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  1. Relieved and proud. You give any Championship team the stuff we've had this season and they'd be in a similar position or worse. Unpaid wages, multiple failed takeovers, transfer embargoes, a rookie manager coming in with us rock bottom of the league and the lowest scorers at the stage of a season ever, our best player getting injured for the season, injuries throughout the squad to other first team players and such a depleted squad that for most of the games during the second half of the season the matchday squad was almost half kids from the academy.
  2. I think he'd be a good signing for most Championship clubs as a fresh start and change of scenery is exactly what he needs. We expected a lot more from him, but in his 4 years here he's lost his mother to cancer and struggled to cope with that, was involved in the drink driving incident shortly after, along with the rest of the team has had his wages not paid on numerous occasions and has had to read seemingly never-ending bad news stories about the club, Then add to that the fact he's played under 4 different managers with 4 differing styles and a (understandable) disconnect with the fans and
  3. Mel Morris practically begged for it this season. Didn't fund the striker for Cocu at the start of the season, appointed a rookie coaching team who were apart of the previous manager's setup, pissed about with the takeover causing all sorts of problems and has now decided to stick with Rooney for the run in. He couldn't have done much more to send us down if he tried.
  4. Rotherham goal now too, just to top it all off 👍
  5. Yep, just checked and you're right. If we lose this and to Wednesday next week, we'll have equalled the worst losing streak we had during that 07/08 season of 7.
  6. Anyone know the last time we lost 6 games in a row?
  7. Just another 10-15 minutes to go and then the kids are sent on to try and fix the mess these useless Bamfords have created. Best of luck lads 👍
  8. Swansea player has the ball at his feet, facing towards his own goal with nowhere to go ... Derby players:
  9. Today's lineup (formation may be incorrect) Roos Byrne - Edmundson - Clarke - Forsyth Knight - Shinnie Waghorn - Lawrence - Jozwiak CKR Subs: Marshall, Cashin, Buchanan, Ebosele, McDonald, Watson, Roberts, Bird, Sibley
  10. 2 minutes into the 2nd half and Christie once again caught out by a ball in behind him. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Christie has been caught out by a ball in behind him at least 5 times so far. 😂
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