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  1. The face of football Gary Lineker has always trumpeted its merits and he’s not about to change his mind! I personally don’t like it, and it would stop me going to games.
  2. Don’t think Leeds or Forest have a good word to say about us. Why? I have no idea.
  3. I’m in, the club needs our support at the moment. Your not going to pin that half fan label on me!
  4. Charlie George, wasn’t love at first sight with his long hair and Arsenal shirt. At the moment our Wayne, we were only going one way with Cocu (I have been accused in the past of being fickle though)
  5. I went to the big European nights, amazing as they were as a kid I thought this is what it’s like supporting Derby. So my live again would be v Forest 1983 fa cup win, now in my 20s I knew what it meant to support your team the pain, frustration, anger! Would loved to have been at Leeds with Lampard. My nephew had a ticket but after 1st leg wasn’t bothered about going, told him we could still do it without believing it myself. He was 16 and will remember it like I do the Real Madrid night.
  6. Why put a microphone next to him, and would our commentaries be more interesting with one near Mel?
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