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  1. Dordogne-Ram

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 v. Brentford 2 FRGS : Mount
  2. Dordogne-Ram

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Wrong thread Gritters!
  3. Dordogne-Ram

    Memories @ramtique

    Phil Waller between Kev and Ronnie W. Don't recognise who is talking with Roy Mac though!
  4. Dordogne-Ram

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 v. Blackburn 0 FRGS : Nugent
  5. Dordogne-Ram

    EFL greatest

    Not to mention Craig Bryson's hat-trick.
  6. Dordogne-Ram

    v Rotherham (A) (League) - Predictions

    Rotherham 1 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Josefzoon
  7. Dordogne-Ram

    Help me out please Rammies

    You forgot Chris Martin - how predictable that you do not include DCFC's benefit from him going out on loan. Do let us know.
  8. Dordogne-Ram

    v Hull (A) (League) - Predictions

    Hull 0 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Waghorn
  9. Dordogne-Ram

    v Hull (A) - Cup Predictions

    Hull 0 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Marriott
  10. Your response says it all - he isn't on the bench since he has been out on loan for a few weeks…...
  11. Didn't know we had signed another Mitchell, what position does he play in.....?
  12. Dordogne-Ram

    v Preston (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 v. Preston 0 FRGS : Nugent
  13. Dordogne-Ram

    Season tickets sold

    More likely that the Rowettball factor brassed a few fans off....
  14. Dordogne-Ram

    The Old Guard

    I suspect that goes back to the final game at home in the 1971/72 season. Steve did precisely that to him, and a scouser next to us on the Popside turned to his mate and said "did you see that, he's left Smithy on the floor". We took just a little pleasure in telling him that Steve was still at school - I'm not sure even now if he believed us! Of course, we did not know it at the time, but that was the 1-0 victory courtesy of John McGovern's remarkable goal that gave us the first Championship title, although we had to wait a few more days for others to drop points meaning our points total could not be overhauled. Seem to remember that Wolves held Leeds to a draw the following Wednesday evening, preventing the Dirties from snatching the title from us! Steve Powell - "The Rock".
  15. Dordogne-Ram

    The Old Guard

    When Steve was 16, there was a bit of a tussle between school (Bemrose) and DCFC (ie Sir Brian). Bemrose headmaster - Dr WRC Chapman, one of the wartime code breakers at Bletchley Park, although we didn't know it the time - was keen for Steve to stay on into the Sixth form, as he had a bright future, but BC wanted him to play football. After some dialogue in which the Doc obviously sensed that he was losing the battle, he ventured that if Steve stayed on he was good enough to go to Oxford (University), to which BC retorted " if Steve signs for me he will be able to BUY Oxford"! One of BC's lesser known quotes, and as they say, the rest is history.

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