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  1. I can't see too much wrong in what he's said. We've had weeks of English pundits and fans saying how they were going to smash Scotland. If you want to see hard wired bias, have a look at Ferdinand comments pre match in the BBC studio. When it came to 11 V 11 there was little or no difference between the teams.
  2. Clarke has got the team playing a system that all the players have bought into and enjoy playing. It helps that we have players that are comfortable on the ball. I thought Mcgregor and Gilmour bossed the midfield. Tierney named in the team give them a boost pre match whereas him missing out on Monday was a kick in the guts. O Donnell came in for a load of stick after Monday, but he was brilliant last night. A win on Tuesday should see us through and Croatia have never beaten us. It will be tough but at least we've given ourselves a chance. The biggest complement I
  3. I'd like to think we can cause you more problems on Friday that Croatia did today.
  4. Followed Scotland, 3 nights in London, 4 in Birmingham and 4 in Nottigham. The atmosphere in Bham and Notts was brilliant, Wembley was good pre match but nasty after it. Utter despondency when Mcallister missed that penalty to new depths when Gascoigne scored his goal. We should have scored 1 more goal v Switzerland to qualify, but we also should have got horsed by Hollland in the 1st game. You should have won that tournament, a real missed opportunity. It's a crying shame that England hasn't hosted a world cup since 66, it would be an absolute belter.
  5. He needs to get off to a good start or else the press will go after him. Some of the ex playes are already lining him up, but its more a dig at Desmond than Ange. He has some job with that squad. There needs to be a big clear out and numerous players brought in.
  6. That's the skill of a recruitment team and manager. Pick up players that offer something more or different than you have at your club at the moment. Just because a player is released from Middlesbrough, Bolton or Sheff Wed doesn't mean he's not of use to Derby. There could be personal family reasons behind it, a falling out with the manager, not fitting into a style of play, or perhaps the player has sat tight and waited for his contract to expire before wanting to try somewhere else.
  7. Clubs across the country seem to be releasing more 1st team squad players than usual. It might be a sign that they are attempting to lower wage bills. There could well be a glut of players on the market that will have to lower their wages expectations.
  8. Hampden goals, Classic depth with square posts and bar which were still in use until Fifa outlawed them in 1987.
  9. From the chief sports writer at the Tomes, Martin Zeigler, For all you football fans out there - Helen McNamara who said 'I think we're absolutely ******' is the Premier League's new No 2!
  10. CWC1983

    Adam Legzdins

    On slo mo, Mcallister was halfway to the ground when legzdins brushed against him as well
  11. CWC1983

    Adam Legzdins

    A rush of blood from him to come charging out and give away a penalty that gave Killie a bit of hope. Dundee were comfortable over the 2 games. To be fair, the back 4 looked confident all night, and some of that comes from trusting the keeper.
  12. Winner England Runners up Belgium Wales last 16 Scotland group stage.
  13. There was a reason it was only the "big 6" clubs fans that protested at the ESL plans. They wanted the status quo to continue. The same goes for the rest of the EPL, they had a chance to reshape the game and take some of the power away from the rebel clubs. Self preservation overtook the greater good. All they did was redistribute the parachute payments saved by Norwich and Watford to themselves. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Don't expect anything to change higher up, as soon as English clubs started inviting all and sundry to buy their clubs they basically sold the games soul down the river. Go
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