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  1. Our London form stinks! Think the last time I saw us win in London was QPR away bout a two years a go.
  2. Is he definitely injured? Not seen anything reported on the usual media spots. Would've thought Steve Nicolson would be all over it.
  3. Goddamit. It's mean't to be a good thing when someone slides into your DMs.
  4. Ok, "made-up figure" is probably an exaggeration. However it was inaccurate and deliberately misleading: https://fullfact.org/europe/350-million-week-boris-johnson-statistics-authority-misuse/ As you say, the number was re-framed to remove the context of the rebate and mislead the public. Anyway, the point I was making is that you can't really slam Diane Abbott for inaccurate figures when Tory boss Boris is a proven liar, and endorsed / promoted aforementioned misleading numbers. Also: Plenty of evidence of other Tory MPs getting their wires crossed and embarrassing themselves in a similar fashion. E.g. Dominic Raab "not quite understanding" how trade worked in Dover.
  5. I'm no expert on this by any stretch, however aren't nations like Norway, Finland and Denmark paying crazy high tax, and yet are consistently ranked highest in terms of national happiness and quality of life? Pretty sure they all have leftie governments no? (might be wrong on that – happy to be corrected) Maybe, just maybe, Labour are following a model that actually works. Also, I find it odd that so many are slamming Diane Abbott for making a mathematical error, when Boris Johnson plastered a (quite blatantly) made-up number on the side of a bus and a bunch of you (probably the same posters mocking Abbott) voted for it.
  6. Hope you tipped his wheelchair over and shouted "THAT'S FOR WEMBLEY" at him.
  7. In all seriousness, I think the decision to play them was utterly tone deaf - no idea who ok’d it but I have doubts whether Morris had much to do with it (since the Clement incident he’s given team selection a wide birth and rightly so). Come on Cocu - read the room!
  8. Thanks for clarifying. Did think it was odd. The injury in the snaps doesn't look like one a pro footballer could come back from in a year!
  9. Wow. Mate sent me a snap of Keogh’s knee post crash. Jeezus. Absolute mess.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Keogh out for 12 months but expected to make a full recovery: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/sep/27/Derby-richard-keogh-play-again-year-out-crash-knee
  11. I think this might be DCFC's very own "surrender act". Very worried for Cocu now. Confidence is shaky already.
  12. Bang on. My other half is a teacher in a (very multicultural) London secondary school. The challenges her school faces while dealing with children from lots and lots of different backgrounds are primarily down to cuts – understaffing / staff stretched too thin as a direct result of their funds being slashed year on year by the government.
  13. Not really. There wasn't enough space inside for a press conference. It was an unrealistic, last minute pivot from Boris. From The Independent "Luxembourg government officials said there was no room inside large enough to move the press conference to. They added that Downing Street had suggested selecting just a few handpicked journalists to come inside – but the hosts rejected this on the basis that it would have been unfair." The embarrassment lays squarely with Mr. Johnson.
  14. Tbh if there had been a proper process after the result of the first vote, that might well have been the next logical step: a public vote on how we leave. It might've helped heal the rift somewhat if we (as in the UK public) had been given a say on things. In the current climate I can't see it happening without a remain option. Both sides are far too polarised.
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