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  1. It isn’t about never having done anything wrong in your life. Its about the consequences of your actions on others. Students need to go to shops, they use the nhs, they interact with the police and their tutors. They go to pubs and restaurants, cinemas and leisure facilities. The price of university fees is irrelevant in controlling the spread of the virus. It’s crap for them yes. It’s not as good as face to face lectures, sure. They may never suffer any medical symptoms, that doesn’t mean that others won’t. Its a simple fact that whilst the virus is still spreading
  2. Having Covid isn’t a crime. It’s a public health issue. The consequence of having Covid is very bad, if not for you it certainly is unintentionally for others. Breaking the rules regulations and laws that have been put into place out of necessity to reduce the spread have legal consequences wether we agree with them or not. It would of been great if we didn’t have to have restrictions, but we are unfortunately well past that point for numerous reasons.
  3. Yes it all shows why it takes years to write and pass laws that stand the test of time. It also shows the difference in morals of those who choose to operate by using the technicalities of said laws. Unfortunately as in most countries, if you are clever enough or rich enough to know someone clever enough, you can get away with a lot of bad stuff on a technicality. We know very few MPs have good morals.
  4. What you don’t agree that actions should have consequences, or your just angry that In your opinion they don’t seem to be fairly applied? The second part I totally understand, the rules should be enforced equally to all. In practice the police don’t get to make that choice though. They did vote on the 10pm pub curfew.
  5. Yes you choose to do as you please with your life, when you choice starts having a negative impact on others lives it leads to consequences. Votes like these: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/13/hancock-turns-on-tory-lockdown-sceptics-ahead-of-key-covid-votes
  6. Yes it is very sad that we have instances such as this. It must be very difficult for police officers to know when to draw the line. Rules wouldn’t be rules if any police officer could decide how to interpret them and when to apply them though. They have a very difficult job at the moment. The met police didn’t just decide to not prosecute because she was an MP. They had no choice but to drop the investigation.
  7. Why is it entirely different? Doctors complain of the abuse they receive for doing their jobs just as much as the police do. Doctors however get a pat on the back if they save a life, police just get a ton of abuse for arresting someone. If a police officer goes out and does his job well he should be able to feel proud, he is doing the job he was given and they are protecting lives. Yes i agree. Covid does not however care. If we reduce the spread enough people can generally live a life that resembled pre Covid. Non compliance with the lower end tier 1 restrictions does
  8. Yes it is far worse for the elderly, they are very much part of the community. Yes it is far worse for the vulnerable, they are very much part of the community. It is less deadly for the fit and able, they unfortunately spread the virus, they are very much part of the community. No one in this country is immune from the impact of Covid. They very definitely do not enjoy having to enforce the new rules and all the abuse that comes with it. It’s also extremely difficult for them to enforce said new rules. They are humans and struggling just like every else. By that lo
  9. Covid-19 quite clearly doesn’t give two hoots who you are. Everyone is in this together. I’ve seen my kids for a total of 4 days in the last two months due to Covid. I’d say that was a fairly heavy impact. My ex wife has also had to quit her job due to my parents being unable to offer the child support they previously provided pre Covid. My bad those coppers were obviously doing it simply for the giggles. Can’t be any other explanation?! Yep everyone’s behaviour during Covid will show selfishness, we are all trying to preserve something. The overall preservation of jo
  10. They have found bones on the moon. It appears the cow did not make it over!
  11. You can never cancel the true meaning of Christmas. It will be incredibly tough for many people who have never had such hardship. Life for so many others pre Covid was already a fight to put food in their bellies and find shelter for their families. I think we would be best to remember the luxuries for what they are, a luxury, and remember that life itself along with family and friends are currently far more important. And for those who struggle I would hope we as a Derby county community will extend our hands to help in any way we can.
  12. Yes I agree with that also. I certainly believe many of the vulnerable who have been especially careful and restrictive with their behaviours are beginning to question their commitment to the cause, especially when so many claim an apparent so called immunity to the disease. For lots of us I would question how hard it has actually been. Yes it has been a mental drain but in general if you are fit and well the restrictions haven’t been all that restrictive. For many of the others though, I would question how you could show symptoms of fatigue towards something you have never c
  13. Yes the fight against even the smallest of restrictions by some leads to far greater restrictions for us all due to the nature of the beast. People of all status are struggling, yet we still have a substantial army of folk willing to do anything they can to enable them to live pre COVID lives. It makes a complete mockery of those fighting to save jobs, save homes and save life. It also seems any type of enforcement is nearly always met with a barrage of abuse towards the enforcers or enforcement, despite only acting within our best interests and upon instruction of those in c
  14. I thought some of the attitudes towards Covid-19 on this forum were let’s say questionable, to be civil. Then I happened to see a tweet by Piers Morgan and frankly some of the replies absolutely astound me. Replies such as; “quick hide under your bed” “Whats Covid?” “haha let it rip” “Ffs it’s just flu season” ”the only thing Covid is f ing up is being able to go the the pub” I’m not a twitter user and I’m assuming many will just be trolls, but it’s not hard to see why Covid is running riot.
  15. Good chance someone on this forum or close relations derrière has been on that chair.
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