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  1. Selecting players based on how hard they will work eventually catches up on you. That seems to be a theme of Rooney's team selections, 99% hard workers and then usually a lone player tasked with creating chances on his own (with a little help from the full backs). Bird - keeps possession with simple passes and works hard, but will never be the man to pick a killer through ball. Knight - will run his socks off but can't take on his man and doesn't have the ability to create good chances for our forwards. Shinnie - pretty much the same as Knight. Waghorn - decent on occasions from set pieces, bu
  2. Fed up with Knight being shoved out wide. He works very hard but won't try and take on his man and will 99 times out of 100 choose the simple pass over trying to create a chance for the forwards.
  3. I'm sure this team of bottle jobs who've picked up just 1 point after going behind will turn this around for us.
  4. "Right lads, we've had to make changes because of the hectic schedule. This is your chance to go and show us why you deserve to be apart of my first 11!"
  5. Wasn't a proper standout performance today but hopefully he's done enough to encourage Rooney and his staff to increase his playing time. He's one of the few (alongside maybe Jozwiak) players at the club who is willing to run with the ball at the opposition defence and take risks. I know there are concerns with his discipline, but he's never going to improve with that by sitting on the bench until the 85th minute every week. When Bird, Shinnie and Knight start, the latter is regularly being played in a role that seems ideal for Sibley and no matter how hard he works he just doesn't offer the s
  6. How much is rooney actually doing? None of us know, but things have massively improved since he took sole charge so whatever he and his staff are doing is working fairly well currently. is he just here to drum up publicity etc? I doubt Mel and the potential new owners would risk relegation and a massive loss of money for a bit of publicity. Maybe when we signed him as a player initially it might have been a factor after Mel saw the increased attention Lampard brought, but he earned the right to be appointed permanent manager with the results whilst he was caretaker manager.
  7. You not been on here much lately? We've told you we struggle against the really, really poo teams so this shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anyone. Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Wycombe, Coventry, Forest ..... I'm not entirely sure why but this group of players just don't perform when it comes to playing the crap teams.
  8. Every time we get the ball it's like we don't want to be rude and try and attack before they've got back into their shape. Really polite bunch of lads are our Derby.
  9. Clarke, Wisdom, Shinnie and Bird will break them down eventually .... just you wait!
  10. Lost every game this season in which we've conceded first haven't we? 😆
  11. Is doesn't have to be big money, but you're relying on some unbelievable scouting if you think we can challenge for the title on cheap signings, freebies and academy players. And at the rate we're going most of our better academy products who haven't reached the first team yet will be shipped out to help cover the wages of the first team.
  12. He might aim for it but I doubt it will be a realistic target come month 2 or 3 into the season. We need heavy investment into the playing squad and at the minute, with a never ending takeover saga, the club can't afford to pay the groundsmen to sort out the pitch never mind making big signings. We've got a good defence at the minute, but I doubt we'll manage to get Clarke on loan again and he'll cost a good 4 or 5 million + to bring in permanently so he'll probably need replacing. Wisdom is out of contract and I doubt the club are in a rush to hand out new deals with the takeover pending
  13. Just pointing out how bonkers it is to try and put Sibley down by comparing him with 1 of the top players in world football. To answer your question, 'People need to tell me who he is better than in the present team and who he replaces and in what position.' Who he is better than is all down to people's opinions. I personally think he is a more talented footballer than Waghorn has displayed in recent times but due to our lack of goals and the importance set pieces now have for us, Waghorn is needed because he's probably the best set piece taker we have. And now we've moved t
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