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  1. They get a fleeting sense of happiness first thing in the morning, when they wake up and realise that they haven’t passed away in the night. Unfortunately that quickly passes as the realisation sets in that they live in Stoke and it would actually have been a blessing if they had.
  2. Got to love a “does what it says on the tin” name. A personal favourite was Rod Fanni. Until, I discovered his middle name, then I lost all respect... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Fanni
  3. I give up. I’ll be back when we’ve got a proper manager. Until then, f this s.
  4. Qualifying myself - except for the work Wassall’s doing with the Academy obviously.
  5. Definitely time to give him a call. ”Hi, Billy this is Mel Morris at Derby. Yes, yes we’re in a bad way Billy. Anyway, I thought I’d give you a ring as someone said that things couldn’t get any worse and I just want to prove a point....”
  6. It shows the importance of leadership on the pitch. That left with Keogh and has never been replaced. Doesn't help that the lack of “on the field” leadership has gone hand in hand with an overall lack of direction across all levels of the club.
  7. If we can’t beat the second worst side, at home, who can we beat...?
  8. I’d take McClaren over Rooney any and every day of the week. Id like to know who’s idea Rooney is. Is it Mel? Is it the Milkshake? Both? Who?
  9. Ex-England Manager sat in the stands. 4 (and now 1) novice allowed to play at being a Manager while we try to fight our way out of a wet paper bag instead. Whoever is responsible for this situation needs to leave the club and never come back.
  10. Akinfenwa looked a handful. Three cheers for Akinfenwa, hip hip.....
  11. It’s the Manager’s fault that we carried on playing a system built around a competent #9 after taking CKR off, when it’s abundantly clear that no one else is good enough for the role and ends up with us getting pushed further and further back.
  12. How many more chances are our ****ing useless non-Managers going to get? Scraped a draw against the second worst side in the league, we’ll done chaps. Well done.
  13. Fair play though, I’m going to start using this one more. ”When are you going to mow the lawn?” A: “Imminently dear, imminently...” ”When will you have the report ready?” A: “Imminently boss, imminently...” ”How long before you’re ready to go again?” A: ”Imminently love, imminently...” ”When will you pay the invoice?” A: “In the next 48 hours thanks...” Definite mileage in this 👍🏻
  14. Hopefully this will be a bit like the baseball. Rooney can stand on the touchline barking out instructions while Mac stands behind him doing all the hand gestures of what to do REALLY.
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