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  1. Well then that means they are also incorrect mate 🙂
  2. It's absolutely embarrassing that we have to print tickets out at home , this is 2021 we should be able to have the functionality built into the Derby county app ffs!
  3. got excited then ! thought there was a new one out..
  4. It's only 4 we can sign atm B4
  5. B4 was saying we could sign 2 more than the 3 he listed , i was stating that the number we can sign isnt 5 as he suggests but instead it is only 4 . Therefore the 1 that i said..
  6. I dont think he has ever played there B4
  7. Thanks Guys , guess ill have to find someone to print it for me . How bloody annoying in this day and age if its just a code why not have it on a phone or printed!
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread , but im planning on going to the Real Betis game if i can get a ticket. I was wondering if you HAVE to have a printed ticket or if its possible to do it on your phone? Mainly because i dont have a printer
  9. Yes he announced on his instagram he had extended his deal by 1 year
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