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  1. Derby. 1. v. Norwich 2 FRGS. : Kazim
  2. Just take a look at the stats for@angieram. ......
  3. Reading. 1. v. Derby. 1 FRGS. : Sibley
  4. Derby. 1. v. Luton. 0. FRGS : Waghorn
  5. Stoke. 1. v. Derby. 1 FRGS : Sibley
  6. Derby. 1. v. Millwall 0 FRGS. : Kazim
  7. Derby. 1. v. Millwall. 0 FRGS. : Kazim
  8. Coventry 1. v. Derby. 1 FRGS. : Kazim
  9. That game was not tasty! Remember Toddy breaking down the right wing in front of the Popside, McNab came in with a strong tackle but Toddy went straight through it as if McNab didn't exist, making him look a right prat. It was shortly afterwards when he sought to impose himself again that the ref invited him to leave the field!
  10. We also still hold the record attendance at Lincoln, 23136, 4th Round League Cup replay, 3-0 to the Rams , the famous 1967-8 season, when we lost to the dirties in the semi final. Lincoln fans chucking bricks at our train afterwards- the one which hit our window thankfully didn't make it into the compartment ....
  11. They had two worse than him - the loathsome Bremner and the off-the-ball merchant Giles.
  12. Cardiff 2. V. Derby. 1. FRGS. : Sibley
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