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  1. My missus got one in January, the Touch ID one. Tried to tell her it was overpriced junk but hey ho. She loves the big screen and admittedly it looks good and is fast She got hers online from John Lewis so might be worth looking there.
  2. Agree with the 'vibe' thing. Me and the missus knew nothing about Derby so we drove round a few areas. We got to Mickleover and she said it felt right to her, so that's where we concentrated our search. I can live anywhere as long as she is happy. Maybe the same for you.
  3. ColonelBlimp


    Ooh, I love a chicken madras, Bombay potato, onion bhaji's and m&s mini poppadoms. Unfortunately Shaan in Tarring Road, Worthing doesn't deliver to Mickleover so I'm bolloxed. Any suggestions?
  4. I've never tried living in Derbyshire. Until this week
  5. I notice you didn't say "never tried masturbation"
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