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  1. We've got to build the team around JHI or Stretton up front, there's no other way. Waghorn has proved he can't do the no 9 role. I know it's adding another kid, which comes with its own risk, but it's the definition of insanity to stay as we are.
  2. We look better today, but the team selection cost us. We need something different up front, not the same old.
  3. Got to take a gamble on an academy striker going forward. Waghorn is shot of all confidence.
  4. Sibbo warming up... please take a more proactive approach to substitutions. Subs win games!
  5. At least Cocu isn't here to do a mystifyingly defensive sub.
  6. It's not coming off for Lawrence - he's trying to force it. Least he's trying though.
  7. Just read all the the comments.. not a very optimistic outlook! The big worry I have is the midfield pairing, that they won't close down and earn us the right to play. We will have to score 2 or 3 to stand a chance today.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if Rooney resigned... He must be thinking what's the point of carrying on.
  9. Can't do much worse can we. The radical move is to ditch Rooney, get the rest playing together as a team.
  10. Sibley has such a nice touch and vision. It's just so disappointing when you consider the end of last season, Sibley, Whitaker and Marriott looking like a decent offering. All three have been deemed surplus to requirements for the most part.
  11. Was a masterplan getting rid of Marriott 😁
  12. Sibley is coming on and given more than 10 mins. Had mentally ruled that out as a possibility.
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