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  1. "Why didn't you go when we left the house?"
  2. sterling not plying for england maybe we could get him in for cheap get it done mel
  3. Fair enough 👍 can always ask Mel for tips if you need legal representation
  4. Sorry I'm getting you lot mixed up here. When I said appeal to Horizon I thought you were the original poster. If your ticket was from Euro Car Parks then you need to appeal to them directly first through their website and ask for a POPLA code from them. Your appeal will fail but that's why you then take it to POPLA who, assuming you produce the right defence, will get your charge overturned. Apologies again. If your ticket wasn't from Horizon then just ignore the Horizon part and replace it with whichever private company gave you the ticket. 👍
  5. Did you appeal to Horizon? When you appeal the private car park company you need to ask for a POPLA code which they must give you.
  6. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4816822 Use @RoyMac5's link above for more info, but that link I have posted there is to the forum section of the website. It's a helpful sticky post that should detail everything you need to lodge your appeal. I think basically it should boil down to "you sent me a photo of my car's licence plate but you can't prove that I was driving the car at that moment." Make sure to not incriminate yourself by saying you were driving.
  7. I'd avoid ignoring them. I think years ago you could get away with it but now the private car park companies have power to take you to court over it. As per my previous post, I'd read up on the necessary defence points over at moneysavingexpert.com and produce an official appeal (which, if done correctly, will always win).
  8. Go on moneysaving expert.com and look for the thread on how to combat parking charges. I got one a couple of years ago from Euro Car Parks and successfully appealed it. The first thing you want to do is appeal to Horizon themselves and ask for a POPLA code. POPLA is a third party adjudicator who will ask Horizon for their side, but if you make all the necessary points in your defence then they will back down. Ducking cowboys. EDIT: Attached the email I got from POPLA saying EuroCarParks had backed down. I kept the email as a trophy 🏆😂
  9. How the duck is that a foul by Davies?
  10. Marriott has to bury that. Sums up our second half.
  11. I agree with the Bielik DM/Evans CB idea. Think that's what Cocu should have done when Clarke originally went off.
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