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  1. Worth a read... http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sam-winnall-watch-how-sheffield-wednesday-s-new-striker-performed-on-his-owls-debut-1-8335512
  2. Hillsborough - Six Charged

    Perhaps a reprise of "The Truth" would be appropriate, since it actually would be this time.
  3. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Who said anything about hating Ince? Never met the bloke. It's based on watching him every home match for the last two seasons. So based on direct observations - the absolute opposite of 'pre-conceived ideas'. My pre-conceived idea when he signed was that he would be a top player at this level, based on what he'd done at Blackpool, and I was delighted when we signed him permanently. It's the evidence of watching him play that has led to the conclusion that I'd be happy to see him go.
  4. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    I'm probably in a pretty small minority here but personally I'd be more than happy to see Ince go. He's undoubtedly got a lot of talent but he's just not the kind of 'team player' Rowett's system requires. For example, if he PERSONALLY loses the ball he tracks back like mad, determined to try and win it back but if someone else gives away the ball he often doesn't bother. In other words it's all about him! His decision making with the ball is similarly self-centred. He freqeuuently shoots from absurd positions when he has little or no chance of scoring with team-mates in far better positions. To compound this, he also sometimes decides to try and pass for no apparent reason when he actually IS in a good shooting position. Weimman, Russell and Anya are all hard-working team players who will fit with Rowett's team ethic much more than Ince ever will. Hopefully we can use the money we get for him to strengthen further in the wide positions. Sell sell sell...
  5. Finsbury Park Mosque Incident

    Maybe the underlying problem is not religion itself but hard-right ultra-conservatism? I doubt the perpetrator of this latest atrocity is any more religious than Thomas Mair was. ISIS are effectively ultra-conservative hard-right Muslims. They're no more representative of the vast majority of Muslims than the DLF were/are representative of the vast majority of Derby fans. Perhaps religious belief makes it more likely that an individual will hold hard-right, ultra-conservative views but it's a tiny minority that do and they're certainly not one and the same thing. See for example the attached I came across recently... https://public.tableau.com/profile/neil.richards#!/vizhome/MuslimPopulation/Dashboard1 What's needed is for liberal, tolerant, pluralistic people in ALL communities to work together across community boundaries to defeat this. The alternative is a continuing spiral of senseless killings...
  6. Nigel Clough Sacking

    Good points Ronnie. What most fans don't seem to get about Clough, or any other manager for that matter, is the CONTEXT in which they're operating - they just look at results and league position. I went to a meeting at Pride Park with Ton Glick when Clough was manager. I was expecting to be underwhelmed but Glick was actually pretty impressive and surprisingly open and honest. It was made pretty clear by Glick that Clough was working under such severe financial constraints that he'd more or less "got one hand tied behind his back". This was simply because (in Glick's words), there wasn't a viable business model for football clubs in the Championship. People forget but this was at the time when we desperately needed a new striker but couldn't afford to buy a decent one e.g. we were unable to compete with Huddersfield for James Vaughan and were continuously linked with, but never signed, Bill Sharpe. Glick said we'd need another 10,000 on the gate to finance a new striker of that calibre. Clough somehow managed to halve the wage bill whilst improving our league position year-on-year and subsequently even managed to solve the striker problem by pulling off the masterstroke of signing Chris Martin on a free. We'll never know now whether Clough would have eventually succeeded in getting us promoted but given the financial constraints he was working under, IMHO he should have at least given him until the end of the season in which he was sacked, given that he'd finally managed to somehow piece together a squad capable of challenging for the play-offs (as McClaren proved that same season). He'd earned that. As for Rush, I also went to a similar Q&A event with him before Clough was sacked. He seemed to know very little about football (not even in relation to it's business model aspects) and seemed completely incapable of giving a straight answer to a simple question. Not long after that he sacked Clough, and stated that one of the reasons for this decision was the need to improve player recruitment. Given the financial constraints Clough was operating under and the fact that he'd nevertheless managed to acquire Chris Martin, Craig Bryson, Richard Keogh, Craig Forsyth, Jamie Ward, Johhny Russell, Jake Buxton and John Brayford I felt Rush's comments where incredibly unfair and have been looking forward to the day he left the club ever since. Good riddance Sam.

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