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  1. ColonelBlimp

    The street where you live

    The primary school I went to in Luton, does that count?
  2. ColonelBlimp

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Paul Lambert, I don't think, is not as defensively minded as his reputation suggests. I understand he resorted to that at Villa but that was down to necessity at that time. We need to be strong in the tackle and positive in possession and not play the counterattack game or it will be a 0-0 dullfest. Stating the obvious but we really need to turn up, be on the front foot and put long periods of attacking pressure on them, no sitting back.
  3. ColonelBlimp

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    0-0 again
  4. ColonelBlimp

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

  5. ColonelBlimp

    19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    How much?
  6. ColonelBlimp

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    Ah, well, I moved there just before my 18th so actually went to school in Hamble, near Southampton. I'm 51. Made it past 47 which is when my died, he's in Middleton Church
  7. ColonelBlimp

    Andy King - Signed on Loan

    Old boys club? Is that where we are now? Would have thought we require a young energetic battle in midfield
  8. ColonelBlimp

    Tyrone Mings - joined Villa on loan

    Loan to buy? Take it off the transfer payment if we buy him? Or like dfs, buy now pay in July
  9. ColonelBlimp

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    Got my dates wrong it was 85-90 so we may well have bumped into each other. Or you may have seen my yellow Beetle around 👍 Only went to Sheiks once, not a nightclub person!
  10. ColonelBlimp

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    The Elmer was my local, then down to the Cabin after hours. If I remember correctly, membership of the Cabin let you in the Felpham club as well. This would have been 87-90, when Doug was the landlord, probably before your time though if you were around, my brother was possibly well known to most places! 🙂
  11. ColonelBlimp

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    Small world eh? I'm in Goring and often pop to Rustington to the Waitrose and new Aldi. Lovely little place. And Bognor? Used to live in Elmer as well 👍
  12. ColonelBlimp

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    Pompey away, not far for me and Mrs Blimp. Mason Mount would love to go there and play.
  13. ColonelBlimp

    v Acc Stanley (A) - Cup Predictions

    1-2, Marriott

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