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  1. 8/10 across the board, enjoyable afternoons entertainment.
  2. mozza

    DCFC tattoos

    Nice to see the tattooist wrapped it for you @TigerTedd I got a bluetooth speaker and a bottle of scotch from my kids.
  3. Let's just be thankful the rules for once worked in our favour, someone, somewhere normally finds a way to deprive us of winning anything on some remote technicality.
  4. Incredible day of sport, now I need to find out who won the British Grand Prix and then the tennis, don't tell me anyone..
  5. Great review call from Morgan, 103-2..
  6. Leonard Rossiter. and i'm well oiled..
  7. He's one of the main reasons i invest some of my 'hard earned' in Sky.
  8. Always someone else's fault innit, kids eh..
  9. mozza

    Steve: III

    What's Dutch for no?
  10. Best of luck, Bradders. Blackburn United are a decent club.
  11. That tattoo ain't on his finger, or his arm, it's halfway up his... Neck!
  12. I'm sure you can get rid of tattoo's easier than burning your arm off over a gas ring.
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