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  1. Rowett

    Not gonna lie. Got a bit of a man-crush on our Curtis. Love his interviews. Love his no nonsense playing style too.
  2. Jamie Carragher

    Now we just need to see if the guy filming it has been suspended from driving, and justice will be done.
  3. Must win or must not lose?

    Pretty sure it was the Forest game that gave Mac's team their second wind in 13/14. Could do the same for Rowett's squad. Also we haven't managed to do the double over anyone yet. If our first was Forest it'd be poetry.
  4. GR - stick or twist

    Stick. Absolutely need a couple of years of stable management. Chopping, changing and overspending is exactly why the squad is so unbalanced. There's no quick fix. Having said that, feeling very frustrated and fed up with the general status quo. Think we massively shot ourselves in the foot with our January transfer activity.
  5. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    I'd take a greedy player over Tom Lawrence all day long.
  6. Happy Birthday Gary!

    Hippy Barthday Gazza
  7. QPR away who is going

    I bought one, so we're up to 671. Go team!
  8. Another shooting

  9. Valentines Day

    A Scottish kiss you say? You old romantic.
  10. Valentines Day

    A* my friend. A*.
  11. Valentines Day

    Just been asked by a friend to help her compose a rejection message. She's received a pretty full-on email from an ex-colleague. And did I mention? Dude's a Forest Fan. WHAT SHOULD I WRITE?
  12. QPR Away.

    It's on a Tuesday isn't it? If it is it's unlikely to sell out (so yes to rocking up). Obviously though, nothing is certain until the day – so if you want to be sure, get your ticket before.
  13. QPR Away.

    Are you sure? Tried it before and was told no away fans. It might've been my ginger beard to be fair.
  14. The Most Bitter Man in English Football

    Yeh, right now I'd agree with you. I was reflecting on the last decade or so, when they were a bit more competitive. It's only really the last couple of seasons they've slipped into "big six" category.
  15. The Most Bitter Man in English Football

    In his defence, he's the only manager of the big four who has (previously) attempted to resist the urge to spunk obscene cash on players. His methods failed because no one else wanted to be that disciplined. Now he's playing catch-up. I say that, not because I'm a fan. I honestly have mixed views about him. Great footballing philosophy, but a bit of a douche when it comes to post-match comments. Just trying to give it a more balanced view.

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