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  1. Dad in travel Lodge bust

    Can see how it happened, obviously thought it suspicious but could have put that to bed with a couple of questions. Undortunatley, it does happen a lot and missing children are found at those sorts of hotels with people they shouldn't be with. Not nice for the dad though.
  2. Come on derby be brave

    Win some lose some (unless you're Wolves) bet Villa weren't expecting to get turned over yesterday but it happens... should be behind the lads that have been playing all season and still looking at second. Palmer and Jerome need to knuckle down now. Smash Leeds and we'll be back on track.
  3. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    Good video 🐑
  4. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby County 4 - 0 Leeds United FGS - Keogh Back on track
  5. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    He gets the ball and scores a goal... Robbie Robbie Hulse Fair play to him, NHS like every emergency service and aftercare are up against it at the moment, massive respect for him. Ill never forget that header, saw it coming long before Commons stood over it.
  6. Picture where you are now

    On the train together, back to Leeds you go, we're Derby and proud, we shout it out loud, Leeds are **** sh@t sh&t Alright for a night out I suppose.
  7. What going wrong lately

    Still feeling quietly confident we'll get 2nd place, all this moaning and groaning... we've got a decent squad. Good few days now for Gaz to sort 'em out so let's get it together, kick Leeds whilst they're down and start again. Get Vydz flying at em, Nuge tapping em in, Big Jez and Kasey coming on to finish em off and we'll be alright B4. KTF & UTR
  8. SpaceX

    Exactly what I thought, love seeing the photographs and the likes and the engineering involved is out of this world BUT why throw a car up there because you find it funny? Not only do we fill our land and oceans full of *****, we're putting it in space...
  9. Would it be better to go up in playoffs.

    We'll get second place and in Gary we trust.
  10. My Rams Hero

    "Bye Carson!" Made me laugh only because the lad was so bloody thrilled.
  11. My Rams Hero

    Very good, please do more Derby!
  12. Pick a Ram, any Ram

    My time and for this team - Chris Powell
  13. Derby County Flags

    Just found it in the father in laws garage...
  14. We’re no longer a one man team.

    We play as a team, we're strong at the back and now have individuals further up that can change matches. Quietly confident, up the rams!
  15. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    Dambusters march.

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