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    New F1 documentary series on Netflix is excellent. I’m a big fan of sports documentaries and this is definitely one of the best, captures some really genuine behind the scenes moments. Not even a massive F1 fan, just a really good watch.
  2. NFL Free Agency is officially the best transfer window of any sport. Would honestly feel sick if I was a Giants fan, Landon Collins and now Odell... Stocking up on picks to trade with us for #1 and Kyler Murray, you’d think? I guess Kyler and Saquon is a bit of a disgusting, game breaking, smash your controller on Madden combination.
  3. Sounds like a Football Manager regen of Ian Rush
  4. Thinking more of the manner in which we approached that away leg. Conceding possession, time and space to Fulham while offering little attacking threat ourselves was criminal. It was like we were asking to lose 3-0. After Villa on Saturday, I’m not going to belittle a conservative approach because we could have bloody done with one but I was embarrassed to watch that away leg with a couple mates who weren’t Derby fans.
  5. Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Forsyth Huddlestone Mount Holmes Wilson Waghorn Lawrence It goes without saying that injuries have really skewed how we set up our starting 11. We don’t have many like for likes, so it hard to just put in Wilson/Holmes for Mount and play the same way. I think the midfield desperately needs help, it needs an extra body dropping in and picking the ball up off them. Unfortunately, despite being probably in our 11 best players I don’t think Marriott fits into our best starting 11 right now. Next season, I think if we improve midfield and hone the system, he will. But right now, would rather have Waghorn as the lone striker. If you have him playing with our most talented pass and movers in Holmes/Mount, we’ll look a lot better and be able to play down the middle better. We play way too much football around the centre circle and down the wing. Need to get the ball to the edge of the box faster, I think Waghorn is our best way to do that.
  6. First time I’ve ever left a game at half-time. Feel kind of blessed that Grealish scored just before half-time because I’d have stayed and wasted my afternoon otherwise. Dont really need to even analyse the game because that wasn’t Derby County out there. We’ll never see that midfield/attack together again. You know when players compliment each other and make each other better? Well yesterday’s team did the absolute opposite, it was insulting how bad they were. Clearly never played together before and weren’t ready for a team like Villa at Villa Park. Doubt I will ever forget that game but I honestly don’t care about it. It’s an anomaly to me.
  7. Big problem with the Stoke job was managing expectations. Their fans have spent too much time getting comfortable in the PL, after a while it’s very cushy and easy to just write off the championship as below you. Stoke really thought they were the big boys and as the article says, could bounce back up ‘easily’. You’re setting yourself up for failure if immediate promotion is the floor of your expectations. Despite *hating* Rowett and wanting him out, from an outsiders perspective I do think he was hard done by to be sacked so early. But, the reality is, he’s been a championship manager for a while now, he should have known to manage expectations and not sell Stoke on the idea they were going to bully the rest of the division. Part of the reason I really detested Rowett was because he was so arrogant and he’s not really got any option other than to accept a large amount of responsibility for getting himself sacked. He thinks he’s some championship guru with an amazing track record when really he’s only made the play-off’s once and embarrassed himself when he got there. AS IF he thought he was going to walk the league with that team when he’s never been promoted, only made the play-offs once and ducking lost embarrassingly at that. And it’s not your fault you got sacked? Give me a break. I think it says a lot about Rowett that the more time he spends as a manager, the further his stock drops. He probably did his best work at Burton, second best job at Birmingham, had Derby about where you’d expect them to be and then flunked it at Stoke.
  8. Lampard’s a first season manager, we’ll have games like last night where we don’t play it right. Playing away against a desperate team is always tricky and Ipswich looked way more up for it than we did. Probably not the best game to have Johnson and King starting their first game for a while. He’ll learn for it and luckily we’re still in a very decent position. Frustrating night though, should have buried them early.
  9. Bone headed move, their wague bill is high enough as it is.
  10. We don’t need someone to completely revolutionise our midfield, we just need someone to do a job next to Mount and let him shine a bit. I don’t think you could find two more talented midfielders in this division than Huddlestone and Mount but they havent played to their potential this season because they’ve never really had anyone up to standard next to them. Bryson has games where he steps up but he’s spent most of this season looking his age. He’s not cut out for playing twice a week at this point. Don’t need a playmaker or a magician, just need a solid option to do Mount’s dirty work and King completely fits the bill.
  11. Doesn’t seem overly happy here to me. I hate to be the ‘reads into celebrations guy’ but in the past month or so we’ve had some cupping/covering of the ears to the fans (see end of season Jacob Butterfield, 16/17) and a startling snub after he scored his penalty against Southampton. Not so much as a fist pump to the away fans, he just walked straight back to the halfway line. Struggled to bond with the fans throughout really. Isn’t the sort of player who endears himself as he tends to be wasteful, came with a fairly big price tag and hasn’t really kicked on under Frank the way you’d hope he would. I know a lot of the people around me in the South Stand don’t like him. If we sell him I’d be slightly disappointed because he’s felt close to taking that next step at points this season, easy to forget he’s only really played a couple of full seasons in his career. Still holding out hope that his shots will start finding the back of the net instead of Ryan in South Lower’s face.
