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  1. Had a nightmare flashback to captain Savage spending his autumnal years at our club...
  2. Is Curtis injured? Can't imagine he wouldn't better than either Wiz or Mike at the back?
  3. You've got to start somewhere
  4. Hope Rooney's contract doesn't have some weird clause it in that he has to play every game. We should drop him, he's not the future, If he's not influencing games we may as well build the team around a longer term player.
  5. We did start well, before they scored.
  6. Lack of defensive midfielder, back four is unprotected. As Mac says, you have to earn the right to play.. we don't.
  7. Not sure what Rooney offers tbh. Crazy thing to write..
  8. Nice showing by bird. I was getting so fed up of him but nice movement.
  9. I hope so. Good to see others are more optimistic.
  10. Played what he could.. then I'm less reassured. He could have gone for a back four with Buchanan LB, wisdom RB, a mid five (choose from Sibley, Knight, shinnie, Whitaker, bird, Holmes, evans) with Marriott up top.
  11. That's reassuring - 5 at the back was a practice etc and he's looking at options. I don't buy that we're forced into this structure due to player constraints, and I'm also concerned about the opportunity cost of using pre-season to build up some momentum and positivity. That said, I'm behind Cocu and it would be a relief to put in a performance on Saturday.
  12. Seems this is Cocu's Achille's heel, to over complicate and over worry about the opponent. I hope he doesn't set up overtly defensive with five at the back etc, but the early signs aren't great. Hopefully he will reflect on what went well last season at times, when we played with attacking intent.
  13. Whitaker on to save the day. His aggression and never die attitude will sort it.
  14. Awful. They should be leading by now and we would have no complaints.
  15. Holmes is massively injury prone.. ahhhh, I'm depressed!
  16. Barrow will win if we have penalties. They have confidence coming up into the league, with older and calmer heads.
  17. I suspect our wanting to play everything through Rooney will make us stagnate this season, plus over-reliance on youth to make things happen, so 10th for me.
  18. Dare I say that Roos is looking the part since coming back.
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