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  1. lrm14

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Imagine knowing so little about football that this is your opinion. Wow.
  2. lrm14

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Because he'll have a couple of bad games a season, during which people like you jump down his throat and completely ignore the great performances he puts in during the rest of the season. If he was as bad as you made out he wouldn't have been in the team of the year a few seasons ago, he wouldn't be an international and he wouldn't be consistently picked ahead of other center backs at the club by many different managers. Granted, I thought he was poor the other day and if Davies is fit I'd play him and Tomori next game. However that doesn't make him a poo player by any stretch of the imagination, I just think Tomori had a blinder and needs to be rewarded after such a performance.
  3. lrm14

    Best of luck Gary x

    I agree we had a decent go this season and he could have got us up, but I'm not sure how he's behaved deserves any positivity. If he'd have left to Stoke in January he'd be looking in the back of the paper right now for a new job because he'd have 100% took them down. Their squad is ancient even by our standards, vastly overpaid for the ability and there was a huge amount of toxicity at the club with the best players like Shaqiri essentially saying everyone was *****. It would have been a huge risk to go there in January and he knew it. Now he's going to be there in a weaker league with a massive budget, it's a much better and safer time for him to go now. The only praise he deserves for staying in January is that he has a fully functioning brain because that job was a death warrant. What annoys me the most about his departure is he's made people like me look like a complete *******, and I don't need any help in doing that. People like me defended his dismantling of our sides attacking and technical players for the argument of stability, which the club is still crying out for. We've sat through some utter ***** this season like Birmingham at home, Sunderland at home, Reading at home and Burton away and I've still come away from it thinking 'no matter, we need the stability' (although Burton did have me on the ropes). We spiked up in form at the end of the season, lost to a fantastic Fulham side and I thought we would finally be rewarded in the coming season for our patience in the last one. I genuinely feel we were a summer away from reaping the rewards of what he was planning on building, but no, he jumps ship at the first opportunity for Stoke of all teams. I'm bitterly disappointed in how he's left and think it tells us a lot about the man when a couple of months ago he was talking about us being 'the only job he's wanted' and how 'getting us into the prem is his main goal'. So no, I won't be wishing him well in the slightest and I hope he has a disastrous time at Stoke, preferably getting relegated but just his sacking will do. On a side note, it really makes me think how much investment he's asked for from Mel. With us he's signed Davies, Jerome, Huddlestone, Wisdom, Ledley and Lawrence while bringing in some quality on loan like Winnall and Palmer, which has been a pretty damn good backing if you ask me. I don't believe for a second that Mel has come in and told him he has nothing to spend, worst case scenario I can imagine him saying one in one out. I personally feel he was going to have another summer of going after highly paid established players like he's done in the past few windows, which again goes exactly against his 'young and hungry players' ethos. Edit - Not having a dig at you Parsnip, apologies if it comes across that way.
  4. lrm14

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    No it's a bit of both. We were ravaged by injuries for large parts of the season but even when we got basically our full squad towards the end of the season we were still getting thumped by the likes Reading. We fell away due to injuries and we didn't recover due to mentality. Regardless I'll be holding Mac in much higher regard than Rowett if he does leave. The allure of Newcastle in the division above is much more understandable than Stoke in the same division.
  5. lrm14

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Yeah mate, very believable. Just like when he said that the Newcastle links had absolutely no effect on our playoff bid that season which everyone knows is complete rubbish. I was a big fan of the man while he was here during both times but those Newcastle links and the way he handled them killed us off that season. I wouldn't believe everything you read in the news. Prime example being how Rowett was spouting rubbish about his long-term commitment to the club earlier in the season and is now looking to be the first one out the door.
  6. lrm14

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    But he didn't commit to Derby did he? He didn't deny it and ended up there immediately after he was sacked, so let's not pretend that he conducted himself brilliantly towards the end of that season. That sad I'll be very disappointed if Rowett leaves. Just as we seem to be turning a corner towards stable management at this club he goes and pulls this *****. If he goes he'll get a horrific reception when he comes back.
  7. lrm14

