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  1. I was chatting to an acquaintance tonight that bumped into you in Edwards last Sunday. I hear you are trying to sign up as much of the locals as possible to the Derby cause. Good effort. 😁
  2. Gemmill is the U21 coach. He's come through the age groups as a coach and done ok all the way through. There is a decent crop of youngsters coming through that needs organising. Clarke? He strikes me as someone who prefers the day to day interaction with players rather than meeting up with them every 3 months.
  3. Steve Clarke being mentioned but Fulham are the favourites for his signature. Scott Gemmill is the conservative option.
  4. I was at the game. Screwed as soon it went to 10 v 11, and to be fair we never laid a glove on them. First sending off seemed harsh, but cant argue with the 2nd. Major surgery required in the summer but hopefully we get some Ryan Fraser money if he moves on. On the plus side, Ive had a decent pub crawl in Glasgow followed by a lovely curry in Chakoo Bombay cafe.
  5. He's suspended. Saving himself for the final.
  6. No problem, if he fetches and carries and lets others play then he could be an asset.
  7. An honest hard working player who will give his all. Not a great talker on the pitch but leads by example. Be prepared for a lot of yellow cards, his tackling can be a bit reckless and his passing can blow hot or cold. He's not really a Defensive sitting midfielder, more a box to box type who can tackle. If Im being honest, there's a lot of people who say hes a better left back than midfielder. In his hayday, Brysons finishing and knowing when to arrive on the box is better than Greame's. Hopefully he has a cup winners medal in his pocket when he comes down in the summer.
  8. Busted, I made it all up to post on a forum............😴. He was on a business trip with someone else, not talking about football, and I was with my Mrs on the same table. Perhaps I should of booed him and told him to splash the cash?
  9. Haha, I dont think those 2 would be sitting next to each other. 😀
  10. I sat next to him on the train to London this afternoon. What a gent. He's a great ambassador for the club.
  11. Im just catching up with this thread. Interesting, I overheard a conversation at the end of last season regarding the finances at the club, and that the current spend (april 18) couldn't last more than 1 season. We will have to see the latest accounts to see if any remedial action was taken in the summer 18.
  12. How much lower was the level when he won the Cup winners cup and European super cup???? Beating Bayern Munich and Real Madrid was a lower level? He didnt just challange the Old firm, he overtook them and constantly beat them. United wanted him to do the same with Liverpool. Knock them off their perch. Different times. Frank's got another season at least in him at Derby, let him make his stamp on the team in the sumner.
  13. Right backs a problem. Bogle tries, but every attack breaks down with him losing the ball. In this system Marriott looks like a Div 1 player. Weve been physically outfought and outthought by one of the worst Forest sides Ive seen in recent times.
  14. Haha, you really are a WUM. Definitely 3 or 4 wage levels above the SPFL ill give you.
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