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  1. The ball is about 4 yards out from goal when Iorfa made contact and Carson has made 0 effort to come and try to claim it
  2. Seems Bryson noticed the difference too
  3. He's a brilliant player but I'm very pleased we didn't get him. It'd be Wisdom and James as our 2 right backs and we wouldn't have seen the breakthrough of Bogle I don't believe. James is of course the better player, but we've surely now got a right back worth a big chunk of money rather than James who we'd have 0 chance of signing permanently
  4. Bennett has been poor for the most part this season, but he's had some absolutely huge moments to win/get us back in games, whether it be a fantastic assist or a goal like that
  5. My bad, this one's on me. You know how it is, the form from February onwards is the fans fault because we get worried around about this time and that causes the players to perform badly. I wasn't expecting much from this game and that probably led to this performance. Sorry guys
  6. Crazy to think that just a couple of months back the players were pretty much in the crowd celebrating with the fans after beating Norwich. Where did it all go wrong? 😢
  7. I honestly think Lampard will be gone after that today. He shouldn't, because we're getting nowhere with the constant managerial changes, but it's just all gone so horribly wrong and I think that either Frank will step down (it's not like he needs the money) or Mel will sack him and put Wassall in for the rest of the season and we go again in 2019/20 😕
  8. Did you stay until the end? If so, did all the players come over and what was the reaction to them like? I saw someone say Lampard didn't even come over and just walked down the tunnel
  9. Can't wait for the team against Wigan. Wonder who's names will come out of the hat and what formation we'll give a go this time? Roos Holmes Keogh Ambrose Cole Anya Johnson Evans Sibley Bennett Nugent Should be fun
  10. Since kick off the club's Twitter account has tweeted 21 times, with 6 being about substitutes or half time. This is the only Tweet about a chance (sort of) in our favour: I honestly do feel really bad for those that went to the game expecting a reaction after the Forest performance. You gave your hard earned money to go and support these plonkers and this is what you get in return. And it'll be the same old rubbish after the game .... no apology, just, 'we need a reaction against Wigan'
  11. And in previous games we could put it down to us struggling against teams who just sit everyone behind the ball like Millwall did, but Villa play with one of, if not the most open defences in the league (minus ours probably) and we still haven't created anything
  12. You say we, but it's very much a world class solo performance from George Evans that we owe that to. He's single handedly beating Villa 4-3 and he only played 1 half!
  13. No but don't worry, we're only playing against the team with the worst home defensive record in the league who concede on average nearly 2 goals a game, so it shouldn't be long
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