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  1. Dordogne-Ram

    Our CURRENT best starting XI?

    I think it says a lot about some of our CURRENT players that so many here are even including Lawrence in a "best starting Xl" team : disastrous signing.
  2. Dordogne-Ram

    Forum Introductions

    And here's another one.....
  3. Dordogne-Ram

    The Curious Case of the Frank Lampards

    Actually Ron Atkinson's retort to the journalist was "Have you seen him!!!!"
  4. Dordogne-Ram

    Gary WHO ?

    I wonder however if he will do so when he has nowhere else to go. But a suppose a two and a half year pay-off would settle his nerves....
  5. Dordogne-Ram

    A long time ago in a not so far away land

    7th December 1968, 1-1, at home : Roy Mac getting 1 of his 9 league goals for the season. That was the 2nd Division Championship season when we rounded it off with 9 straight wins, including 5 away from home, scoring 21 v. 2. Norwich away was one of the goals we conceded in winning 4-1, and I recall that every player was furious that we had conceded a goal!
  6. Dordogne-Ram

    Squad. What do we need?

    "Squad. What do we need?" Stop wasting money and use Bryson and Martin would be a great start for me. Both are still more useful to us than much of the dross bought in over the last couple of years.....
  7. Dordogne-Ram


    My memory keeps telling me that he seemed to do that and other howlers most weeks.....!
  8. Dordogne-Ram

    It must be time for another Chris Martin post?

    I posted some time ago that CM is the nearest I have seen at DCFC to John O'Hare, who also was not the fastest player. In his latter days at Derby, and elsewhere, he played right midfield - perhaps this is a possible alternative for Chris Martin ?
  9. Dordogne-Ram

    Greatest stroke of managerial genius by a Rams manager

    Not sure you have done Tommy Powell full justice there. He was a delight to watch, and several times I saw him bring down the ball from nearer to shoulder height - more like a ballerina on the right wing! And you no doubt recall that if he did not receive much of the ball he was presumably under instructions to go looking for it, even to the extent of us ending up with two left wingers for a while! Harry Storer knew how to blend his players : Glyn Davies, Frank Upton and Malcolm Mc Donnell as the" enforcers " with Tommy Powell, George Darwin and (ball playing centre half) Ray Young providing some exquisite skill - wonderful days, even though too many were in the lower leagues!
  10. Dordogne-Ram

    Worst foul you ever saw on a Derby player?

    Mo Konic's reaction to the way Zamora trampled all over the young 18 year old left back on loan from Bolton (?) would have been very interesting had team mates not got there quickly. Unfortunately, Zamora eventually got the last laugh at Wembley.....
  11. Dordogne-Ram

    Worst foul you ever saw on a Derby player?

    Not a foul. As was his wont, he went in hard on the opponent and his head caught the knee or boot of the opponent and he was in danger of swallowing his tongue. Thankfully Super Gordon Guthrie was quickly out of the dugout to avert a more serious situation.
  12. Dordogne-Ram

    Worst foul you ever saw on a Derby player?

    I posted his death at the time but it was removed by the mods : too contentious I assumed. My reaction as soon as I saw this thread was "Gow, Rotherham away, Steve Emery". Horrendous tackle which, IIRC, broke his leg in four places. Phil Gunter's tackle at the BBG which effectively finished Tommy Powell's career was not very edifying, together with Pat van den Hauw's on Ted McMinn. And does anyone remember the tackle by ? Smith, number 10 for Newcastle against Birmingham on MOTD in late 60s or early 70s. Took the Birmingham right winger out at knee height straight from the kick off, possibly holds the dubious records, in the UK at least, of (a)getting sent off without touching the ball and (b) within 10 seconds of the kick off. At half time, we were informed that Newcastle had terminated his contract on the spot - probably prevented a riot!
  13. Dordogne-Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Goes back to the early days of railways. It was necessary to differentiate which of two tracks was being referred to and the accepted solution was to call one the "up" line and the other one the "down" line. Quite who got to decide that all lines going away from London became the "down" line I don't know, but being the metropolis it probably made sense to adopt some system of reference. Many of us relate to the geography (ie maps) of it all, but that could not work if you were east or west of London.
  14. Dordogne-Ram

    Which players took the longest to bed in

    Oops! - sorry!
  15. Dordogne-Ram

    Which players took the longest to bed in

    David Nish was also a slow starter in a DCFC shirt.

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