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  1. Is this game part of the ramstv package for season ticket holders?
  2. More like what if he isnt in it every home game ....
  3. Difference is that Terry is actually qualified and has the relevant coaching badges , Rooney doesn't
  4. Only 2 out of those are likely to happen...
  5. Are we signing a free agent ?
  6. If the extent of the family feud is to be believe i think this is HIGHLY unlikely
  7. Not seen him run that fast before ..... 🤣
  8. Didn't joswiak score 15 goals in over 100 games for posnan?
  9. Really happy for him and Scotland, however I think Serbia have a reason to complain as he was off his line . Either well done David 👏
  10. I could be wrong but i dont think this is true
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