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  1. Remy the hare

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Lots of things changed in johnny’s life whist at Derby. He came as a 23 year old second striker and played mostly as a winger in a front 3. Marriage, becoming a father and the constant revolving door of managers. Every manager since clough tried to unsuccessfully replace him but never did. Lingard, Wiemman, Anya, etc....Rowett sold him (reluctantly) but never replaced neither. I think JR was as sick of us, as ‘some’ were of him here Saying that as much as I liked him he never would have fitted into FL’s plans. So a happy ending for all.
  2. Remy the hare

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    Baggies 3 Rams 1 fgs Mount.
  3. Remy the hare

    Lack of love for some players why?

    True about Bruce he’s the best we’ve got at the moment at LB. Two lengthy periods out with bad injuries and not hitting the heights of form pre injuries causing people to moan. He has been poor in some games this season and FL has blatantly dropped him on two occasions which won’t do his confidence any use at all. Like Cyrus he is a confidence player and playing where he does on the touchline, he gets it from so called fans shouting abuse at him when a pass goes astray. East stand and lower tier west give Bruce encouragement not criticism.
  4. Remy the hare

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    Rams 1 sheff u 1 fgs mount
  5. Remy the hare

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Despite ‘some’ of us missing him. It’s been a good move for Johnny. I’m glad it seems to be working out and he seems to be fired up again.
  6. Remy the hare

    The Championship 18/19

    Great appointment.
  7. Remy the hare

    18/19 Match Thread

    Sorry then pal. Read it the wrong way. Accept my apologies. One question why 86 points?
  8. Remy the hare

    18/19 Match Thread

    You seem passive aggressive with anyone who says anything slightly negative or gives an opinion that differs to yours. I agree with @Bris Vegas some teams are longer down the road than us. Eg. we have 6 managers worth of players on the books that don’t fully understand the style yet. I don’t understand the posters who say they like what the see either? Other than Brentford we’ve been average at best. The 3 signings who have made an impact are loans and other than Marriott none of the signings seem for the future. Your username I think will win the championship this season and maybe something like 65 points will get you in playoffs. I am sure nobody wants a scenario of 06/07 again by gaining promotion luckily and then to go through 07/08. All I am saying is be careful what you wish for. P.S - do you ever sleep?
  9. Remy the hare

    18/19 Match Thread

    Two free hit seasons, really? Folk like @86 points are not going to except that! If Franks not top 2 by Christmas 2019, he'll be gone. 86 points will win you the championship this season.
  10. Remy the hare

    The next eight

    I love your optimism but 16 points would be outstanding from that lot. However if we see the Brentford performance again a few times why not? I think these fixtures will define our season and what happens in the January transfer window.
  11. Remy the hare

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    It was a classic Johnny goal. He looks like he and SKC are having a good time. I/we miss your fire Johnny.
  12. Remy the hare

    First school report of the season...score ?

    Wow I am surprised by the negativity. 4/10 away and 6/10 at home. Brentford has to be the benchmark now. Best football for some years. Cheers Frank 👍
  13. Remy the hare

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Yeah and Leeds have been trying longer than us to get out this league. For a start we have 6 managers players resulting in millions £ playing in the u23 which is wasteful and poor. My point is posts saying IF we click we’re going up are unrealistic. 4 seasons now we’ve had this baggage of us and other saying oh great squad, blah, blah, blah... All I am saying is let’s just hope frank sticks around to build something that probably won’t happen this season, however I get the feeling some cant and won’t except that.
  14. Remy the hare

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Clicking? Going up? It’s post like this what make me smile. Other than Brentford 12 games in have we seen anything to suggest going up material? Sheff Utd top is a LOL but every season there seems to be one (Cardiff, Huddersfield, etc.) so its wide open. However the next 8 games after the break are tough and without stating the obvious will mould our season. Realistically I can’t see us going up this season and as @RoyMac5 has posted somewhere FL and co have a free hit this season and let’s accept this and not pile pressure on when we win, lose or draw. I just hope Frank sticks around to build something because 6 (7 if you count Mac twice) managers in 4 years is poor.
  15. Remy the hare

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    It doesnt matter how good the bench looks and halftime kick arounds are ? We try those 3 v rotherham didnt control and lost. I cannot see Huddlestone starting in this system he's to slow.

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