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  1. Our passing was so bad today that it's impossible to tell if he set us up with a defensive or attacking mindset. Hard to blame the manager when our players decision-making is as bad as it was today.
  2. It definitely is without Bogle. Even last year when we had players like Mount and Wilson, who are now both perfmorming excellently in the Prem, we'd struggle against sides and the deadlock would only be broken by a Wilson worldie. If Lampard had Paterson instead of Wilson and Shinnie instead of Mount, we'd have finished about 16th or lower. I know we say it every year now but we're due a massive rebuild. When Cocu said promotion wasn't the goal at the start of this season, I think that was his serious assessment of where the squad is at the moment and having seen some of the individual performances recently, he's not wrong.
  3. Yeah because Cocu can see into the future and predict our starting RB is going to get injured in his home first game. We were on a limited budget already and you want Cocu to spend a chunk of it on a RB when we already have 2 at the club. Keogh is needed at CB, Clarke and Davies are both so slow it looks like they're running in treacle. I can understand you being upset about the performance today and by all means vent but this is a stupid topic to get upset about.
  4. We don't have a fit right back. What do you propose he does? Play an injured Bogle or an unfit Wisdom?
  5. Sure but those kids are part of the best u18s side in the country. If they're psychologically strong enough to win the league and play for the various England youth sides then I'm sure they'll be fine after this.
  6. He's been employed to get us out of the Championship (eventually) and develop our youth. No way has he been employed to lift the prestigious Carabao Cup. Also just to point out to the absolute wet lettuces who are throwing a wobbly, Forest have sent their reserves out too. It just so happens that their squad is a lot deeper than ours.
  7. lrm14

    Max Lowe

    Seemed to work fine for Norwich last season. Age doesn't matter if they're good enough, did we not learn that with Bogle last year? Fans on here bang on all the time about bringing through players from the academy, yet for some odd reason with Lowe people are willing to bin him off immediately. People were seriously suggesting to start the season with Knight and Sibley as cover for midfield when they've not got a single senior appearance between them, meanwhile we've got Lowe coming back from a full season of football where he received rave reviews but we should accept the first offer for him. Let's give him a chance to prove himself before immediately dismissing him as not good enough based on performances he made BEFORE his loan, especially when he's looked sharp in preseason. Also it's not as if Malone has proven himself to be an absolute stalwart at left-back, just a steady player at this level. In fact I seem to remember Forsyth being first choice until his injury finished his season so I'm not sure why people think Malone is a nailed on starter. I'd much rather give Lowe a chance to see if he's got what it takes for the number 1 spot because we don't even know if Forsyth will be the same player when he comes back.
  8. lrm14

    Max Lowe

    Or maybe we can play around their strengths while we work on their weaknesses, rather than selling them off at the first opportunity because they're not quite the finished product yet. I wonder if Norwich are regretting their decision from last year to go into the season with two defensively suspect but very young fullbacks in Jamal Lewis and Max Aarons.
  9. I think I'd given Evans the nod purely over the fact that he's looked so strong in preseason and that Bristol City game is still relatively fresh in my mind.
  10. It'll be interesting to see how he does at Luton because while some of our Butterfield revisionists have pointed out that he was good for Huddersfield and Barnsley, they're neglecting the fact that he was absolutely dreadful for Sheff Wednesday and Bradford. I hope he can get his career back on track but personally I don't think we'll be missing his surly attitude on and off the pitch.
  11. I'm not too fussed about the result today, it's a preseason game and they're miles ahead of us in terms of preparation due to the Europa League qualifiers. Impressed with Roos and the Keogh/Evans combination, they were the standout players on our side. We're in desperate need for at least a winger and a midfielder though, more the former than the latter. If we go into the season with just Jozefzoon as our our only true right winger then we could really struggle to score down the road.
  12. I wouldn't go that far. They're just a decent side who are miles ahead in terms of preparation, their season has already started in the Europa League.
  13. lrm14

    Andy King

    Can't have seen many games in those 45 years then if he's one of the worst players you've ever seen.
  14. lrm14

    Andy King

    Probably because he's younger than Bryson and by loaning someone like King you're getting a quality player for now while not blocking the pathway for youngsters in the future. We also lost a good number of experienced players with Bryson, Johnson, Cole and Nugent leaving at the end of last season so another experienced head would be good to have not just on the pitch but in the dressing room. The way I see something like this is if he gets back to his best we've got one of the best midfielders in the division, if he doesn't he can still do a job and his presence will hopefully help out the likes of Sibley and Knight improve their game. Could still be rubbish but if it is true, I wouldn't see it as a bad signing.
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