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  1. Trying to play it out from the back. Trying to keep posession to work openings. If the openings are not created then you have to pass back to work it forward again. The openings are not created when movement is poor and no options are available to the ball carrier. It's down to our MF/F and wide men to give options by creating space.
  2. Sorry mate, total rubbish. Where i try to sit, in the East stand, the moaning Always comes from the middle to older male regulars, all season ticket holders. Me and the missus, non season ticket holders (we've only lived here 6 months but a fan for 40 years) always clap, always encourage. Then there's the old boy i was next to yesterday, season ticket holder, can see what Cocu is trying to do and was encouraging for the most part. The problem is stupid people.
  3. Shinnie was easily mom. Malone was good, Lawrence was good. There were some boos from where i was (east stand upper) but i tried to drown them out with my whooping and hollering. Thought we had a really good first half, way better than the slow and ponderous nonsense we've seen prior to the Brum game. Second half we stood off a bit until midway through but i have to say, at no point did i see Luton scoring, they were just bang average. Roos concerns me, doesn't inspire confidence in the back 4 and Clarke, had a good game but is so one footed it can be an issue. Josefzoon did ok i thought but it's that final ball that always seems to be the wrong one. All in all, a decent performance. If Cocu is telling them to play from the back then why boo? They are trying to implement his instructions so should be encouraged.
  4. Why are there still road signs directing you to the iPro ?
  5. 2-0, Forest will then have won the cup and league double by then 👍
  6. Yeah but will Cocu give him a run in the side?
  7. I'm sorry to disagree but Lowe was very average on the right side 1st half, not really his fault, they all were. On the left though, very good, should definitely play there instead of Malone. 3 at the back with Keogh on the right will have to do til Bogle returns. Keogh was excellent tonight i thought, Zoon needs to get that cross in earlier and better. Waghorn and Marriott together worked well, Bielik was good as was Clarke. Lawrence was good in patches as was Bennett. Hudz and Dowell both a bit slow and ploddy.
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