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  1. Aston Villa 1 Derby County 3, Bradley Johnson FRGS (37)
  2. I'm quite pleased we are in different end, will be the second time I've been to the New Wembley, give us a different outlook on a fantastic Stadium.
  3. Well when I say 'selection' I only ever go for the Pedi, which is usually bang on. Plus, new manager and Live entertainment every fortnight. Do you live near Swad?
  4. Doh, I get you now, took me 3 days, but I got there..
  5. Catchems near Swad has Sky, BT sport AND a cracking selection of Real Ale.
  6. Probably shouldn’t ask but what strip will we be wearing? No colour clash so I presume both teams in home strip.
  7. Can't believe you ain't got em yet, maybe it's cos you asking for two together?
  8. Seems odd, what’s your deadline for post?
  9. That post needs printing off and given to the players to read over the weekend, inspirational stuff, Tibbs, Bravo!!
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