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  1. This might be the worst post I've ever seen on this forum. And that's really saying something.
  2. I was firmly in the 'anyone but Rooney' camp when Cocu left but the turn around he's managed over the past few games has been very impressive. If we keep it up tonight then I think even the most ardent anti-Rooney supporter would find it difficult to justify not giving him the job.
  3. Yeah you're right actually, Dykes did seem to have an edge on him. I guess I'm still stuck in the Rowett season where nobody managed to bully him.
  4. After CKR went off it really highlighted how poor our midfield is at the moment. We never seem capable of getting our foot on the ball for an extended period of time unless the other team quite literally sits in their half and lets us. On a seperate note, I thought it was pretty crazy how much Akinfenwa changed the game when he came on. I've never seen anyone bully Davies and Wisdom like that. I suppose the only reason I'm not too down after the result is that without Akinfenwa, who's a complete anomaly in this league, I'm fairly confident that we go on to win the game. The Cov game feels
  5. Dropping Sibley after how he played today would be absolutely insane.
  6. Oh right, I missed that sorry. Fair point. If Rooney does end up getting the job and starts the bounce infront of a completely empty south stand he'll immediately win me over.
  7. The difference between the two for me was that with Lampard, you felt that while we were a stepping stone to him he seemed to really care for the club while here. I don't get the same impression from Rooney but it's possible I'm misjudging him entirely.
  8. I'm fully behind the team, just like I'm fully behind anyone who wants the best for this club which is why I was fully behind Cocu right until he got sacked. It just doesn't sit easy with me that in the very first press conference after the previous manager leaves, Rooney thinks it's appropriate to have a slight pop while assuming none of the blame himself when he was very much a big part of the problem as club captain and part of the coaching staff. That doesn't mean I'm going to sit watching RamsTV on saturday and boo at my monitor whenever he comes on screen, however it does mean that I'm l
  9. Who's regressed under him? We're in terrible form, confidence is at rock bottom and we have no cohesion but I don't anyone has regressed under him other than Fozzy whose injuries seem to be catching up.
  10. I'm certain the same people hammering Cocu for not playing a high line and pressing in the 2nd half are the same people who would crucify him on here if we had gone for it and lost 3-1. A point away at Bournemouth, who basically have a prem level squad in the championship, is not a bad result no matter how frustrated you are with how the second half went.
  11. Enormous pressure that would be relieved if our decision making in the final third wasn't so horrific whenever we counter-attack.
  12. Rooney could hardly run when he came off and was offering zero defensively. MTW was having massive issues whenever Danjuma got past Bryne and Clarke bailed him out on multiple occasions. Would have preferred Lawrence off instead of Waghorn but the point Waghorn being our 'striker' is redundant considering he played most of the game on RW and with how fluid our front 3 is.
  13. Subs were absolutely correct. The MTW and Sibley ones were just a bit too late.
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