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  1. Cant see any links anywhere saying we are in for him ...
  2. This will be locked in 3...2....1... I'd have him back though
  3. What standard they are at the moment I couldn't really comment further than the fact they are currently top after 13 games
  4. Seems like he wants a return to Boca , but if we could somehow get him and on a free transfer now that would be a cracking bit ot business
  5. Think the "mistake" at Wembley has impacted his decision making, I thought before that game he was a refreshing lift that helped us get to that point. Still young and with plenty of time to develop. Hopefully we will stick with him. PS having heard Jon McGinn's interview after the playoff final where he thought he had "fouled the keeper" and was suprised the ref didnt blow & having since watched the clip of the "incident" I think he was fouled for that goal, McGinn clearly heads his arm and not the ball.
  6. Happy Birthday Phillip ! Genuinely hope you see your next 3 birthdays as Derby manager too ! Hopefully in the Premier League playing the way you want with players that can actually play that way.
  7. Darn it ! Looking at it i think you need to have played in a % of your national full team for the last 2 years too so dont think it would have been possible. 5 year deal is large for america isnt it? Must be the real McCoy
  8. Would Pomykal qualify for a work permit ? I know he has now played for the full US national team but im not sure what the work permit limitations are. Brilliant shout though good player. If cheap and we could pull it off it'd be a steal.
  9. Cant disagree with any of that. High ticket prices may indeed be having an impact , but if they lower them maybe even more people like that may be able to afford to go. I think itd be better if all the moaners stayed at home and the club gave loads of schoolkids tickets , might not always know whats going on but thats how you build a future fan base of committed fans and not "I've got the night off from work what shall i do supporters".
  10. Had to put my headphones on just before halftime. The amount of poisonous drivel that comes out of the people around me is getting unreal. FORWARD!!!! (When there is clearly no forward pass on) WHAT WAS THAT (When the player decides to lump it up despite no option) ( That was what you told him to do ... hit it forward , without any pass on dumbass) BOOOOOOO (Just about any time we do anything apart from score) Had to bite my tongue numerous times this season. I want us to play forward thinking football , on the deck but until we have the players to do A ) move when we have the ball and B) pick a pass, it quite simply will be hard to watch. Bashing players never has and never will suddenly turn them into worldbeaters . Rant Over
  11. Obvious similarities to my favourite current player , sometimes you need to take a step back to take 2 forward in your career.... Just like Duane maybe this kid would be a great signing and value for money. About time we started signing some gems from the lower leagues
  12. Haha come on guys I meant full time not half time ! Well done lads!
  13. I reckon we will win this one 5-0. Giving us a nice 7-0 aggregate win 😊 COYR!
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