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    REDCAR reacted to Kernow in DCFC Awards Night 18/19   
    Possibly my favourite loanee we’ve ever had. He deserves it, I hope he gets the chance to play a full season again next year, wherever it is, and he’s not wasted at Chelsea.
    Came in slightly under the radar with the “higher profile” signings of Wilson & Mount hogging the attention, but Tomori’s been brilliant.
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    REDCAR reacted to RadioactiveWaste in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    It's OK, MON will be gone after failing to achieve promotion. They'll bring a dynamic, forward thinking manager. Like nigel Pearson or Rowett, having decided its not worth pushing the boat out for high risk cavalier Tony pulis.
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    REDCAR got a reaction from HantsRam in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    I was thinking this.... I bet many of them walked away on Saturday absolutely wazzed off they won..... did us a favour and keeps MON in a job! 😆 the gift that keeps giving.... on Monday they gave us two! 🎁🎁
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    REDCAR got a reaction from NottsRam77 in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    I was thinking this.... I bet many of them walked away on Saturday absolutely wazzed off they won..... did us a favour and keeps MON in a job! 😆 the gift that keeps giving.... on Monday they gave us two! 🎁🎁
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    REDCAR reacted to Srg in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    What a double-edged sword for Forest right now... obviously want to win games as every team does, but every win now will only increase the likelihood the Dino is there next season.
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    REDCAR reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Derby County vs QPR   
    Scoring in stoppage time was even more sweater considering some of the worst time wasting I’ve seen from QPR. Shambolic, especially from their stopper, who tried to get in Wilson’s head before he sat him on his bottom with the penalty 
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    REDCAR reacted to Duracell in Harry Wilson   
    I too believe that Weimann’s excellent dribbling, keen eye for a pass and reading of the game is exactly what we have been missing this season.
  8. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to philmycock in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    From LTLF....
    "We have nothing to play for so let's do Boro a favour and give them the win to put Derby further from the playoffs"
    ....no wonder the crowds are flocking to the Sh1tty Ground this season 😂 
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    REDCAR reacted to NottsRam77 in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    Does forests complete and hilarious end of season collapse, kinda sealed with today’s defeat mean that everybody’s favourite gobshite kenny burns goes into hibernation until the summer and they start wazzing more money up the wall and telling us all the titles going to be theirs by the end of November lol
  10. COYR
    REDCAR reacted to Warrington Ram in Race for the Play Offs   
    Still in with a shot. Should beat QPR, Bristol, beatable (starting their wobble). I think Swansea will be the possible banana skin, WBA will be preparing for the play offs therefore beatable.
    keep the faith, COYRs
  11. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to Parsnip in Birmingham City vs Derby County   
    I just can't believe bringing Nuge on didn't work!
  12. Clap
    REDCAR reacted to Millenniumram in Birmingham City vs Derby County   
    Don’t go up if you can’t defend corners, simple as that. Same problems derby, same problems 
  13. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to BurtonRam7 in Why You Should Never Leave a Game Early   
    Case closed.
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    REDCAR reacted to David in Lampard wants to keep Mount, Wilson & Tomori next season   
    Don't forget we have our ace card ready to play. 😉

  15. Clap
    REDCAR reacted to Ghost of Clough in Goal of the Season 18/19   
    Should have listed all of the goal of the months as options, rather than just the 3
  16. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to UTFR in David Nugent   
    You're right.
    Bet you a tenner it wont happen.
  17. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to Red_Dawn in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    Dont bulleh meh
    Kin ell. Moving back to Nottm/Derbyshire in a couple of weeks, haven't lived in these parts in about 11 years. Gonna have to adjust my lingo
  18. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to smiths_tavrn in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    I like this comment off the LTLF forum.
    "I don't really like the dinosaur thing but I will admit the person who said we should call Forest vs Boro in a couple of weeks 'El Jurassico' did make me laugh."
  19. Sad
    REDCAR reacted to Red_Dawn in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    Yep. And Colback at Left Back, and Robinson at Centre back 😂
    Has to go by the summer. Can't imagine Evangelos thinking this is acceptable .. 

  20. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to Zag zig in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    Just thought I’d take a look at the cheery topics on the LTFF.
    Aside from the posts wanting MON gone, you really know it’s bad when not only is there a thread wanting King Billy 3 back, there are posters in a queue wanting it.
    Forest fans deserve their Messiah, for he is the chosen one!
  21. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to Mucker1884 in O'Nottsaurus Forest   
    Don't be so hasty... you could be on to something...
    Team Name:  Derby Countree
    Home Ground Name:  Pride Parkland Stadium (Location Pride Park, Derby.  Obvs!)
    Colours (Home):  Black & White (But we'll throw in some red numbers).
    Colours (Away):  White & Black (But we'll throw in some red numbers).
    Club Chairman/Owner:  Elm Morris
    Nickname:  Yew Rams.
    Club Mascot:  A 21 stone sheep called Kenny.
    History:  Wiped out, natch!  New Club, new stats, No stars!
  22. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to David in Bryson   
    Said it time and time again, players read what fans say about them online. Lampard even recently revealed they listen to Radio Derby.
    All this I’ll support them in the ground but online or on the radio I’ll say what I like, ok, but they see it just remember that. Bryson and Lawrence have proven that this year both feeling the need to give some back.
    Is it fair on the fans that don’t participate online? Of course not and as you say it will be a shame if that’s his last goal celebration for the club given the length of service. 
    The players only feel your support for 90 minutes during the game, where as they take in all the stick online, on the radio through the week, it’s going to effect you.
    Let’s be honest, the best reply to any criticism is sticking the ball in the net and cupping the ear.
    I like to think Bryson was looking directly at @Millenniumram, makes it even more amusing 😂
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    REDCAR reacted to 86 points in Derby County vs Bolton Wanderers   
    Very quiet thread!
    Perhaps folk are reflecting on some of the more derisive stuff posted after the Blackburn game? Or maybe they are just basking in the aftermath of a really good team performance today. Doubtless they'll be back online tomorrow to give credit where it's due. Yep, I'm sure that's what it is. After all, we've lost one in our last 7, scored 13 goals in our last 4 games and sit only 2 points off the play-offs, so it's not exactly a crisis, is it?
  24. Clap
    REDCAR reacted to uttoxram75 in Predict the play off race   
    Anything can happen so its pointless trying to predict who we'll beat in the final.
  25. Haha
    REDCAR reacted to Parsnip in DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables 2018/19 by mo55y   
    Surely nobody scored any points for the Blackburn game? And if they did they don't deserve them.
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