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  1. When was the last time we didn’t concede away from home?
  2. I suppose I am but it is a serious questions. Tell when it’s over 😆
  3. When was the last time we didn’t concede a goal away from home?
  4. I agree our run-in is too difficult and relentless. Last Saturday was supposed to be our easiest game and we really struggled in the second half. 11 would be a total of 68 pts, that won’t be enough. Cardiff will get 70+ with the games they have left. Anyway it’s Brentford all the way in the playoffs I thinks. Stuck with the Frank guy during some difficult times last season, now reaping the rewards. Good look to them, they look a great side going forward.
  5. We’ve not had a decent keeper for years. Phil’s got make it his top priority this transfer window, whenever that is?
  6. Same manager bought Vydra and we sold him 2 years later for nearly £ double what we paid Watford. So big nige’s net was about +£2.5m This turn funded Frankie to buy flozoon 😆. When will he get released 🤔
  7. I thought there was a thread on this about 2 months ago were in the small print of the ST contract the club (s) don't have to offer a refund as the non playing of the matches is out of there control, which Covid19 is. I think morally lots on here seem to think the club should offer compensation for the 4 games lost. Me I'm not bother about a refund or a voucher for the shop and I think like a few won't renew either because I've enjoyed my time away from it. If they do restart the season behind closed doors, the Leeds and especially the Florist games will be very strange without any
  8. Speaks highly of Mel 🤔 Two payouts might soften the 2 sackings a bit. Destroy and exit.
  9. I think we’re a long way off and the peer pressure won’t allow the money men to dictate. Postponing euro 2020 and the Olympics is a bigger deal than the EPL and EFL restarting. I think the money men and you will have to just suck it up.
  10. I 👏 this but Clement to be fair did lose Wilf Fuse and Bryson in the opening game which must have slightly skewed his plans. But Clement was poo and we would have gone up that season with any half decent manager. However he didn’t stay because he didn’t know the Derby way well enough LOL 😆 😂🤣and left it to waffle to muck up.
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