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  1. George Thorne

    Nope unfortunately not. Hope the games a good un' and you enjoy yourself.
  2. George Thorne

  3. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    I agree that those games are more important, but then he doesn't have the worst stats in the world against top 6 teams either. We aren't going to win every game against the rest of the top 6, especially when we haven't finished in the top 2 so I don't think his win ratio in those games is too bad. His total record against the top 6 in games he's featured in (I've removed 2012-13 because we weren't challenging for promotion so it was hardly games against promotion rivals): Won - 15 Drawn - 16 Lost - 15 Goals For - 57 Goals against - 56 Games missed 3 (lost all 3) A 32% win ratio against top 6 opposition with Keogh involved and a 0% win ratio against top 6 opposition when he wasn't.
  4. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    I completely understand that you don't rate Keogh, but using reasons such as "we're still in the Championship so he's bad" is just silly. I bet if I asked you to name players you'd want us to sign to replace him your list would include some people from the Championship. And as for the Wildschut goals win games comment; He's scored 2 since signing for Norwich. Russell who I'm sure you also want rid of has scored the same number as him. Of course though, because Wildschut doesn't play for us he's amazing but Russell does play for us so he's awful. Which brings us right back to my point, you regularly contradict yourself.
  5. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Wildschut is still in the Championship but you seem to think he would be the difference in us getting promoted and staying down. You really need to think about what you're posting before you actually do it. You often post things that completely contradict something you've said a few days ago in other threads.
  6. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Keogh is the common denominator in these results below in that he didn't feature in them. A win percentage of 28.6%. Now, I might be slightly off in my calculations, but I work out Keogh to have a win percentage of 45.5% throughout his time at Derby. It's good to see we'd not struggle without him ....
  7. v Brum (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-1 Brum Johnson FGS
  8. Bristol City v Derby County

    That he wouldn't score or assist many goals and would be a pointless signing at £7 million. He's currently scored 2 goals in 8 months since joining Norwich. So was I wrong?
  9. Bristol City v Derby County

    Excuse me?
  10. Bristol City v Derby County

    That was absolutely awful. He gave them all a rest midweek and at the 60th minute whilst trailing 2-1, we had a short period of being on top and putting a bit of pressure on, then after about 10 minutes they looked knackered and barely closed down the ball any more. They get an extra few days rest and are knackered come the 70th minute ... and this team is supposed to emulate Klopp's Dortmund? It all feels very similar to the Pearson reign, but with a few more points gained. Wanting to play counter attacking football but still having a handful of players in the team who just don't suit that style of play. I want Rowett to do well and he talks a good game, but my gosh is it boring the way things are at the minute.
  11. Barnsley v Derby County

    For those who are unhappy with the changes as they believe we'll have lost all momentum, here's just a few results from the 2nd round of the cup. I only checked the Championship teams, but I'm sure there's plenty of examples from the other leagues as well. The weekend before the set of 2nd round fixtures: Wolves 1-2 Cardiff Sheffield United 1-0 Barnsley Bristol City 0-0 Millwall The 2nd round fixtures: Cardiff 1-2 Burton (Cardiff made 10 changes) Sheffield United 1-4 Leicester (Sheff United made 8 changes) Reading 3-1 Millwall (Millwall made 10 changes) Results the weekend after the 2nd round fixtures: Cardiff 2-1 QPR Sheffield United 3-1 Derby Millwall 4-0 Norwich There's 3 teams who picked up good results before the set of cup fixtures, made plenty of changes and lost, but went on to win their next league game.
  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    Why would their morale be high? A point away at Wolves is a really good result, but they took the lead in the 82nd minute and still didn't win the game. They'll be kicking themselves.
  13. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Bristol City 1-1 Derby Lawrence FGS
  14. Barnsley v Derby County

    It's too big, too expensive and has an arch that makes it look like a giant handbag. I'd say we're the real winners tonight.
  15. Barnsley v Derby County

    There it is. Ahhh well, never liked Wembley anyway.

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