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  1. It is depressing but whoever we appoint it's going to have that effect. Frank wasn't and still isn't a big name in football management, but is a huge name in football terms. Whoever comes in they're got some boots to fill thou. I'm just bored now with it all (like most), bye Frank, thanks Frank, loan us a few good kids Frank and lets hope Mel appoints asap. The guy at Lincoln seems an interesting choice too me.
  2. They look more like a packet of cigs? Clutching at fags 😆
  3. Yes and they give it to whoever (Rafa?) If he doesn’t go within the next week, he will go when whoever (Rafa?) gets sacked in October/ November which will really be the worst case for us ☹️.
  4. I’m not bother either way whether he stays or goes because to me he hasn’t started to build anything with us. Last season the back bone of our team was based on 3 loaned players and Marriott who will most likely leave if Frank remains. Also if he turns down Chelsea what will his / our relationship be with them regarding future loans 🤔. They are our best chance of get quality young players in with Frank and especially Jody Morris’ connection. We can all slap Frank on the back as Wembley was unexpected. However the Elland rd semi Holmes / Marriott subbing was down to an injury not a tactical genius and to be honest Frank is not the flamboyant manager he was has a player. He’s pretty conservative even negative which Wembley showed. I found last season to be frustrating, mainly due to us being very topsey turvey, when at times we looked top 2 material and then during others bottom 2. Either way let’s hope Chelsea appoint Sarri’s replacement ASAP and we get this over and done with.
  5. It will never go away until he’s there or had a go at the Chelsea job. Every time Chelsea are doing poorly or the job is vacant he will always be heavily heavily linked. I think we just have to get use to it
  6. Yes especially Carson who doesn’t come for crosses whether dead ball or in play. However most on here were spunking up over Carson this time last year. There was even talk of going to the World Cup 😆
  7. Sadly Scott’s distribution with his feet is poor and the way we played this season highlighted this. It’s a shame really for a great servant to the club and this time last year was the first name on the team sheet (yes being # 1 😆) If you had Scott’s handling and Kelle’s feet you’d have a premier league goalkeeper.
  8. So your telling me that Farke and Jokanovic masterminded their promotions through building an long term ethos? Last season Fulham where mid table until Mitrovic turned up after Christmas (a gamble). This season Norwich was on nobody’s radar last August and got hammered 4-1 in their last game of last season and most Norwich fans wanted Farke gone last summer. They didn’t building anything. Even Wolves didn’t build an ethos. You need good championship players but it seems to me over the last 5 years nobody has built anything. A lot is down to luck, coincidence and scrapping. But okay forget Houghton you don’t like him, let’s go for Jokanovic instead?
  9. No Allegri wouldn’t want it. Chelsea will approach for Frank i am sure now. I just hope Mel and co can make this work for us and Frank and Chelsea loan us a few decent young players next season.
  10. The only way to get out this division is by scrapping. Who do you suggest?
  11. Chris Houghton defo. Mel should negotiate that part of the Chelsea compo package is Tomori, Mount and Abraham on loan for 19/20. Houghton would get us up within 2 season.
  12. If or when Frank does go I’d blow a wedge of the compo to nip in before WBA for Chris Houghton.
  13. Without frank we could go down hill fast.
  14. I think Frank and Jody (sadly) are a great fit for Chelsea at the moment. 13 month transfer ban, FL a club legend who has the frontman will get respect and time from all, big name, big fanfare signing to reduce the focus of no players coming in this summer. It will also take attention away from the likely departure of Hazard. Also its not just about football, it's about his personal life. His wife, his baby daughter, his teenage daughters, his friends and family, etc. are all in or spend the majority of there time in London. If Chelsea come asking, I doubt very much Mel will stand in his way. The compo package might buy us a descent left back.
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