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  1. Wendies 0. v. Derby. 2. FRGS. : Knight
  2. Waghorn - keep Lawrence - not a team player -out Ibe - health issues apart, not a team player- out Marriott - who? Rooney is setting his stall out : perform, perform within a team framework then you might get be selected for the next game. Might be an interesting transfer window?
  3. Birmingham 1. v. Derby. FRGS : Knight
  4. Derby. 2. v. Preston. 1 FRGS : Knight
  5. Outside the top two, only Cardiff and Barnsley have more points than us (12) from the last 5 games. And only Brentford, like us, are the only ones in our league unbeaten in that time. Let's hope we are running into some semblance of form at long last....
  6. Not sure, but the first Derby player to be subbed after coming on as a sub was the late Jeff Bourne v Real Madrid away in the European Cup, 1975/76- injured IIRC.
  7. Brentford. 2. v. Derby 1. FRGS : Knight
  8. Did a similar thing at Gigg Lane against Bury IITC to Dave Hickson, who was just plain dirty. Knew how to look after himself did Reg!
  9. Yes, after having been clattered twice by Jarvie, when it happened a third time Colin picked himself up, chased him off the pitch behind the goal at the Normanton end and landed a timely head punch . The ref obviously thought he had it coming to him and took no action. Definitely England v Scotland that night!
  10. As others have now indicated, yes he was. You could count his mistakes on the fingers of a Churchillian gesture - not for a match but but for a season!
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