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  1. Toilet breaks in class, who’s been today.

    It's missrams turn to oversee detention today, she'll be late..
  2. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Brown-live, blue-neutral, green-earth, job done.
  3. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Electricians who think they are tradesman, they just chase out walls and bang a bit of wire down a wall, connect a wall socket (nine times out of ten out of level) they are totally incapable of patching the chase anorl, wheres the skill in that, and as for plumbers..
  4. Toilet breaks in class, who’s been today.

    Bought back memories of my schooldays, lad who sat next to me in lessons was always leaning back on his chair balancing it on two legs, i descretely put my toe under the front leg and gave it a firm but gentle flick, he about s*** himself, Oh how we laughed
  5. Toilet breaks in class, who’s been today.

    On site this morning i had three pees in the first hour, once the seal is broke there's no stopping it.
  6. International Rams

    True, hope you don't mean me tho, ive every confidence he'll come good.
  7. International Rams

    Why can he not do that for us?
  8. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    Fulham v Derby County Championship , Craven Cottage, Saturday 18th November 2017 , 5:30pm KO Put your scores and FRGS for this game in this thread , please .. Any scores in any other thread will not be counted towards' Prediction League '.. Comments about the game should be posted in relevant Matchday Talk thread.
  9. Toilet breaks in class, who’s been today.

    I've noticed the grammar, punctuation and spelling in this thread is impeccable , keep it up kids !
  10. Toilet breaks in class, who’s been today.

    Is this one particular child? , attention seeking maybe? Have you asked more experienced Staff members how they'd deal with it . I would imagine the less fuss shown by you the better. Anyway , must dash , nature calls.
  11. Random stuff that cheers me up thread

    I can clear a room with mine, blame the dog tho..
  12. British woman taking drugs into egypt.

    Has the 'husband' been taken in for questioning?
  13. Moz the Monster

    I was praying for it to kick in..
  14. England v Germany

    First half really enjoyable , second half less so, bring on on the Boys from Brazil, which coincidentally is on the History Channel now, good film..
  15. England v Germany

    First thing you've said tonight i'll agree with

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