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  1. Your right, but we are not guaranteed to score 😩
  2. Put Belick defensive midfield as a shield, just saying
  3. I was at Villa Park when Saunders and Goddard pulled their pants down, literally screamed my head off in the main stand - if looks could kill ...
  4. Jack would be my choice, but he doesn’t play that much ☹️
  5. Get rid, asap. Pub league level.
  6. Wiv Rooney would have won that 👍
  7. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" - The Clash
  8. Defo penalty and should have been a red card ... COYFR!!
  9. We all hate Cheats and Cheats and Cheats, Cheats and Cheats and Cheats and Cheats, Cheats and Cheats and Cheats, We all fooking hate Cheats ...
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