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  1. What makes you at half 10 on a Tuesday morning decide to make a thread slagging off Marriott, nearly 3 weeks since he's last played for us? 😂
  2. That isn't happening any time soon whilst parachute payments are still a thing. We've missed out on so many players in recent years to teams with parachute payments who could offer much better contracts than us .... we probably missed out on double figures to Villa alone in the past couple of years and yet here we are, it's us who are potentially facing the punishment for overspending.
  3. No one knows. There was an article last week saying the reports of 32 Red paying part of his wages were wrong and the deal was in fact a 'star player deal,' which involved them giving an additional 1.5 million in sponsorship money, as well as assisting with the community trust programme should we sign a big name player. The same deal was offered to other clubs sponsored by 32 Red but we were the only team to have taken it. Seems as if the media has about as much of a clue about it as anyone on here. As for the wages, even if those were correct, it's not as bad as it first sounds really. If he's here for his 18 month contract it works out at about 7 million quid in total, which I think is fine for a key player who also brings additional revenue to the club.
  4. duck me it's just getting silly now. Whining because Rooney turned up to the Team Talk event in his club's gear, just like any footballer in the world does when attending events their club has scheduled. I'm sure if he turned up in his own outfit they'd probably write an article saying Rooney can do what he wants and is getting preferential treatment by the club. And I think the moaning about kids having Rooney and 32 on their backs is even more bonkers. They sit in a stadium littered with betting adverts, to watch their idols wearing kits littered with betting ads, against players in kits littered with betting ads, whilst playing in the Sky Bet Championship, but them having a kit with the number 32 on the back is the problem?
  5. Thought Waghorn was fantastic today, held the ball up brilliantly and his first touch and passing was massively improved from recent games.
  6. I was watching the Robbie Savage interview with RamsTV earlier and he mentioned Clough used to give him near enough whole weeks off at a time and told him to just come in on the Friday for the tactical meetings, so I did think maybe Rooney had been given the same luxury by Cocu. But then I remembered he's also a coach so it would be a little strange for him to be home resting rather than helping with training, even if he needed a rest from the physical side of things.
  7. I wonder if Rooney has picked up an injury of some sort? He's not featured in any of the training pictures posted recently (8 in total I believe) in the lead up to the Hull game. As you'd probably expect, since he signed the social media team have struggled to go 5 minutes without posting about him so it seems unusual for him not to feature in any of this recent stuff.
  8. He's been pretty poor today, but that was brilliant by Lawrence to win the ball back
  9. Lawrence through on goal, chance to shoot ..... cuts inside and loses it. Nice one Tom mate.
  10. What is it Cocu actually wants us to do during away games in the league? We sit so deep, pass around a bit and hoof it when under pressure. Rinse and repeat for 80 minutes and have a 10 minute spell where we look slightly dangerous as we try to get back in the game.
  11. There's someone they don't want us seeing 😂 Wonder how long ago this was filmed?
  12. I personally think Hamer is the better of the 2. I just feel (only slightly) more confident when the ball is at the feet of Hamer that it won't be gifted straight to an opposition forward. Definitely need to sign someone new though, or at the least hope we can talk Man City into sending Carson back.
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