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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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2 minutes ago, Hathersage Ram said:

Carson is fast becoming a Liability. Flaps at the cross. Then my Nan could have got up and back in position faster 

Said this last season but got shot down. It’s not just the CBs that need to deal with crosses. He’s crap at it.

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Leeds' keeper is their weak point. He was their one poor player in our 4-1 defeat and now he's very lucky he didn't just give us a route back into the game.

What was he even doing?

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Just now, McLovin said:

Haha sweeper keeper. If Carson came that far out his brain would have exploded

Bizarre effort from Nugent though. He had more than enough time to just lift in the general direction of the box, knowing JM was there.

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Just now, Tombo said:

No right back on the pitch and the finish applied on the right hand side. Rubbish sub.

Honestly I think that goal happens regardless of the right back.

The sub is an odd one but I get it as to help transition out from the back a bit better.

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Just now, MackworthRamIsGod said:

This is one of the worst performances I have ever seem from derby, someone remind me of a worse performance?

Apart from last season, our worst performances always seem to come away against Leeds. We were terrible away against them when Clement and McClaren in his second spell was here, incidentally both of those games were on Friday night too.

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Just now, Whoneedshuls said:

Need waghorn on a bit of muscle and not afraid to tackle out wide..

Frank will probably bring him on for Lowe and put Lawrence at left back though.

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