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  1. Cheers
    SFox1993 reacted to StarterForTen in 2021 / 2022 New kit   
    A friend of mine who works with Umbro - the one who told me about the pink last year - has mentioned that the home kit has blue in it this year. He was very cagey, so no further details other that, but could it be back to blue shorts?
    He also said that one of the two away kits was 'stunning'; the other one was a bit boring.
    On behalf of B4 I asked if there was any pink involved and he said 'not in the outfield kits' - maybe a pink keeper's kit?
  2. Like
    SFox1993 reacted to Sparkle in When do we start to panic?   
    What takeover ?
  3. Haha
    SFox1993 reacted to Oldben in Transfer window summer 2021   
    Id like to see the club sign Andre Ayew
  4. Haha
    SFox1993 reacted to B4ev6is in Let's keep Marriott   
    Well efl and goverment are just as much to blame for current sad state of affairs. They can not dock us points umm let's see how else we can punish Derby.
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    SFox1993 got a reaction from ramit in Jack Marriott   
    Strikes me as a footballer who doesn't actually like or care about football , resulting in perhaps less than optimal fitness which in turn results in more time on the injury table and the golf course than the pitch.

    Has ability though , imagine he will do enough in football to keep the paychecks coming but in a couple of years i imagine he will be back in league 1 or league 2.
  6. Like
    SFox1993 reacted to Van der MoodHoover in when can we expect the player retained list?   
    I was going to guess "Italy" but your answer seems more plausible 🤣
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    SFox1993 reacted to JfR in Kamil Jozwiak   
    Just to clarify this: The actual Athletic article doesn't say Burnley are keeping an eye on him, they say that he would be a good option for Burnley and that they should keep an eye on him. It's part of an article about players to keep an eye on at the Euros.
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    SFox1993 reacted to GboroRam in Kamil Jozwiak   
    I like the cut of your jib.
  9. Like
    SFox1993 got a reaction from angieram in International Rams   
    Troy Parrott didnt 🤣
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    SFox1993 got a reaction from GenBr in So what does our next kit look like?   
    That is gorgeous 😍
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    SFox1993 reacted to dcfcal in So what does our next kit look like?   
    Final concept this year… a camouflage take on the 1996 Puma maroon away kit when were first in the Premier League under Jim Smith. Ahhh, the good old days. 🙌✌️👍🐏

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    SFox1993 reacted to Gritstone Ram in Once a Ram... Not Always a Ram?   
    Keogh nuff said.
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    SFox1993 reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Not all bad news then... 😋
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    SFox1993 reacted to Barney1991 in El DerbyCo   
    Thought I’d join in on the knob 

  15. Clap
    SFox1993 reacted to Mostyn6 in El DerbyCo   
    Another opportunistic chancer can do one. He had his chance to put money into a PREMIER League Derby County, but decided to cash in instead! 
  16. Like
    SFox1993 reacted to Coconut in Keogh Sacked   
  17. Like
    SFox1993 reacted to Andicis in Keogh Sacked   
    I hope Keogh receives a suitably hostile reaction from the fans if he plays at Pride Park. 
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    SFox1993 reacted to Coconut in EFL appeal   
    God help his students
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    SFox1993 reacted to nottingram in EFL appeal   
    Hello Kieran
  20. Clap
    SFox1993 reacted to David in Derby County Admin / Liquidation   
    Here we go.
    Not sure what your issue with this forum is Nick, but if you look around you will see a lot of criticism aimed at Mel, the last year has seen more than ever. We absolutely do not censor or control any opinions.
    Moderators feel free to throw me under the bus here and reveal the North Korea dictatorship we have going on. All your NDA’s are null and void.
    We do have a rule which ALL members will have agreed to which is:
    - Personal insults/profanity towards other members, players, staff, media or anyone connected to Derby County Football Club.
    We have the same towards other members as well as we believe you can voice an opinion without the use of insults and profanity, now if some fans are ticked off because they can come on here and call Mel all the names under the sun, great, these are not the fans we want on this forum, they can use Twitter for that.
    Have any of your posts criticising Mel been removed? No. 
  21. Like
    SFox1993 got a reaction from Rammy03 in EFL appeal   
    Just another rehash of the Daily Fail article.
  22. Sad
    SFox1993 reacted to Srg in A message from the top   
    What a pointless statement. Prove it with actions. 
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    SFox1993 reacted to Tamworthram in A message from the top   
    What a pointless post.
    It doesn’t change anything but I thought it was an appropriate statement to apologise to, and recognise, the fans.
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    SFox1993 reacted to ShoreRam in A message from the top   
    Something that's true in all walks of life is that when people say that communication isn't good enough, all we ask is that you talk to us etc etc, what they actually mean is 'tell us what we want to hear'....
    I'm hopeful but not at all confident that this announcement and our survival will be enough to quieten the various 'fans' groups and vocal knobs on here and Twitter.
  25. Angry
    SFox1993 reacted to rammieib in A message from the top   
    What a pointless club statement.
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