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  1. I bet there will be a real fight between the bbc and bt sport for the replay tv broadcast rights 😬
  2. Where is Huddlestone? L2 football would suit him.
  3. Even though they are mainly kids asking Salah it must pretty threatening for him. At first I bet it’s nice but after a while I bet it gets annoying. I am sure salah does his fair share of signing stuff. I’ve been graphing with the kids at PP on the last home game of the season over the years (eldest 2 now to old and not bothered) and generally all players have been a1. Frank was a bit of a let down moaning saying he had a baby in the car. I expect wazza and co have bodyguards. Do they get bundled into cars and just drive off?
  4. No fall out from me. 8 pts is a lot when we have the 4th worst away record this season. We’ve won away once this season the opening game which is awful and even though we’ve drawn the last 2 away in both we’ve looked lost on what is our actual tactics. I don’t blame coco for recruitment but tactics I do. Regardless though he’s got a free hit for me this season. Singings wise I’d rather sign Matt Clarke permanently or someone else young permanently to build for next season. Loan signings are short lived and leave us in situations like this season. We don’t have the clout or attractiveness for other clubs to loan their prized gems sadly.
  5. Yeah hats off to them! Only 5 years to late like Nugent.
  6. Yes I think they have this mindset and I’m fine with it. I want to be in the playoffs on merit playing attractive footy, not limping and scrapping in like the previous 2 times. We’ve been there and in the end we get found out We keep saying Coco needs time to build his team and needs transfer windows and so here we are and we’re supposed to be looking at 33 year old strikers! Coco and co for me have a free hit now this season and I would hope we only sign players who have a future with him at the club (his signings) not lazy pointless signings like this.
  7. I’ll walk to Wembley if we get there........naked. We are more than Billy Sharpe away from the POs In my opinion what’s the point in signing him? So he can suck £10k+ a week out of the club? Improve us to 12th position maybe? Nurture him for the future? We have enough deadwood/baggage already. Wouldn’t you prefer to give Whittaker more game time to see if he’s any good?
  8. What is the point on signing a 33 year old for 5 months if we have no intention of challenging for the playoffs? Surely we give more game time to our youth (Whittaker) or we buy young hungry players. If true this is lazy, lazy, lazy recruitment once again. Nothing changes ☹️
  9. A really good point today against a in form boro. I could post negative stuff like, all those dreaming of the play’s off (again) are miles off. Even with king wazza and a 1 maybe 2 more signings in we r very short. But I won’t 😂😉
  10. Boro 3 the rams 1 👎honeymoon over fgs Rooney
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