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  1. Where would you recommend for a first European match? Four lads, cheap weekend, watch the chaos and come home... can you get tickets on the gate at most grounds? Thanks.
  2. Zzzzzzzz I don’t like it but there’s no getting away from it.... betting, alcohol, cigarettes. Until football is squeaky clean not gonna be any decent sponsors with morals.
  3. Exactly what we were saying yesterday. Think he’ll do well for us 🐏
  4. That their lad on right wing? Little poo he was.
  5. You’ve done an absolutely cracking job mate, you should go on Mastermind.
  6. Never taken any interest in players WAGS, never tried to find out either, by I dunno? Waiting by their cars before or after a match or by looking them up on the internet or social media... just seems strange to me why fans would want or need to know? Why not just like them if they're good footballers? And what would get reported? Full on homophobic abuse? Yeah probably? Wolf whistles? Hmmm Just play football and go home.
  7. Sorry, it must have been 🙄
  8. One scarf mate wanted to show it in all its glory!
  9. Not on FB but my Mrs has just voted. All the best Harper and family 🐑
  10. Over 20 years old still got an eye...
  11. Had a tortoise in the family, we changed his name everytime there was a new Derby manager. Started life as Arthur, was only Nigel once (Clough) couldn't stand the other one we had so stuck with Darren (Wassall) until he was gone. Died a Gary.
  12. That's a football shirt shop in Manchester, really good little place to have a walk around. Got a few Derby shirts in there from the 2000s. Kinkys just opened a wine bar in Didsbury. Cracking player! Graham Richards descriptions of him were the best.
  13. I saw a Ram! (Where?) There on the stair! (Where on the stair?) Right there! A little Ram with clogs on Well I declare! Going coc-coc-cocu on the stair Oh yeah!
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