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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong got a reaction from CBRammette in How is attendance measured   
    i guessed 20000 from where i was sitting and it was 20450 i think....a lot of it depends on where you are sitting when estimating the totals.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong got a reaction from r_wilcockson in How is attendance measured   
    i guessed 20000 from where i was sitting and it was 20450 i think....a lot of it depends on where you are sitting when estimating the totals.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong got a reaction from Carnero in How is attendance measured   
    i guessed 20000 from where i was sitting and it was 20450 i think....a lot of it depends on where you are sitting when estimating the totals.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong got a reaction from Crewton in How is attendance measured   
    i guessed 20000 from where i was sitting and it was 20450 i think....a lot of it depends on where you are sitting when estimating the totals.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong got a reaction from metalsheep02 in How is attendance measured   
    i guessed 20000 from where i was sitting and it was 20450 i think....a lot of it depends on where you are sitting when estimating the totals.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Jourdan in Rams vs Luton Matchday Thread   
    I don't think the answer is necessarily better players, but better coaching and tactics that would turn a few draws into wins and show evolution from previous games. When you look at the first quarter of the season and you can pinpoint a large majority of games where we didn't get what we deserve, that tells you it's a coaching problem. A good coach would be looking for and finding solutions.
    No-one is saying that we should be showing the consistency of WBA, Fulham and Bournemouth. But look at the league table. Coventry, Luton, Huddersfield and Millwall all occupy places in the top 10 of this division. Do they have significantly better players than us? Why are they making fewer errors? Why are they winning more football matches?
    Of course, individual errors can happen and of course, we are working hard, showing fighting spirit, and seeing improvement from last year. However last year was abysmal and the bar couldn't have been set any lower. The only way was only ever going to be up. But to say a coach cannot do anything about what happens on the pitch is practically absolving the likes of Rooney and Rosenior of any and all responsibility. What I would say is that Rooney is getting parts right - the players look motivated, the players (on the whole) look organised, but rarely do we seem to learn from or have worked on mistakes, and rarely do we seem to have tactical nous to change a game in our favour.
    To say you don't think any manager could get more out of them seems unfounded and wildly assumptive to me. We've picked up 16 points from 39 (roughly 40% of all available points). It's less than half. There is always room for improvement. History shows a manager can and does tend to come in and get more out of a group of players.
    We were 2-1 up with 10 minutes to go. I am not even sure it would have taken ingenuity to close out the game, but the kind of tweaks that experienced managers know to make because they have been in this position time and time again.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Leeds Ram in Rams vs Luton Matchday Thread   
    I watched the game tonight and i had mixed thoughts. I think going forward we still don't create enough. Our first goal came from good pressing in the final 1/3rd and our second goal from a very tight angle but little came in the way of our own creativity on the ball unlocking defences. I do feel this is our biggest weakness, it's not like there have been many games this season that we've created a ton of chances. Even if we did have a great striker I'm not sure we'd be scoring much more than we are. 

     Morrison made the wrong decision a few times tonight, he slowed the game down and missed chances to put the ball into space. I think tonight did show the potential issues we could have if teams do decide to press us and keep men up the field rather than sitting back and letting us play out. Defensively, we didn't look overly comfortable with the pace, movement or whipped balls they got in all night. Now this isn't surprising since Luton are i think the 3rd highest goalscorers in the league so you'd expect them to have quality up top and to cause us problems. 

    On the plus side I thought knight and Lawrence worked very well together each getting a goal and an assist a piece. If it was me I'd keep lawrence as a false 9 than stick Baldock or Stretton up there. Shinnie and Bird worked hard and relatively well together even if at times they looked unsettled.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Jourdan in Rams vs Luton Matchday Thread   
    Part of me wishes we were terrible and a long way from the rest of the division. It would make our situation easier to take.
    Instead, I think the pride felt by many and the twice-weekly searching for crumbs of comfort will soon be replaced by genuine frustration.
    Let’s be honest, if there was a year where a team could stay up even after having points deducted, I think this is the year.
    This division is really poor and you look at Peterborough, Hull, Barnsley, Preston and Blackpool amongst others and can’t help but think there is more than a sliver of hope for us.
    I think that’s what makes tonight feel worse. We have squandered points against genuinely beatable opposition, and not for the first time either this season.
    Rooney, Rosenior and the coaching team deserve some credit, of course. They have done some good work. We are competitive, we are spirited, we are hard to beat. But how do we progress beyond that point?
    For the season ahead, I felt we needed an experienced manager and even though Rooney has done a creditable job, I still harbour those feelings.
    I do feel there are times where we fall into familiar traps that an experienced manager would more readily prevent. 
    We concede poor goals, we waste a limited number of good chances, we rarely turn games, we squander points. Those are likely to be running themes throughout the season.
    There’s no doubt that Rooney and the staff are showing heart and endeavour, but where is the little bit of know how, the little bit of ingenuity that can really impact a game? 
