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  1. Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Holmes Bielik Knight Waghorn Marriott Lawrence 4-0 Derby, Marriott hat trick and a goal for Lawrence who chooses this to be his 1 good game out of every 10.
  2. Booed off at half time. 'What a load of rubbish.' 'What the f*****g hell was that?' Yep, just about sums up how I feel as well. Fair play to those Derby fans who've travelled, they've been incredible during that first half.
  3. Just a few weeks ago I was hoping Rooney's signing would be a boost to help get us into the play offs. With performances like this he'll be coming in to give us a boost in a relegation battle 😂 Mount, Wilson, Bryson, Nugent, Johnson and Thomas out ... Paterson, Shinnie and Dowell in. Come on man 😂
  4. I get the whole 'blood the youths' stuff people are taking as a positive from this, but do we really believe after this type of performance Cocu will want to call on the younger players in an important league game knowing this is how they coped on a big occasion when given the chance?
  5. Last year you said Forest were much better than us and would finish way above us, Stoke and Boro were likely to finish top 2 and for the past 2 years you've said mid table is the best we can hope for. It's easy to say things but more often than not it doesn't work out how you expect it to. Fingers crossed you're wide of the mark again and Forest don't get top 6 😉
  6. How have we not got a goal from that?!
  7. Lowe might have done enough to have earned that starting spot at left back Bogle is back soon so we might finally see a decent cross come in from the right If Marriott doesn't start the next game we might well see a riot which would take the attention away from the 32 Red stuff for a bit at least 134 days until Rooney joins
  8. Honestly it's just so incredibly frustrating to watch. Whether he's been told to or not is anyone's guess, but he plays like a big target man, holding off the defender behind him and wanting the ball into feet. Then the second it's played into him he seems to panic and just takes a massive touch backwards, often further back than the player who originally played the pass. He's usually not quick enough to get in behind for a ball over the top and although at times he can link up well with the other players, for the most part he'll be just a little bit too clumsy in the tight spaces for what he's thinking to actually work. And unfortunately for him one of his biggest strengths (getting on the end of crosses) couldn't be utilised because Malone always played crosses to the back post, Lowe kept playing it behind the forwards, Jozefzoon didn't beat the first man and the rest of the team often put it too close to the keeper.
  9. First half they edged it but had a 2 goal lead through some dreadful mistakes. 2nd half was spent in their half but of the what felt like 30+ crosses we put in, 90% didn't beat the first man and the other 10% were cleared easily. Decent performances from the likes of Lowe, Bielik and Marriott after coming on, but some real stinkers from Malone, Huddlestone, Dowell, Waghorn and Jozefzoon.
  10. Right guys you can stop it now, it's not very funny anymore.
  11. Is Marriott constantly being on the bench a long running joke by Derby that we aren't in on?
  12. Wait, so you're getting all excited about being ITK because you said Rooney would sign AFTER news broke out we were in talks with him and because Thorne has signed for Oxford 20 days after you said, 'it's happening tomorrow' and 2 weeks after you claimed he isn't signing because he failed a medical. Erm, well done I guess ....
  13. We have so many defensive players on the pitch but it feels like we're short at the back on every Stoke attack. Then going forward it feels like it's always 2/3 Derby players having to create chances between themselves because they have such little support
  14. Nope, still sticking to the, 'it was just an intern on a public footpath who did nothing wrong and Bielsa knew everything about Derby anyway so spying wouldn't change anything.' That's sort of the theme for the documentary - Leeds vs the world.
  15. It really is brilliant. The smugness they all show after that Bielsa press conference. Cutting from fan to fan, to head of media, to director of football, to chief executive, all gloating over how they got one over on Derby County just to prove a point. Fast forward a couple of hours (episodes) and those same people are all in tears as a slow, sad version of marching on together plays, with the sound of Derby fans chanting faintly in the background.
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