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  1. None of our woes are anything to do with Phil, he’s inherited this. Since December 2015 we have been on a downwards spiral in general as a club making bad mistakes which points the finger at one person. Yes last season was ok with Wembley but it masked the truth. However when Phil’s interviewed sadly to me he doesn’t make much sense and he seems directionless, which I imagine gets lots of sniggers in the dressing room. I do think we still need to give him until next Christmas, because I keep thinking of Farke at Norwich.
  2. This is not a Roos bashing but I just think people are being honest that sadly he isn’t a top 6 championship keeper, but I doubt neither is Hamer. The constant sarcastic cheers don’t do Roos any favours. Regarding Rooney, he will tell Phil when and where he will play me thinks.
  3. Defo an improvement on Roos is required. With the sarcastic cheers yesterday every time he did some marginal right (like take a simple catch) it can’t be doing his confidence any good either but sadly he isn’t a championship top 6 keeper. Yesterday I had a heart attack every time him and Clarke did their Ronaldo skills in and around the 25 yard box. Marco Van Grinkel would be nice 👍
  4. Com on chrisy Martin 4 in 3 please 👏
  5. I agree. I think everyone now as had their say on this. Whether you agree or disagree with how quickly they have come back is now pointless because it’s done. They have been fined and the courts will decide a correct punishment for them. So there is a match today and I assume Lawrence will start? So my opinion now is let get behind them/him for football reason because I’m 100% sure the Luton fans will be telling Lawerence, Bennett and Keogh, they should have walked home (maybe not Mason to Mansfield thou).
  6. The 🐏 2 the hatters 0 Fgs Holmes
  7. I just think there was some folk on here prior to 6.45pm last night who were quite happy for the pair to be sidelined until at least after the court hearing later this month. However these same folk changed their tune once they were selected. I think that’s what had anger and divided.
  8. That’s my point ‘privately’ wouldn’t it have been better to show remorse to us the supporters / general public instead of nothing and them just rocking up to the second match after the event to most people’s amazement?
  9. I’ve not read all the threads on this topic but wouldn’t it have been better for the pair of them to have made a media conference showing their remorse prior to first team selection in a Steve smith / David warner crying style show? Perhaps then we’d understand how they feel because I get the feeling some folks issues is bring them straight back in looks like they and DCFC don’t care what they have done.
  10. Hmmm it is a bit soon. At least we known were the club stand on the situation 🤔
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