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  1. To be honest he is just a bit of a Bamford
  2. Cheers for letting me know , I've got a flight in october booked to Athens but with Easyjet. Sorry to hear about your flight though 😞
  3. Which airline if you dont mind me asking ?
  4. I think they should , but its the EFL and we know they are Bamfords so I recon no chance!
  5. Ramstv picture quality today isn't all too great
  6. Where have you heard the rumour about the pink shirt , that'd be right up my street always loved the Palermo home kit
  7. Clever bit of advertisement by Derby that! Getting a famous musician to share it with his many many followers on social media.
  8. Absolutely I dont see why it couldnt have been 7:45 like usual
  9. I agree its a very odd time for a kickoff , but it works out perfectly for me . Working from home can stop at 4:30 , stick on rams tv for the pregame show and cook tea just in time for it to start , perfick
  10. I think around 5 wins & maybe a draw might just scrape in
  11. Thanks David but that is the address i emailed yday at midday
  12. Interesting ill give it a go cheers completely missed that message
  13. Yep exact same issue as me , I emailed them at 12 midday yday and not had anything yet
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