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  1. Championship squads cost to assemble

    I think they're counting Jota as a loan even though he's agreed to sign permanently already.
  2. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions (Take 2)

    2-1 Lawrence
  3. We can do cardiff

    Didn't look very good at all against Forest, amazed they came away with the win. If they made the shower of **** in red look good then they're definitely beatable. Considering they don't have Traore either I think we'll get something provided we go with 3 at the back.
  4. v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    And then you snap out of it just in time to see Assombalonga jog over to the away fans and do a little dance for his hat-trick.
  5. Mel Mendes

    Diogo Jota was on loan too but they made it permanent in January, which transfermarkt have the fee down as around 14 million euros. As a club they've actually spent a hell of a lot more than I thought, there's no way we match their spending power after the transfer shambles we've had in the past couple of seasons.
  6. Do we sack Rowett or does Chairman Mel walk

    Which wouldn't have been a problem if Martin's replacement was decent. The trouble is Jerome can't pass, cross, shoot, dribble or do anything technically, he's just big and reasonably quick. Swapping those two was a terrible mistake.
  7. Burton Albion v Derby County

    Losing to a side that hasn't won in 17 games at their stadium. Sounds about right.
  8. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    We absolutely should have been in for him because he's a tremendous talent. We wanted him here, Everton wanted him here but nobody expected one of the best teams in Germany to be after him on loan and turn his head. I do think a lot of the times we've been rejected by loan signings this season has been down to footballing styles though. Ojo for example is good enough to be a starting winger for us, yet he'd much rather prefer sitting in the bench for Fulham and playing a bit part. Admittedly he is closer to home with Fulham but that didn't stop him from going to Wolves the season before. We don't attack so it's not really surprising we've been rejected from a fair few attacking loan players.
  9. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    As much as I agree with you regarding the first point here, GR wasn't at fault for the Lookman fiasco. Lookman wanted to go to Germany and outright refused to move within England. Not that I blame him, Leipzig are much better than even Everton, he's gone up in the club ladder with that loan.
  10. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    Might be a good problem in that case. I hear people rave about our u23s so I'd love to see them given a go.
  11. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    I like to think that if he's still here in the summer he'll be signing younger players or will bring a lot more of the u23s through. It might be wishful thinking, admittedly his January dealings have left me very skeptical.
  12. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    His football is boring, he's been inconsistent in the transfer market and his subs are usually far too late. He's the antithesis of a certain balding brolly holder we had recently that managed to give us some of the best times we've had in the past 15 to 20 years, so naturally some fans are going to kick back against him. That being said I still don't believe he's fully built the squad he wants to have, especially when we consider the lack of energy and pace we have in the side, the hallmark traits of his coaching style. We've made some poor signings over the past couple of seasons that have completely unbalanced the squad and we need a bit of stability to sort it out. We also need to stop the manager merry-go-round and preferably keep one for more than a full season, that might stop the majority of the football league from laughing at us.
  13. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    Can we make a sub please? We're so much slower than every side in the league in this department, it's a really big weakness of Rowett.
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    If we stop hesitating on the break and start taking more risks with quicker passes I can see us nicking a goal. Aside from the goal we've defended fairly well.

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