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  1. Shinnie should be left back would offer us alot
  2. I agree with him about bogle but i dont blame bogle I think he's being told to sit deeper instead of pushing on which doesn't suit bogle as he can't defend!
  3. Yes i agree I'm not saying that, I'm just saying roos and Hamer are equal on about everything but roos is a better shot stopper so that's why I think roos should be in goal. They both crap at commanding and this is why we need a new keeper! How people say they don't want hart as he not a footballing keeper is beyond me i prefer to get a keeper who can do the basics first and sort out us defensively
  4. Not really because they would of been pushing anyway to score and yes abit of pressure not as much as after there goal went in, there goal made them totally in control and force cocu to try and change something
  5. Because the game completely turned on its head we were still in control and when they scored the game turned! And put us under pressure
  6. He makes alot of mistakes tho its every game, fair enough if it's every now and again but it's litually every game it's killing our goal difference we would of won 3 or 4-0 yesterday if it wasnt for that mistake and our goal difference would be looking more healthy for us!
  7. How you think hamer had a decent game against millwall, is beyond me he never looks like he's going to get the ball on crosses and ino he probably been told to pass it out but millwall know what we we're doing and he was putting us in massive danger! Absolutely shocking goal keeping he needs to take more control!
  8. Don't see how he's better then roos he's about equal on everything apart from shot stopping and roos is better at that! The only time roos makes mistakes is trying to command his area and he only did that cos people started to get o. His back!
  9. By sounds of things he wants first team football so that's Championship or MLS
  10. Good keeper don't get me wrong no better than joe hart yet he's on a free? Why pay more then you have too and i think harts younger not 100%like
  11. No but think roos would of stayed on his line if he wasn't comfortable coming out! But there's no1 around him so a free catch roos would of caught it! unlike when there's No pressure and still messes up! Neither are good enough and alot of you's talking about him on a permanent deal?! No thanks
  12. Hamer is bank! Said it last week we definitely need a new keeper
  13. I wouldnt say he had a good game I just feel a mistake is always going to happen he makes me so nervous he doesn't command his area at all definitely the place we have to fill! Be happy with him as 2nd keeper but I dont think he's any better than roos I'd say there on par yet roos is a better shot stopper
  14. Sunday mirror Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp is leading a consortium of football superstars including Phillip Cocu, Dirk Kuyt, Ronald Koeman and Henrik Larsson aiming to buy a Premier League club. Wonder how much this is true and if they would consider a championship club Maybe us with cocu being here and mel looking for investors
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