    Maybe acceptance that this season will be a gallant effort and little more is the best medicine, but at the moment, every draw feels like a defeat.
    I really do think we’ll be kicking ourselves come the end of the season at the number of missed opportunities and how close we could have actually come to pulling off the escape of all escapes.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Jimbo Ram in Wayne Rooney   
    Wazza has done well this season but the facts are we have won 3/11 after 1 win in 16 was it last season. Let’s keep things in perspective 😁
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Woodley Ram in Wayne Rooney   
    pay off the HMRC bill and he is yours
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Coconut's Beard in Attacking play limitations   
    Essentially Rooney's approach is pretty darned similar to Nigel Clough's approach. Hard work first, flair second, even if it's at the cost of the chosen players' full attacking potential
    Unless it all clicks it appears somewhat limiting. If it clicks for a short while but anyone becomes complacent and their effort levels drop they'll be out - I can well imagine Tomasz Cwyka's time here under Clough would have played out similarly had he been a player in our current squad.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Coconut's Beard in Attacking play limitations   
    It seems almost impossible that Rooney could be criticised for anything at the moment but I suspect that even if we had myriad attacking options we'd be still seeing similar problems. Not as bad but still there.
    We play some good football around the box but as has been pointed out rarely inside the box.
    Rooney clearly doesn't think that it's worth the risk of leaving ourselves exposed by even having even one of them bomb into the box. Even our good attacking play carries a defensive element, we need / want as many players as possible to be in position to and show a great desire to get back and  defend so we will very rarely over-commit going forward.
    It's the sensible approach given our current predicament and as such this isn't a criticism of the job he's doing, but the approach isn't necessarily in place because of our predicament.
    I think we just have to accept that even with better players we'd be a pretty cautious team a lot of the time because that's how the manager chooses to set us up. There's evidence for this in his team selections and placement of certain players 
    We're in a position that even if we do disagree with some of his ideas, some of his team selections and subs then we have to trust that he knows best because he sees these players every day.
    Facts are that with even his limited options and without a points deductions we'd be comfortably mid table. Anything that isn't 'right' is a minor quibble, not something to focus on at this moment (but not something to ignore in the long term).
    Perhaps with a better squad although we'd score more, even a minute shift towards a more loosely defined structure we'd undoubtedly concede more,  so at the minute the balance is probably as good as we can expect.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Sparkle in Rams vs Preston (A) Matchday Thread   
    Sibley has generally been at his biggest threat when chris Martin was laying the ball of to him - he just needs a similar forward to make some space for him.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to jimtastic56 in The Defence   
    I don’t think it is a matter of a good defence and a poor attack. We play with 10 or 11 defenders most of the time . I would much rather see a 3-3 than loads of nil - nils.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to DerbyGeordie in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    Still 9th. Doesn't matter when they were, and in the Sky-PL age we've challenged and been regulars in European competitions before him.
    It wasn't, Benitez galvanised the club, offered hope and is a top class manager. Look at what he's achieving with Everton having only spent £2m(?). Ashley had the chance to kick on, without spending big and willingly chose not to. 
    Perhaps, but when an owner skims off the top to the point where it's to the detriment of the club it's not good. It's only paper talk and I know you'll take almost anyone with the club almost on it's knees but I hope that it isn't Ashley. I don't know if there's anyone else in the running, I hope there is. Someone better.
    Anyway, I truly wish you, others on this board and the whole of DCFC nothing but the best, assuming I forget my login details, which I probably will. You should come through this, too much of a standing in the game to not. I hope. 
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Derbados in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    Mike Ashley - 
    We actually know who he is and can vouch for his net worth- check
    Experience of running a football club - check 
    Experience of getting a football club promoted multiple times - check 
    Experience of running a football clubs finances and operations on a sound footing, proven over a prolonged period of time - check 
    Has the proven finances to run the club with no danger of running out of cash - check 
    Is not Mel Morris - check 
    it’s a yes from me 
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to UTFR in Derby County Administration (with the slight possibility of Liquidation still there)   
    File this under: Threads that could have been a post.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Rev in Ryan Conway has left the Athletic   
    I liked him, sorry to see him go.
    He struck a nice balance between the serious stuff, and the lighter side of the game, and his articles on race and racism, and mental health, were eye opening and thought provoking.
    Yet my favourite will always be his day with Private Derby, muddy cowboy boots and all.
    Cheers Ryan, hope you stay involved, but most of all I hope you're well.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Bris Vegas in Building from the back   
    I can't recall any team which had long-term success playing the way we do. You ideally need to play in a progressive manner if you really want to succeed. But I can fully understand why we don't. If we had quicker defenders, perhaps we would play a higher line and press more. But Rooney is playing in a way which protects our goal first and foremost.
