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  1. Very satisfying to see Stoke listed there with the lesser teams.
  2. lrm14


    Yeah terrible managers make terrible purchases, Clement has been poor everywhere since us and Pearson is one appointment away from getting sectioned. I just don't agree with selling Bogle at this point, especially for £8m + a Vydra loan like you suggested because the last thing we need is another poacher. Good fullbacks are really important for getting out of the championship; I can't name a single team that's gone up with poor fullbacks and the consistent ones are particularly difficult for a championship club to find. We've got an academy prospect who has outperformed a 25 year old Andre Wisdom for the majority of this season and could very much be a key part in our future. Even if we ignore the long term security he could provide us at right back, people are forgetting that we'd be selling him in January which is an awful time to bring players in. Prices go up because clubs don't want to part with players halfway through the season and clubs will know we have a nice big bag of Bogle money lying around and charge us a premium for anyone we go after. Personally I'd wait until the summer and if they're still interested, think about it seriously then.
  3. lrm14


    Sorry but I'm very glad you're not making decisions at the club if you'd snap their hands off for that.
  4. I agree with what you say about powerful opponents being a massive problem for us. I've felt for most of this season the spine of this team falls apart in games against any team with a strong midfield. It's happened against Leeds twice, against Villa at home and to a lesser degree against Boro recently. Unless you're miles better than the opposition, you can't get away with playing two players of Bryson and Mounts stature in the center of the park in a big away game, you're asking to get bullied. Another thing that's been bothering me this season is how in a lot of games our midfields shape will just disappear completely and unless Huddlestone is on the pitch and having a blinder, we rarely control games anymore. Today was a perfect contrast between the sides, with us playing kick and rush for the entirety of the first half while leeds would just calmy pass forward from the back and contain us. I'm not sure if Leeds even lumped it once to Roofe whereas we spent the majority of the game smashing it in Marriott's general direction only to watch him lose the resulting battle with their two giants at the back. Whether we solve this through signing a midfielder, changing the personnel in midfield or by adjusting our shape, I don't know. I feel it's paramount we do something to work on our transition from back to front because it's our biggest weakness at the moment. Well that and our cursed left-back position. Still can't be too upset, Leeds are a good side and as much as I despise them I think they'll end up in the automatics. We're also finished with the rest of the current top 6 until West Brom in the last game of the season, so that's definitely a positive.
  5. Couple of my housemates at uni were Cov fans and they absolutely love him, both for his work ethic and quality. A full season of regular football will do wonders for his development, in a similar vein to Wilson and Mount for us. A recall would have been a really bad move so happy days.
  6. lrm14

    Little Duane

    Yeah I thought the same but the Villa game really put me off the idea of him the center, we were far too lightweight in the middle of the park against them. Either way, if he plays with the desire that he's shown in other games off the bench and in particular today, he'll become a fan favourite very quickly. Deserves a start in either the cup or against Leeds for me.
  7. lrm14

    Little Duane

    Thought he was brilliant today, really impressed me. I remember when we signed him and I thought 'never heard of him, we have enough wingers, whats the point' but he's really impressed me and I want to see more of him. Hopefully he starts the next game where he was today on the left. We really lack a winger who's first thought when he gets the ball is to run at the fullback and he showed today he can do that very well.
  8. lrm14

    V Sheffield United (a) match day thread

    Agree with a lot of it but aren't you being too harsh on Wisdom there? He was playing out of position with almost 0 protection from Jozefzoon against a team that really likes to double up against fullbacks. I don't recall much getting through his side either so to give him a 3 considering all those factors seems really unfair, especially when you give Bogle a 6 when one of the goals came from a cross on his side.
  9. lrm14

    V Bristol City (h) match day thread

    I really want to see Evans squeeze his way into the line-up if possible. We're so vulnerable and lightweight in midfield aside from Huddlestone who doesn't really have the positional sense or mobility of a true defensive midfielder. Maybe a combination of Evans and Huddlestone could offer some more protection and allow Mount and Wilson to be more of a threat further up the pitch. I'd rather not see another situation late on like today where we lose the midfield battle (like Villa and to a lesser degree, Forest) and end up letting them through for chance after chance. Still it was poor today but at least we picked up a point.
  10. He was poor for both of the goals but he's bailed us out multple times in the past so he's due a few. I'm more concerned with how easy it was for them to break through our defence with 10 men.
  11. lrm14

    Stoke fans

    Had a glance at their forums to see if I could find any and now I really wish you could unsee things.
  12. lrm14

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    Probably because the debate is centered around the difference between the Prem and the Championship, the Eredivisie doesn't come into it at all.
  13. lrm14

    Derby County Shirts Wanted

    Only have a couple of shirts (the oldest being when EDS was the sponsor) but if you're after programmes we've got a large collection of mainly away programmes we're looking to shift. If you're interested in any give us a PM.
  14. lrm14

    Craig Forsyth

    Oh right, didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. lrm14

    Craig Forsyth

    If Lowe doesn't have a recall option in his loan deal then I wonder if we'll chase that Ampadu again. Any idea on the limit for the number of loans we're allowed?

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