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Dream Home Location

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Hvanneyri, a village within an hour's drive from Reykjavík and close to a sizable town.  The location is fantastic, off the main road, so it's a quiet setting.  Houses are never advertised for sale there, the word gets out someone wants to sell and the property is instantly sold.  Am working on getting early info on houses for sale there, as we will have to buy before too long.  We wouldn't want anything larger than 150 square meters.

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24 minutes ago, David said:

Money no object, anywhere in the world, where would your dream home be?

having watched about 50 episodes of A Place in the Sun since Covid lockdown furlough redundancy times, I've settled for Albufeira, Algarve.

Years ago, I might have said a secluded villa on a remote Greek Island, but I've since realised that I'm a social creature and need to be around people. So I'd buy a nice townhouse or villa in the Algarve, all year round sunshine, lots of golf courses to fill the days, and plenty of nightlife if I want to get smashed!

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Top floor of the Holiday Inn on Pride Park. 

I'd have a copy of the inside of the Merry Widows pub with patio doors leading to a mock up of the Vulcan Street Popside terrace where I could lean on a crush barrier with a pint of real ale and moan to my hearts content.

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5 minutes ago, RamNut said:


Ah, the battle of Cleethorpes beach 1982. I remember it well.

It looked like we had the upper hand but the locals sent a diversionary force down to the sea front to draw our most hardened troops off the beach. Luckily they saw the CBP (Cleethorpes Beach Patrol) off fairly quickly and were in place as the main Grimsby mob made their move. 

The combined Popside and Ossie End reserves took the fight to the right flank of the local scrotes and chased them along the promenade  toward the auditorium known as Blundell Park.

The Uttoxeter fusiliers suffered heavy losses with 2 arrests before the game and severe hangovers on the long journey home.

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2 hours ago, Bwash_Ram said:

Somewhere with no neighbours (at least half a mile from anyone else)

But still within 10-15 mins drive of PP and in the delivery radius of loads of great takeaways.





Elvaston Castle?

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