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  1. Well if he signs in january we see what tour saying at the end of the season hes real class and you dont get teams like psg wanting to sign someone for no reason if we sign him il say it now we will get promoted next season!
  2. He is a really good player iv watched a few games from when rooney signed for us hes better the johnny Russell and i loved johnny Russell when he was here hes like Georgi Kinkladze but with more pace
  3. Be the best free transfer ever in our clubs history
  4. I agree but everybody's making out they play like Barcelona only because they have that winning mentality doesnt make them a good side! Cocu will get us winning the proformances are coming now it wilnt be long till the results start coming! Look at the start of last season it took a while for lampard to get going and people was slaging him and and questioning him and look where we ended up!
  5. We were winning matches under rowett and people were moaning about the football, theres a difference in winning and playing well!
  6. How forest fans are enjoying there football is beyond me they are βœŠβ˜„οΈonly coz there winning games! They will die off give there manager this season coz there happy 10 games into next he will be sacked they will miss the playoffs! I think we are in a much better situation under cocu, in cocu i trust even if all the fan base dont! We will be the norwich next year disappointing season this season even tho i think we will be close to the playoffs but we storm the league next season if we keep cocu
  7. Forest 0 - 3 super rams fgs marriott
  8. Its so hard for the first team knight should be in there yet sibley last night as well should be in there we have so much class its impossible for them all to be in there bielik 21, holmes 24, shinnie 28 sibley 18, knight 18, brown 18 bird 19 some competition their, for 3 midfield places
  9. I said u19 there all older then 16 as well im fine πŸ€­πŸ˜‚
  10. Looked class when he came on very impressive
  11. Our academy gets me so excited ub 19and u23 are both class have so much faith for the future! Thank you mel morris your a god! 🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏
  12. I like shinnie i think hes on par with bryso i just think if he was in the same squad as bryso in his peak theres a difference in the team compared to now! Litually 4 best midfielders we had in years thorne bryso hendrick and hughes you pick your 3 in midfield i wouldnt like too
  13. He was a fantastic football, give him time and could be a fantastic manager with lots of tactics but most of all, hes fantastic with words which makes you trust him and believe in him πŸ’– i believe in cocu πŸ’― lets stick with him im sure we will end up in promise land but to start with lets go there on Saturday and smash the scum come on you 🐏
  14. I hope shinnie can be our new bryson in these games! I can really see shinnie get pumped for this game like bryso used too! COME ON YOU RAMS lets smash them (unts in the deforestation part 2
  15. Defo needs first team football but i would like to keep him here as hes seems to be improving every week i dont know if thats coz hes training with our first team. It cant be long till he get a real chance for us, i think if shinnie or holmes would get injured it would have to be sibley to come in 100% unless its after January and rooneys here but think all the youngsters will learn alot from rooney and cocu
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