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  1. My Lads op.

    Hope you both enjoy it and the lads put on a show for Joel. Up the Rams!
  2. i cant wait for the season to start

    Come on Derby
  3. Britain's oldest footy fan

    Always thought following Derby County shortens life expectancy but she's proved me wrong. Happy Birthday Dolly! Take care x
  4. PP Song Suggestions

    Mo Money Mo Problems - Biggie Smalls ££££££
  5. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    After losing Hughes and with Thorne being prone to injury (sad but true) Huddleston might keep us firing as an experienced sweeper, he can ping it onto the lads up front, couldn't really think of many more that can do that?
  6. How are you feeling about the upcoming season right now?

    I'm feeling quietly confident.
  7. The Nick Blackman support thread

    As with any Derby player, in the manager I trust. Let's see what GR can do with him.
  8. favourite breakfast routine

    In work mate £££
  9. favourite breakfast routine

    Wake up, morning wee, brew, fag, shower, sing Derby songs, out the door.
  10. New kit revealed 7th July

    Best shirt since The Puma in my opinion. Looks dead smart and an old British firm. As I biker I'm chuffed...
  11. worst car you've had

    J reg Clio 1.8 16v Rapid car when it wasn't knackered, used to go through more clutch cables than fuel. Snapped once going up that big hill through Froghall going Ashbourne camping, four up and a boot full of beer... drove rest of the way in 2nd. When it rained you'd get a wet crotch going round bends from the sunroof. Ran so hot you'd need oil everywhere you went. Still, looked summat else.
  12. New sponsor?

    Surely there's a legal limit on s**t puns?
  13. Darren Bent

    Keep, he's a good lad to have about and to come on and get a goal. And my other half really likes him, says she's seen him on the BBC or summat like that?
  14. Anya

    Good player, needs to throw caution to the wind and bomb it down the wing more.
  15. I am aiming for national tetsudo champership competion

    Good luck mate, do yourself, your family and Derby proud.

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