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  1. Dave Mackay for me also, closely followed by Charlie George. Was holidaying in the Isles of Scilly, and fellow holidaymakers were as surprised as I was that we had signed CG!
  2. Excellent game, particularly the build up to the first goal, and the shot for the fourth. England have it all to do to win this one...
  3. Worked in Leeds for 3 years in the mid-1990's, and it really opened my eyes to what an unpleasant bunch Leeds people are in general. Yet Bradford people, only a few miles away, I always found to be far more agreeable. A former Leeds U18 player worked (?!) for me and he really thought he was the bees knees. I have heard every reason why they should have won the European Cup in the 70's, in fact you might have thought he was one of those that only got a losers medal. When things got a bit tiresome, you only had to mention "what happened with little Frannie Lee" to him to close the conversation. I'm with @cheron85 and @RoyMac5on this, they are a particularly loathsome club.
  4. Like you, I was at that 1958 game G'ram. Being a real lightweight forward be could easily skip over the BBG mud - if you saw it in Cloughie's time, it was far better than in the 1950s! - regularly leaving defenders in his wake. His partnership with Jack Parry in particular was unbelievable, as he was always ready to receive George's direction-changing high speed deft back heels to wrong foot the opposition. Delightful player to watch, RIP George, and thanks for the memories.
  5. A. No B. No Check my prediction, you will note that I do not shadow other predictions. I posted my view of the footage, you obviously disagree, but I am entitled to that view.
  6. Watching the replay, the minimal touch from Waghorn was just enough to bobble the ball over the defenders attempt to clear, so clearly was his goal in my book.
  7. Several Rams banners in 2007 on bridges in the Lutterworth area also.
  8. Well, 1st in 2015/6 6th in 2016/7 3rd in 2018/9 Got to be happy with that. Congratulations to @Fla Ram and @LazloW on their joint win, and well done to all points scorers, particularly those in the upper leagues for their stamina in staying the course! As ever, many thanks to @mozza for once again dedicating a prodigious amount of time to successfully running this season-long competition - much appreciated by all predictors I'm sure. Looking forward to the 2019/2020 season!!!
  9. Derby 2 v. Villa 1 FRGS : Mount, 57th minute
  10. dirties 1 v. Derby 2 FRGS : Mount
  11. Derby 2 v. Dirties 1 FRGS : Mount
  12. Derby 2 v. WBA 1 FRGS : Waghorn
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