same newspaper Mr. Sugar got very defensive about when they printed negative press about him. Seriously. The man's a hypocrite and a horribly unpleasant one at that.
  11. Tbh, I wouldn't be too upset if he left. He's been a great player for the club - just think he's had a marmite time with us reputation-wise, and a fresh start might be a positive thing for him and DCFC.
  12. I take your point - but that doesn't mean you should stop holding companies to account where possible? I personally think it's a case of moderation. For example: I'm aware of Amazon's very many dubious practises, so I've cut down my orders from say, 10-20 a year, to max 1 or 2 (usually only in emergencies or exceptional circumstances).
  13. Or maybe it's because you're not very empathetic?
  14. Sorry Gritters. Been decorating the last couple of days so just catching up on this thread. No I don't work for the NHS - my sister does though. My partner is also a teacher. From what I've seen, the cuts on public services aren't pretty for those trying to sustain a career in it.
  15. You do know that Oxbridge has a reputation for discriminating against State schools? Many pupils that receive offers are usually chosen from public schools - from a background of wealth and privilege rather than because of their academic prowess. The point being - just because a rich kid went to Oxbridge it doesn't mean they're necessarily that clever.