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  1. Hands down my fave player at Derby atm (even though he isn't playing much!). Just seems a proper good egg whenever he's on camera. Also Leyton Orient are - geographically - my local club, so really resonates with me to have someone at DCFC who's a fan.
  2. Think we'll have to go for someone who can build on Lampard's style of play. Let's not have a repeat of past mistakes. Jokanovic for me. Alex Neil is a good shout too. Wouldn't begrudge giving a lower league manager a shot either.
  3. He'd be mad to take it now. Utterly bad. Don't get me wrong – totally understand the pull Chelsea will hold over Frank and Jody. The Chelsea job becomes available that often though, surely it'd be better for Frank to play the long game with this one? If he does go, really hope Mel has someone lined up in his mould. Frank's laid some good foundations this season – let's not hire another Clement / Pearson type to duck it all up again.
  4. Holy duck. Just saw this in the news. Leyton Orient are 5 mins from my place. Feels extra shocking when it’s your local club. Horrible, horrible news.
  5. Ah gotcha. Wasn't aware it was down to no. of games played – thought it was pretty much up the player themselves. Have a vague memory when Bent got his extension of Rowett(?) being a bit unimpressed.
  6. Maybe they had that controversial year extension-thing like Bent and (allegedly) Huddlestone? Hangover from the Rush era?
  7. My silver lining: - Luton away - Charlton away - Fulham away - QPR away - Brentford away - Millwall away It's a good year to be a Ram in London.
  8. More appalling than the lack of atmosphere was the number of Villa fans in the Derby end. My entire row was Villla fans! How the duck can you get a song going when you’ve got 10 stoney faced Villa bois camped in the Derby end?
  9. Mentioned this in the other thread – am still on the lookout for a ticket if anyone has one going spare. Sadly missed out on Sunday and the extra allocation. Am always lurking on the forum anyway, but please do DM if you see this and want to get the ball rolling. I'm London-based, so can meet you at Wembley to collect.
  10. Just bumping this up. Yet another Ram here still after a ticket - had a couple of near misses but no luck yet! If anyone has a spare they'd like to sell me, I live in London so would be able to collect it off you at Wembley on match day. I'm keeping an eye on the forum but do DM me if you see this and want to get it sorted quick.
  11. 2 if poss. But would be happy with just one. Cheers 🙂
  12. Same. Pass the toaster when you’re done. 😭
  13. Right I've got 15 mins left in queue. Has it officially sold out? Debating whether to go out now.
  14. Just to be clear I have one fan ID. Does that mean I can get two tickets or do I need two Fan IDs? Hoping to get one for my Dad.
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