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  1. Im 6 miles outside of the lockdown perimeter and all 5 pubs in the village have decided to stay closed for at least another week. It sounds like other surrounding Leicstershire areas are doing the same.
  2. When I left School I got a job in a Crash Test Dummy factory.. When I told my Dad he went through the roof!!!
  3. Im in a similar situation tomorrow regarding the dates. For the uninitiated whats potato perogi?
  4. Echo everyone else's sentiments. Well done for taking the decision, and keep an open mind for the future. Stick on bbc this weekend, have a few beers and watch Glastonbury. It works for me. All the best mate. 👍
  5. There's a local near me that I thought would be the first to open on the 4th, but they've announced they are staying shut until they go through the govt guidelines and make sure they can comply with them. They have a big beer garden plus a decent sized car park.
  6. They cant. I dont know where you are getting your information from, but everything you've said about Scotland v England lockdown has been incorrect. Never mind, enjoy the football today instead. 👍
  7. The stages are different in both countries. Phase 2 in Scotland is the same as phase 3 in England. Scotland is still 1 or 2 weeks behind England.
  8. There's a relativly new documentary channel on sky. I watched the Marco Pantani one last night. Some classic Giro and TDF footage. Next up is the story of West Indies 1970's cricket team Theres quite a few sport ones that look good, (Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, American Football) and some political ones as well.
  9. Ive gone for an Erdinger selection tonight. 2 x Weissbier, 1 x Dunkel, 1 × Pikantus. The Weissbier is easy drinking, lovely. The other 2 are drinkable but Im realising that I dont enjoy the darker beers so much. I bought a few 'Push Pineapple' IPA from Aldi last week. Slightly sweet, but a fantastic cold drink in the sunshine.
  10. Live coverage from the Sky helicopter over Whitehall just now where the police were trying to form a human barrier across the road. You could easily spot the protesters who were there to protest peacefully and the ones trying to inflame the situation. Push people into the police line, throw a few punches and encourage everyone to join in before legging it before the police react. You know, like the Danny Dyer wanbabe types at the football..... I thought the police dealt with it pretty well. I like the way they are dressed normally in their usual uniform as opposed to all tooled up
  11. More bad weather in Florida, only 40% chance of it taking off this weekend.
  12. Anyone see Question Time last night? Helen Whately, our Health and Care minister was absolutely hopeless. She was like a rabbit in the headlights. Her lack of knowledge was embarrassing. Almost everything she did say was straight off the prepared script. John Swinney wasnt much better. The new version of question time is much better. The lack of clapping and cheering is making the politicians think about their answers. Before, it was just soundbites to encourage the audience to clap and cheer. Its easy to see the ones that dont have the debating or overall knowlage
  13. Was that just a month ago? No idea, Ive tried to scroll through his Twitter feed to find out something but its clogged up with the Cummings affair.
  14. These footballers will have to go to the supermarket as well. Are we asking players and staff to take a risk to their health to ensure we have something to watch on tv while we stay at home risk free. Danny Rose said the same earlier this week. Anyway, the question I was trying to ask was about the £ side of it. Are clubs going to play behind closed doors, carry out testing and lose even more money just for compeditive integrity? Self interest will kick in. Like I said, ive probobly missed it. There maybe cash to be paid out on finishing the season.
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