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  1. 'arry's alwiiight. Pointles knocking him, said plenty of decent things about us in the past (way before Frank came to Derby) Wouldn't we all say good things about our mates if we thought it'd help them in some way.
  2. Hope whatever conversations/deals (if any as I'm still not convinced) are going on that Mel and Derby are treated well. Not worth falling out with Chelsea as we may need a hand in the future.
  3. Tip it in a Tennants tinny and you'll be alreeet.
  4. That'll do Derby, a trip up to Glasgee! With Frank and Jody finding out the best way to win this bloody league.... Up The Rams 🐑
  5. True. Utrecht was good but our trip was rushed, thought Hughes was going to get us up on his own that season! Bohemians was a brilliant weekend, couldn't believe that pub in the stand was sat with a pint when Cloughie and the lads strolled in. Went to put our flag on the stand to our right, it was like it had been bombed, can't find the photos now. Cant moan really but a similar trip away this year would be nice, always loved pre-season for some reason.
  6. One day we'll get a decent trip abroad... thousands of Rams basking with beer in a pretty town square somewhere.
  7. It used to get on my nerves, felt like it was getting forced all the time but don't care anymore and feel better for it. A few years ago I got in trouble in work for questioning a poster advertising a LGBT group for 12+ year olds and adults. Just didn't sit right with me, imagine a poster up in your work place advertising a heterosexual group for children and adults?! Like most people, I've always worked with and had gay mates, gone to gay bars/clubs etc. but still I couldn't be doing with the LGBT stuff being pushed all the time but a lot of it is good for people. Not a bad idea an DCFC LGBT group I'm sure there are plenty that go to matches, probably turn into summat good and be a laugh for those involved and those who aren't.
  8. Sounds wacky! I'm all for summat different this year.
  9. Whilst on his holiday Frank went fishing and caught a great whacking big salmon and it gave him an idea, told Christine he was going to bring him back to Derby. Terms to be agreed shortly. ITK
  10. Frank is still on holiday abroad, he wants to stay at Derby and is enjoying it. I believe it as it's from someone I trust and has spoken to him recently. I can't see him going Chelsea or them wanting him yet.
  11. Where are we going Buxton or Barcelona? Where do you want? Rhyl
  12. Nowt wrong with him, hope he has time with his family, a good pre-season and finds his feet.
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