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  1. Just seen the goal on SSN. Shameful goal to concede.
  2. Are people actually making £500 transfers to family members as if that's any way comparable to a £multi-million takeover of a football club by a foreign entity? Or am I reading this thread wrong? Some people need to sort their lives out.
  3. I'm sat in a pizza place in Spain reading this thread. That is all. Thought I'd add something interesting to proceedings.
  4. Ridiculous. Sack the lot of these clowns coaching us off.
  5. Time for change over the international break, I think.
  6. I've been Cocu in for the longest time but losing this has changed my mind.
  7. My Preston supporting and Boro supporting mates both said we deserved to win. Seemed to captivate the bar in Spain too. Well played tonight, Derby. Cocu in. 🐏
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