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  1. Pottig

    Fikayo Tomori

    Tomori. Never rated Cheryl.
  2. Pottig

    Fikayo Tomori

    This is like that ex girlfriend who dumped you then sees you moving on a few months later and realises she wants you back.
  3. Can't wait to see him taking care of business here at Derby. All you doubters: you ain't seen nothing yet.
  4. This whole saga has been like when ya missus calls ya for dinner but it's not out on the table yet and ya just sat there waiting for it. "Sorry darling I'm just getting it out of the oven and serving it up it'll be 5 minutes (48 hours)." Bloody get it on the table woman.
  5. Yeah saw the second one appear just before the Killers' set 😂
  6. Brandon Flowers hopefully about to become a fellow Ram at Glastonbury
  7. Be gone, Lampard. I tire of thee.
  8. Gerrard approach rumours "absolute rubbish"
  9. Xbox gamertag: Pottig Mostly play pubg and I'm on about 100+🐔🐔🐔 so if you want to play you better be good gg ez
  10. Or maybe...Chelsea aren't even looking at Lampard and he is busy preparing Derby for next season.
  11. Genuinely bemused by the furore and panicking going on in this thread. There has been no official approach by Chelsea for Lampard and the media are embarrassingly tripping over each other's stories on the matter. Lampard was and is always going to be "Chelsea's number one target for the vacant manager's role" in the press' eyes because it generates clicks. I have seen nothing yet that has even remotely convinced me that Lampard is leaving for Chelsea. I'm not saying it won't happen; I'm saying nothing has actually happened yet that I won't take with a pinch of salt. Everyone just needs to calm down and get their heads straight.
  12. Must have missed the announcement where it says Lampard has gone.
  13. Sorry to hear that B4. Your fellow Rams need you to be strong though because it's your optimism and endeavour that picks us up when we lose sometimes. We'll be here for you like you're there for the club week in, week out. And the boys will be back fresh and with some new faces in pre-season to go again and give it another shot. Think about the constants in life like friends and family. DCFC is one of those constants; the football will always come back around 👍 PS. Remember: you could be a Florest fan 🤭😂
  14. Unlucky lads. Slightly miffed about the howler and the fact at least one of Marriott and Waghorn didn't start but we look good for next season and will take this experience with us and build on it. Should have at least taken it to extra time but it is what it is and we go again. 👏
  15. Is that the same Leeds we just knocked out of the play-offs or a different one? Christ.
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