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  1. Thanks for the correction Rich - the glandular fever confirms it for me.
  2. Although based on Preston at the time, my railway job at the time carried "all stations" travel facilities so got to see most of the North West group games. Fortunate to see Pele, Eusebio, Colunna, Yashin, Torres play, three of them twice. Semi final at Wembley v Portugal and Bobby Charlton's thunderous shot -was able to reminisce with him about that 25 years later at a football quiz night. On to the final, fans on the pitch at our end as Geoff Hurst scored the foothills goal, the unbelievable chants for "Ramsey" at the end - hope it ends well for Southgate this evening..... Linesman Tofiq Bahramov, who confirmed England's third goal and became world renowned for the decision, I never expected to see again, but he was appointed to referee one of our European games at the Baseball Ground in the 70s.
  3. I seem to remember that he signed for DCFC on loan from Ipswich but due to health reasons didn't actually play for us. Cannot find any reference to him in any dcfc records - can anyone else recall this please?
  4. Well, that is a word I have not encountered since school 67 years ago!
  5. There was a journalist at the Independant a few years back who did some excellent investigative work in the football industry - forget his name. Does anyone know if he is still around?
  6. Not to mention Devonshire's Mary Tavy.......
  7. ? Julia Bradbury (ex Tideswell, and does walking / outdoor TV programs).
  8. With @Curtainsre Geoff Barrowcliffe. Rated by many as the best right back in England but overlooked because DCFC were Div.2 at the time. One club man. Sat with him flying back with the team from Toulouse after the Beziers game in the Anglo-French Friendship Cup - a super guy!
  9. 29025 logged in to the BBC live reporting site approaching full time!
  10. Derby. 2. v. Birmingham. 1 FRGS : Waghorn
  11. Preston. 1. v. Derby 1 FRGS : Lawrence
  12. You are too kind - 8th tier of the pyramid, Let them work and wait to get back if they were ever allowed back in. If there is still to be an ESL as well as a CL competition, are their supporters prepared to pay to watch the reserves on Saturdays whilst their first team have commitments in the ESL? Let them all go, but it must be a clean break with the PL and no easy return of it goes sour on them. And Franchise Manure - who would have thought that!
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