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  1. I dunno about that. I would have liked him to have caught some of those crosses he came for, but I thought he did really well today. Made a couple of decent saves, punched the ball clear from dangerous crosses on numerous occasions and was really good playing out from the back. To be honest, I think that was one of his better games for us.
  2. Unbelievable performance today. Everyone was excellent and you could probably pick from 5 or 6 for the MOTM. Hamer 8 - Dealt with crosses well and made the saves when needed. Bogle 9 - Looked back to his best. Brilliant defensively and even better going forward. Wisdom 8 - Was fantastic defensively and was brilliant picking passes. Clarke 9 - Dominant at the back. Forsyth 7 - Probably the worst performer for us today but I still think he did really well. He was just a little sloppy on the ball on occasions. Bird 9 - Same as usual. Shinnie 9 (My MOTM) - Best performance in a Derby shirt. I was a little concerned when I saw he was brought in to do Rooney's role, but he did it perfectly. Knight 9 - Very good performance. Sibley 9 - That's another youngster who's cemented his spot in the 18 man squad. Had a quiet second half which is understandable given we were on the back foot a bit, but probably the pick of the bunch from that first half. Waghorn 7 - Probably should have got a goal or 2, but other than that he was great. Martin 9 - Get him that new contract. One of the best performances of the season and certainly the best we've looked at playing it out from the back.
  3. I knew it would be a mistake responding to a Curtains thread the second I clicked submit reply. 😂 I'll never learn.
  4. Well yes, that's kind of the point of academy players and showing promise. They aren't going to be coming from the academy seasoned veterans are they?
  5. So you'll give Ramage a piece of your mind then?
  6. They've just banned handshakes during Premier League games so we're probably at the stage (or very close) were all players across the English leagues will be told to avoid interacting closely with fans.
  7. I don't have a clue. It often doesn't matter how good a manager has done in his recent jobs and rather how they fit in at their new club. I was wanting Pearson ever since he left Leicester and then he was a disaster at us. I was sure McClaren was an awful appointment and he gave me one of my favourite seasons in recent memory.
  8. Changed my mind about wanting him gone 4 or 5 weeks ago during that good run of form, but mainly because I thought it'd got to the point where there wasn't much left to play for in terms of promotion or relegation and so there wouldn't be any point sacking him. I'm very happy to see how much we've improved recently and Cocu deserves the chance to bring in his own signings to see how far he can take us, but I don't share the same level of confidence in him as most others do unfortunately.
  10. 11 games left, 9 against teams in the top half (well 8, QPR just leapfrogged Sheffield Wednesday after beating us) and under Cocu we have gained 12 points from a possible 48 against the top half teams. Should be fun ..... 😂
  11. Waghorn has had a stinker in front of goal today. Scored 1, but could have had 4 or 5.
  12. The sad thing is, this is probably in our top 5 or 6 performances away from home this season, we've created a few chances and only conceded 2.
  13. And up the other end we need pace, pace and more pace.
  14. Sounds about right to me. We've improved a lot lately, but we've picked up a possible 12 points from 45 this season against teams in the top half and 9 of our remaining 12 games are against those teams. Throw that into the mix with our horrendous away record and I can certainly see why we're not expected to have a great run in.
  15. Huddersfield were the better team but draw was just about right. Don't think Cocu's substitution when Holmes picked up an injury helped much. We lost the midfielder who will drive with the ball and at least test their midfield/back line, so Cocu replaced him with a defensive midfielder and moved Rooney further up the pitch meaning he wouldn't get as much time on the ball to dictate things. Seems a bit silly when he had Knight on the bench who's about as close a player to Holmes as we've got.
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