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  1. CWC1983

    Happy 50th Birthday Conehead John

    All the best, hope you had a good one with the family👍
  2. CWC1983

    Boxing Thread

    Degale was on radio a few weeks ago and fairly talked up his chances. Basically said he feels the in best shape in years and he's boxed at a much higher level than Eubank.
  3. CWC1983

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    You think Chelsea will be impressed by a manager with a Fa cup run? You are doing Frank a disservice if you think he's only targeting certain games to lift his skirt and flash Chelsea his knickers. He's not daft, he knows the only way to climb the managerial ladder is to get promoted and do good work in the Premier league.
  4. CWC1983

    Attending Football Abroad

    At the Olympico, Lazio v Calgiari, Lazio v Juve, Roma v Lazio, Roma v Fiorentina. In Florence, Fiorentina v Sampdoria. All between 2008 - 2011. Prices behind the goals were roughly £20, the prices in the main stands £40 -£50. At that time you had to show your passport to get a ticket and into the ground. The atmosphere at the big games were brilliant, but not knowing what the songs were about was weird. Very few people drinking alcohol, most were on espresso's. In Florence I got a ticket for the Curva Fiesole, where the ultras stand, and there was a drinks kiosk selling bottles of Becks at €5 a pop. No Italians were buying any so I necked 3 in the space of 30 mins. I went up for a 4th and noticed the label was a funny colour. Becks blue, non alchohol........Not much wander I was getting funny glances......Idiot.
  5. CWC1983

    O'Notts Forest

    I think people forget the landscape of football back in those days. Romania wouldnt of been an easy place to go and Steaua won the cup in 86. Dynamo Berlin were a good side who could pull the best players from East Germany and were no doubt full of steroids. Travel to the Eastern bloc was awkward and hostility and corruption in football was rife. There was no way of scouting players or knowing what you were up against until you turned up on the park.
  6. CWC1983

    Champions league

    United chasing shadows all night. PSG looked so comfortable on the ball passing round United's midfield. Mbappe and Di Maria were brilliant. Whats happened to Sanchez and Lukaku? Pogba red card deserved, no complaints surely. I thought Young was lucky not to get one in the 1st half.
  7. CWC1983

    England Rugby 2019

    Yeah, and Peter Dodds the full back kicking goals for fun. Im not sure Ive forgiven Gavin Hastings for his penalty miss in front of your posts in the 1991 world cup semi at Murrayfield. His lad is a decent fly half. Didnt make the grade at Saracens but found his form at Glasgow.
  8. CWC1983

    England Rugby 2019

    I wish it was as recent as the Hastings brothers. Try circa 1983 ......
  9. CWC1983

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    Fair enough. He will need a solid defensive midfielder in front if him. Im not sure if we've got that.
  10. CWC1983

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    Seen him plenty of times. I was always glad when he played because he gave you a chance or two. He'd play 3 steady games and then have a stinker for 2.
  11. CWC1983

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    Exactly. A complete liability as a defender.
  12. No, no one cares about the championship unless your team is in it. On the plus side, its relatively competitive and crowds are good. On the down side, most clubs are living outwith their means paying silly wages, and I dont like the way a lot of clubs have so many premier league loan players in their squads.
  13. CWC1983

    England Rugby 2019

    Well played England, got ahead and made Ireland play in their own half. It showed Ireland to be a bit 1 dimensional. Connor Murray kick and chase. Sexton struggled under the England pressure.
  14. CWC1983

    England Rugby 2019

    6 nations kicks off tonight in Paris. It looks like a pretty open championship this year with England, Wales and Ireland all in with a shout. Tomorrows game in Dublin should be a cracker.
  15. CWC1983

    January 2019 transfers thread

    Stoke apparently making a £5m offer for Scott McKenna - Aberdeen centre half. Im not sure £5m is enough for the club to sell, especially so late in the window. £7m or 8m might tempt them.

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