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  1. Pottig

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    To be fair, he hasn't really played that much.
  2. Pottig

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Have we been really rubbish or have they been really good?
  3. Pottig

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    Remember when we beat this lot at their place last season and their fans were the most bitter little children I've ever seen in football. If we win this, can't wait to see what they're like. That's what you get for wasting time in the first half.
  4. Pottig

    Match Thread V Chelsea (A)

    Sat with a Chelsea fan, a Liverpool fan and a Spurs fan and they're all very impressed with our play.
  5. Pottig

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    Boro pushing for a goal and won't stop until the final whistle. Need Davies
  6. Pottig

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Was stood in the away end and didn't realise just how far out Wilson was for his goal. What a cracker! Love you Derby ❤️
  7. Pottig

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Just got back from a long drive home 😴 Thought we were not poor but not great in the first half. Second half we really took the game by the scruff of the neck and deserved the win. Same again on Wednesday please. I'll be going to West Brom too as it's not far from me 😀😀😀
  8. Pottig

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Thanks for the help! (+ @Doodle and @Chester40) Ended up just calling them and they changed it to a print at home ticket but will remember this in future. 🤗
  9. Pottig

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Quick question: I don't live in Derby and have opted to collect my ticket as this was a last minute decision to go. The ticket office closes at 3pm today so do I need to pick my ticket up before 3 or is there some other way I can collect them?
  10. Pottig

    WBA (a) Travel

    How much if it's just me? No one is going to bang my car I don't think. I only drive a Toyota Aygo. Mind you this is Smethwick.
  11. Pottig

    WBA (a) Travel

    Car park or just a residential street? Just the one drink I hope 😂
  12. Pottig

    WBA (a) Travel

    I was going to ask if anyone knows what is the parking like around the Hawthorns and if there are any recommendations... ...but I see now that I am not allowed to ask and should just google instead. 🙄
  13. Pottig

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Been to a gig in Birmingham tonight so I missed the game but was checking the score between acts. When I saw them go 1 up in the first few minutes I feared the worst, but from what I hear and from watching the highlights it's apparent we fully deserved the victory. Walking out of the venue my friend told me we had just won on penalties and I shouted "COME ON YOU RAMS," to which two grateful City fans behind me replied with many hearty congratulations. Fantastic night. And lovely to see the Forest fans foaming at the mouth. That's how you beat a real premier league team, not one of their Arsenal/Newcastle third string team borlocks. COYR

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