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  1. Not really. There wasn't enough space inside for a press conference. It was an unrealistic, last minute pivot from Boris. From The Independent "Luxembourg government officials said there was no room inside large enough to move the press conference to. They added that Downing Street had suggested selecting just a few handpicked journalists to come inside – but the hosts rejected this on the basis that it would have been unfair." The embarrassment lays squarely with Mr. Johnson.
  2. Tbh if there had been a proper process after the result of the first vote, that might well have been the next logical step: a public vote on how we leave. It might've helped heal the rift somewhat if we (as in the UK public) had been given a say on things. In the current climate I can't see it happening without a remain option. Both sides are far too polarised.
  3. Conservatives go into power when they win (and vice versa for Labour) because there's an established process for the parties to follow when they win. There is no process for exiting the EU. There are also several different ways to "leave" which a) wasn't clear in the original referendum and b) no one seems able to agree on. Hence the current deadlock. Obviously, just my opinion, but a People's Vote with clear boundaries would be the best way to resolve the crisis.
  4. Yeh and while we're at it, let's not bother with any more GEs. Tories won the last one so what's the point? Also to add: The Play-off final analogy doesn't really work. First: Nobody is voting on anything. Second: There's a play-off final every year, so there's always the chance "to set the matter right" next year. Apples and oranges and all that.
  5. Part the problem with the original referendum was the lack of any clear boundaries around what counts as a winning majority – hence why we have the current status quo. The winning margin was so narrow, it's quite understandable that the two sides have been in gridlock ever since. A future People's Vote (if it were to happen) would have to have a clearer "winning majority" structure to ensure the result is decisive – as well as a clear vision for what happens next if it were to end in "a draw". Personally think it's only way you can get one side to accept the result if it goes against them.
  6. I saw him play once a few years back. Went to Charlton Vs. Blackburn with a Blackburn-supporting mate. Hamer in goal for the Addicks. I remember Charlton lost, and Hamer got hammered by the Blackburn fans for having a proper spartan / hipster beard. Tbh I found it all pretty amusing as a neutral.
  7. I was in Japan last year for a holiday. Got talking DCFC to a drunk local. He knew who Lampard was - that was about as far as we got! Would love it if we signed a Japanese player - would deffo raise our profile over there, plus a good excuse for a cheeky pre-season jaunt!
  8. Jeez. If only he’d done that at Wembley!
  9. I confess I am conflicted by Burnley. I admire them for all they've achieved under Dyche. Yet simultaneously I hate them for their canny knack of always beating us. Dyche must've been guttered when we lost to QPR – that was 6 points in the prem he was all but guaranteed had we gone up!
  10. Good luck Johno! Just remember – it's Blackburn Rovers, not Blackburn City.
  11. I've watched the video now – it's better than the IG post, still a few shades of "PR exercise" though! Must admit the bit about Mel was nice. Just to be clear I'm not bitter towards Frank for any of this. Wish him all the best at Chelski.
  12. Nope – haven't had a chance to sneak it between work tasks yet. Was more riffing off their two instagram posts (David posted both a page or so back).
  13. That post is pure class. Frank's is a bit "paint by numbers" in comparison.
  14. Ramshankered

    Farewell Brys

    Farewell Brys Vegas!
  15. Hands down my fave player at Derby atm (even though he isn't playing much!). Just seems a proper good egg whenever he's on camera. Also Leyton Orient are - geographically - my local club, so really resonates with me to have someone at DCFC who's a fan.
  16. Think we'll have to go for someone who can build on Lampard's style of play. Let's not have a repeat of past mistakes. Jokanovic for me. Alex Neil is a good shout too. Wouldn't begrudge giving a lower league manager a shot either.
  17. He'd be mad to take it now. Utterly bad. Don't get me wrong – totally understand the pull Chelsea will hold over Frank and Jody. The Chelsea job becomes available that often though, surely it'd be better for Frank to play the long game with this one? If he does go, really hope Mel has someone lined up in his mould. Frank's laid some good foundations this season – let's not hire another Clement / Pearson type to duck it all up again.
  18. Holy duck. Just saw this in the news. Leyton Orient are 5 mins from my place. Feels extra shocking when it’s your local club. Horrible, horrible news.
  19. Ah gotcha. Wasn't aware it was down to no. of games played – thought it was pretty much up the player themselves. Have a vague memory when Bent got his extension of Rowett(?) being a bit unimpressed.
  20. Maybe they had that controversial year extension-thing like Bent and (allegedly) Huddlestone? Hangover from the Rush era?
  21. My silver lining: - Luton away - Charlton away - Fulham away - QPR away - Brentford away - Millwall away It's a good year to be a Ram in London.
  22. More appalling than the lack of atmosphere was the number of Villa fans in the Derby end. My entire row was Villla fans! How the duck can you get a song going when you’ve got 10 stoney faced Villa bois camped in the Derby end?
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