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  1. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Goodbye my love
  2. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    I'm still not sure if he'd actually be able to play. I remember reading something a while back about only being allowed to register players during a transfer window unless they're free agents or emergency loans. So with Bent being registered for Burton now, I'm not sure we'd be allowed to re-register him for us outside of the window
  3. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Only on the youth loans I believe, so we could probably bring back Zanzala and Vernam, but not Martin, Bent or Bennett
  4. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    When the Kieftenbeld deal mucked up we got Ledley from free agents. Lets have a quick look at strikers who've been in England before, there's surely some decent ones out there. Ishmael Miller Dexter Blackstock Cartlon Cole Marouane Chamakh Leon Best Nile Ranger See, some great options there, we'll be fine
  5. Keogh 2021

    The "used to be his biggest critic and wanted him gone" posts still make me chuckle. Two player of the year, two player's player of the year, one supporter's player of the year and part of one of the Championship team of the year awards (those are just his Derby awards). He's missed barely any games, received multiple international call ups, captained them on one occasion and was part of the defence that currently holds our club's clean sheets in a row record. Yet it's only now he's seen as being good enough by some people? Some people have very high standards and expectations
  6. View from the outside

    Grrrr, I hate how Bristol City raised their game against us twice and just imploded against Villa to let them win 5-0. The whole league is against us I tell you!
  7. Forest's Greek Tragedy

  8. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Started slow but took full advantage of the ref card Carson 7 - Don't think he had a save to make until around the 70th minute and then he made 2 in quick succession Wisdom 8 - Absolute rock at the back Keogh 8 - With the extra space we saw a few more of the darting runs by Keogh today Davies 8 - Same as Wisdom, rock at the back Olsson 9 - I'm sure there are many like me, but whenever I see him starting I'm always a little worried about him getting caught out defensively and 9 times out of 10 he proves me wrong Huddlestone 9 (MOTM) - He's a brilliant player as it is, but giving him so much time and space after getting a man sent off is suicidal. Controlled the game with ease Thorne 7 - A few misplaced passes, but I think he's actually improved defensively since his most recent injury. I can't remember him putting in so many tackles Anya 9 - Slowed down towards the end which is understandable with his lack of game time, but he was a key part of all that was good going forward Vydra 9 - Linked up well with Anya and put in the typical Vydra performance, ran everywhere, caused their defence problems and eventually got his goal Lawrence 6 - Feel for him because he's clearly lacking confidence. Feels sort of how it did with Vydra's first season, everyone knows he has the ability but he's just not showing it right now Jerome 8 - Brilliant hold up play, a well took goal and would have got an assist but for Vydra's miss Winnall 7 - Won a penalty and worked his socks off as always Ledley 6 - Didn't have much to do as the game was already over Palmer 6 - Only touched the ball a couple of times but you can already see how good he is with the ball at his feet. Looking forward to seeing what he can bring
  9. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    And Vydra is now the top scorer in the league going 1 ahead of Clarke (who plays later against Wolves). Incredible considering he doesn't play as an out and out striker
  10. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Goal Vydra!
  11. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    He has a chance now. Winnall brought down for a penalty
  12. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Mason Bennett came off the bench and has just scored on his debut for Notts County
  13. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Winnall down and it looks quite bad
  14. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Carson hasn't had anything to do up until the 68th minute, but he's now just made 2 very good saves inside a minute
  15. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Burton goal!

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