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  1. Cam the Ram

    Glenn Kamara

    Unfortunately B4 I think Butterfield's and Blackman's wages would be close to, if not more than, their entire first 11's wages combined. So unless we agreed to pay a huge portion of their wages, it doesn't seem like a viable option
  2. Cam the Ram

    Expectations next season and beyond

    I'm actually quite worried about this. All it takes is a decent little run of form and fans (myself included) quickly forget the bad times and start calling for a new contract. We were desperate to tie Ledley down to a new deal and now I kind of wish we didn't. I absolutely love Thorne but he signed a new contract and was then barely seen again for the season. At this moment I'd only want possibly Davies, Huddlestone and Weimann given new deals, provided they aren't on ridiculously high wages (25k+). We need a few experienced heads to go with what we all hope will be a much younger team in the coming years
  3. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    The way I see it is we're at the stage where there isn't much to lose. I don't want to sound too overconfident but I really don't think we'd get relegated under him with the squad we have. We've tried so many methods in recent years and all have failed, so maybe taking the riskier option will work out for us, who knows
  4. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Yeah I'm hoping he cancels those commitments considering there's so much to sort out here, his coaching staff, who's leaving, who's coming in etc.
  5. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Hopefully he spots a decent player or two out there who might fancy a few years in England
  6. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Not quite sure he walked away, but I get your point. I seem to remember the chairman saying they didn't discuss a new contract as they both felt it was time to move on
  7. Cam the Ram

    Is FFP in anyway Fair?

    I think the biggest problem is parachute payments. Teams are coming down from the richest division in the world and really should have plenty of players to sell, but they're given a much greater allowance than teams who've been in the division for a few years and League 1 teams coming up. So they already have a better team than the majority of the league and then they're allowed to spend more than anyone else to add to it. Villa come down and spend £70 + million. Newcastle came down, spent tons and ended up with a £112 million wage bill, win promotion and face no punishment. That's nearly 3 times our wage bill and we're having to cost cut because of FFP. It's just silly
  8. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    I've not seen that so not sure, but having just checked it looks like Hurst is the heavy favourite now and he'll be on tiny wages for this level, so it might make sense
  9. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    But so are we now days, apparently. It's obviously not my money so I'm not sure why I'm bothered by it, but he shouldn't be getting high level Championship manager wages just because of his name alone
  10. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    My concern is his wages for an unproven manager. Talks broke down between him and Ipswich reportedly due to his wage demands. If they can afford to pay the wages of a proven, experienced manager in McCarthy but not an unproven manager in Lampard, how much must he be asking for? And with larger wages comes a larger pay off for him should things be disastrous and Mel's left with no choice but to sack him
  11. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    I like that he's taking his time. We just have to hope Swansea's talks with Potter don't fall through or else they could pinch one of our top targets
  12. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Derby hold talks with Frank Lampard over vacant managerial role as Rams seek successor for Gary Rowett County owner Mel Morris has had about 20 serious applicants to replace Rowett, including the Chelsea legend
  13. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    I've also just seen that Southgate has called him up to train with the senior squad before they travel to the World Cup. There's the players on standby and him along with the World Cup squad, no other youth have been chosen
  14. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Mason Mount has been getting quite a lot of attention so it might be him. Last I heard he was heavily linked to Norwich so it does seem like he'll be going out on loan to an English club during this upcoming season
  15. Cam the Ram

    If it’s Frank

    I think probably the biggest positive in getting Lampard as many have mentioned is the connections he likely has. If we're needing to rely on loans Lampard could prove very useful. I imagine Chelsea will have loan offers galore from Championship teams for the likes of Ampadu, Izzy Brown, Aina, Baker, Mount, Abraham etc. The second Lampard contacts Abramovich about one of his players I'm sure we'd jump straight to near the top of the list

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