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  1. CWC1983

    Lyndon Dykes

    Sweaty socks.........oh dear.
  2. Pretty turgid stuff so far, but Ive only joined in the last hour.
  3. CWC1983

    Lyndon Dykes

    Blimey, what was the club doing signing the last 3...... Porter was ok for 6 months, likewise Sammon and Chris was a known billy big baalocks with ideas way above his station. Landon Dykes falls into the Porter / Sammon category
  4. A day late, but Nicosia last night. Cracking weather so far this week, mid 20's.
  5. Im flying out tomorrow for the game. Graeme will probobly have a good chance of starting. Mind you, given the amount of call offs, I might have a chance if I bring my boots....
  6. Theres a late goal for us here.
  7. If Jayden Stockley can get a start for the team 2nd in the table, Cosgrove could easily do a job for the 15th placed team. 20 goals last season and 16 this season so far is better than bang average. He earns a lot of the penalties he scores from. Stats on a par with Morelos and Eduarde while playing for a more defensive team.
  8. 1st time Ive seen him box. Looks to have a decent chin and very very aggressive. They both earned whatever money they got paid.
  9. Cullen v Cash was a fight and a half.
  10. Didnt think SA had that performance in them but that was an absoloute tactical masterclass. Early pressure in rugby shapes much of the game and they didnt take their foot off Englands throat the whole game. England and France can take a lot of positives from performances of their youngsters in the tournament. Scotland, Ireland, Wales may face a few seasons of transition.
  11. Great performance from England, well done. Made the All blacks look like Ireland last week. I stuck a fiver on them and it doesn't feel right profiting from am English success 🤬 so ill donate my £12.50 winnings to SUTC.
  12. I thought the same but there was a good debate on Question time last night about zero contract hours. It suits some people, some audience members spoke favourably, especially the flexibility element of them.
  13. Bielik body language there was terrible. Waghorn lost the ball and Bielik stopped, shook his head amd ambled back to defend.
  14. Wigan are here for the taking, so much space to attack them with. Im not sure theres the guile or imagination to take advantage.
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