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  1. Butland from stoke when they get relegated
  2. Biley66

    Max Bird

    Would Bryan Clough sell him to Chelsea? ... would he feck
  3. I was at Dean Saunders and Igor Stimacs debuts, one thing I feel is comparable with Sibley is the incredible level of self confidence those players had ... and ability 👍
  4. Who would you compare him with? Someone said Phil Gee, but he had a very specific style as a finisher. Charlie George?
  5. Phillip Cocu‘s total football ... 👊
  6. Brave management from Cocu for me, maybe he has a long term plan ...
  7. Was looking forward to a pitch invasion 😏
  8. The season from hell just keeps on giving ..
  9. The Cocu/Rooney revolution just keeps rollin’
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