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  1. Amazing how Jared Goff is responsible for Brady winning two Super Bowls. What a player, whatever happened to him?
  2. Might even buy one of the disgusting pints available in the concourse.
  3. You can’t walk the tightrope and complain when a gust of wind blows you off.
  4. The amount of poo that gets missed in this league if the sky cameras aren’t there is mental. The incident is 50/50 but it’s in Sky’s interest for there to be drama, so it’s played up. Also, if you’ve ever seen Craig Forsyth move, you’ll know he’s just gangly and clumsy.
  5. My first game back since March 2020 Figure that’s my longest break from Pride Park since I was probably 7/8 years old. If you’re on the fence about going, bloody get down there, life is too short. How often do you get to see Robin Williams’ seminal Mrs Doubtfire and Wayne Rooney going head to head on the touchline?
  6. https://www.fanchants.com/football-songs/england-chants/easy-easy-1/
  7. Didn’t go to the first game for other reasons but I’ve definitely distanced myself from the club over the summer. The euros were a nice distraction but I was waiting for some sort of new era to get back in to Derby but the Rooney/Mel saga continues to drag itself out. I don’t know if anyone else had this but I was waiting for the club to get sorted out and then suddenly realised we were playing on Saturday. Stearman and Curtis at the back. Reality has sunk in now that this is what we’re watching this season and I’m happy to go again. I know what the deal is. The people I have the most time for right now are the players. We’re in a dire situation and these are the lads we have to keep us up, I’m going to back them to the death. There’s no point moaning about Roos/Fozzy/Jozwiak, there’s no one coming to replace them now or in January. Zero point selling them either. Every player I’ve seen criticised on social media is a player I’m grateful we have at the club right now. This season, as far as the players are concerned, I’m only going to be positive. Byrne can score three own goals and I’ll clap him off. They need that attitude from the supporters to stand a chance. Rooney is at least sticking by the fans and players but I wish he’d ducked off instead. It’s daft but I’d take McClaren over Rooney at this point, football is crap, results are crap, constant media attention is crap. Not usually bothered about the media but the clubs image is only getting worse with him at the helm. McClaren may be the only one who would take the job at this point. Mel can duck off, which I wasn’t saying at the end of last season. Backed a fair few of his decisions but we know about 10/20% of what is going on at the club. To have all the facts at your disposal and still put us in the situation he’s put us in, I can’t believe it. He’s either a rat or he’s stupid. I’ll always be grateful for the academy but the sooner he’s gone, the better. Never have him near the club again. Yes, the EFL are out of order but he was too clever for his own good. Glad he was outspoken against them, wish he had the brains to back his words up. The fans. Pride Park can be anxious and toxic at its worst. We’ll go down if it is. I know I sound like B4 but get behind the lads no matter what.
  8. Gary Rowett still getting battered by Fulham in front of the sky cameras
  9. Would be nice to be on a timed draft one evening but can’t always get everyone free. How many internationals have we actually got in league because I’ve always wanted to boot Saint Ram out anyway?
  10. Life is just misery and pain
  11. Looking forward to going into a season with no expectations but that’s the only thing I’m looking forward to about this season.
  12. Only a matter of time before one of his free-kicks decapitates a fan, so I can see why they haven’t taken him. But if the Welsh FA are so worried about people from the national team hitting people, you’d have thought they’d have sacked the manager by now.
  13. I don’t know if this sounds weird but less ambition. I’m fed up of the eternal chase for the Premier League and all of the short termism, risky moves and selling our soul to the devil that come with it. Aim should be a top half finish. We should be looking at signing lower league players again, go quality over quantity with loan signings. If we were going to make one big signing, it should be someone (likely a CB) who is brought in to be club captain. We never replaced Keogh. Focus on bringing in players with the right mentality, build foundations for future success and build a competitive, hungry culture like the squad Clough left us with. Clear out of some players. Don’t get sentimental about this last game, don’t offer new contracts to Waggy and Curtis. But if Curtis is interested in coaching, keep him at the club at all costs, without doubt he could be a great manager. I’m avoiding the question of manager because I have sympathy with Rooney, just like I did with Cocu or any other manager that we could of hired to manage the circus. Derby County isn’t a club that’s setting up managers to have success, it’s been a poisoned chalice the past two years. Results have been appalling though, he got us into a last day of the season mess when Rotherham were trying their absolute best to bail us out. And someone get on the phone to Paul Simpson to find out which young English players we should be signing, whether that be on loan or perm.
  14. Magnificent servant to the club, the dedication he’s given us over the past 9 years couldn’t ever be undone in one game.
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