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  1. This Kris Commons Interview

    Simon Ferry, the interviewer, is a player in the Scottish 3rd division. He started at Celtic but moved down south to Swindon and Portsmouth. He was on Radio Scotland a few weeks ago speaking about his interviews. He feels because he is a fellow player, then his guests will open up a bit more and he's aiming for "down the pub chat" with his guests. It's very Scottish centric, but he's got McFadden, Macavenie, Barry Ferguson, Mulgrew and a few others on YouTube. I thought Commons came across well. Must admit, even for me, Simon's accent really grates after a while.
  2. Ben Marshall

    My thoughts as well. I've seen him in the flesh for Scotland. He looks sulky when things don't go his way, and is lazy when doing defensive work. Yes, going forward he is fast, but there's been very little quality. Various managers have not started him which suggests he's not ready. He's young, so hopefully someone can help him progress. Leipzeg wernt daft, they knew that an English club would pay £ for him on "potential" alone, and would get a fair % back.
  3. England cricket 2017

    Well done to Malan and Bairstow, great effort. Big morning tomorrow, if England can post another 100, then we will see how the Aussies react to a bit of pressure for the first time this series.
  4. Ben Marshall

    Has anyone seen Burke play? Id be amazed if he turned up at Derby with Gary in charge.
  5. Boxing Thread

    For those interested, talksport have a 2 hour boxing show every Saturday night, 10pm - midnight. Gareth A Davies co hosts it, and it's been a good listen. They cover boxing across the globe, not just the uk. Tyson Fury phoned up for a chat a few weeks ago. He's apparently on the show this Saturday as well.
  6. England Rugby 2017

    Not sure, but we could do with him back. If we can get a stable set piece, then there is plenty of flair behind the scrum to score points. Wales away first up will set the tempo for our hopes, ie either abject failure or hope for the rest of the championship.
  7. England Rugby 2017

    Haha, noted when we beat you at Murrayfield. Mind you, I was optimistic before the Twickenham game last season and my optimism lasted all of 20 seconds when we went down to 14 players......
  8. Live games 2017/18

    Everton doing their best to turn Super Sunday into Dour Sunday. A team that's spent so much money in the summer seem happy to sit 10 men behind the ball and not attack. It's a local derby ffs........ Good old Sam.
  9. RamsTV

    I've read a few other comments about Rams tv being on the monitors in the concourse but with no sound. My lipreading isn't what it used to be, so it would be good to listen to the interviews and comments pre match. @OwenB557 any chance you could run round the concourses about 2pm with a remote and turn each one up, or perhaps have a word with someone to see if we can listen to the experts on tv. Cheers.
  10. England cricket 2017

    Lucky guess. For my next prediction I reckon Australia might win the Perth test......
  11. Boxing Thread

    I wonder how many people will shell out for this one given Haye's recent history of pulling out of fights? Must admit, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the thought of them going through another build up. It got a bit boring the last tine.
  12. England cricket 2017

    Unfortunately I reckon they may fall circa 120 runs short. The Aussies will come back tomorrow refreshed and firing on all cylinders. Lyon will hold up one end and let the quicks rotate from the other in short bursts.
  13. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    Slutsky gone from Hull. Not sure who would fancy that job. I guess there's parachute payments to spend assuming the owner doesn't pocket the money.
  14. On course for 80+ points

    If we can find some consistent home form and make Pride park a horrible place for visitors to play then we stand a chance of playoffs and possibly automatic. We've still got Bristol, Cardiff, Sheff Utd and Villa at home. There's a part for the fans to play too, be loud, get behind the team and pressure the refs.
  15. England Rugby 2017

    I've been to 2 internationals, so I'm hardly a regular myself. This is Scotland's grand slam season...... so I need to participate...... thanks anyway 👍

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