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  1. Everyone scapegoating the bloke who picked the team and is currently waddling around midfield? Yeah
  2. If the name on the back of his shirt wasn’t Rooney, he wouldn’t be starting games for us. Simple as that.
  3. Huge problems already. Their keeper kit is far too similar to our away kit. Why are we not wearing our home kit, the only thing that clashes with Boro’s home kit is the socks? Derby kits look so much better with black socks, such a missed opportunity.
  4. It inevitably is a 4-2-3-1 regardless because Rooney plays so deep that Bird drops with him.
  5. Ah I see, I think I’ve not explained my point fully. I don’t think he can be the figure head of the club (manager) any more because he’s too divisive within the fanbase. Half of the fans idolise him, half don’t want him anywhere near us. You cant have half of PP ready to stab your manager in the back at the first sign of trouble. If McClaren was a blank slate, his CV and mantra would line up really well. He’s still a top class coach at this level, widely known his training sessions are of a high standard and he improves players. But not appropriate as manager anymore, he’s better off
  6. I appreciate those kind words but this is the part where you’re supposed to tell me to duck off. Do you not know how things work around here?
  7. I reckon Wayne’s texting him the number of his hair transplant guy right now
  8. @Davidstart the bounce, @David @David start the bounce
  9. Absolutely delighted with that. I’ve been saying for a while McClaren is no longer fit to be a manager at a Derby but can definitely still contribute to the club in a different role. Can’t claim to know what a technical director specifically does but if he’s taking a few training sessions then that’s brilliant news, still one of the best coaches going at this level. Also, it’s fine to be sentimental about this. Derby is McClaren’s home! Made his name here, understands the club and has been present for a lot of our best moments the past 25 years. Would have been really worried if they
  10. This is more relevant than if the football’s attractive or any concerns about playing long ball. We finally kept onto a manager long enough for them to start building a squad and philosophy. Cocu was clearly lost by the end of his tenure and rather than having someone coming in to blow it all up (again), we’d be better off bringing in someone who can continue that work while taking the next step. Similar to what McClaren did when taking over from Clough. We have huge, huge financial assets in Sibley, Bird, Knight and Buchanan who are all representing their countries at their respecti
  11. I think JHI deserves a start now. There’s no point clutching our purses and continuing to start Waghorn when we’re so inept going forward. Can’t get any worse, can we? JHI is also sneakily quite old (22), I think he’s physically ready and might just give us a spark. Would be a failure on the clubs part after his goalscoring record in the U23’s (even if boosted by penalty taking duties) if he left without ever having a start or run of games. You don’t know what you’ve got until you give them a try.
  12. wasn’t aware we had two strikers?
  13. If we played 4-3-3, what a spine this would be: Sibley Knight Bird Clarke Bielik Marshall Add a top quality striker and we have something really promising to build off.
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