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  1. Mel actually said that we was 4 million over the allowed amount not that the deduction would be 4
  2. Much calmer now . However I don't feel like expecting all tickets to be available to sort out for people who have had a season ticket paid for for over a year is that silly . Or at least a month's worth especially with season ticket cards being so bloody late.
  3. Cant even reserve my bloody season tickets seats... wtf
  4. The goal that was a foul as confirmed by John McGinn ?
  5. Just seen a post by the dcfc instagram account , apologies don't know how to post it into here but it says that the 3rd kit is coming Thursday. COYR
  6. I think its doubtful that someone on the turnstiles is going to turn you away tbh mate.
  7. They seem to be running it the right way so far , ill be watching this series and their results with interest this season.
  8. There is no mistake in the final , McGinn said in an interview afterwards he thought he fouled the keeper and was surprised when the ref didnt blow his whistle , ive watched it back and i agree he was fouled.
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