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  1. Where is this press conference I want to watch it
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/09/22/middlesbrough-pursuing-legal-case-against-Derby-alleged-finance/amp/ the cheeky bugger is trying to get us in the hole a lot deeper!!! God I hate boro forest are nothing compared to this guy
  3. I honestly think we’ll get more on top sorry to sound pessimistic but I think it will be -9 for P&S + - 3 for unpaid wages I honestly think more will come out I have a funny feeling a certain owner might get criminal investigations etc there’s definitely more about this whole situation and I don’t like it at all 😢
  4. I think the best we’ll finish is 22nd but only go down on goal difference if we pick up points but realistically we’ve got a cat in hells chance so each game now is a cup final if we get a further 9-15 points deducted
  5. As far as I think very soon probably the following Forest Stoke bournemouth ( if they don’t go up) fulham ( if they don’t go up ) cardiff boro Leeds if they are relegated
  6. If I was Rooney now I’d strip Lawrence of the captaincy and give it Davies I can’t see Lawrence being too committed once the points deductions keep coming
  7. As uncle Mel seems to have wrapped bubble wrap around pride park that’s one asset we can’t really use at the moment so what can we use or get rid of to generate money? close or sell off moor farm ? shut down club shop go to online bit like ASOS? Sell off players ? Stop funding or close academy at the expense of losing category status no mascots increase price of match day food and programmes shut down backyard - reduce staff ir transfer staff to the yard set up a partnership with the arena for match day parking Temporarily close of part of underused stand if we average 20-21,000 at the games = reduced need to hire stewards any other ideas ?
  8. So had time to reflect on his interview yesterday. My opinion of the bloke has not changed in the slightest on a number of grounds 1st - he had to have pliers pulling out an apology from him that sounded forced , cold and meaningless 2nd- justification for overspending was other teams that got promotion mostly did it great way to be a sustainable club you bald pillock 3rd- basically admitted gambling on Derby’s future at the expense of a buyer potentially returning with another offer 4th - complete liar and bullshitter licking Rooneys ass as a coach but doesn’t have the spine or guts to tell him straight or inform him about the administration 5th- complaining about COVID multiple times and whining and not taking any responsibility unless pressured to by Dawes that’s just 5 points and there’s many more
  9. Mels allegedly on Radio Derby later today being interviewed by Ed Dawes later
  10. So an administrator would get rid of any assets why don’t we do a Brentford model and scrap the academy lose the academy status have a B team
  11. So first of all they’ve got rid of Darren Wassell as for assets every player will be put up up for sale roos = £200-300,000 marshall= free Byrne = £250-300,000 jagielka= End of contract davies = end of contract forsyth = £100-150,000 Buchanan = £400-800,000 sibley =£ 500,000 - 1 m Bird = £ 500,000- 1.2 m shinnie = £300-450,000 lawrence = £750,000- 1.25 m Joz = £ 1.5- 1.75 m- 2 m knight = £500,000- 750,000 bielik= £500,000- 1.5 m baldock= end of contract CKR = £100,000 Obviously some of these figures are ludicrous but as administrators I think they’ll take what they can
  12. I blame mcclarens hair island or that absolutely god awful stadium announcer “ it’s in our DNA youth” I know where I want to shove his clip board
  13. I feel you mate , absolutely heartbroken by this news mate sounds like he’s had all the supporters groups pants down if you guys weren’t aware of this but sod him we are bigger than Mel if we become Derby County AFC we’re still our club
  14. Sadly no FFP when Watford bought half of its feeder club on loan , Wolves got The super agent client , Leicester we’re bankrupted but some how cleared there debt and Southampton the same. Then QPR broke FFP but got promoted so just got a fine
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