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  1. What are you on about? We went from 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses pre-Redknapp (which included the delightful MK Dons and Rotherham games), to 5 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses (the draws being against promotion contenders Sheff Weds + Brighton, along with Ipswich being a loss in that dead rubber game). That's a demonstrable improvement and while Wassall did improve as time went on, it seems a little silly to dismiss any impact from Redknapp when we were significantly better once he joined. I wouldn't be objected to Wassall coming back provided he had an experienced backroom staff with him. Though it would scream a lack of ambition for the coming season and it would also take him away from his role at the academy where he's been stellar.
  2. Personally, I think it's taking so long because neither Lampard nor the Chelsea board wanted this outcome right now. I think Lamps might know its a little too early for him but he's finding it really hard to turn down the Chelsea job, while the Chelsea board didn't have Lampard as their number one choice, don't quite think he's ready and are sort of being forced into it through a lack of options and fan pressure. If both sides were as keen on the deal as the media has been making out, it would have been before the door had even finished closing on Sarri and we're relatively powerless to stop it happening. That's not to say I think he's staying, I'm 50/50 at the moment. I do however think the longer it goes on, the less likely he is to leave.
  3. I'd rather we kept him in the academy where he's been working wonders for us. Seems like an unecessary risk to take, especially when we've seen what he can do in his previous spell and it wasn't very impressive.
  4. If you go by the metric of all-time points won in the top flight, we're about 16th so your tiering is about right. There's obviously a lot of other factors but that's about as good as it gets statistically when it comes to these sorts of discussions.
  5. Why are you so desperate to be right about him leaving? Do you want him gone or something?
  6. Elsnick hasn't really impressed anywhere he's been so it doesn't look like he's good enough. I'd be sad about Luke Thomas but again if we're letting him go he might not quite cut the mustard and a million is a pretty decent fee. With regards to Delap there's very little we can do because he'll be on a youth contract, so it's not really the clubs fault. We'll just have to hope the tribunal get us a good fee for him. Also I'd say the crown jewels with regards to youth are Bogle and some of key members of our u18 squad like Sibley and Whittaker.
  7. Solskjaer had about 10 years managerial experience prior to the Utd job and has actually won stuff while in charge. Even then the board are getting criticised for hiring him purely because of that mad run they went on and had they waited until the end of the season it's likely that he would have been turned down. Solskjaer was way more qualified than Lamps.
  8. You honestly believe Tomori, Mount and Wilson were all Premier League quality players when we signed them? I don't doubt they're at that level now but to say that they were at the start of the season is crazy.
  9. Mount came in with a hype train behind him but the likes of Abraham, Mings and Gayle were all loanees that were proven at this level and basically already lower Prem quality. Not saying you're a Lampard hater, I just disagree with the notion that our loanees were better than any other top 6 club's, we just relied on them a lot more due to a weaker squad.
  10. Yeah like Tyrone, Mings, Axel Tuanzebe and Tammy Abraham 😘
  11. lrm14

    Jayden Bogle

    £10m for a player of Bogles talent and age is a joke offer in todays market. Especially from a Premier League club who was willing to spend a combined £30m+ on Jahanbakhsh and Locadia, two of the worst attacking players the division has seen since Craig Fagan and Gary Teale were knocking about.
  12. I always figured that decision was because we were previously playing well with Waghorn holding the ball up, Nugent is usually better at holding the ball up than Marriott so FL wanted him as a like for like replacement. He kinda forgot Nuge isn't half the player he was and as a result Cooper had him in his pocket seemingly without breaking a sweat. I guess it was more to do with Marriott's fitness too. But it was moving away from 4-3-3 in the second leg that really allowed Marriott to shine. I'd love to see us use that 4-4-2 diamond more next season with Waghorn and Marriott up top, that could be lethal.
  13. This article has a quote from Lampard suggesting it's an issue with his fitness levels above anything else. It was probably the same reason Waghorn didn't start too considering he had just come back from injury,
  14. We’re shockingly bad at defending corners.
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