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  1. 😂 The whole squad are in a routine of just being poo. They rock up for work on Monday, probably have a bit of a catch up to see what crazy shenanigans Mel has been up to recently, "yeah, he's got the Mac back for the 48th time. No mate, not as a manager. Ahhh, classic Mel." Have a bit of a kick about and play some table tennis whilst seemingly doing very little work on fitness. One of them is dragged to do a bit of media for Rams TV, "the mood in training is great and we're working hard to put things right." Turn up for the game on Tuesday/Wednesday and surprise, surprise, Wayne and the l
  2. McClaren coming down near to the bench gave me a good laugh. I can just imagine how it was .... Rooney is out on the pitch delivering some world class tactical instructions - "Lads just give it to me and I'll kick it." Rosenior is on the bench getting giddy over data, "I've looked at the statistical data from the Championship and the statistics are telling me that statistically you're more likely to score if you shoot." Given and Walker are being really helpful, "I think we should do what Wayne wants, I love him." All the while McClaren is behind them on the bench, rocking slowly backward
  3. I was just beginning to write up the starting 11 I'd pick for this game and genuinely struggled because other than 3 or 4 of them they're all so poo 😂
  4. A personal favourite of mine is the Rooney quote from five days ago - "Everyone is fighting for that shirt." Gave me a good chuckle did that one.
  5. I feel worse than the 11 point season at the minute to be honest with you. During that season I could see we were severely outmatched in terms of player quality during every game and so it wasn't quite as frustrating. This team has all the quality to be pushing for the play offs at the very least but poor management, poor decisions by Mel and just downright disgraceful levels of performance from the players is hard to watch.
  6. Right then chaps, which muppet is next to be wheeled out to the media to give the same inspirational, fighting talk that they absolutely don't believe?
  7. Nope, I'm in the same boat. It's just one big mess at the minute. Mel is sticking around under the new ownership to advise them. McClaren has been brought in as an advisor to the board, but I think it's safe to assume he'll also offer advice to the inexperienced management team. The management team already consists of four voices that (as far as we know) hold the same level of power. With Steve coming in there's now probably five people offering opinions on the team's style and set up and four of those have to come to an agreement. And as the cherry on top one of those four is the captain
  8. It's a shitshow 😂 Steve is back again, his son is still lingering around from one of the earlier spells, the current management team who were part of the previous failure are seemingly denouncing themselves of any responsibility in that so who knows what they actually contributed for the past year and now Mel is sticking around under the new ownership so we'll continue to have him and his mates sticking around.
  9. I'm not a fan of it. I was hoping the takeover nearing completion would begin the start of a big reset at the club behind the scenes, but it seems like it's still going to be Mel and his pals under the new ownership.
  10. Slight problem with that one mate. The management team have dropped Colin from the entire squad for today's game. 😂
  11. Minor injury picked up whilst playing for Poland. And quite well, definitely the better of the two teams, but not created many real clear cut chances.
  12. We're certainly the better of the two teams but you're still not quite sure where a goal will come from for us. We've had a couple of nice bits of play during the past few minutes, once with Lawrence getting in down the left and the other Knight down the right, but neither could pick out anyone with their low cross. We got quite a few numbers into the box though which is a big positive in comparison to recent games.
  13. Please can we get Sibley on for Lawrence or Holmes. Both have killed numerous attacks today through poor passes, shots and general decision making.
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