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  1. I'm sorry to disagree but Lowe was very average on the right side 1st half, not really his fault, they all were. On the left though, very good, should definitely play there instead of Malone. 3 at the back with Keogh on the right will have to do til Bogle returns. Keogh was excellent tonight i thought, Zoon needs to get that cross in earlier and better. Waghorn and Marriott together worked well, Bielik was good as was Clarke. Lawrence was good in patches as was Bennett. Hudz and Dowell both a bit slow and ploddy.
  2. Im with @Dean_Saunders Parked at the INTU and walked down. Hand in hand with the missus. Very pleasant.
  3. Well, if you were in East stand upper, row R seats 425/426 right behind me then please step forward so i can put you on my block list. Moaned the whole 97 minutes and even ht. I know you can say what you like when you pay your money but it was really depressing and negative, no encouragement whatsoever. I cant be doing with that.
  4. This is Steve Gibson planting a few ludicrous stories in the press so we all get trolled. We've been mugged. Or have we? 🤔
  5. Puns are getting weak and samey very early in this thread aren't they?
  6. Do I detect an undertone of positivity?
  7. Would also love to help but not on FB Sorry!
  8. Watched this lot wizz by in Eguisheim, 6km from the finish at Colmar. Quite a show, the caravan etc. Not a huge cycling fan but glad to see it.
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