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  1. PrivateDerby

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Never a dull moment.
  2. PrivateDerby

    Darren Moore

    Well done Daz! He's big, he's... best not 🙄
  3. PrivateDerby

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Thanks and well done for this season Gary, certainly entertaining anyway... Looking forward to him staying at Derby and seeing what he can do. Up The Rams 🐑
  4. PrivateDerby

    I cant wait for tommrow

    Blast one out for us B4...
  5. PrivateDerby

    I don't blame Hitler

    Hess, you could be right! Or maybe you're really Himmler?
  6. PrivateDerby

    Series you just can't get into.... convert us...

    Sorry unrelated but you might be able to help me... saw a Scandinavian type film/programme a while ago where a young lad runs away, climbs a tower of some sort and slips, a coming of age sort of film. I know it sounds dark but really enjoyed it, don't suppose you know it?
  7. PrivateDerby

    Stoke just about over the brink

    Should have had Fuller and Sidibe off them a few seasons ago though. That was some team they had that Pulis got them up with.
  8. PrivateDerby

    Stoke just about over the brink

    Born in North Staffs, grew up in Stoke and call the place home... I'm absolutely thrilled they've gone down and hope we smash them if we don't go up. We hate Nottingham Forest, We hate Leeds scum too (they're....) we hate Stoke City... but Derby we love you Up the Rams Down the Potters
  9. PrivateDerby

    Should i replace my Derby County mug

    Them Kes boys were giving us a bit of stick today, where were you?
  10. PrivateDerby

    v Fulham (H) - 1st leg Predictions

    2-0 FGS - Wisdom
  11. PrivateDerby


    Seemed to pull up after stretching to put a ball in... hope he's alright!
  12. PrivateDerby

    Question on The Derby Evening Telegraph

    Haha! Didn't he hold our team together for a season? Played well from what I remember.
  13. PrivateDerby

    Question on The Derby Evening Telegraph

    Bring back The Greenun
  14. PrivateDerby

    Lets send lads to glory

    Might give my scrave a wash.

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