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  1. https://quillette.com/2021/01/16/rise-of-the-coronavirus-cranks/ Good read. Worth 5 minutes of your time. Small extract: “We are in a no-win situation. The trade-offs are horrible. And so, when confronted by someone who tells you that’s it’s all fake, that the hospitals are empty and the test doesn’t work and the disease is basically harmless and the government is lying, who wouldn’t want to believe it? What could be more appealing than the idea that the thing we hate is causing the problem we’re trying to solve?”
  2. Yes well done to the NHS they are brill 👏👏 Seems only fitting I attach the standard @TexasRam graph to show the deaths by date with a slightly more detailed view.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-55588163 “Coronavirus: 'Major incident' declared in London by Sadiq Khan” It’s quite upsetting that this has happened despite all of the early warnings we were given. 😢
  4. They don’t know for certain that people have followed the isolation instruction. They also wouldn’t know for certain if somebody had followed the isolation period after receiving a negative test prior to admittance. Just to add to this, lots of hospitals will still ask for you to be tested before admittance. That isn’t sufficient in itself to operate though.
  5. Yes that is the case, a test is not required before admission. A negative test is required before an elective operation can take place though. Isolating for 10 days is not sufficient by itself to allow the surgery to take place. I don’t know what test type they are referring to. The test they use in hospital are more than 80% accurate.
  6. Yes they won’t test before admission. They test before they operate though.
  7. I would say the information from the Centre for preoperative care is pretty reliable, I certainly wouldn’t describe it as anecdotal evidence.
  8. https://cpoc.org.uk/sites/cpoc/files/documents/2020-05/CPOC-FAQ.pdf What will be different when having an operation during the COVID-19 pandemic? To maintain social distancing and reduce travelling to hospitals, you may be offered online consultations with the surgeon and the preoperative assessment clinic, rather than be asked to attend appointments in person. You will be asked to self-isolate at home for 14 days before the operation, along with members of your household if you do not live alone. It is very important that you take this request seriously for your own health, for the
  9. I can confirm that this is not the case in the two hospital trusts my brothers work in. Both trusts require a negative covid-19 test before the operation can take place.
  10. I expect we will be hearing from Mr Sunak about how much more money they are going to give out.
  11. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-national-lockdown-must-be-imposed-within-24-hours-says-labour-leader-12178438 The government must impose a national lockdown within 24 hours, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said.
  12. No I was answering a question I thought you were asking in relation to staffing. I posted yesterday I was glad that the RCPCH had released a statement of facts. I’m also glad that the bbc have since posted more info as another poster has pointed out. Mis information is bad.
  13. Sorry did I stray to far away from the point you were trying to make? My bad! Yes the ICU situation isn’t good.
  14. If we ignore everything that she said on the basis it’s misguided or lies . The icu nurse ratios in many hospitals are at the levels that I have stated.
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