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  1. Don’t like knocking players but sick of him now... come on Derby 🐏
  2. Not yet, I’m under the stairs!
  3. VE Day seemed like a good excuse to blow the cobwebs off it! 🐑🇬🇧
  4. I’m sure we’ve all said similar things to mates when we’ve left jobs or moved on... problem is people film everything now and when it comes out its judged by every man and his dog. Still like him, given us some good times and some laughs 🙄 Wish he’d just crack on with his football like we all want or wanted him to!
  5. Derby County 2 - 0 Manchester United FGS - Martin
  6. Mel will be beaming when it’s done.
  7. Exactly. Years ago I read about the possibility oestrogen from the most common form of female contraception getting into the water system and having an effect on men. This ‘incident` and fallout is 100% conclusive evidence of that and we should pass on our findings. Dread the future me... As B4 once famously said - some need to go into a dark room and have a good look at themselves in the mirror. Anyway, done now isn’t it. All the best and good luck in the future Craig... you div! Up The Rams 🐏
  8. I’m sure Clough said Vernam would do well one day...
  9. Chuffed, it’s just nice to put them back in their place... haven’t seen or heard from any of them lot tonight, enjoy mate! Up The Rams
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