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  1. Very disappointing overall, too little too late... I still don't think we are good enough to maintain a promotion push, we cannot cope against physical sides for starters. Hopefully Frank has targets for the summer who will rectify this. Apart from his free kicks, I see little in Wilson to suggest he will be a first team player for Liverpool, maybe we could get him for another season. Cole, Marriott and josefzoon looked good coming on. Sadly Nugent and Bryson look too far off the place to be regulars in the side.
  2. Solid first half for me. Could have had 3 on another night. Holmes looking good, Nugent showing well, Waghorn growing into the game.
  3. Yet the defender is innocent who just watched his man. I agree the cross should be stopped, but all teams concede crosses, your center halves still have to defend them!!!
  4. Well if you want to put your blinkers on... Fill your boots. He literally stood still and watched his man tap it in. Don’t defend him if you can’t justify yourself!!!!!!
  5. That second goal was utterly dreadful from Keogh! Shambolic. Yet Lowe is being criticised.
  6. Definitely needs a run of games - the issue is we need results and now don't have much time to play players into form.
  7. Really disappointed with Bryson recently- today he offered nothing. The balance in midfield is so wrong too.
  8. 6 seasons and not gone up - totally agree with this
  9. Keogh the best... This is a joke right? The captain had an absolute shocker and it staggers me that you cannot see this, he lost his composure over and over. I felt really sorry for Bogle and Tomori, two very promising younger players learning their trade playing next to this shambles of a leader. Bryson too, awful and invisible. Keogh and Bryson have to set the standard, they simply did not do this. To blame the younger players is an easy way of papering over the real issue.
  10. Great post, he had a good game today, just unlucky.
  11. Thought he played well yesterday in a tricky game.
  12. Don’t mind Rotherham, we knew how they were going to play and they did it well. That ref though... is there a fit and proper persons test? He completely lost control of that game - dished out cards like confetti. The standard of refs in the championship is disgusting and this guy has set a somehow worse standard.
  13. If Watford actually used Will Hughes, they just don’t give him the ball - he is wasted on them.
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