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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Plenty of snow on the ground in Spondon now, and still snowing. I reckon tomorrows game might be in danger.
  2. England Rugby 2017

    Brilliant 6 nations for your boys. Well deserved, especially over the past 3 games. Enjoy days like today. I can only dream of a win at Twickenham. However, lets see if you can get past a RWC quarter final in 18 months time....... 😁 Its been a good 6 nations, the majority of the games were tight, and before each one you genuinely couldnt predict which way they would go. Enjoy your night pal.
  3. Possibly worthy of its own thread, but ill stick it in here. I see Englands new doctor has been a client of Mo Farahs and he supplied supplements that made him a better athlete....... Dr. Rob Chakraverty seems to have suffered the same problem as the sky doctors, ie forgotten to write down what he has prescribed and to whom...... Theres a good article on Mo Farah in the Irish Independent today by Ewan McKenna.
  4. Live games 2017/18

    I was just about to say that Sevilla were too weak to take advantage then bang, 1 nil. No more than Mourinho deserves. Hope the boos ring out loud if they go out.
  5. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    The signs were there earlier in the season. Off the top of my head, Sunderland, Brentford, Fulham, Hull, all draws where we seemed to settle for the point rather than risking going for 3. Most of the teams pushing for promotion have gone to those teams and won. That draw at Sunderland looks terrible now.
  6. The English FA and their grasp on the real world

    Did they not sign some agreement or deal with Qatar a few weeks ago. The same Qatar that has shown indifference to numerous deaths on the building of new stadiums, and controversial labour laws to restrict the rights of immigrant workers in the country who are working on the stadiums. As a set of fans in the UK, we seem immune to people in power basically doing what they want and feathering their own nests. As long as our team win on a Saturday, we put up with anything. Im beginning to despair of modern day professional football. Fifa, Uefa, Top European clubs, Premier league, all out for themselves. Its breeding greed and making football at all levels a lot unhappier place than it used to be. Perhaps im getting older and more cynical. Every so often theres a shaft of light, ie Fiorentina today.
  7. George Thorne

    Im not a lover of Rowetts football either, but Ill give them credit yesterday, for the first 20 mins or so Vydra, Lawrence, Weiman were finding space and linking up well. Fulham scored and all that good play stopped, probably by Fulham closing the space. There's a happy medium with the 5 - 10 yards passes. Remember how boring Clements time was when it started with Shackell and 20 passes later it ended with Shackell..... Although we lost yesterday, I thought it was a decent game, and on another day we win that 3 2. Here's hoping the luck turns v QPR.
  8. George Thorne

    Fair enough, we see things differently. I hardly saw him in 13/14 so only really commenting on whats he is doing this season. Up against quick nimble ball players yesterday he looked off the pace and stood off players allowing them time to pick a pass. Understandable given his recent injuries. It maybe stood out more when up against a decent opposition.
  9. George Thorne

    To quote a former manager about statistics in football. "Statistics are like miniskirts. They give you good ideas but hide the important things" George manages the passes where he can take a touch and find a 5-10 yard pass sideways and backwards, but his accuracy on first time longer passes towards the forwards is off at the moment. As ive said earlier, im hoping it will come as he gets stronger and fitter.
  10. Boxing Thread

    I knew the result of the Easton fight before it aired on C5 so I didnt watch it. I listened to the end of the Brook show on Talksport and the presenters were calling on Eddie to make the fight with Khan assp. The early finish meant talksport had an hour to fill and they replayed "My sporting life" where Danny Kelly interviewed Carl Froch. Fascinating listen as he talked through his career from Amateur to Groves. Just catching up with Wilder Ortiz. Seems like he answered a few questions. I can see a stadium super fight looming towards the end of the summer. It will be a genuine 50 50 one.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Good performance from Josh Taylor, albeit against a stand in. There will be some fun in Glasgow tonight for his Hibbee fans.
  12. Derby County vs Fulham

    Thought Huddlestone was brilliant today, he has been good recently after a sticky start. Mitrovic showed how a centre forward can bring a midfield into play and occupy 2 centre halfs. People need to get off Forsyths back, he is a confidence player and slagging him off doesn't help. Our right back had a worse game but seems immune to criticism. Jerome has a part to play, but he isnt going to score the goals we need. Cant we try Nugent and him together?
  13. George Thorne

    His first time passing was poor today, I felt he was standing off people rather than challenge them. Im hoping he is building his fitness and match sharpness up a game at a time, but to the naked eye he looks slow and a shadow of the player who first came to the club. He needs someone with energy to harrass and tackle for 90 mins beside him, but im not sure there's anyone at the club who can do that.
  14. Song ideas

    Ha ha, that brings back memories.
  15. Boxing Thread

    Re Gorman: he reminded me of Fury in his early days, big lad but flabby and bullied his opponent into submission. Agree about Yarde, he looks the part but needs tested. Just watched Brooks greatest hits on sky mix. God knows where I was in 2010 - 2015 but I cant remember many of his fights. I went back to the pub in Thurlaston to see when the Clinton Mitchell promotion was on.......it was a poster from 2016.. ...

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