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  1. Would have been nice to get him back playing well but this is probably best. I don’t think he’s at the stage where he’s a plug and play type in the upper championship. Like him a lot but he was woeful against Leeds. He’ll go back to flying with Aberdeen then we’ll be able to properly integrate him into the first team in the summer.
  2. Leicester Ram

    NFL 2019 Season

    Antonio Brown definitely hit by the Madden curse this year, really interesting if you want to have a look at it. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/is-the-madden-cover-curse-still-a-thing-a-look-back-at-20-years-of-nfl-stars-offers-a-verdict/ Didnt make the play-offs, missed week 17 and looks like he’s getting traded after falling out with the entire organisation. I think that counts. Think he’ll end up on the 49ers, they took Richard Sherman in under similar(ish) circumstances and it turned out well for them. Definitely got cap room to blow too. Free agency looks interesting this year too, not the best if you need help on offense but actually loads of edge rushers that are going to get paid. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011078/article/top-25-nfl-free-agents-of-2019-defenders-dominate-rankings
  3. Leicester Ram

    Ashley Cole

    He’s a short term solution for our LB back up that’s been forced by injury, so I think he’s fine. I think chucking Max Lowe right back into the middle of a championship play-off race when he’s been progressing so well and having a good time at Aberdeen might have ended up being counter-productive. Might not have even played regularly if Malone stays fit. With Davies out, Pearce gone and no guarantee we’ll get an experienced CB in this window, this is probably one of the times where signing an experienced player is worth it. Will help out the young defence too. As much as I love the idea of having two Academy players starting as our full backs, we may have to wait for next season.
  4. Leicester Ram

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Keogh on penalties from now on, yeah
  5. Leicester Ram

    NFL 2018 Season

    Marcus Peters talks way too much trash for someone who’s been so average this season. I honestly don’t know what he expects he’s going to do with Michael Thomas when he can’t even keep up with the Cowboys receivers... Something to look out for next weekend.
  6. Leicester Ram

    NFL 2018 Season

    Eagles really have been fantastic the last few years. Not sure what the contract situations are like with their core (Jenkins, Cox etc) outside of the QB’s but hope this isn’t their last shot at the play/offs. Howie Roseman/Doug Pederson will be around for years though, so I expect they’ll be perennial contenders for a while. I love watching them and Alshon in particular has been a fantasy hero for me two years in a row, so shame to see them go out to an interception like that. Still, gotta love the Saints. Any better trio in the NFL than Brees, Kamara and Thomas? Hope they win it now, would be cool to see Brees ride off into the sunset with another Lombardi.
  7. Leicester Ram

    NFL 2019 Season

    I’m a Cards fan so obviously biased but... Kingsbury’s seen as a risky choice but we just fired Steve Wilks who was seen as one of the safest choices going? I honestly think after the season we’ve just had, this was the way to go. 32nd in points, 32nd in first downs, 32nd in pass yards, 32nd in rush yards, 32nd in scoring percentage, 32nd in time of possession Clearly need a creative mind on offense after this years debacle, so Kliff adresses our biggest need and suits the way the league is trending. What’s the point in hiring a defensive HC right now? If you have a successful OC, they’ll get poached for a HC job within a year. That Kyler comment is something made off the cuff in an interview months ago, there’s not a cat in hells chance we get rid of Rosen. It makes for a good story on but it’s complete nonsense. Rosen’s been in a horrible situation but we’ve just hired a HC who’s perfect for him. Look at the jump that Goff had in his second year, I doubt we’ll get that level of improvement but we desperately need to get the best out of him. This is the best way to ensure we’ll have someone working with him for more than just a year. He’s already on his third OC, he needs the stability of an offensive coach that’s going to give him a system to grow into. Also, it’s an exciting appointment. The organisation the last few years has been stale, I’d rather we swing for the fences on an appointment than go with someone like Caldwell or Gase. Not like we missed out on some guaranteed winner, if it fails spectacularly then we’re no worse off than we are now. The one worry is I’m not sure what kind of supporting staff he’s going to bring, he doesn’t have the relationships in the league that a Shanahan/McVay has. I’m worried about that but there’s plenty of decent DC’s around as well as a talented enough defense already in house. Particularly if you add Nick Bosa to it.
  8. Leicester Ram

    David Nugent

    Bit of a tough one to call. Going to be hard to be hard to replace him with quality in January when we’re looking at exclusively loans. However, while I like Nuge but I think he’s genuinely cost us points this season. Is he still reliable? Off the top of my head, he’s missed a sitter at Boro (A) just before they equalised, missed a header from a couple yards out against Bristol (H) and then messed up that brilliant chance against Boro (H) in the last ten minutes. That was the worst one, running onto it with time and the keeper at his mercy. It’s harsh to say he’s cost us points but he’s supposed to be the veteran striker. If there’s one player you should be counting on to finish those chances it’s David Nugent and if he doesn’t have that finishing ability anymore then it’s hard to argue it’s worth having him around. He’s realistically coming on for the last 20 minutes when we need a goal and, right now, I’m not really convinced if the chance falls to him that he’s going to take it. Unfortunately, I think the best time to get rid of him probably was the summer. I wouldn’t be too happy about him leaving right now because he might be able to rediscover some form. You’d hardly be surprised if he was average for the rest of the season and then bagged us a crucial winner in the play-off’s.
  9. Leicester Ram

