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  1. This is all that comes up https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/11/28/richard-keoghs-appeal-against-sacking-rejected-Derby/ "Richard Keogh's appeal against sacking rejected by Derby" It's behind a paywall but there's a similar article in the Mirror which states. "He is now expected to appeal further with assistance from the English Football League and PFA. Failing that Keogh also has the option of launching an employment tribunal." So the Employment Tribunal is presented as the option of last resort. Seems reasonable on basis to conclude it didn't happen in t
  2. Got a link for that? Cos I don't remember that at all personally. I do remember he lost his internal appeal within the club which wasn't exactly surprising...
  3. If he has profited from it, it's only because we sacked him!
  4. This is why personally I'm absolutely delighted Keogh has won the case. Because the disproportionately negative and unfair reaction to him is still largely based on ridiculous scapegoating from fans who just needed someone, anyone, to blame for spoiling their big day out 7 years ago.
  5. The EFL’s Player Related Dispute Commission. As per "Richard Keogh awarded £2.3m in breach of contract case against Derby" https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/11/richard-keogh-awarded-more-than-2m-in-breach-of-contract-case-against-Derby?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  6. For that comparison to have any meaning you'd have to put Davies in Keogh's position, and Keogh's in Davies's. The two situations are not remotely comparable but no-one was more committed than Keogh on the pitch. He'd have probably done the same thing Davies did. Would Davies have take the same course of action Keogh did in an equivalent situation? Probably. He'd certainly have been received similar advice from his agent, the PFA and his legal team. How many people, when it came down to it, would voluntarily accept a massive wage reduction that, as has now been proven, was being imposed u
  7. Honoured the contractual obligation they had to Keogh and have now been proven to have breached perhaps?
  8. Whatever you want to say about Keogh in relation to the incident, in common with Davies, his committment to the cause was beyond question. He'd have almost certainly done exactly what Davies did in the same circumstances.
  9. Well he did play for them!
  10. This is exactly my concern too. Not sure whether this is joining the dots or 2+2=5 but this latest report in the context of the recent Collymore tweet that "we could go" and the subsequent Natalie Jackson report that staff at the club were "scared to death of what would happen next" is at the very least consistent with the possibility that Mel might feel he has no alternative but to put us into adminstration if the takeover doesn't go through before the wage bill after this one is due. I know he's said he'd continue to bankroll the club but as Sky Sports story indicates, given that he's clearl
  11. Agree 100%. I'm not part of the group organising the protest and won't be attending it either but it's completely legitimate for fans to be concerned about, and to be asking for clarification on, what's happening at our club at the moment. There are multiple sources suggesting the situation could be more serious than previously thought and we were originally given the impression the Alonso takeover (which personally I hope doesn't happen given the lack of clarity about the source of funding and who would be involved) would be taking place as earlier as the Monday after the initial press releas
  12. Well he kept Burton up. For one season at least
  13. Whoever said sarcasm was the lowest form of wit had forgotten about puns. That said, credit were it's due, that's a good one...
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