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  1. Wasn't yesterday's game supposed to be 120 minutes in total? That's 37.5% so just like we ourselves experienced a couple of years back against Grimsby in the cup, the score means nowt if it's abandoned so early Anyway, it's just a friendly so there's no need to get so wound up about it
  2. They're saying on the Bristol City broadcast that they're going to discuss whether to abandon the game or not at half time
  3. This is what I've found after having a quick search 😂 The Middleman account is quite clearly just winding people up and that Wazza guy comes across a bit of a numpty from reading through his previous tweets (no offence if you're on here, Wazza).
  4. I seem to remember someone on here posting the stats from Cocu's time with PSV about how his team scored the most goals from crosses every season. You could see that already implemented here after just a week of training ..... we must have put in 30 to 40 crosses throughout the match, but the problem is that 95% of them either went straight into the keeper's hands or didn't beat the first man
  5. I thought up front was the one place we didn't need to sign any players for but the strikers are doing their absolute best to change that 😂
  6. No Marriott? Right, onto the next one I'm thinking Mikel Arteta is a good shout, but after our failed foreign approach with Cocu maybe we should go back to English and try for Bowyer?
  7. This was posted before Cocu was even appointed, before Johnson left and before we even knew who would be travelling to Florida (hence my suggested teams including Wisdom and Holmes) .... but sure, it is very likely he will use the senior players who travelled.
  8. I'd love it. I really think we'd benefit from someone like Jansson or Skrtel. Keogh, Tomori and Davies are all very good defenders at this level, but none of them are the type of player who would intimidate the opposing striker
  9. @DcFc Dyycheee Just had a look through the replies to that Tweet and someone is saying it's Brentford. They've got Pinnock in to replace Barbet but Konsa is still being linked with a move away so they might be needing another centre back. Doesn't really come across as a very Brentford type signing though but we'd definitely be able to compete with the wages they'd be offering if it is them. Mind you, on TalkSport Mel said that he's still not in the Leeds owner's good books so I'd doubt they'd sell to us anyway 😂
  10. I've seen that Fulham were interested so I'd assume it's them he's off to. Doubt we'd be able to match the wages they could offer due to parachute payments
  11. There's been a few rumours on Twitter and on here through Carl that Johnson and possibly Butterfield are both signing for Blackburn this week. With those 2 leaving and Sibley looking like he won't be involved with the first team yet, we're going to need at least 2 or 3 centre mids signing
  12. No Johnson so he's off to Blackburn then as I think @Carl Sagan suggested. And no Sibley either which is a shame. Let's hope it's because they'd prefer him with the youngsters to prepare for the Uefa Youth Cup rather than Wolves showing interest again
  13. Can't see it myself. Maybe Martin could replace Nugent and offer something a bit different to Marriott and Waghorn, but I definitely can't see Thorne being involved unfortunately
  14. I assume the players who got an extended break will be there in time for this game? Wouldn't mind seeing us try Marriott and Waghorn up front together but based off of what people have said about Cocu, his favoured formation is 4-3-3, so with that in mind .... 1st half: Roos Bogle - Keogh - Buchanan - Lowe Sibley - Huddlestone - Shinnie Waghorn - Marriott - Lawrence 2nd half: Carson Wisdom - Davies - Forsyth - Malone Bird - Johnson - Holmes Bennett - Whittaker - Jozefzoon That leaves the likes of Butterfield, Martin, Thorne, Blackman and Anya not involved. Most I assume will be on the look out for new clubs
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