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  1. PrivateDerby

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    Man Utd 0 - 2 Derby County FGS - Nugent
  2. PrivateDerby

    Phone signal at Pride Park

    No signal/connection at Man City or Utds grounds on EE. Lost a 3k cash out because of it at the Etihad.
  3. PrivateDerby

    No foreign players please, we're British.

    I'm quite proud of having mostly British/Irish players. I'm more than happy to see any player run out and play for Derby but there's just summat about it for me. Especially the younger lads in and around the England set up, it only looks good on us. Keep it up and Up The Rams!
  4. PrivateDerby

    Rotherham Security

    Wasn't able to go or listen but the whole day sounds a disaster... hope you're lads are alright, Frank can sort the lads out and put it behind us. UTR
  5. PrivateDerby

    SBW Meets: Dean Sturridge

    Thanks very much, brill interview with one of my favourite Derby players.
  6. PrivateDerby


    Thanks very much, its only for a 10 year old to do homework on and what not. Shame because I don't ageee with it but that's the way it's gone now... Looks like a mini 2, I know you said the 4 David but not spending silly money on one.
  7. PrivateDerby


    I'm after a second hand iPad, just for light use... got hold of an old one but it was that old it couldn't download new apps. What Gen iPads can handle newer apps? After a mini one. Thanks
  8. PrivateDerby

    Best start in seven years

    Frank making up for putting 4 past us in 2008...
  9. PrivateDerby

    Pre match warm up video

    You can't win really and you can't please everyone. I'm not knocking the poem, it was the first time I'd heard it, nothing wrong with trying new. Only thing is it sounds exactly the same as the one written for Manchester after the arena attack, same style and words. I'm for less is more... keep SBW or pick a tune (The Dambusters or The Great Escape) and stick to it.
  10. PrivateDerby

    Mason Bennett

    Was so proud for him when he got clapped off, was great to see. Up an' at 'em Bennett 🐑
  11. PrivateDerby

    Bobby Madley

    Fetch Boyce!
  12. PrivateDerby

    Lee versus Hunter

    Franny called in on our charity match last night, can you spot the other football legend? Both gave a cracking team talk and it worked... we won.
  13. PrivateDerby

    Lee versus Hunter

    Obviously Franny reckons that's why we lost...
  14. PrivateDerby


    Get in! Hope he's alright... Up The Rams 🐑
  15. PrivateDerby



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