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  1. CWC1983

    Jordan Jones

    If we are talking about resources, then the likes of Aberdeen should be 5 league's below Derby and St Johnstone 12 leagues below due to the wages differential........ Ive quoted 4 players recently on another thread that have failed in the SPFL and have subsequently moved to the championship and done well. One of which is on the verge of moving for £20m to the PL and ran Derby ragged at Pride Park.
  2. CWC1983

    Jordan Jones

    Ha ha, of course it is.
  3. CWC1983

    Snake City watch

    Stoke now after Dwight Gayle for £10m. Definitely going all out for a promotion push but it will bring pressure from day 1.
  4. CWC1983

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Ive always said that Iran were a decent side. Especially the 78 vintage. 😉
  5. CWC1983

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    No danger he will go to Glasgow. It will take around £3m to shift him, so it will be England.
  6. CWC1983

    England Cricket 2018

    Work tomorrow will be enjoyable......... I get so much stick for defeats against Afghanistan years ago but somehow England getting beat by Holland was not the same...... Anyway, Ill take a 6 run win and gloat. 😁
  7. CWC1983

    Sunderland sack Coleman

    Did Ross Jack not get this gig? As @ronnieronalde said, this job looks a decent one now and I expect them to come back up next season, at a canter.
  8. CWC1983

    Glenn Kamara

    The reason for the league 1 and 2 transfers is because the SPL clubs are living within their means. The wages in England prohibit the players in the championship and PL moving elsewhere. Theres been some big fish that have spectacularly failed in the past 12 months in the SPL and made a good career in the championship, Barton, Waghorn, Garner. Charlie Mazonda came from Chelsea to Celtic as the 2nd coming but played 4 games and was shipped back down south. Blackman played in the SPL on loan and was useless. James Maddison played for 6 months in the SPL and showed flashes of skill, but was invariably a substitute for the last 2 months of his loan spell. He ran the game at the Pride Park last season. Just goes to show that some players are suited to different league's, cast offs or not........😊
  9. CWC1983

    What ever happened to that Wembley ?

    I was at England v Scotland at Euro 96 and the atmosphere around the tournament was kickstarted at that game, probobly due to Gascoigne's goal. An English crowd before then had Union Flags, that day seemed to be all St George's flags. From a visiting fans point of view there's something special about playing at Wembley.
  10. CWC1983

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Kieran Dowall might be a shout. A championship season behind him, and would be an option in midfield with a goal threat.
  11. CWC1983

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    He's just turned 17, maybe a bit raw and young for the championship. A lot of people in this thread have been wanting to sign John Souttar, probobly without seeing him play, however the centre half in the Scotlamd team Ryan Porteous is a much better prospect
  12. I notice him and Morris are at the Scotland v England match in Toulon on freeview sports now. Plenty of potential loan signings in amongst those 2 teams.
  13. CWC1983

    Unpopular opinions: Football but not DCFC

    A trip to the Russian World cup as a fan might turn out to be a brilliant eye opening experience. Hopefully we hear about the positive stories.
  14. CWC1983

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Was probobly the best player in a young poor Scotland side.

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