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  1. CWC1983

    18/19 Match Thread

    Brighton v Spurs zzzzzzzzzzzzz Spurs confidence is at a low ebb but Brighton playing deep in their own half with 9 defenders. What dross.
  2. CWC1983

    Max Lowe Aberdeen loan updates

    On the bench today.
  3. CWC1983

    18/19 Match Thread

    Google Tony Evans journalist Hysel. Its an article in the Annfield Rap that gives his experiance of the day. He's a good plain talking journalist who sounds like back then was a normal punter following his team accross Europe. Its a good honest account of the atmosphere in Brussels and what fuelled the trouble.
  4. CWC1983

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    I can vouch for Mickleover. When I moved south I stayed there for 3 years and really enjoyed it. Good bus service into town and A50, A38 on the doorstep. The centre was nice, a choice of decent pubs plus a tesco. Also on the right side of town for heading upto Ashbourne and the countryside up there.
  5. CWC1983

    Ex Rams

    Hilarious...... Ryan Giggs played in the Premier League at 40. Its more about the player than the league, so credit to Kenny for having the desire and love of the game when 99.9% of players are long retired.
  6. CWC1983

    Ex Rams

    Manager by Christmas at the latest after McCann gets his jotters.
  7. CWC1983

    Max Lowe - joined Aberdeen on loan until Jan

    And he won't be allowed to wear gloves and long sleeves. It might stop him getting injured because its not unknown for injured players to be made to "cool down" in the North Sea........ I think it's called hydrotherapy treatment..... 😀
  8. CWC1983

    Max Lowe - joined Aberdeen on loan until Jan

    I'm a bit disappointed it's only until Jan. It doesn't give him much time to build a rapport with players or fans. It would be interesting to know if Derby or Aberdeen or Max wanted the short term loan. Oh well, here's hoping he gets game time and hits the ground running.
  9. CWC1983

    Max Lowe - joined Aberdeen on loan until Jan

    The more I think about it the more it sounds like a good move. I dont think anyone would disagree that he has talent and all the athleticism to be a good player. The bit thats missing is hard game time and mentally tough experiences. At Aberdeen he will go from playing in front of 3k at Hamilton and Livingston on plastic pitches to 60k full houses at Parkhead and Ibrox. Those 2 away games will certainly test him mentally because he will be going there with a team expecting to take points. He'll also experience full houses at Tynecastle and Easter Road which can nasty places to visit. At Aberdeen, he will be playing for a club expecting semi final places as a minimum in both cups and that will be a new challange for him. All in all, he will be completely out of his comfort zone, and it may well be the making of him.
  10. CWC1983

    18/19 Match Thread

    Any reason why Sky are calling the competition the EFL cup? Thought it was the Carabao Cup?
  11. CWC1983

    Moving to Derby - Advice need please.

    Nice country walks on your doorstep. Good bus links to Derby and Nottingham. Decent amenities in the centre (big Co op / chemist / indian / Chinese / doctors), easy access to A52 and A50, 2 pubs that I can think of. Unfortunately I cant vouch for living there but the area that runs by the railway looks nice.
  12. CWC1983

    Pride Park Pies Price

    The service in the main stand was good. A load of 3/4 pints already poured and topped up when you ordered it. Loads of staff serving as well.
  13. CWC1983

    Beer Thread

    Just watched the news and UK men rate 62nd in the world ranking of highest male drinkers. A touch disappointing. However, a nod to the UK women who rate 8th in the world of female drinkers. Probobly explains the influx of Gin and Cider in our local pubs.......😀
  14. CWC1983

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    Fair enough. The way we watch Football has moved on significantly over the past season, never mind since GSE were in charge. It is getting harder and harder to attract the floating fans when some have become accustomed to watching Jeff Stelling and checking their coupons / fantasy football teams instantaneously down the pub. The way clubs have been dishing out transfers fees and wages with no regard to their income have given the impression that every penny doesn't count. It's not just Derby's problem. Football is going to miss out on the current 20 - 25 year old generation if they are not careful.
  15. CWC1983

    Ipswich ticket price! £27.50

    I'd argue that it might improve the revenue. If you look at the attendances of most games, there's not much of a non season ticket crowd within the stadium. £20 I would imagine is the tipping point for the floating fans who make a decision on the Saturday morning whether to go or not. At the moment a lot of them are not going. An extra 3k on the gate buying a beer and pie would more than make up lost revenue. There's always the argument that once you get people into the ground and attending regularly they tend to stick around for a while. Once people get out of the habit its very difficult to tempt them back. I guess there's no guarantee that the 3k will come, regardless of the price, and I'm sure more informed people than me at the club have done the calculations. The % of gate receipts to total revenue is getting less and less every season. In terms of transfer policy the more important revenue generation items are Broadcasting revenue and Sponsorship.

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