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  1. Suprised to see Watford are also linked , they must think he is good enough to at least be a squad player in the Prem. Plus its nice to be linked to players in europe, rather than the UK all the time 😊
  2. Here is the Youtube clip 😊
  3. Derby 2-2 Swansea. Waghorn FRGS.
  4. Yea i've heard it's called Mutton dressed as Lamb
  5. Do we think he has probably spoken to Lampard and Cole and they have given us a glowing review ? Only reason why i can think that we would even be on his radar.
  6. Where have you seen it ? 🙂
  7. Were they expecting 20 million ? Thats the minimum required to fix up that dump
  8. Its amazing how opinions on players can vary so much ! Not saying your opinion is wrong I just think he is terrible. Goes missing in games , doesn't look up and cant cross
  9. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-schalke-plot-raid-to-sign-Derby-county-star/ Derby winger Florian Jozefzoon has emerged as a target for German side Schalke, Football Insiderunderstands. New Schalke boss David Wagner is understood to be an admirer of the 28-year-old attacker and is keen to bring him to Germany ahead of the upcoming season. A German source has told Football Insider that the ex-Huddersfield manager is keen to take advantage of his knowledge of English football by recruiting Jozefzoon.
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