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  1. Florist 2 the rams 1 fgs - Holmes
  2. Yes 12 month extension on (slightly) reduced terms. What's strange is since the summer of 2015 we've brought in various strikers / linkmen (Nugent, Jerome, Blackman, Vydra, Marriott, etc.) and barring Vyd's purple season and some flashes from Marriott, CM is still the best striker we've got. His first touch, it's like the ball is glued to his boot and his brain to see a pass / layoff is outstanding. Lawerence's first goal yesterday is an example, set up by CM's quick feet. He may not got 20+ goals this season, but his link play will set other up.
  3. The other sad thing for Keogh is he won’t now get the same physio and rehabilitation treatment as a club would give him. Pretty much thrown on the scrap heap.
  4. Well that depends what the gross misconduct act actually was? It would be interesting to see what the gross misconduct act is 5 weeks after the event? Mel and co will pay out in court. All the best Richard, cheers.
  5. If there’s no other reasoning, it seems odd to me that Bennett and Lawrence get fined and Keogh gets sacked just for being a passenger. Surely the same fine for Keogh would have been fair. It’s morally wrong to sack him because he can’t do his job fully. I don’t know what job you do Daz but if i got injured at a works party and my employer sacked me for gross misconduct after 7 years of employment but let my colleagues off with a final warning/fine, I’d be a bit pi$$ed. I’m pretty sure this will end up (again) with a out of court settlement. We are an embarrassment ☹️
  6. That’s true but Bennett and Lawrence continue to be part of the team. Keogh is a scapegoat for some reason. Crazy decision all round.
  7. I think we went top that evening after the win. I stupidly believed everything was hunky dory and the premier league was within touching distance under the PE teacher. Obviously it wasn’t has he didn’t understand the famous ‘Derby way’ 😂 🤣😆
  8. Danny Wilson? Is it the same Danny Wilson who played for chesterfield?
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