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  1. I don't think we will see Fury v Joshua in the UK. The big money is made in the US or Saudi. Both Hearn and Warren in the past have said that the numbers dont stack up for really big fights compared to the US. Now that Fury has a decent presence and promoter in America it would make sense for a Vegas hotel to make a big bid knowing there would be 20 - 30k Brits making the trip and spending their money. If it's Saudi, then Warren and Hearn deserve a kicking.
  2. Assuming Italy v England gets called off as well, does that mean that once Scotland beat France next up, the Scotland v Wales game becomes a title decider? 😀
  3. I see its being reported Wilder has triggered the rematch clause. I understand why he's done it, but how depressing for the majority of fans. Been there, done that. At the moment I cant think of anything less inspiring than another round of pre fight hype, the same pre fight analysis and invariably the same result. It was beginning to get a bit overkill in the run up to last Saturday. There's also a risk Fury might be a bit bored for fight 3 as well.
  4. Pearce was definitely something different when he started on C5 and I remember at the time he was very much either loved or loathed by the public. I was in the loved camp at the time because he had an air of authority about him. She probobly stands out now because the majority of commentators are very low key and not so excitable nowadays. Paul Mitchell sometimes gets a gig on games in the North East and he is very similar to Vikki.
  5. In a similar vein, I have to turn off Vicki Sparks commentary on MOTD. Its not so much the voice but the over emphasis on every 5th word.
  6. Hearn on Talksport talking a good game. He's saying that Pulev is deal is not done for the summer yet. Pulev and Fury both promoted by Arum, and Hearn said Pulev could stand aside to free up a summer Joshua v Fury undisputed title fight.
  7. How dare I doubt Fury. As per usual he does exactly what he promises. Brilliant performance. @Alpha everything you've been saying about Wilder came home to roost tonight. Totally outclassed and found someone he couldn't bully.
  8. The less said about the game in Rome the better. A win but thats about it. Wales v France was 6 nations at its best. Well played France for standing up with 14 men twice in the match. From a selfish point of view I hope England horse Wales next week so that tickets for the last game in Cardiff become easier to get. Tomorrow should be a belter.
  9. Since the last fight theres been the WWE, TV documentary's and numerous media events. I hope its not taken the edge out of Fury. There was talk yesterday about Fury's potential for a stoppage by cuts. Rumours that he's had problems since his last fight .
  10. I really hope Im wrong but I think Wilder will ko him. Theres something different with Tyson this time. His wind ups dont seem to be working with Wilder and he looks a touch frustrated. I'm hoping Im reading it incorrectly and he's just being more business like. He's always backed up his words with performances but it maybe a step too far this time.
  11. Not a great advert for Championship football. Its all very tactical. Fulham are a shadow of the side compared to the away game and pass for the sake of passing. Derby look organised and functional with the ability to snatch a goal. I dont enjoy watching this type of football.
  12. We used to have a thread about City didnt we? If I remember correctly, the start of the investigation and the Spiegel leaks was talked about on there. If you read some journalists today then they have all said that this was coming and City havnt helped their own case at all during the investigation. I think Milan are currently serving a similar ban from European competition.
  13. CWC1983

    Hull City

    I thought their fans were staying away due to their owner Allam. Did he not try to change their name to Hull Tigers, and suggest various other ideas that the fans were against? It funny how quickly we forget these owners who were once all over the media. Venkeys at Blackburn, Allam at Hull, Tan at Cardiff, Khan at Fulham.
  14. Id pick Horne over Price at scrum half. Russell's interview in the Times today basically rules him out of the rest of the tournament unless Townsend walks. That Farrell penalty kick on 80mins in Paris might just win you this years 6 nations. The Irish game looks like a decider.
  15. Oh well, conditions made for a lottery of a game. Well played England.
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