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  1. And there's still some people on here defending him and insisting it's just one big vendetta by the EFL. 😆
  2. He'll probably bring in an old Olympiacos manager who had a good record for them. They've signed 6 or 7 of their players in recent years and (correct me if I'm wrong @Red_Dawn @eezzeetiger) none have had much of an impact. And let's be honest, they aren't players managers like Hughton are asking the chairman to sign, they're players he's handpicked himself most likely.
  3. I personally wouldn't say allowing the opposition to get off 20 shots from inside our box as having 'played really well, particularly in defence.' 99 times out of 100 Roos doesn't have the game of his life and we lose that comfortably. And as well as Roos we should probably thank the ref for only adding 5 minutes of injury time despite us manging to waste a good 20-25 minutes from goal kicks, throw ins and Roos with the ball in his hands. A fantastic point from a game we were expecting none, and we certainly won't play many teams as physical or talented as West Brom this season, but today Roos' saves and West Brom's poor finishing earned us that point, not clever tactics or good defending.
  4. The worrying thing is, if Mel doesn't hurry up and sort this mess out, come January a relegation rival could get on the phone to Jagielka (and Baldock) and nab them off us quite comfortably, You'd assume most could afford to offer either of them over 4.5k a week, especially if it will weaken us for the 2nd half of the season.
  5. We would have been bullied off the pitch against these during the 2nd half of last season so we're definitely seeing some progress under Rooney. Decent result 👍 Edit: Just looked and we actually beat these 2-1 in February so ignore everything I've just said 😂
  6. 907 posts from him that specifically mention Derby (some may be in reference to Rovers, but I can't be bothered to check) and he doesn't just reply with a line or 2, most of them are multiple paragraphs long. And obviously there's probably a good chunk of posts in which he hasn't specifically mentioned Derby by name which aren't included in those 907 results. I honestly think he's a bigger Derby fan than most of us on here! 😆
  7. Lovely! A centre back pairing who may struggle against pacey teams, but I actually feel confident when the opponents have it out wide. Our full backs and wingers have been useless what seems like forever at stopping the cross, but now we have a pair of experienced centre backs who should put up a good fight in the air against most forwards in the league. And although I feel like Baldock will frustrate us quite a lot this season with missed chances, him running in behind seems like it might be perfect for us. He can drag the defenders with his runs and either be found with a pass, or leave a lot of space for our more talented players (Sibley, Morrison, Lawrence etc.) to create something. Seems like ages since we've managed to see out a game quite comfortably when leading. It feels strange!
  8. Will you lot p**s off? 13 bloody years we've spent together here and as soon as we finally schedule a holiday away you decide you want to tag along. I'm sick of it!
  9. This Allsop looks a decent signing as well. A proper upgrade on Marshall and definitely worth taking up 1 of the limited spots we have available.
  10. Jozwiak marking Turnbull from the corner and we concede. Then the very next set piece he's on Elliot. I understand things are difficult for Wayne and Liam, but come on .... 😂
  11. Give him a minute to do his calculations .... Loves the club, passionate, talented, isn't Nick Blackman, isn't Eric Steele, didn't wear pink the last time he played .... My client, B4, is asking for 30 million at least please Reading.
  12. I think the only places he could end up now are PSG, Man City or a return to Barca if they work miracles and shift players like Coutinho, Pjanic, Dembele, Umtitti and maybe even Griezmann. Unless he decides to accept missing out on huge sums of money and return to finish his career in Argentina like he suggested he'd like to do a fair few years back.
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