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  1. I'd be struggling, he seemed to get both younger and older throughout his career.
  2. Nah there's two red sides of the Trent and we should... on both, I can't stand them.
  3. How old was Obafemi Martins?
  4. Thanks very much Craig. Good luck with the charity night on Saturday.
  5. I like SBW, it's the track itself that isn't well suited to 25,000+ fans trying to clap and sing along. When it gets going at away matches it sounds good and feels like ours. I'd only change it for the Dambusters or The Derby Ram but think it'd be a shame... update it maybe and throw some other club legends in?
  6. Thanks very much David and well done to everyone involved! 🐑🏁⚽️
  7. Get Well Soon Jimmy. Bald Eagles.... Barmy Army!
  8. Remember the preseason we had at Rhyl late 90s? Now that was some pitch, it was like Thorpe Cloud!
  9. I believe so. I see him now and again, very nice man and a good chat, wouldn't put him in his mid 80s, very quick around the bar!
  10. Looked like there were a fair few on show tonight... good effort.
  11. Thanks for coming on here, what's your wheelchair access/seating like? Thanks
  12. Waaaaaayyyyyy! Well done lads, really enjoyed that. Up The Rams!
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