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  1. I think we’re a long way off and the peer pressure won’t allow the money men to dictate. Postponing euro 2020 and the Olympics is a bigger deal than the EPL and EFL restarting. I think the money men and you will have to just suck it up.
  2. I 👏 this but Clement to be fair did lose Wilf Fuse and Bryson in the opening game which must have slightly skewed his plans. But Clement was poo and we would have gone up that season with any half decent manager. However he didn’t stay because he didn’t know the Derby way well enough LOL 😆 😂🤣and left it to waffle to muck up.
  3. When do you see this future happening? 30th April? end of May? I can’t see it mate. It will be non PC, insensitive and pretty reckless even playing behind closed doors. By the way do you live in Normanton? Did you have a karaoke last night?
  4. I thought Mel Morris didn’t get full control until the following summer? but he may still have spunked some money about regardless. The 15/16 clement/waffle season was really disappointing. That’s the season when MM splashed the cash. Everyday in June we seemed to sign someone pretty big for championship. £3m to bring back Jason Shackell 😆I remember even at Christmas all the pundits said whoever finishes above Derby will be promoted and yes Frank’s Wembley starting 11. Very painful ifs and buts......
  5. I think it will be very brave, insensitive and non PC for any league to starts within the next 3 months. The Football season not being finished is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.
  6. Like the old days get the teenagers in the fields bring in the harvest (at a safe distance a part, of course). They have quite a bit of time on there hands. They could even do some picking while on their phones.
  7. From memory I think on 01/02 James flood, Bryon bubb and I hate to say it but David Prutton are all excellent young people who can be bought cheaply and develop into England players 😉
  8. I would say in West Ham’s case that’s rubbish. The London stadium move hasn’t been a great success. Anyway I’m sure all could schedule around Bryan Adams and Genesis playing a gig there mid summer 😊
  9. I wasn’t a fan of him coming but he’s been an inspiration to the younger players. Since 1st Jan we’ve played 12 league matches won 6 drawn 3 and lost 3 - 21 points. That would have placed us 6th after 12 games at the start of this season. The main thing is the younger academic players who have come through. Even with no Wembley playoff this season, we are in a miles better situation than this time last year. Namely Bird, Knight and Sibley 👍
  10. First choice will be the following; Postpone Euro 2020 (which will happen). Preseason starts now until mid June (earliest). Restart the 19/20 season (maybe behind close doors) in mid June. Run a compact schedule over 6-8 weeks inc playoffs. Season ends end of July. A break for 2/3 weeks in August. 20/21 season starts end of August and the season runs slightly more compact. All the talk about players contracts and transfer windows, clubs, FIFA and UFEA will have to come to an agreement.
  11. He has to play every game if available. Lawerence is a luxury player, Sibley is a necessity.
  12. 100% agree, saying that how it’s going with results week in week out this season, a mid sixty points total may get you 6th. But then again if the EFL take 9+ points off us we’re scrapping for survival 🤔
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