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  1. Well said Gary Neville, however the foreign owners don't care about tradions or working class fans. They bought the "brand" All they are care about is TV / online subscriptions and revenue streams. They will be happy to fill stadiums at £5 a ticket to ensure an atmosphere in the knowledge x millions of peoples are paying £5 to watch online. This was always on the cards when foreign money was ushered into various leagues. Barcelona circa 1bn in debt and the Milan clubs racking up debts left right and centre. I wonder why the owners think a super league is a good idea.....
  2. Willie Young v Paul Allen. Last couple of minutes of the 1980 Cup final and 17 year old Paul Allen is clean through with the keeper to beat. Allen had the last laugh and a winners medal in his pocket.
  3. Courtney and Bridges was a good fight. I usually switch over when a woman's bout comes on but they threw everything at each other. Agree with your view about the Benn stoppage, Vargas could have possibly gone down to take a count. Fair play to Benn, he was sharp and accurate right from the start.
  4. I had this at the weekend and it's the best Pale ale I've tasted. It was part of a mixed box selection so only had one unfortunately. Highly recommended.
  5. Good performance by Whyte. Povetkin looked shakey on his legs all night but still threw some dangerous punches.
  6. Wins at Twickenham and Stade de France along with very narrow defeats v Wales and Ireland. All in all a positive 6 nations for Scotland Hopefully more than 2 players on the plane to South Africa this time......
  7. Got the AZ vaccine today at the Arena. Hats off to the volunteers who make it such an easy process. 👍 Must admit, it felt a bit emotional going in and coming out.
  8. It's been the best 6 nations In years. All games bar the Italy ones have been too close to call. (Didn't see the England game roday). Fortune eventually run out on Wales tonight? even though they played really well.
  9. Fury from the 2nd Wilder fight has to be a favourite, but Joshua has more skill than Wilder has and might catch Fury on the chin. A Joshua performance like the Ruiz 2nd fight is a non starter, Fury will outpoint him. I don't know why, but I wonder if Fury can get himself into the same mindset and physical shape this time. The Wilder performance was a high bar to set. It's a shame one of them has to lose, it's been halcyon days for the brits in the heavyweight division.
  10. Italian Gelato cafe in Leicester sells them. You are correct, very very underwhelming. There's not enough flavour in the cream and chocolate to overpower the pastry.
  11. I was just about to say that. Unfortunately it's played right into Brentfords hands.
  12. Brentford are finding massive spaces in the midfield which is disappointing considering Shinnie, Bird and Knight are more workmanlike than creative. It smacks of not understanding the shape required, or not being setup correctly. It's the first game I've seen for a while and I'm not sure how Derby are trying to play.
  13. You don't understand the current relationship between Scotish govt and the football authorities. Football is on its last warning after flouting covid restrictions all through the pandemic. If cases spike in a months time, Glasgow goes into tier 4 and they won't be able to confirm to Uefa how many they will allow at Hampden. Uefa have already said the Hampden and Dublin games may be lost if certain assurances can't be made by mid April. Apart from that, people haven't been able to visit family for the best part of a year and are trying to abide by the rules so that things can go back
  14. Idiots. Could put the Hampden games at the Euro's in jeopardy.
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