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  1. Yes, we need all the resources we can get. The mission to clone our little king isn’t going to be easy but it’s gonna be worthwhile when at least 11 of them are out there nutmegging everyone.
  2. Go into the ticket office so you can actually talk to someone face to face, that’s almost always the best way to sort something out. Had similar mix-up’s with the ticket office recently, they’re really good when you’re actually there dealing with them. Shouldn’t be much of a problem I reckon.
  3. I’ll give myself 3/4 days off once in a while. Genuinely does help out. Try and get out to walk the dog more, get outside a bit in those few days. It is genuinely refreshing.
  4. Think that more shows that 15 million for Daniel James would be a massive steal.
  5. Yeah, I remember the QPR fans all had flags in 2014 and it looked great. Made us look like a big bunch of flesh coloured blobs. Most important part of creating an atmosphere is showing the players on the pitch how much support they’ve got, a sea of flags does that. Once the game starts you can put your flag down and start making some noise. Important point is make sure they’re black AND white flags. Black flags don’t stand out and white flags make you look French. Need a bit of both.
  6. Think Bogle will stay regardless of what happens at Wembley but this really puts into context how valuable he is. Would also be quite happy to see him given a shot on the wing at some point in the future, I think he’d excel.
  7. What strikes me is just how poo he is. He’s got championship level talent so he could never cut it in the PL...but he’s probably not physical enough for the championship, hence all the diving about. Should stick to his Violin lessons
  8. If you think Lampard would leave us for Brighton then I give up.
  9. Really struck me how so many years of mediocrity and losing has affected their fan base. Leeds clearly think, more than anyone else in the EFL, that they’re “worthy” of the PL so they rationalise their consistent failure as a conspiracy against them. It’s turned them into a fanbase of losers who are used to getting their excuses in early. It’s sad to see so many of them genuinely believing this is the incorrect decision and that there actually is a conspiracy against them.
  10. Getting the most out of the cameras while he can.
  11. Keogh would actually do a job up front.
  12. Bizarre thing is Leeds players doing all this acting like if they win they stand a chance of automatics? Making tits out of themselves for no reason at all, Sheffield United were unreachable. You gonna win 14-0 next week are you, lads 😂
  13. Been really critical of Nugent this season but he was excellent when he came on. Found myself wishing we’d bring him on more recently, brings a cool head up front and doesn’t rush it. Too many of this lot try the Hollywood pass a bit too often. Might sound a bit weird but I found the game massively cathartic because it felt like what should have happened at Wembley. A horrible QPR team with quiet fans clinging on for dear life bested by a talented young derby team. Didn’t play our best today but never, ever stopped going. Showed a lot of winning mentality. EDIT: Can’t believe I forgot this, QPR’s keeper was honestly one of the worst players I’ve seen in the Championship in years. Shocking.
  14. Shouldn’t laugh at Leeds really, we’re struggling make the top six while they’ve secured their play-off place already.
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