    Whether it will get us out of trouble I don't know. We've only won 2 home games from six despite our competitive nature. That isn't great and certainly won't be enough to keep us up with the points deduction.
    I vaguely remember Leicester going down in the Championship despite having one of the best defensive records.
    If you can't score goals, I think you're going to be in trouble. Because it only takes one poor decision from an official, one mistake at the back, one 25-yard screamer or one huge slice of misfortune and the three points can escape you.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Carl Sagan in Building from the back   
    That's a good summary. I was quite struck when viewing the Reading forum after we beat them, and someone said words to the effect "you can see why they don't concede many or score many".
    My recollection is that the beginning of the end for Jim Smith's Derby came after a heavy defeat, whereupon he decided he had no place for Francesco Baiano and would replace him with Daryl Powell. Shutting up shop can seem the right thing to do, but it can also be the recipe for a slow and painful demise.
    Rooney is in such a bind but I think if we're to survive he has to be a little more trusting of some players and a little less afraid, and release the shackles enough to give us more of a chance  of scoring. 
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Bris Vegas in Building from the back   
    I'm not really that suprised. Great defensive record and dire attacking record isn't so much down to the players but down to the way we play. This isn't a criticism of Wayne Rooney, it's arguably the only way we can succeed with our current side.
    We sit deep. Our CBs are brilliant in the air and read the game well. We rarely look like conceding from crosses or from balls over the top considering our shape.
    We've also only fallen behind three times this season. Peterborough and Sheffield United in the last minute, and obviously Birmingham. We've only really 'chased the game' once this season, hence the only time we've been suckered on the counter attack and found ourselves out of shape was for Brum's second.
    I fear for us if we go behind. I can't see us getting back into many games.
    That's why it's imperative we don't make any silly mistakes at the back like we did for Brum's first. 
    But if we can get our noses infront more often than not, we stand a real chance.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Carl Sagan in Building from the back   
    The bottom line is of course that Rooney has been dealt a rough hand and he has done well so far this campaign with what he's got. After laying the foundations, can he build on top of it?
    When I think back to the McClaren seasons we played 4-3-3 which was effectively 4-1-2-3 with a single central defensive midfielder so you could look at it as 5 defensive players and 5 attacking players. The current formation of 4-2-3-1 means 6 defensive players and 4 attacking players. Our most likely scorer in any game would be Kazim-Richards but with him out injured, the most likely scorers in the squad seem to me to be Stretton and Sibley. And if given the chance, they would combine well together so be more than the sum of their individual parts. But even if playing one or both of them in the team, we still only have 4 attacking players all told. 
    Is there a way of playing 5 forward-thinking players and remaining almost as solid at the back? It could be argued when Bielik is fit he gives us the capability to do that in a McClaren-style 4-3-3, but I think when Bielik is fit he will leave the club because of our financial/administration woes. However, I do think it is a role Ravel could play well. I don't think Rooney will do that.
    When you look at our attacking assets (realistically Baldock, Stretton, Jozwiak, Lawrence, Ravel, Sibley) it seems to me that only Stretton and Sibley have any chance of becoming players who will always give you double figures a season. The others may chip in, but with no more than half a dozen. I think Rooney simply has to find a way of fitting Stretton and Sibley into the team if we're to score enough to stay up. 
    I'm disappointed Sibley wasn't able to have a run of goals to go with his run in the team until recently. And in the last two games Rooney hasn't even used him as a sub. But he, Ravel and Shinnie are all close to suspension anyway, so hopefully he will manage another run when one of the others can't play. Football is so much about confidence. If Stretton or Sibley or hopefully both can get a break and bag a goal or two it might change not just their season but ours too. But it won't happen unless they are being played.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to TigerTedd in Panic buying   
    Schemes for getting drivers back into work, or implying drivers are not to do with a fuel shortage. There is a driver shortage, that is a fact. Not just due to brexit, but also because the conditions for drivers are fairly poo and it has been forecast for ages that old drivers will retire, and their are far less younger drivers willing to put uk with the same poo, so a driver shortage was always on the cause. 
    that’s why we’re seeing a few (but not apocalyptic levels) less items on the shelves. The ‘fuel shortage’ was based on one or two petrol stations being shut down, because that particular company didn’t have drivers that weekend for a number of reasons (sickness, annual leave etc.) not necessarily because of a ‘driver shortage’. That was reported by the media as petrol stations shutting down because of a lack of drivers, first bog roll, then pasta, fuel to be the next thing to run out, and that started a panic. 
    As you rightly say, once everyone has a full tank, everything goes back to normal. It’s been my experience this weekend that the panic is pretty much over. 
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong got a reaction from uttoxram75 in Ryan Allsop   
    He's been excellent,really come on.
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    kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong reacted to Sparkle in Fozzy   
    One day he is a left back the next he is a wing back the next he is a centre half - scored a winning goal as well as the odd assist - our most valuable player so far and credit due 
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