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  1. florist 2 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  2. Derby 1 v. Middlesbrough 0 FRGS : Martin
  3. Bert Mozley played in the first Rams match which I attended - Fulham away 1/5/1952, lost 3 -0, and on two other occasions including L**ds away 24/10/1953, lost 3-1, a game in which John Charles played as well as Albert Johansen, one of the first black players in the English game. Rest in Peace Bert.
  4. Hull 2 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  5. Derby 1 v. Wigan 0 FRGS : Waghorn
  6. John O'Hare was also in that team IIRC.
  7. Charlton 1 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  8. Now now, don't go upsetting @DarkFruitsRam7 !
  9. Thanks for the "commentary" again @SaintRam - much appreciated as ever!
  10. Stoke score in 90th min to lead at Swansea.
  11. Chris Martin, but if Craig Bryson had still been with us, I would have invited him along as well.
  12. Well, that's a lot of 5 pointers up the spout!
  13. No "apparently" at all, as @oldtimeram says above "absolutely! My "missing wish" would be the 8-2 drubbing of Spurs at home - was away in Scotland for that one.
  14. Barnsley 1 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Martin
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