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  1. Not sure why, but it's just popped into my head. Anyone remember that Leeds fan who was on here at the start of the season when they were linked with Vydra? (And around February time after Spygate) I bloody love football @vidukasbox
  2. If they're getting £13 million for a 20 year old left back who's struggled to get a start in 2019, we should be looking at near £20 million for Bogle after the season he's had. The transfer fees now days are bonkers
  3. That's what I'd hope. If they gave it the green light back then everything should be fine, but with all the noise from Boro and (allegedly) fellow club's owners it wouldn't surprise me if they make changes to keep the majority of the clubs happy and we end up getting punished. It's quite silly really .... Boro chucked £30 million + at players the year they went up and it benefited them, but now they're down here and not doing so well they're kicking up a fuss about other clubs
  4. Apologies for bumping a really old thread but there's a bit more news relating to us. Sheffield Wednesday have now apparently tried to follow our approach in selling their stadium to themselves to avoid FFP punishment and that's resulted in the EFL reviewing the rules and whether it's acceptable. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sheffield-wednesday-reportedly-sell-hillsborough-2880521 Had a feeling we hadn't heard the end of it
  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/transfer-news-live-liverpool-arsenal-15496937
  6. "Nugent gets in and you fancy him to score." No you don't 😂
  7. Forest 1 up against Boro and Sheffield Wednesday have a 2nd against Bristol City
  8. Wow those stats are depressing. Haven't won away in 2019 and have only scored 4 goals away during that same period (and 3 came in 1 game vs Brentford)
  9. Yep there is, but at least for everyone else they mix it up a bit. Our season has just been a repeat of the season before with different players and managers, but sometimes we have the nice little treat of making the play offs before fully throwing it away. Start slow, improve and go on a good run around October and November time, be sitting in a good spot come January, crumble and start looking ahead to next season with a handful of games left to play, repeat. It's great winning more than we lose and I'm very appreciative of that, but it doesn't half get tedious seeing the same thing year after year despite the many changes made every season
  10. With the way we're looking to play, that midfield is the absolute key to all of it. Way too many times this season the opposition has left our centre backs with the ball, marked the full backs and so the only option is to give it to a midfielder who comes short or hoof it long. The problem is, players like Johnson and Bryson usually just come short, receive the ball and give it straight back to defence. It achieves nothing apart from boosting our possession stat a bit. Mount usually tries to turn with the ball and get us going, but when he's off his game or the opposition have him man-marked we need someone else to help out and they just never do. Add to that the fact Mount likely won't be here next year and we have literally no one apart from maybe Holmes who can do that for us.
  11. We've had the same problem for years, player recruitment and club mentality. We've tried signings players off the back of incredible seasons, players out of form/not getting much game time who should have a point to prove, experienced players who've been there and done that, younger players who should improve and we've also managed to get some of the countries top young players here on loan. We've even tried doing the same thing with managers, experienced, rookies, managers on the up in their career and managers out of work with a point to prove. Still, every single time we've crumbled once we start getting to the latter part of the season when the games are more important. We're destined to remain in the Championship forever
  12. Derby sit 7th and head into a game against rock bottom Ipswich who have avoided defeat just once in their past 7 games (1-0 win vs Rotherham) - Derby draw 1-1 with them Derby sit 7th and head into a home game against Millwall who haven't won in 5 - Millwall win 1-0 at Pride Park Derby sit 7th and head into a game against Villa who haven't won in 5 and have just 1 in in 10 (which was Ipswich at home) - Villa smash Derby 4-0 Derby sit 7th, 3 points outside the play offs with a game in hand on most of the teams around them, heading into a game against Blackburn who have picked up 4 points from a possible 33 recently - Blackburn dominate and beat Derby easily We really do struggle to beat teams who are in awful form. Anyway, Bolton next ..... anyone know how they've been getting on lately?
  13. Apply to the past 6 years. A team who've picked up 4 points from the last possible 33 and we perform like this 😂
  14. @stonersI'm a little bit upset that you didn't get MON last season. Just imagine it, Gary Rowett's Derby going up against MON's Forest .... it would be glorious. We'd be heading into the game leaving our best player, Vydra, on the bench in favour of Jerome and you'd be doing the same for whoever your best attacking player was last season with Murphy preferred to him. The average age of players in the game between us would be 32+ and we'd both somehow end up with 40% possession
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