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  1. Thx for 'bumping' this thread lads, still waiting for my bro and David to add their 'best wishes' 😀
  2. mozza


    Don't type in 'bored' in search.
  3. gobbin' on the pitch (or anywhere else) needs to be a bookable offence. Disgusting habit footballers have.
  4. Up it again, 65 on satdee..
  5. @Eddie, good to see you back, made my day, you long haired hippy.
  6. I'm leaving mine as it is, for the exact same reasons.
  7. mozza


    Prince Charles has been tested positive according to BBC news.
  8. Bump this, good series.
  9. mozza


    Nice to have a bit of good news.
  10. i'd imagine clubs would have to pick a team from the players who are registered to them at that point in time.
  11. This season to be finished, regardless of when, sensible news really.
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