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  1. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Just got home. Went with my Leeds-supporting mate who agreed we were sh** in the second half and they were sh** in the first. Few things: - Thought at first Olson was at fault for their first goal, but having watched the replays it' clear that Carson/Keogh/Davies should have dealt with that. - Poor free kick from Palmer meant we got caught upfield for their second. - Nugent had what seemed to be his worst game of the season tonight. Sliced a good chance early on and missed an even better one afterwards on his left foot. - Lawrence started badly but really grew into the game I thought. Huddlestone and Ledley were solid in the middle. - I'm really worried for Vydra. I don' know if he was just knackered or if he just wasn't getting service but he looked very frustrated at times. I thought he barely got a sniff of the ball tonight. All in all, it was a good first half showing and a pretty dire second half which we salvaged at the end. We're not anywhere near clinical enough in front of the opposition goal and it is very frustrating to watch. We're missing the Vydra-Nugent link up that made us such a threat earlier in the season. I'd give that performance a 6/10.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Pi** poor today, on and off the pitch. Seen a few on Facebook calling for Rowett's head which is ridiculous, but he is almost entirely responsible for that tonight. It's so frustrating that he doesn't make changes earlier. There needs to be a result against Leeds next week.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Preaching to the choir but where are the changes? Only 20 minutes to go.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Weimann couldn't finish a dot-to-dot puzzle.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    My God, reading this forum is genuinely depressing sometimes.
  6. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Looks like those penalties we got earlier in the season are evening themselves out.
  7. Kamil Grosicki

    Has he signed yet?
  8. Shame his surname isn't "and the Sunshine Band" I don't know.
  9. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Thanks, but Craig Ramage definitely said "tickle"
  10. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    RD just said Curtis Davies put a "last ditch tickle" in on Gregory. Can someone at the game confirm this?
  11. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Just saw someone mention the lads training in Dubai this week and have a question: why do hot weather training when your next game is on a chilly night in South London?
  12. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Darren's brother?
  13. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Moaning is not always the same as accurately depicting what happened on the pitch. Perhaps some are fed up with you moaning at people expressing their opinion. Who knows?
  14. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    **** off is that not a penalty
  15. Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    No you'e right. He's hit the crossbar.

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