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  1. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Hoping Thorne gets more than 10 minutes now it's a bit more comfortable and Huddlestone is on a yellow. And I wouldn't mind seeing Thomas get a decent chunk of time either.
  2. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    Fulham 3-1 Derby Martin
  3. v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3-0 Reading Huddlestone FGS
  4. Our biggest strength

    Well I'm quite worried of how we'll do when Ledley leaves or gets injured/suspended. We struggled with Johnson next to Huddlestone and we don't know if the Kieftenbeld deal is still happening or not as he's featured regularly in Brum's first team so they might not want to lose him now.
  5. v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 3-2 Derby Johnson FGS
  6. Norwich City V Derby County

    Struggling to find many faults with the players today. Carson 9 - Barring the error (which he made up for) he was fantastic today. Wisdom 8 - Bounced back after his poor performance last week. Keogh 10 (MOTM) - I still can't understand how a defender as good as him at this level can be criticised so much, he's absolutely fantastic. Davies 9 - Keogh without the passing and attacking runs. Forsyth 8 - Seems to slowly be getting back to his best. Ledley 9 - Same as last week, new longer contract please. Did muck up 1 big chance when he spooned it to Johnson who was offside, but I'll let him off. Huddlestone 8 - A couple of dodgy passes that nearly cost us but good performance overall. Lawrence 8 - His defensive work today was excellent. Vydra 7 - Thought he had a decent first half so would presume it was an injury that forced his withdrawal. Johnson 8 - He seemed to be everywhere today. Nugent 8 - Ran his socks off and what a goal that was. Martin 9 - Brilliant performance off the bench. Created chance after chance and caused their defence all sorts of problems. Winnall 9 - He looks like a big lump but his work rate is unbelievable. 1 minute he's in their box trying to score, the next he's filling in at right back while Wisdom's being treated. Out on loan, not had much game time, but he comes on and puts in that much effort, thank you very much Sam! Thorne 10 - Beautiful human. Rowett 10 - Brilliant subs and didn't just sit back after taking the lead. I've been a little bit critical of how defensive Rowett can be when we're in the lead, but today he didn't sit back on a 1-0 lead and even after they equalised he could have just settled for a draw, but instead he had us go straight back on the attack. Good luck picking which of the 4 forwards start against Leeds.
  7. Norwich City V Derby County

    Unbelievable result and delighted to be shocked with that. Was really expecting after we went 1-0 up to just go defensive and be on the back foot for the whole of the 2nd half but credit to Rowett, we continued to attack. And then after they equalised I fully expected us to just cave in and go on to lose but we immediately went back on the front foot and deservedly retook the lead. Very, very happy with that.
  8. v Norwich (A) - Predictions

    Norwich 0-0 Derby
  9. Rowett signings hit or miss

    You're saying Wisdom is a miss based on his performance yesterday? I think he's done well this season and seem to remember him winning MOTM in a fair few of the opening handful of games.
  10. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    I don't have an issue with you criticising Russell if you felt he was poor, it's the whole accusing people who disagree with you as being biased towards certain players. It is not possible that someone might just have a different opinion to you? And it seems to have become the norm to patronise people who do praise players who split opinions like Keogh and Russell by saying they only rate them because of passion. As if a huge chunk of the Derby fan base have such an inferior knowledge of football to you guys, that we can only see positives in players when they look up for it playing in a Derby kit.
  11. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Oh come on, you slated Russell (a player you clearly aren't a huge fan of) for not taking his chances, but then praised Lawrence and said he did everything right today despite him missing a 1 on 1 and wasting other chances himself. Both were good today, Lawrence probably the better of the 2, but don't claim people who don't agree with you must be biased towards a certain player when it appears you're showing bias yourself.
  12. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Nah, it was a brilliant decision by the referee for the penalty and red. "However, the law has now changed so that players committing accidental fouls, that deny a goal-scoring opportunity, are not automatically sent off, but cautioned instead. Players will still be sent off for holding, pulling or pushing, not playing the ball or having no possibility to play the ball, serious foul play, violent conduct or deliberate handball." Loovens both pushed Vydra and also had no possibility to play the ball because Vydra was already past him. The only argument Wednesday fans can probably have is whether or not the foul was committed inside the box or not.
  13. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Good in the 1st half and probably could have gone into half time 3 or 4 up if it weren't for Westwood/ poor finishing. Really poor in the 2nd but Rowett made some good subs which turned the game back in our favour, so well done that man. Carson 6 - nothing to do. Wisdom 6 - quite sloppy today and wasn't his usual self. Keogh 8 - Same old Keogh. Davies 7 - Like Keogh, was solid at the back, but quite a few times today he tried to rush a bit and gave away the ball. Forsyth 7 - Good performance but there was still the odd dodgy pass or cross. Huddlestone 7 - Was wanting Tom to spray those long diagonal balls all game with them having 10 men and being more compact, but unfortunately he kept it a bit too simple today for my liking. Ledley 9 (MOTM) - Get him signed up for another couple of years. Russell 8 - Really happy to see Johnny improving each week and hopefully we get him signed to a new contract before we lose him for next to nothing in January. Vydra 7 - Started really well but drifted in and out of the game for most of it. Lawrence 8 - 1 of his better performances in a Derby shirt I thought. He did really well defensively and was unlucky not to score. Nugent 5 - Nothing seemed to go right for him today and you could see how frustrated he was. Martin 7 - Linked up well and got us a little bit more control on the ball when Wednesday were starting to apply pressure. Johnson 7 - Great goal and got stuck in after coming on. Thorne 10 - Beautiful human.
  14. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Yes!! That was a brilliant bit of play from Lawrence and a superb pass by Russell!
  15. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    I'd be taking Vydra off for Thorne soon because we need to keep hold of the ball.

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