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  1. I didn't say they specifically should have been sent to prison did i ? I said i thought they had got off light and hoped others at the club might use it as an example of what could happen.
  2. Got off light there in my opinion. Hope others at the club take note of this and realise if they are stupid enough to get themselves involved in something like this that they may not be as lucky. They might kill someone & their sentence could be much harsher.
  3. What a man 😍 It will take time but i hope we get to see the long term vision he has for the club
  4. SFox1993

    Belper Town

    Sorry , i would have loved to be there but ill be at Charlton Away. Hope they win though
  5. Dean Saunders has won his appeal to overturn his sentence. Has been changed to 18 months suspended now. Still a wally mind ! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-49934716
  6. Can't wait to witness his signature style of sideways/backwards passing again
  7. Bunjaku- After leaving us joined FC Dordrecht in 2016 , doesnt seem to be much info on him since Gjokaj- Had a brief spell at Gateshead , and since 2016 has been at SSV Reutlingen 05 they play in the 5th tier of German football. Calero- Has played for a few clubs since leaving us. Sparta Rotterdam , Jong Sparta,(Both in Netherlands) Elche, Salamanca and since 2019 has been at CD Numancia (All 3 clubs in Spain).
  8. SFox1993


    Sorry to see you have lost faith in the club, can understand your reasons why. But also goodbye , Derby County need fans who will stick by them through the good times and the bad, not just the good
  9. Hope we really go for it in the 2nd half and try and get a 2 or 3 goal cushion for 2nd leg
  10. Lets hope we can get a nice win to give us a better home advantage in the 2nd leg. Does anyone know if away goals count?
  11. Just in case anyone needs a confidence boost. Goosebumps every time!
  12. Derby 1 - 1 Bristol City Bielik FRGS
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