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  1. PrivateDerby

    Changes to Audio Subscriptions

    I pay for audio monthly and have done since Ramsplayer, has anyone had any problems? I take it we don't need to do anything and can log in and press play as normal?
  2. PrivateDerby

    Who looking forward to new season

    Let's hope so B4 UP THE RAMS 🐑
  3. PrivateDerby

    Match Policing Costs

    Policing football is tricky. You can have low risk Cat A matches that go off inside and outside the ground but Cat C matches go smoothly... like Millwall for example, all their matches were Cat C for a long time and heavily policed for good reason but as soon as it calmed down abit and the police decided a match was low risk (can't remember which) they dropped it to a Cat B, left them all to it and all hell broke loose... can't win really. Unfortunatley London is where the money is... Derbyshire Constabulary like the rest of the county forces haven't got a pot to piss in and can't pay overtime to the officers needed to make it safe for fans so an agreement is made with the club. London don't have that problem, loads of officers, loads of money, the terrorism threat (different pot of money all together) Not only that but there's a possibility DCFC are paying the Police to police the town and areas around the ground to make it safer for fans when other clubs don't. Times have moved on and it would be good if everyone could behave but there will always be bother at the football. Would be a lot better in Franks pocket.
  4. PrivateDerby

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Well done lads, very steady in my opinion.
  5. PrivateDerby

    Things you are good at!

    The puns have wheelie bin bad recently.
  6. PrivateDerby

    The Derby Ram Song

    Listened to a few different ones but the one Dale posted first is probably most suited to the terraces. Wouldn't be too hard to learn!
  7. PrivateDerby

    Bring back hanging...

    Do you mean other lifers? If so yes, the money would be better spent elsewhere.
  8. PrivateDerby

    Bring back hanging...

    Dale Cretin Cregan... £3.5M it'll cost to keep him locked up until he dies. Hopefully someone will take his good eye out...
  9. PrivateDerby

    Andreas Weimann has joined Bristol City

    Thanks Andi, good luck.
  10. PrivateDerby

    Politically correct

    My gay mate (extremely OTT) always calls himself a queer 'we're here, we're queer, get used to it' is a favourite quote of his. 'One up the bum no harm done' is another normally after downing a pint, which he's unsurprisingly very good at. Suppose it all comes down to the person... know your audience as they say.
  11. PrivateDerby

    Best Looking Player

    My other half was mad on Darren Bent, now it's Hudds... she goes on about BBC all the time but I can't remember the last time Derby were on MOTD?
  12. PrivateDerby

    Moped crime

    Watched it and keep wondering whether it's a child custody issue or something much more sinister? Not nice either way.
  13. PrivateDerby

    Panini Stickers

    When I moved in with my Mrs I was unboxing my stuff and found my old sticker books but was missing the merlin premier 97... she only had her own completed one from when she was younger! Or maybe she nicked it off one of you lot, so if you are missing a merlin premier 97 book... Don't tell me because I don't want to know.
  14. PrivateDerby

    Where have Derby managers lived?

    Franks looked at a gaff in Bradbourne, that's all I know.
  15. PrivateDerby

    Derby County Flags

    No not Russia.... Rochdale.

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