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  1. Many of us should take a hard look at Dowell being in their team and killing it, and question just how quick we are to judge players based on their immediate performances for us, over longer term potential.
  2. Was random and dangerous to get rid of Evans... But I guess it was down to the wages needing to be paid.
  3. All of them. They won't be massively in demand, if we're honest.
  4. Recruitment is all. Ours has been shocking.
  5. Cos Rooney has loads of options. Positively swamped with quality attacking midfielders.
  6. Bird is a squad player, there to make up the numbers, bum in a white shirt.
  7. I got that weird msg, was temporary tho. Some Dev has put a bug out.
  8. Agree with all the sentiments of foreboding. Can't see anything but a loss.
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