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  1. Bookings are offering 22/1 for Swansea to make the playoffs. There is a scenario were we beat Bristol lose to Swansea and West Brom and the Swans get in the POs with 71pts from nowhere. I should stop looking at conundrums and say what will be will be 🤷‍♂️
  2. I can’t stop looking at the table and fixtures, working out conundrums. Looking at the remaining fixtures Boro are favourites for 6th to me cos despite us and Bristol having a game in hand, boro’s two remaining games are against Reading at home, who are safe, and then at Rotherham who will very likely have been relegated by the last game either by losing at West Brom or Millwall picking something up against Bristol. That would mean Boro finish on 73 points, meaning we'd need to pick up at least 6 points - if not 7- from our last three depending on goal difference. Ours and Bristol’s 3 games are very awkward. I do think if we can make it confidence will be high and I’d put money on us beating Leeds. COYR 🐏
  3. I’m not knocking Waghorn he runs more and (a bit) faster but we have someone on our books who’s one of the best in the this league at “holding it up” and “bring others into play” who’s first touch is better than Waghorn’s, but wouldn’t have cost £5m. Just wish maybe Frank and Rowett had done their homework and seen he isn’t / wasn’t lazy, it was just his style. Anyway POs still a tall order. We need 2 wins preferably at Bristol and Swansea. Bristol have us, millwall and Hull, boro have reading and Rotherham. Both ain’t in good form but this is the championship ☝️ Its set up for us v Leeds in the semis. They have beaten us 6-1 on agg this season. Similar to when we beat Hull 6-0 in the league fixtures in 15/16 and we know what happened in the POs that season. COYR
  4. No, and none will either because we’ll have to win at either Swansea, not lose at Bristol and beat qpr and West Brom giving us 73 / 74 points which might just be enough for 6th There is a chance we will be 6th on Monday 5pm, making the Bristol game a real pressure cooker. I think we need 3 wins and a draw.
  5. Com on frank change something. We r just hanging on here
  6. We’ve not had a shot in the 2nd half yet. They look likely to score sadly.
  7. Com’on get real we’ve not won away this year. Any team that puts up a fight, we roll over. I cannot see us being able to handle Che Adams.
  8. Blind faith @plymouthram 😂 and wishful thinking.
  9. 2nd - Leeds - 90 3rd Sheff u - 87 4th WBA - 82 5th Villa - 76 6th Bristol - 73 7th Boro - 72 8th Derby ☹️ - 69 9th Sheff w - 64 10th - Florist- 63 Last 5 for me - Brum city - draw, QPR - win, Bristol - lose, Swansea - draw, WBA - draw and this is being optimistic. Villa v Sheff u PO final, experience will see Villa pull it off. The appointment of Dean Smith being a key factor also. What is a shame for me this season is how Frank and co. couldn’t tap into / recreate those 5/6 matches at the end of October early November again. I am sure he has tried everything to get that back but confidence is key. The first 20 mins v Boro away was the best footy I’ve seen us play since the Brighton home leg of the PO semi in 2014.
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