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Fully fit midfield


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9 minutes ago, Curtains said:

Thompson doesn’t get in then !


9 minutes ago, Curtains said:


No Hourihane 

Keeping going, please list all the players I haven't selected one post at a time.

Or pick your selection.

Either way...


I see you have. Very funny it is too.


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2 hours ago, sage said:

             Fornah   Bird 

NML        Embleton     Barkhuizen


I’m not Bird’s biggest fan overall, whilst appreciating his contributions, but I have to say that Fornah and Bird I think is our best long term option. Smith and Thompson back ups then Hourihane/Sibley/Embleton/Barks/NML/John-Jules even Waghorn working the attacking 3 positions 

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7 hours ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Because the rest of his game is lacking imo. 

Judged on which game buddy? Genuine question. I thought he was ok played central in the Cup, but spent most of the last game on the flanks where he didn't look so effective and that confuses me, as surely PW already knows that by now? I guess the result vindicates the team selection though'

FWIW, I'm still hopeful he can come good, but I'm pretty certain it won't be as a winger / WB and therein lies the pinch. I can understand why he frustrates some though.

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5 minutes ago, Gee SCREAMER !! said:

I'm not seeing Hourihane in some selections.  As such I'm not seeing 8-10 goals someone else is getting instead.  I'm also still seeing the absurdity of letting Knight go for 1.7 million.

Anyway Fornah as he needs to have 10 games to see if he's any good, Hourihane and take your pick.


Agree- If Brennan Johnson is worth £48 mill + 10% sell on , why was Knight so cheap? As for Bird , I know he is running his contract down , but Half a mill ! 

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