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  1. Five minutes!! The alchies in Swad would have withdrawal symptoms if they had to wait till 7.05 am..
  2. Arturo Lupoli, what a player he should have been.
  3. Dammit, i was about to negotiate a good deal for mine
  4. Rip, Sir Roger, you were great Sir.
  5. Yea, i googled it as well
  6. I enjoyed Deadpool as well, i'd give that an 8/10. Wasn't keen on Hail Caeser tho, 5/10.
  7. looks like i won be sitting in the back row of the movies with you anymore then ..
  8. Bit of a bump for this thread , i watched Suicide Squad last night , enjoyed it , 8/10 ..
  9. Thanks for reminding me, must update my ISA
  10. make sure you cook it thoroughly and add twenty minutes
  11. Bet George is gutted now, finding out it wasn't our daveo
  12. Makes sense to sell him i spose , if rumours on here about him and Martin not being best buddies are owt to go by ..
  13. Nugget stays, ok
  14. Too fussy you lot.