  12. I don’t like the Pats, particularly the whole underdogs narrative they’re trying to peddle but you absolutely have to admire them. Imagine following a team in any sport that was that intelligent, well prepared and excellent in so many aspects. For fans actually from NE who’ve followed them all their lives it must be amazing. Christ I hope they lose.
  13. Reminds me of the Lampard “goal” against Germany at South Africa 2010 WC. You kind of can’t believe the game just carries on after such a blatant gaff. At least it happened to the Rams, who are fairly likeable. Imagine if the Patriots had just got that call in a championship game...
  14. Horrible. Regardless of your allegiance it’s just gut wrenching to see an entire season taken away by unbelievably awful officiating. Payton’s a man unbearable rick etc but not calling that PI was just hideous. If I was a Saints fan my tv would’ve been out the window. Thoughts and prayers @SaintRam
  15. If you ever say that again, I will have no choice but to find you and kick your ass.
  16. Would have been nice to get him back playing well but this is probably best. I don’t think he’s at the stage where he’s a plug and play type in the upper championship. Like him a lot but he was woeful against Leeds. He’ll go back to flying with Aberdeen then we’ll be able to properly integrate him into the first team in the summer.
  17. Antonio Brown definitely hit by the Madden curse this year, really interesting if you want to have a look at it. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/is-the-madden-cover-curse-still-a-thing-a-look-back-at-20-years-of-nfl-stars-offers-a-verdict/ Didnt make the play-offs, missed week 17 and looks like he’s getting traded after falling out with the entire organisation. I think that counts. Think he’ll end up on the 49ers, they took Richard Sherman in under similar(ish) circumstances and it turned out well for them. Definitely got cap room to blow too. Free agency looks interesting this year too, not the best if you need help on offense but actually loads of edge rushers that are going to get paid. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011078/article/top-25-nfl-free-agents-of-2019-defenders-dominate-rankings
  18. He’s a short term solution for our LB back up that’s been forced by injury, so I think he’s fine. I think chucking Max Lowe right back into the middle of a championship play-off race when he’s been progressing so well and having a good time at Aberdeen might have ended up being counter-productive. Might not have even played regularly if Malone stays fit. With Davies out, Pearce gone and no guarantee we’ll get an experienced CB in this window, this is probably one of the times where signing an experienced player is worth it. Will help out the young defence too. As much as I love the idea of having two Academy players starting as our full backs, we may have to wait for next season.
  19. Keogh on penalties from now on, yeah
  20. Marcus Peters talks way too much trash for someone who’s been so average this season. I honestly don’t know what he expects he’s going to do with Michael Thomas when he can’t even keep up with the Cowboys receivers... Something to look out for next weekend.
  21. Eagles really have been fantastic the last few years. Not sure what the contract situations are like with their core (Jenkins, Cox etc) outside of the QB’s but hope this isn’t their last shot at the play/offs. Howie Roseman/Doug Pederson will be around for years though, so I expect they’ll be perennial contenders for a while. I love watching them and Alshon in particular has been a fantasy hero for me two years in a row, so shame to see them go out to an interception like that. Still, gotta love the Saints. Any better trio in the NFL than Brees, Kamara and Thomas? Hope they win it now, would be cool to see Brees ride off into the sunset with another Lombardi.
  22. I’m a Cards fan so obviously biased but... Kingsbury’s seen as a risky choice but we just fired Steve Wilks who was seen as one of the safest choices going? I honestly think after the season we’ve just had, this was the way to go. 32nd in points, 32nd in first downs, 32nd in pass yards, 32nd in rush yards, 32nd in scoring percentage, 32nd in time of possession Clearly need a creative mind on offense after this years debacle, so Kliff adresses our biggest need and suits the way the league is trending. What’s the point in hiring a defensive HC right now? If you have a successful OC, they’ll get poached for a HC job within a year. That Kyler comment is something made off the cuff in an interview months ago, there’s not a cat in hells chance we get rid of Rosen. It makes for a good story on but it’s complete nonsense. Rosen’s been in a horrible situation but we’ve just hired a HC who’s perfect for him. Look at the jump that Goff had in his second year, I doubt we’ll get that level of improvement but we desperately need to get the best out of him. This is the best way to ensure we’ll have someone working with him for more than just a year. He’s already on his third OC, he needs the stability of an offensive coach that’s going to give him a system to grow into. Also, it’s an exciting appointment. The organisation the last few years has been stale, I’d rather we swing for the fences on an appointment than go with someone like Caldwell or Gase. Not like we missed out on some guaranteed winner, if it fails spectacularly then we’re no worse off than we are now. The one worry is I’m not sure what kind of supporting staff he’s going to bring, he doesn’t have the relationships in the league that a Shanahan/McVay has. I’m worried about that but there’s plenty of decent DC’s around as well as a talented enough defense already in house. Particularly if you add Nick Bosa to it.
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