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  1. Anyone remember a large group singing that Django song to the Fulham Stewards during that brilliant 5-2 win? We took a black Arsenal mate that night, very embarrassing... couldn’t believe how many joined in.
  2. All the best B4 and take care! Up The Rams 🐑
  3. Forget the result, I feel really annoyed that they were involved tonight.
  4. This is why we’ve got to get behind Jozefzoon, if he clicks in this team I think there’s a possibility we could do alright.
  5. Chuffed mate, got to keep going now. Up The Rams 🐏
  6. Would be a fantastic win, just what we need.
  7. He’s very hard not to like, fully behind him, especially with what’s happened over the last couple of days. UTR
  8. Never thought I’d say this but... Gwarn Stoke Gwarn Stoke Just heard ‘Going down with the Derby’ from the Gumps
  9. Best - 3 from last season Worst - Priskin
  10. You never know... we could nick one. Come on Derby! 🐏
  11. We’re still knocking... Much more positive! Come on Derby 🐏
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