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  1. No he is an expert! An expert at being a massive Bamford!
  2. Just another rehash of the Daily Fail article.
  3. Marshall Byrne Edmundson Clarke Forsyth Shinnie Joswiak Knight Lawrence Sibley Kazim-Richards I'd only play 1 CDM in this game with Knight & Sibley switching , and Joswiak & Lawrence to do the same. I'd play Marshall & Forsyth simply for the experiance factor. Wingers to play fairly tight and cut inside which is what they are both best at and let the fullbacks provide the width.
  4. For what its worth im a fan of Roos , always thought people judged him unfairly for what was essentially a foul in the PO final ( listen to McGinns comments straight after the game even he thought he fouled the keeper... BUT! For this game i think i would play Marshall for his experiance. Honestly there isnt much in it.
  5. Think i must be the only fan that can't see the fuss with Bird. Personally I think he is awful, but obviously hope he will continue to improve.
  6. I couldn't be fussed either way 🙂 i think managers should be able to play whoever they want though . I was simply asking the question 👍
  7. Do people really think we have 1 million to sign anyone , let alone 1 player ?
  8. Do the EFL actually have any powers regarding managers picking a "weaker team" , how do you even quantify that? Number of minutes played over the season for the players brought in , amount of changes?
  9. It helps sure , but to be honest if Wednesday win or draw i cant see us getting anything from our game regardless.
  10. I think what the other poster was talking about is that there has been zero proof that Alonso actually has any money himself but yet he continues to state it is him who is buying the club without external backing.
  11. I agree signing him was a mistake 😉
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