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  1. Colin Boulton's save in the penalty shoot-out to send us through against Athletico Madrid (away), and his subsequent celebration! Inigo Idiakez shoot-out miss at PP for Southampton - that was some occasion in spite of the absolute deluge! And as above, the "missing" penalty spot v. Man. City at the BBG.
  2. Well, I got the illustrious Chris Martin! Then I looked for the manager in June..... moan.
  3. Derby 1 v. Blackburn 1 FRGS : Martin
  4. Check Wikipedia for "The Dam Busters March" for details of the music, although it is largely recognised as an instrumental as opposed to a song. Used by Derby for many years from shortly after it was written by Eric Coates in 1955 - others may be able to be more precise on dates. Derby County adopted the music as the "our" tune due to the connection with the flying training carried out in Derbyshire's Upper Derwent valley over the Howden and, particularly, Derwent reservoirs, the latter being most suitable for the planned attack on the Eder, Mohne and Sorpe dams in Germany's Ruhr industrial heartland (Wikipedia also cites Lincoln City as a user of the same music - one you may wish to follow up.) Since the move of the club to Pride Park in the mid-1990's, "Steve Bloomers Watching" was used until recently as the entry anthem - I am sure younger DCFC supporters will be able to provide more detail.
  5. Derby 1 v. Man U 3 FRGS : Waghorn
  6. QPR 1 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Waghorn
  7. As I posted in January on the "Best goalkeeper away Performance " thread : "16/11/1957 : Doncaster at home, 1 v. 0 victory, watched from the Boys Pen - should have been a cricket score! I like to think that the goalkeeper's heroic performance that day would be one of his best of his career, but even that was surpassed three months later when he even more heroically "saved" several lives at the Munich air crash, returning to the wreckage of the plane to rescue Man U team mates and officials. HARRY GREGG went on to have a long and successful club and international career, and is still alive aged 87, living back in Northern Ireland at Coleraine." RIP Harry.
  8. Derby 2 v. Huddersfield 1 FRGS : Martin
  9. Bristol City 1 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  10. Either 3rd or 4th March. Should know day, time and opponents this Friday.
  11. Swansea 1 v. Derby 1 FRGS : Martin
  12. Derby 0 v. Stoke 1 ( No FRGS this time @mozza !)
  13. Luton 0 v. Derby 0 FRGS : Waghorn
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