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  1. Spot on imo. I was in Japan last year – chatting footy to the locals in broken English of course. No one had heard of Derby County, but everyone knew who Frank Lampard was.
  2. It’s all well and good beating Man Utd in the cup, but Lampard’s record against our rivals this season has been utter rubbish. Beaten twice by Leeds. One a proper thrashing. A solitary point against Forest. We should be fired up for these games! The fans are - why aren’t the players? Something clearly up behind the scenes when we play like that against our bitter rivals...
  3. Congratulations @David. Hell of an achievement. I may not post so often these days, but I'm always lurking in the shadows – can't remember the last time a day went by without checking the forum for some Derby goss!
  4. Classic case of overcompensation! ”I couldn’t give a monkeys about Derby. And yet here I am ranting and raving like the man child I am.”
  5. Was expecting a 3-0 spanking after Wigan’s player went off. Please no last min plot twists Derby!
  6. You're getting cockneys and eton boys mixed up bruv.
  7. I've been living in London for 10 years now. Am I a true cockney yet? What's the initiation ceremony? And when do I get the keys to the Cockney Rams Society?
  8. Ramshankered


    The secret is flu jabs. Not only will they stop you getting flu – if you go out drinking a few hours after your jab it will make you extra sloshed (or it did for me!). Was all fun and games until I got home and threw up over myself.
  9. What a sucker punch. Especially for Fozzy. Gaud I hate Villa.
  10. Gaud. Not only do I live with a Villa fan, I work with a proper proper lad’s lad Villa fan Too - so will no doubt take utter glee in rubbing this in come Monday.
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