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  1. He may have German grandparents? Back in the war?
  2. Unpopular opinions? Steve Bloomers Watching is terrible, like some Chas and Dave happy clappy sing-a-long. Nothing happens after it, just a few der der der Derby. We need something simple, has few words and a memorable angry defiant chorus that everyone can join in with.
  3. That's next season, so 2 transfer windows. So Jul next year, before the season after next starts.
  4. 2007 we were underdogs and not creating much on the field 2014 we were the better team pretty much the whole game 2019 we were underdogs and created less until the last 15 minutes. There is a pattern.
  5. Mmm, I was in 212 and me and the missus tried to support and encourage. So not everyone thank you very much. No idea what was going behind and to the right of us, some fighting.
  6. Noob poster comes on here and slags off players. I'm not having it I tell you. Every player today tried their very hardest. Mistakes happen, what we should be doing is offering encouragement. We all makes mistakes. Hopefully we all try to learn from them. Looking forward to next season already. Up the bloody RAMS!!
  7. Got my RoadRider tickets today. Taking them back tomorrow, I'm driving down instead šŸ‘
  8. White T shirt with Ram logo with ColonelBlimp written above it. I'm lending the missus my blue T shirt. Bit short of Derby memorabilia in our gaff.
  9. Is anyone here been a sad fecker and made a spreadsheet with all this seat info on?
  10. Going to return my RR tickets either Sat or Sun and get a refund. Not allowed to resell them. If you need 2 seats, I guess the buy button will go green at some point!
  11. Anyone know if the Roadrider tickets are refundable? I bought them quickly but i've got to get back asap after the game due to work so will be driving instead.
  12. Even though my email ticket confirmation has a number 56 on it? I thought that was the coach number? Think I'll get a refund.
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