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  1. Bimingham. 1. v. Derby. 2. FRGS : Martin
  2. Derby. 1. v. dirties. 1 FRGS. : Martin.
  3. Derby. 1. v. Brentford 2. FRGS : Martin
  4. Apologies @Kamikaze, not sure how that got there!
  5. WBA. 1. v. Derby 1. FRGS : Martin
  6. Derby. 2. v. Florist 1 FRGS : Martin
  7. Preston 1 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Waghorn
  8. Derby 2 v. Reading 1 FRGS : Martin
  9. The inside forward was Barry Hutchinson, who scored along with Geoff Barrowcliffe and Ray Swallow. Keith Havenhand had left at the end of the previous season. Unfortunately I was not at the game - was on a South Pennine Road club cycling tour to Mid- Wales, riding alongside Lake Vyrnwy as the final score came through, after hearing that we were 2 down. Made up for the 5-1 drubbing away on Easter Saturday at Boro! Not many centre forwards scored against big Les Moore that season - I wonder who didn't score in those games..... Thanks for the thread @Bob The Badger - seems to be brin
  10. This one was really special night. We drove down from the Potteries where we lived / worked at the time, and stood behind the goal- unfortunately not the one where the goals went in ! When we went 3-1 down with 9 mins left I said to my mate that we were not out of it yet. He also realised that in spite of conceding a killer late goal, we had been cutting through them at will for most of the final half hour. Our two late goals in normal time had us smiling knowingly at each other - all Rams fans present and, more importantly, the players, could not envisage us not prevailing in extra time
  11. Colin Boulton's save in the penalty shoot-out to send us through against Athletico Madrid (away), and his subsequent celebration! Inigo Idiakez shoot-out miss at PP for Southampton - that was some occasion in spite of the absolute deluge! And as above, the "missing" penalty spot v. Man. City at the BBG.
  12. Well, I got the illustrious Chris Martin! Then I looked for the manager in June..... moan.
  13. Derby 1 v. Blackburn 1 FRGS : Martin
  14. Check Wikipedia for "The Dam Busters March" for details of the music, although it is largely recognised as an instrumental as opposed to a song. Used by Derby for many years from shortly after it was written by Eric Coates in 1955 - others may be able to be more precise on dates. Derby County adopted the music as the "our" tune due to the connection with the flying training carried out in Derbyshire's Upper Derwent valley over the Howden and, particularly, Derwent reservoirs, the latter being most suitable for the planned attack on the Eder, Mohne and Sorpe dams in Germany's Ruhr industrial h
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