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  1. I don’t think anyone can realistically take anything away from Clough’s achievements with Forest. To have done what he did, with a provincial club, is remarkable, still. Even more remarkable really given what he did for us before even that. League titles, European Cups....he nearly won it all. I would imagine that fans on either side would agree that this makes Clough one of the greatest Managers that the game’s ever seen. In terms of feelings of hatred, no, that is reserved for, and only for, Leeds. If the ground opened up and swallowed that club whole tomorrow then I’d shed no tears. With the greatest respect, f00k them.
  2. Only team to win it more times than they’ve won their own domestic league? And this was back in the days before it was the (More also-rans than) Champions League...
  3. That Derby side were awful. An utter embarrassment and laughing stock. Worst side in history? Definitely in with more than a shout. They beat Forest 2-0.....
  4. Brian Clough trophies? 17. Apparently you’ve held it 6 times.... Never mind.
  5. Aren’t they for the Brian Clough trophies they’ve won? They must have won it twice by now....
  6. Red Elvis, Stan, Caesar.....Pity the fallen.
  7. In my life time, the 10 minute spell against Southampton at PP where we went from 0-0 to 4-0, is the absolute pinnacle. Eranio, Wanchope, Baiano et all, all clicking and on fire. Southampton, collectively, almost literally $h1t their pants as they were mercilessly annihilated. The 3-0 humping of Arsenal shortly afterwards was pretty special as well, and of course the 3-2 win at OT, but that Southampton game, we were magic, we were imperious, and we’d announced ourselves as a fantastic team. It was the total antithesis of Billy Davros w@nk@-ball when he got us there by boring teams into submission. Thank you Jim, those days will stay with me forever, hope you get well.
  8. Can’t believe we haven’t had the laughing chimp or quivering lip gifs yet...
  9. Take your pick...👍🏻 The sun is out, I’ve got the day off, and the biggest tw at to leave Derby since Revie’s last away game has just been publically humiliated. 😎
  10. Today feels like a Carlsberg day already...😂
  11. All carrot-crunching inbreds to me....😂
  12. Lol, feck off you inbred carrot crunching p.rick$!
  13. Fair play though, with them ears he wouldn't look out of place in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter....
  14. Snake has spent millions and millions turning Stoke into us from last season. Frank has (net) spent feck all/a handful of magic beans to assemble THIS team, to play THIS football. Unbelievable Jeff.
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