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  1. My second string 🙂 Very indulgent of me, but DCFC vs Wycombe has been a pipe dream of mine for years. Always hoped we’d draw them in the cup. Kinda mind boggling (to me at least!) that they could be in the same league next year. Edit: I live 10 mins from Leyton these days sooooo while we’re on the wish list, if we could get a cup tie against Orient, I’ll be laughing!
  2. A little off topic. Obviously would love a last min dot com play-off push. Still plenty of games left. However, the silver lining I am hoping for should we fail to make the grade - Wycombe vs. DCFC (hopefully) next season. I am guessing you’re also excited by that potential fixture?
  3. King Billy's Brand Guidelines shirley?
  4. There's been poison in the water for a while. And the Brexiteers continue to lap it up. I'd call them "suckers" but they insist on sucking the rest of us down with them.
  5. Personally very in the "worried and underwhelmed" camp with Cocu so far. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt at the moment due to the (well documented) challenges around the club. Even so – based on the current evidence – I'd class him as an expensive, foreign Nigel Clough (minus the ability to buy a gem from Scotland). I know he's not had much time. I know he's barely signed anyone. Just not seeing much to suggest he really "gets" the Championship, or that he can get the best out of the players at his disposal. On the bright side – I'm glad he's taking youth more seriously.
  6. Weirdly, I don't disagree sadly. Not just last week, I was messaging someone about my desire to see him sold. Watching the Anton Ferdinand video did make me take stock a little though. From a fan's PoV all we see is a player trying our patience. But we can't see what's going on inside his head (and how that's effecting his output on the pitch). I'm guilty of that as much as anyone. Guess it'll make me think twice (or at least choose my words more carefully) before having a dig next time though.
  7. Thought this worth posting here. Some good insights on how losing a parent early can affect your performances: These days I tend to see Lawrence as a lost cause. Easy to forget though that the loss of his Mum is probably a major factor in his recent flat performances.
  8. Have to admit, when the stadium sale was announced last year I felt a little uncomfortable at the time. Struck me very much as Mel trying to game the system. Now it's impacting our reputation as a club. In this instance, we should get away with it but the more we do business this way, the more we'll be in the crosshairs. Also, if it's impacted the incoming investment, then you have to question the decision-making that led to this point.
  9. Can’t see how this will end well for EFL. They’re making themselves look rather incompetent (which tbf they are) with their recent antics. Pretty much making it up as they go along.
  10. I walked past Mark Francois at Liverpool street station a couple of weeks back. He is a very, very short man.
  11. In hindsight, replacing Ince with Lawrence will go down as the modern day equivalent of replacing Commons with Ben Davies.
  12. My problem with this stance – and I say this as someone who's also struggled his way up the ladder through difficult circumstances (two redundancies – my industry likewise can be volatile) is this. I wouldn't be where I am now without the society around me. In effect British society has enabled me to tap into my potential. I get opportunities and a quality of life I probably wouldn't get if I worked elsewhere in the World. If the system enables me to continue to increase my wealth, then the reality is I have a duty of care to contribute more to that system. In other words high wages are a direct benefit of living within a society with a sophisticated infrastructure.
  13. We'd love to dig out some recent one's for you, but it's tricky when Boris is avoiding any form of unbias press scrutiny.
  14. The Conservative party: "We can thrive!" "We'll going to invest LIKE NEVER BEFORE to make Britain BETTER" Also the Conservative party when Labour come out with something genuinely ambitious: "NOT THRIVE LIKE THAT" "WOAH THERE NELLY - WE CAN'T AFFORD THIS!" NOTE: Aware they literally didn't use those words. I'm paraphrasing.
  15. Who made cuts to the UK's flood defences? David Cameron and his successors, that's who.
  16. I posted this link earlier in the thread – a compelling argument (from an Oxford Economist) that the Conservative spending plan is actually less grounded in reality than Labour's: https://mainlymacro.blogspot.com/2019/11/the-differences-between-labour-and.html As for supporting businesses – the conservatives very own ex-Justice Secretary was on BBC Breakfast this AM arguing that's no longer the case. This whole "Conservatives = party of economics" is fast becoming fake news. The moderates have left (or at least are on the periphery). It's fully in the grip of hard right crazies RN. Regarding trusting businesses to support their workforce – that trust has enabled companies like Amazon to make tons and tons of money while continuously shafting their workforce, weakening worker rights and paying pittance in tax. And yet workers are the wealth creators – even though the gap between them and bosses continues to grow. I don't see any problem with re-addressing that balance – at least for large businesses (small, family businesses should receive government support to achieve this). Ultimately though it sounds like your heart is set on either not voting or spoiling your ballot. I can understand the disillusion with everything RN. My advice would be look at your local MP options rather than focus on party leaders, as in reality that's who you're voting for. Our local MP is Stella Creasy and she's been great for the community!
  17. I think - broadly speaking – we can assume (if Labour won) there'd be more investment in civil services, so those occupation you've listed would almost certainly see a pay rise too. Can't speak for other professions, but Teachers are already in decline under the current status quo. An increase in min. wage won't change that – and I don't know one teacher who'd begrudge a cleaner getting a pay rise anyway (they tend to score pretty high on empathy).
  18. This blog post from an Oxford economist may help answer some of your questions regarding Labour's spending plans: https://mainlymacro.blogspot.com/2019/11/the-differences-between-labour-and.html
  19. Are you tweeting for Steve Bloomer's Washing too?
  20. Echo this sentiment. Im sure a lot of money was spent on lawyers making sure this decision was watertight. Morally though it’s utterly ruthless and I expect better from DCFC.
  21. Likewise mate – big congrats! Admittedly I've not done a whole lot of reading – that books sounds good tho. I'll grab it on Audible so I can listen to it while I'm building baby furniture! I dunno what your hospital offers, but if they do a antenatal classes take them – we had 4 x 2 hour classes that were immensely helpful (and free). We've paid 100 big ones for Baby Bump Club (a.k.a unofficial NCT) and they're essentially giving us the same info we've already had for free. Gawd-bless the NHS.
  22. Not to steal RamsLad's thunder but I too am expecting (well my partner is) end of next month. Yet again DCFCfans turned up and delivers even when I'm not expecting it!
  23. Nigel Clough comparison is bang on. Last time I saw a performance like that in London was at Crystal Palace where we lost 3-0. Nige in charge – lots of slow, pretty passing at the start, then the inevitable surrender once the first goal goes in. Sad times.
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