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  1. Steele says it pretty regularly to be honest. Like I say though, he's an excellent analyst and generally very articulate - just something he's got mixed up. Pity it happens to be something with such unfortunate connotations🙃
  2. Long time ago. May have only been on an occasional basis. Before Rowett, who was also pretty good, did it I think.
  3. I think he said Chorley "used their nonce to win the game" which sounds even worse, especially considering the age of some of our players🤦🏻 Steele is the best ex-player analyst they've ever had on Radio Derby (with the possible exception of Wassall) but someone really needs to gently explain to him the difference between the words 'nonce' and 'nous', which is presumably what he means!
  4. Group session. There were about 10 to 15 of us in a wooden panelled room. Glick was excellent - very supportive of Clough. Said Clough was involved at every level of the club including persuading promising players to sign for our academy rather than Forest's and never stopped working. Think it was the season before Clough was sacked. There's no was Clough would have been sacked if Glick hadn't gone to Man City.
  5. Yes I went to Pride Park for a meeting with Tom Glick once. He was actually very impressive but said we needed another 10,000 on the gate to enable us to sign the centre forward we desperately needed at the time. Clough was unable to get the funds for any of his main targets because we couldn't complete financially. For example, James Vaughan went to Huddersfield instead when we were trying to sign him.
  6. Is the comparison with GSE meant to be reassuring? 'cos we had a bottom 6 budget (according to Johnny Metgod) throughout most of their tenure. Starting to hope this doesn't happen...
  7. Agree 100%. To let this happen now when we've just turned the corner on the pitch is a complete dereliction of duty by the current ownership structure. Could easily damage morale to the extent that it affects results, which increases the risk that whoever owns the club owns a League One club for the 21/22 season. Whatever last minute logistical issues have arisen (and personally I'll only be convinced it's happening when it's a done deal), arrangements should have been in place to ensure the players got paid regardless. A bridging loan for example. Given the history of this takeover so far, fu
  8. That's partly because of our work rate though. It's phenomenal. I didn't want Rooney but the improvement is undeniable. That said we're playing very much like a typical McClaren side so it's somewhat difficult to know exactly how to apportion the credit!
  9. A very very sad read. I don't think George is understating the case for what might have been at all - he really was that exceptional. Wouldn't it be great if the first post-Covid full capacity match at Pride Park was a pre-season friendly testimonial for George? Maybe against Man United or Everton, if Rooney is going to be the manager on a permanent basis...
  10. Agree actually - he needs too many chances per goal. But still scored 2 more than Lawrence last season and 2 more than him this season.
  11. Nah. Lawrence has more technical ability but only delivers an end product one game in ten and is largely anonymous for the other nine. Waghorn never stops working, tracks back to help out in defence and makes life difficult for opposing defenders. Lawrence is one of those players who will always be just on the verge of being a really good player but will never quite get there. Waghorn every time, despite today's over exuberance!
  12. The effects of the vaccine on transmission aren't yet known but as asymptomatic people on average infect far fewer people than symptomatic people there's good reason to be optimistic about the vaccine reducing transmission too🤞🏻
  13. That's a retrospective fish take though http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/funny_old_game/5064480.stm
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