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  1. Can’t make the match which I’m gutted about but I’m sure he’ll get a cracking send off from the fans and lads that played under him. TBE
  2. I struggle to dislike Rowett... I thought it was all just a bit of a laugh? 🐍
  3. RIP Jim Thank you very much for all you did at Derby, you really did make my teens, fantastic times and you’ll always be remembered. Got a lump in my throat 😢 Bald Eagles... BARMY ARMY 🦅 🐏
  4. All the best to you both Ramslad.
  5. Shame... never mind, chin up Bogle! Up The Rams 🐏
  6. Exactly the same thing happened at Man City yesterday, didn’t seem out of place. Silence is at 1100hrs on the 11th November for me.
  7. Couldn’t follow the match today but well done lads. Up The Rams 🐏
  8. Can I join DCDC? She’s due end of Feb, our first... both bricking it.
  9. Ahhh eBay then? Just check the money is going towards summat
  10. RBL Poppy Shop do them, got one the other day.
  11. Anyone remember a large group singing that Django song to the Fulham Stewards during that brilliant 5-2 win? We took a black Arsenal mate that night, very embarrassing... couldn’t believe how many joined in.
  12. All the best B4 and take care! Up The Rams 🐑
  13. Forget the result, I feel really annoyed that they were involved tonight.
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