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  1. 100 % agree. Main positives for me are we have a manager who’s definitely better than what we had 24 months ago and dare I say 12 months ago tactic wise.
  2. Sensible post which i fully agree with. I assume this is the debate / response @DanS1992 was hoping to get instead of sarcastic attention seeking one liners.
  3. I don’t understand why Paterson didn’t start or at least come on today for the zoon. The zoon will have to play Tuesday as Paterson won’t be allowed 🙄
  4. Siewert sacked, sadly for Nathan Jones he’ll be the next this evening after today’s result.
  5. In this league you need momentum a good start is very important, Norwich, Cardiff, Huddersfield, etc. have all proven this. So keep the unbeaten run going, put in a good performance and play your best 11 regardless. Bielik has to start.
  6. Great finish by Mount but off side 😒
  7. No Chris Martin :-( not even on the bench :-(
  8. Chris Martin is good at pens. I remember his Fulham League cup pen when we won 4-1. I think it made it 1-1. Right in the top corner like a bullet.
  9. If he doesn’t make the starting 11 vs Scunthorpe me thinks sadly it’s curtains for him here. Is 4 managers freezing him total out telling? @kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong should get a petition going and lobby Phil to play him Tuesday, he deserves at least that 🤔
  10. Scunthorpe 1 the 🐏 3 Fgs CHRIS MARTIN 🤞
  11. Spot on. Nobody had Pukki scoring 29 last season either.
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