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  1. Controversial perhaps, but Id take Ince back in January.
  2. Its the hope that kills you. Hopefully nice blue sky's tomorrow, batters paradise and the Aussie bowlers have been out to Leeds Ritzy nightclub for a Fosters or 2.
  3. Straight from the Jimmy Calderwood book of management. πŸ˜€. Shloppy, very shloppy
  4. First time Ive seen Derby for a full 90 mins this season. They look nice and tidy, but there's very little attacking threat. Good scoring chances were few and far between. WBA brought on 2 wingers / attacking players that we are crying out for. On the plus side, the youngsters didnt look out of place, and Lowe looks so much more confident now that he's had a run of a few games. I can see now why Marriott's not started this season. He's lacking a bit of fitness, and is a yard off the pace. He will get better.
  5. CWC1983

    Bury FC.

    Unbelievable, absolute charlatan. No wonder he's been evasive regarding funds. He's been kicking the can down the road until everything was in place to make Β£ out of it. Him and his family taking advantage of businesses on their downers. Makes me sick.
  6. Agree with giving him time to make his mark. He definitely has pedigree in managing one of the top 3 biggest clubs in Holland. In my opinion the Β£10m on Bielik and the Rooney announcement changed the landscape regarding the clubs expectations this season.
  7. CWC1983

    Bury FC.

    You are right, unless its their own club no one really cares. I see the Accrington owner has called for better governance and financial management (in the belfast telegraph......) and there's now a call to look at parachute payments. There is an easy solution but owners and fans dont want to comply. More worried about the latest 'signings' and doing anything possible to reach the EPL.
  8. Was the attendance announced? Cant find it anywhere, its normally on twitter.
  9. Still early days. Lets see where we are after 15 games. Its been said before, but the lack of a planned pre season, lack of signings until the last minute and a new coach isnt helping. My 1 concern: Does Cocu understand the championship? Lets face it, he's used to working with a better quality of player at a higher level. Yes he's got Rosenior in as a sounding board but my experience of the Dutch is that they are very self assured and have a touch of arrogance. That can be a strength when things are going well, but also a major weakness when its not. Hopefully we can see a gradual improvement as he settles in, and the top 6 doesnt become out of touch before we hit our straps.
  10. I honestly cant remember where he has controlled a game like a quarterback he's always compared to. Always slowed the play down, albeit with grace and composure.
  11. πŸ‘he'll definitely do that. Just hope he's not been discarded by the management already.
  12. Something different, try Groningen when one of the big clubs visit. Ajax or Feyenoord preferably. Small intimidating stadium, local lunatics, good beer, nice small city centre, couple of squares surrounded by pubs. Its also a student town. 90 mins from Amsterdam Whats not to like? Not sure how easy tickets would be to get though.
  13. Haha, are you really downplaying a European trophy? Beating Bayern and Real Madrid to win the cup, and then European Champions Hamburg over 2 legs. West Germany was a powerhouse of European football in those days. PSG were in the semi's and French football was in the ascendancy in 83. Madrid were the core of the Spanish national side. Hardly a competition to be sniffed at. You are correct however, not exactly Malmo. 😁
  14. Have to agree to disagree on the seeding basis. If Wolves and Burnley are better than the rest of the smaller clubs, then go unseeded and they will get through anyway. Burnley failed. Its typical UEFA closed shop. Anyway, regarding Derbys european record. I cant see any stars above the Rams head.......plenty above this one πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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