    Jacob Butterfield

    I agree Bryson’s been average but FWIW I think it’s a good idea to have a player out there that the fans will never turn on. Clearly in the final year of this cycle of the midfield. By the summer Johnson, Butterfield, Bryson, Thorne and Ledley will all be gone. It’s a lot of the wage bill that’s going to be cleaned up. Whether you think Butterfield clueless or Bryson’s overrated or Johnson’s a clogged etc, I think we’ve all got to be in agreement that we’re desperate for a fresh start in midfield. Not been good enough for a while now.
  10. Leicester Ram

    Snake City watch

    Shame that, couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.
  11. Leicester Ram

    NFL 2018 Season

    Good start for the Chargers but I’m not sure they’ll be able to stop this run all day. You’d expect them to start this brightly, they’ve played them recently and know what to expect. But if they don’t use this first few possessions to gain a two score lead or so, I think this will be really tight for the rest of the day. Might come down to some special teams plays...usually not a good thing for the bolts.
  12. Leicester Ram

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Loads of great moments and performances today but I think Tomori deserves a massive shoutout. I’m a massive Fikayo fan but today’s goal has pushed me over the edge, sending him my underwear in the post now. There are so many new players who are playing so well for us this year but I just think Tomori typifies what’s so good about this team. He brings such an amazing energy to every game, he’s the sort of player that you can tell has the potential to be a real winner. He’s really passionate, energetic and so confident for his age. It was perfectly captured in his goal today. He has the confidence to trust his ability and just smash it at goal then goes mental with his celebration getting our away fans up for it after an awful start. Not to mention he’s a smart defender, fantastic on the ball and knows how to use his athleticism to help out other players. You can tell he’s inexperienced but he makes up for it, gets caught out of position today and gets himself a goal a few minutes later. The accepted wisdom in the Championship is that experienced old heads who’ve been there before get you promotion but you need players with Tomori’s mentality to get you over the top. He has everything that we lacked last season. All the lads were fantastic today but I just think Tomori’s a blinding talent.
  13. Leicester Ram

    Paul Clement Sacked.......again

    Can’t believe this was only around 18 months ago. He got Renato Sanches on loan from Bayern (who was horrible) and Derby twitter acted like he’d won the FA Cup or something. Fair to say now that we probably wouldn’t have been better off if we’d stuck with Clement...
  14. Leicester Ram

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    A direct dig at Conor Sammon’s first touch?
  15. Surprised by calls for a new RB, I think Wisdom (when he’s match sharp) and Bogle are both good enough. Both different enough from each other to offer us different tactical set-ups. We need a reliable more box to box CM in my eyes and a LB now Fozzy’s unfortunately done for the year
  16. Leicester Ram

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Kyle Rudolph recovers fumbled ball in the end zone for a TD...Latavius Murray being given the points I’m Nigel Pearson with a journalist level angry here, Jeff
  17. Leicester Ram

    Holmes today

    Show some respect, Messi is the La Liga Joe Lolley.
  18. Leicester Ram

    Holmes today

    Championship Messi.
  19. Leicester Ram

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    I seriously think you’d struggle to find a keeper better than him that would willingly play in the championship, outside of relegated players like Butland. I can sort of see why someone would think he’s dropped off a bit this season but I think come May we’ll look back and he’ll have had another excellent season
  20. Leicester Ram

    Match Thread V Chelsea (A)

    I wanted us to share the goals around the team this year but I didn’t mean like this
  21. Leicester Ram

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    I’d see a doctor about that mate
  22. Leicester Ram

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    Needed half-time by the end. Obviously started really well but slowed down a bit towards the end of the half. Boro still a tough, physical team who will defend well so we’re not gonna be able to walk over them all game. Need to re-organise at half-time, get through whatever they throw at us for the first ten minutes then start pressing, playing our own game again. Hopefully going be able to catch them on the break more this half. We’re clearly the better team for the third game in a row, which I didn’t think was on the cards at all a week ago.
  23. Leicester Ram

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Bye week’s hitting my hard, If someone fancies a player in my squad I’m all ears. (not Melvin Gordon)
  24. Leicester Ram

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Don’t think we’ve even seen the best of him yet. He’s a frightening talent already but I think he’ll keep improving as the season goes on. Just getting more canny and consistent with the experience of a full season. Young player of the year’s going to end up being a bit of a scrap, there’s about 4/5 in the squad who’d have won in previous years already
  25. Leicester Ram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Probably not much that hasn’t been already been said. All I’d say is Huddlestone is another example of a player coming into the team and stepping up to the plate. Tomori’s done it, Bogle’s done it, Johnson’s done it, Fozzy’s done it, Wilson’s done it, Marriott’s done it and now Huddlestone’s done it. Great sign that it seems everyone squad is desperate to get on the pitch and make an impact; no one seems unconfident or rusty after time out of the team. Competition for places seems to be improving everyone instead of disrupting the team. Cant help think Lampard has a knack for man management.

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