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  1. Here comes Jimbo with the usual put downs......zzzzzz You stick to Burton pal, the rest of Derby travelling fans will widen their horizons. Frank obviously thinks its worthwhile opposition, but you know best eh?
  2. @Inverurie Ram http://www.westbeer.com/ Great shout. Their range of German style beers are worth a try especially their Weisse beer. https://www.sixdnorth.co.uk/glasgow/ We were there after the semi final. Brilliant range of cask beers for a session. Must have 30 on tap. Bit of advice for the travelling fans. Don't be tempted by the usual brands ie Wetherspoons, Walkabout etc, There's so much to explore and enjoy pub/drink wise in Glasgow. I had a look at the bar recommendations on the Follow Follow thread......I came out in a cold sweat 😁.
  3. Its being used in every game. The VAR team would of reviewed it but decided not to ask the ref to stop the game and ask her to review it by the side of the pitch. The linesmen are also not sure whats going on. They are letting the game go on too far before flagging for offside, sometimes a good 30 secs. Its an interesting discussion I guess. The womans game is different to the mens, no doubt. I would say that the standard overall is not as good. Do they accept that some of the officials are not to the same standard as those in the mens game? I was in favour of VAR as a concept, but some of the decisions and the review process in this World cup has spoiled the enjoyment of the game as a spectacle.
  4. Scotland just cant catch a break with VAR. Its quite refreshing that not one of the 2 players or manager mentioned it during the after match interviews. Camt imagine mens football being quite so magnanimous.
  5. Might make a weekend of it. Not been to Ibrox in years. Loads of good boozers in Glasgow city.
  6. CWC1983

    David Turnbull

    He's turned down Celtic. Clubs agreed a fee as well. Must have some other irons in the fire.
  7. Ive been Chris Houghton biggest critic about the way he setup Brighton this season, however, I thought his teams played decent football at Pride Park in their last 2 seasons in the championship. Was he negative in the PL through circumstance?
  8. His nickname among the Leeds players was "village"
  9. I watched the cricket highlights at night. India batting are something else. Michael Vaughan was giving the Aussies stick for the way they 'chased" the runs, basically slagging Smith and Warner for being too slow.
  10. It was refreshing to see the respect between the 2 teams. No diving, no feigning injury, no arguing or hassling the referee, good sportsmanship all round. England will get better, and Scotland have come on leaps and bounds.
  11. Hoban is a good player, shame he's got a worse injury record than Thorne.
  12. The songs have nothing to do with Football though. By all accounts be proud of your country and sing songs about how great your team are, but dont bring songs about World wars and terrorists into the songbook. Its being provocative. Why would people sing about a World war when so many died and caused so much suffering accross the continent. Also, why dont the Scots, Welsh, Irish sing these song's abroad? It makes the English look stupid. Sorry mate, not having a go at you, just trying to explain people's feelings about it.
  13. He might fancy a season wining a few medals and potentiality playing in the Champs league. You cant discount the attraction a club the size of Celtic can offer. A different type of football might develop him as a footballer. Didnt do Van Dijk any harm. Anyway, moot point, they wouldn't pay £10m for a centre half.
  14. Its the implied superiority on foreign soil, the aggresive drunks, en masse, with a history of throwing bottles and chairs that go along with the songs that people get fed up with.
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