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  1. Please explain your thought process as that could be interpreted in different ways 🙂
  2. We start every season with a new manager and it has to stop. As long as we are not relegated, I am quite happy to be patient and watch Cocu build something. Playing the youngsters is the best thing we have done in a long time and will bring success.
  3. Clearly you dont read the forum then!!!! This place is a wealth of outlandish claims, mixed with balanced insightful responses 🙂 Either way, that was still a truely woeful performance for a midfielder...
  4. The academy lads were outstanding today, they looked technically better, fitter and put far more effort into it than some of our so called key players. Once again Max Lowe was brilliant, the future looks good.
  5. Jonathon Hunt was better... Hang on, I cant think of anyone worse in the last 25 years
  6. He is a poor man's Marco Reich and that is being very kind. I bet 90% of our moves break down when he becomes involved. We had chances at the end, but his passes are frequently overhit. His dead ball delivery is equally woeful. Do we have to play him?
  7. Dowell, is bad, really bad, even Lawrence makes something happen once in a while
  8. Zero contact on the replay... awful decision.
  9. Or, Martin plays behind the strikers in place of Lawrence...
  10. They didnt look dangerous at will. Apart from the goals, which we gave them, they really didnt offer much, hence the frustration & disappointment. They have had the same manager building them up for several seasons. We dont and Cocu and the team need time to gell. It will happen.
  11. I think Dowell has potential, he just needs some presence and energy around him... Step forward Mr Bielik and Knight.
  12. Only abysmal finishing prevented Leicester from getting all three points. They should have won easily in the end. Chelsea defensively were all over the place. Really weak and preventing crosses and passes in and around the box. Something very familiar about the whole performance.
  13. Mount was brilliant first ten minutes. Then he swapped with Kante and played deeper, Chelsea have since completely lost their way. If I can see this, why cant Lampard??
  14. Good result in the end. Roos - 7 good handling, didnt do much wrong. Lowe - 8 solid at the back, including some great last ditch tackles. Going forward looks good, showed good skills on several occasions to beat his man. Keogh - 8 another strong display from the captain. Won his battles. Clarke - 6 lost his man for the first goal, caught out for the ball over the top for the second, lost his man at several other times, a difficult afternoon for him. Malone - 6 ok defensively, offered little going forward. Huddlestone - 5, gave the ball away frequently, lacked the usual composure. Didnt get a grip of midfield. Evans- 6 battled well, some nice passes, needs to start to take more control in the midfield if this is his position. Dowell - 5, some nice touches, but at times very sloppy with retaining possession. Play often broke down when it got to him. Lawrence - 3, really disappointing and not involved. Very careless in possession. Josefzoon - 5, lack of end product, but busy, involved and showing for the ball. Waghorn - 7, good goals and involved in our better moments. Should have scored the winner. Subs Bielik -6 solid when he came on, could he have done better for the second goal? Needs to be starting in midfield. Nice passing and more mobile than huddlestone. Marriott - 7 looked dangerous when he came on, had a real positive impact. Linked well with Waghorn. Knight - 6, difficult game to come on in, did well, but not much time to influence. We cant play away from home with both Lawrence and Zoon, front three of Waghorn, Marriott and another for our next game. Paterson maybe... Midfield needs looking at as the balance is wrong, no control today. I think Cocu will make changes for the next game.
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