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  1. Hanley would be a great signing, didn't realise he was still so young. Similar to Vydra in that he's a forgotten top Championship player who's been doing it at this level for years but is still young. More mobile than Pearce and at 6'3 he sort of reminds me of a young Jason Shackell, so will hopefully suit Keogh down to the ground. I just hope he's a quicker passer than Pearce and Shackell, just enough so that our tempo doesn't fall down a flight of stairs whenever he gets the ball.
  2. Fraud
  3. Don't see how he improves on what we've already got, definitely doesn't improve our athleticism.
  4. Flint and Forrestieri 😷😷 Doesn't really have the pace and energy I'd expect us to be looking to add under Rowett either. Ince and Forriestieri aren't slow but they're not really burning anyone on the wings are they? Need at least one winger who can leave someone coughing up dust on the counter.
  5. Fired after 12 games, put your house on it.
  6. 'I have decided to step down from my role as Crystal Palace next season as I don't think they'll be in the relegation fight I'd like them to be with this funding and squad. It's unacceptable for me. I see myself as a bottom 3 manager maybe sneaking out on the last day of the season. If Crystal Palace can't match my ambition then I have no choice but to step down as manager. I've got my eye on Watford, mind' - Sam Allardyce, May 23rd, 2017
  7. Teachers pet.
  8. The aim is top 6, of course. That's clearly the aim, if you say the aim is top 10 then you're the sort of side who'd take a draw away at Wednesday. We shouldn't be playing for draws away at Wednesday, we should be trying to win. If we finish below 6th then that's fine, stick to Rowett and stick the plan, but we should be aiming for top 6. None of this top 10 then build on that nonsense, that's what Barnsley, Wolves or Birmingham should be saying. We've already got so much to build on. Selling ourselves short if we pretend otherwise.
  9. Weimann could be decent at CAM for Rowett but at this stage we need to be getting replaceable players like him out the door and off the wage bill whenever possible. 1.5 million is a fair enough deal.
  10. You said you 'doubt he's even interested' in a player that completely fits his criteria and may well be someone he was interested in at his time at Birmingham. Rowett brought in Che Adams, a similar player type- lower league, athletic. What's to say Rowett isn't interested other than a DET article that could easily be a smokescreen. I'm trying to remember the last time the DET were at the forefront of a transfer story for us, I'm not sure how great their contacts are. Just saying.
  11. Alright, so Rowett has said he wants to add hunger and physicality to the squad but he's also working on a budget. How does Watkins not fit that criteria?
  12. Sounds like 💩 If we bought a new LB when we have two good Championship LB's, our most promising academy prospect is a LB and we're supposedly selling off our best player to fund a rebuild, I'd hit the ******* roof.
  13. I thought this thread would be a banger, clearly ******* not. It's like none of you remember this or this
  14. Are you watching, are you watching, are you watching @David
  15. Who's this Wheeler bloke, does anyone reckon we're in for him?