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  1. Abu Dhabi Ram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Great performance and there seems so much potential going into this season. I though Hanson did ok today when he came on. I have not seen him play cb before, which I think is his original position, he always seems to be played in midfield or full back. He looked far more composed today in that second half and distributed the ball well. He has often been touted as one to move on but I really think we should give him one last season as back up for Keogh.
  2. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Jack Marriott

    I think we still need a new striker, mobility will be key in this team. Mason is looking good and he should be back up to a signing like Marriott. Maybe Martin as 3rd choice. I don’t see where Jerome and Nugent fit in though, despite both being good strikers in different set ups.
  3. Abu Dhabi Ram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Max Lowe - surely has the left back spot to lose after his start to the season... sensational
  4. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Jack Marriott

    I agree that he was in many games, but all? He also had some absolute shockers last season and lost the captaincy. He always has an excellent start to the season, but goes missing in our annual meltdown. If we ever kept a manager for longer than a season, I think he would have been moved on. I will be delighted if I am proved wrong though!
  5. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Jack Marriott

    Totally agree regarding Keogh. I really hope Lampard noticed how utterly poor his positioning was for the final goal. Wisdom at CB with Davies for me.
  6. Abu Dhabi Ram

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    positives: The style- so so much better than Rowettball. Lawrence- looked sharp, great bit of skill to open up the defence. Thomas - reminds me of Jamie Ward in his style and appearance. Lots of potential. Good use of the ball. Lowe - calm and composed, retained the ball well and put in some great crosses. Bryson - high energy and pressing - we were far better with him on. Wisdom - looked strong at CB, good distribution. Bogle - unlucky with the pen, he should never have been put in that position. Good distribution and looked solid. Negatives: lacking creativity and mobility in the centre, hopefully Mount will solve this. Strikers - We need a strong target man to use this formation. Martin can do this but the others don’t seem to be able to play the role. One or two players probably did themselves little favours tonight. We have seen this time and time again, but probably good for Lampard to see it now.
  7. Abu Dhabi Ram

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Hanson is trying too hard to impress, seems to be rushing his play and losing possession a few times. Lawrence, Thomas and Lowe all looking very good. The experienced players guilty of being a bit sloppy in possession. Wisdom looks very composed at cb.
  8. Abu Dhabi Ram

    First WOW factor signings for a good few years?

    Am I the only one who thinks Lawrence, Mount and Wilson all playing off Marin sounds awesome! He is our Giroud and France did ok with him.
  9. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Bottom line, a strong squad has just been made stronger! I am really looking forward to this season!! I feel sorry for the miserable fans who cant feel inspired by what has happened in the last two months! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!
  10. Abu Dhabi Ram

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Proud of England during the tournament. However I felt we should have done better, lacked a passing, creative midfifielder, where was WillHughes 😞
  11. Abu Dhabi Ram

    John Terry

    What about Paul McGrath in the good old Jom Smith season. He had no knee caps left, but was an inspired signing for that particular season.
  12. Abu Dhabi Ram

    John Terry

    I suppose you really rated Claude Davies, judging by your knowledge here.
  13. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Thank You Gary

    I wanted Rowett to leave after the Burton game, another soulless performance. I was waiting for Mel to act, but he didn’t somehow Rowett survived and continued his awful negative brand of football. I was bored and not looking forward to next season. Then Stoke make an approach and we transfer him for 2 million. I think Mel played an absolute blinder with this and deserves far more credit. The future is now unclear, it could get better or worse, but at least it is interesting!!
  14. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Jim Smith

    Ps: I still wish we had not sacked Jim Smith that season. The season before, we were struggling, so he only goes and signs Taribo West on loan for the rest of the season to keep us up!! Who knows who would of walked through the door to help out! TBE was great for those years. Surely a derby legend.
  15. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Jim Smith

    I always thought Lars Bohinen was very underrated, played a lot of games when we finished 8th in the prem. Having said that, he was never in same class as Asanovic, Bianio, Eranio, stimac, Wanchope etc

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