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  1. Did i miss the poll to adopt BVB? Sod 'em, i'm in for Augsburg.
  2. 52. Dont feel old, I Sim Race online, i play GTA, i drive at speed and still have my Teddy.
  3. What was the population of Derby mid 90's when the stadium was being designed/ built? What is it now? If you have better and easier access to PP from the town centre and other directions then i think 40,000 seater stadium would work for us. Media profile and promotion would help too.
  4. I was in the home end at St Mary's in our promotion season February 2007 thanks to my landlord, a Saints season ticket holder when I was living in Worthing. When we scored, Steve Howard was it?, i did the old woop of delight and quickly sat down again as all around me gave me the evils. He still gave me ride home though and the rent didn't go up either, so all good.
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