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    They were supposed to add that but pretty much every one was signed primarily for other reasons. Shackell was the Bucko replacement, Baird was the Eustace replacement, Warnock was because we only had 1 LB at the club, Carson was because we only had Grant for GK (who had dropped loads of ******** and Mitchell was too young) and Johnson was a panic buy once Hughes and Bryson were ruled out for most of the season. Bar Carson, none of those have been as successful as the experience we brought in this season. Davies and Huddlestone have been immense for us, Ledley was a vital part of our crazy run earlier in the season and although Jerome was awful in his early games, he came up massive at the end of the season to push us into the playoffs. It's funny how people berate Rowett for his transfers on this board when actually his signings have been pretty good. It's the dregs from previous regimes that have been causing the problems and stand out as the weak links.
  8. lrm14

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Because for the past few seasons one of the biggest reasons of us missing out of promotion was our supposed 'lack of experience' which led to us collapsing on a few occasions. We nearly did the same this season but we steadied the ship, something previous squads have failed to do. I also thought the idea was to bring in experience then use that experience to help the youth players seeing as we've known our budget constraints for a while now. On a side note Ledley was a panic signing due to the Kieftenbeld fiasco so I'm not sure he's in the same group as those players. He's done well for us but he clearly wasn't Rowett's choice during the transfer window, it was just fortunate that he was out of contract at a time we desperately needed a CM.
  9. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    I'm not entirely convinced Bryson could have changed a lot. When he played for Cardiff he was usually in a 3 man midfield, like he was with us. I don't believe he's good enough defensively to sit in the two man midfield we play and especially next to the relatively immobile Hudd, we need someone who can actually tackle. That's why he settled for Johnson in the end and kept trying him throughout the season, you can never really question Johnson's desire to fight on the pitch. Wasn't Palmer injured for most of his say? I thought I read that somewhere.
  10. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Obviously not paid much attention have you. 😀
  11. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    In a lot of their games against the big four, they had around 30% possession. But I do agree with what you're saying, there have been some dreadful games this season that have been boring. Maybe I'm being a bit idealistic but I'm certain that's not the way Rowett wants to play, I feel he wants something a lot more like the first leg against Fulham or the second half against Cardiff. I honestly believe he wants us to sit deep and break fast with lots of pace and skill, but there are still some holes that he hasn't been able to address which hinder such a plan and is perhaps another reason why I'm very forgiving for him. He's badly wanted energy in the center of the park all season, something which all good counter attacking sides have and he had a signing wrapped up in Kieftenbeld only to have it fall through. As a result we signed Ledley who did brilliantly for us, but is very obviously not the energetic midfielder Rowett wants or needs. We've also had left back issues again all season, with Forsyth seemingly forgetting how to defend every other game and Olsson being poor defensively. Bournemouth and Watford have both shown how it can be done with promotions playing very attractive football, but even they switched to a defensive style in the prem. Believe me when I say if I could choose how to go up, it would be playing how we did in 13/14 without hesitation. Unfortunately those players are gone and we've got a different bunch now, along with a different approach that we must stick with due to the terrible appointments in the past few years.
  12. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Yes because the shots on target stat really shows the countless breaks we had that were wasted due to poor balls in the final third.
  13. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Yeah we were battered then, whatever you say buddy. It's not about being blind to Rowett, it's about recognising that the constant turnover of managers with contrasting styles is slowly damaging this club in the long term. It's about realising that Rowett is going to be given next season and unless we're near the relegation zone by Christmas, he's going to stay and the stability that will bring will yield rewards in the long run. I don't see any point crying over footballing aesthetics or styles when it's not going to change, especially considering our manager has already improved on his performance last season.
  14. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    No, we weren't. If you honestly believe we were hammered then there's no point having this discussion. We are not those clubs no, but you were asserting that the style Rowett has opted for (counter attacking) is boring, archaic and won't be successful. Those examples, along with the absolutely massive list of clubs who employ similar tactics (such as Burnley, Bournemouth and Watford since their promotion) just show you're wrong and trying to needle Rowett. It's really depressing to read how negative some of you are in this place.
  15. lrm14

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    You thought the first leg against Fulham was boring? Really? Yeah, because no team has ever won anything with counter attacking football have they. Madrid winning the CL with it, Atletico winning the Europa league and La Liga with it, Leicester winning the PL with it, etc. etc. we imagined it all. You're right its a terrible strategy and will never be successful anywhere ever.

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