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  1. One Punch Man, series one is on Netflix I’ve tried a couple of anime series and not really got on with any of them until this one. If you’re open to trying something like that I would really recommend it, it’s so funny and not too heavy on story.
  2. Hard to criticise any individuals for tonight, it’s a makeshift team putting in a makeshift performance. Ultimately, responsibility is with Rooney for tonight. He’s clearly made a decision to treat this like it’s a friendly, particularly when he’s chucked on Watson and McDonald for 20 minutes. Could a few of them played better? Yeah but it’s unreasonable to hold it against them.
  3. Makeshift side looking like a makeshift side so far. Just get to half-time and hope Rooney/Rosenior have something up their sleeve.
  4. Monotony the main factor, they’ve lost their novelty. Two similar size championship clubs playing again and again each season for the past 11/12 years. There’ll be one game in the first ten of the season and then the next one in February/March. At least one will be a scrappy draw, if not both. There aren’t even red cards any more. It’s not that different to us playing Norwich or Wednesday or whoever. It may always be on Sky but so are our games with Birmingham? It’s spicy when we haven’t played in a few years or when one club is doing much, much better than the other. It would also b
  5. If he scores the winner tonight, all bets are off. Could well change my legal name to Colin.
  6. Their fans will have their excuses lined up if we win on Friday night. Our lads have had a full 45 minutes more rest due to Forest being on Sky last night. Doesn’t always help to be the famous team.
  7. Keogh had maybe his best season under Lampard, he was still performing at a high level and in his last three seasons was really consistent. He was a great player for us, really good servant to the club until that night at the Joiners. But I think of the big mistakes in hindsight was not blowing up the core of the team when Lampard left. We just tried to reload with some new loanees and go again, clearly without Tomori/Wilson/Mount that side wasn’t good enough for the top six. We’d have had a tough season last year and this year with or without Keogh. You can see the foundations to bu
  8. Waggy’s copped a lot of stick from me and plenty on this forum but I’m absolutely delighted he’s got himself a goal. He definitely needed it and hopefully he can start getting back to the Waggy of the past couple seasons. So happy for him
  9. It will be stomach churning looking at the table for the rest of the season. I don’t see us pulling away from this pack but I think we will comfortably reach the 50 point mark. It’s frustrating that we’ve had such good results since Rooney’s come in but are still table watching.
  10. It’s so boring to say I’m somewhere between the people who think he’s crap and the people who think he’s gods gift...but it’s true. We miss him right now, simply as we don’t create enough chances and he at least pulls the trigger when he sees goal. He does take too many shots from outside the box and his decision making can be truly appalling but I think his attacking aggression will do us well before the end of the season. At this point, he’s a better version of what Waghorn is trying to do on the wing. You can see why that tool Rowett liked him, he makes attacking extremely simple
  11. Didn’t even get much money for Hughes, did we? Imagine if dhead hadn’t got rid of him, he’d stick around for a year and then we’d have been able to put Hughes and Mount in the same midfield together a season later. Promotion. I know Waghorn’s crap and the ref is a joke but somehow Gary Rowett is still the real villain tonight.
  12. Really can’t overstate how much I despise Gary Rowett. Will Hughes not his type of player, Jesus Christ, such a monumental rooster.
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