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Who hates DCFC???

Jimbo Ram

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4 minutes ago, Jimbo Ram said:

From comments I take it as being:

1) EFL

2) SKY

3) Daily Mirror

4) Daily Fail

Am I missing anything else....please feel free to add just so I am clear......and the reason why they hate us if you like.....

It's all BS

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Don Goodman, don’t know why but when ever he commentates on us he slates us (even if we are winning, if I can remember those days correctly)  

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The referee in the Juventus European Cup Semi Final didn’t like us much. .


Particularly when Haller returned to the officials’ quarters at half-time, prompting Taylor to take action. ‘I hurried after them, trying to overhear and saying ‘I speak German, gentlemen. Do you mind if I listen?’ he wrote in his memoir ‘With Clough, By Taylor’. Of course Taylor spoke no German at all, and in response to his request Haller elbowed Taylor in the ribs, leaving him gasping for air in the corridors of the Stadio Comunale Vittorio Pozzo. ‘Haller…barked something that brought a squad of heavies into action. They shoved me against a wall and kept me there. I didn’t know who they were, except that some were uniformed, and possibly club stewards, and others looked like plain clothes police. I didn’t know what was going on; my only thought was ‘Let me get into that ref’s room because I’ve rumbled them.’


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This thread is embarrassing. Poor old Derby County everybody hates us!

Sky have been plenty good enough over the last few years - showing more of our games than many other teams in the Champ.

EFL have not docked us points (yet).

I don't care about the tabloids - they write crap about anyone. 

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