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  1. Picture where you are now

    Just sat down for the football after taking an old fire and back burner out... someone put t' kettle on? Come on Derby!
  2. England v Germany

    Very good match I thought, maybe things are looking up.
  3. v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby County 2 - 1 Reading FGS - Huddlestone
  4. Sexual Harassment

    Nothing will change. There will always be women that tease and pipe off bosses to 'get on' so there will always be bosses that try it on. What happened to birds being strong enough to block unwanted advances? "I'll tell your wife"... always a good one. Nothing funnier than the boss having half a lager thrown in his face by the girl he's been bothering all year. It's called personal responsibility, toughen up girls. My daughter will be taught the art of looking after herself. Anything serious you can't deal with yourself? Call the Police.
  5. Leeds United V Derby County

    Who the .... are Leeds United? When the Rams go marching up up up
  6. Smoking

    15-20 a day since 14... stopped for a few years after reading the Allen Carr book but started again just after I proposed (two mistakes in as many minutes) 😂 Had enough of it again now.
  7. Halloween / Nov 5 / Diwali.

    Ramadan/Eid whichever it is... supposed to be a time of peace, family time etc. but the younger lot use it as an excuse to terrorise northern towns, intimidate anyone who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time... hiring supercars to race around town, fireworks flying in all directions. Ban that straight away.
  8. Norwich City V Derby County

    Come on Derby! Well done lads, stick it up Leeds next...
  9. Next two away games

    Need to beat Leeds.
  10. Chants

    What did you tell them? Vydra scores and smokes cigars Vydra scores and smokes cigars Vydra came and broke your heart Oh, a, a, a, oh
  11. Are we security conscious supporters?

  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    Disappointing but still enjoyed it. Not leaving the car park or the drive back but there you go... Thanks to the three lads that moved seats without asking for me father in law struggling on crutches. Never mind... UTR
  13. Barnsley v Derby County

    Never heard of such a thing, betting against your team? Shameful...
  14. Barnsley v Derby County

    With you all the way to Wembley... Hopefully twice!
  15. London Prices

    Bellenden Rd, they swan down there hand in hand trying different gins and browsing boutique shops... ignoring the pure filth around them.

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