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  1. We are definitely better than an average championship team as our regular top six finishes illustrate. Let's at least have ambition!!
  2. Agreed, I am speculating a lot with that, but the story didnt go away and after his sacking he still joined them anyway. I guess I feel frustrated that when we start to get something positive going, we can't sustain it. This is no one in the clubs fault and we have handled the majority of these situations well, whilst learning from others. If Lampard does leave, I genuinely hope he does well, however I would also be disappointed because we need consistency over a longer period of time. Most teams build their way out of the league, but we appear to take one step forward and two back.
  3. Pointless, Everton or Arsenal will take him if he has an average season...
  4. Are you forgetting the Newcastle situation? We may if sacked him, but he still manufactured a move to them. He also started the ball rolling with Ince, Bent etc, I don't think they were on cheap wages.
  5. Maybe he would have done, he wasn’t given long... Clement got us into top 6, so did Walsall... it’s not that far fetched
  6. So...let’s be honest... Was the football Better under Lampard, Rowett Or under Mclarens first spell? (Yes Rowetts style was horrific) You could also argue that results wise all three managers achieved similar finishes. They all spent reasonable money, used loans. what has since happened to McLaren and Rowett? Both left for ‘bigger’ jobs... The point is, two mediocre managers achieved similar outcomes to Lampard. Puts it into perspective at least... If Lampard does go, I would worry more for his career than our next season, recent history shows anyone who plays 11 players at Derby can get top 6!
  7. It's way past the 'time to move on scenario' with Martin. But just admit it, we all wanted to see how he would get on with Mount and Wilson supporting him last season. Until he actually leaves we all have hope he will return to 13-14 Martin, same with Thorne for that matter.
  8. I think this thread has become slightly mixed and people are not talking about just Delap, like others have said, we can't do much about his situation. We can about the ones under contract though. Whatever happens, I do believe Lampard and Morris will make the right decisions.
  9. Maybe I think we are a bigger club with higher aspirations than some, selling our best young players to clubs like Bournemouth is not the way forward. Hughes was sold for a pittance in the end, but it was still 8 million. I would rather that journey and the memories of those moments than the let's sell now because we have been offered a million, sell on clause or not.
  10. I guess it comes down to how much risk or faith we are prepared to place on the academy. Personally, I would far rather we reject all of these offers and start building the team from the grass roots level. A project which develops over time, rather than throwing money at it and signing the next group of Butterfields.
  11. Or we could play them in our first team and watch their value rocket. Southampton sold off their youngsters for over 100 million. Why are we hyping up 15 million for 4 players all with a lot of potential? We want Lampard to stay and build, we need to do the same with the academy. Long term not short term.
  12. Buy not selling players who are young, have potential and are on low wages for a start. There are far more high profile players who we should be looking to move on well before this is even discussed. The only reason for selling Thomas, would be if Lampard and Morris don't feel he is up to it, but there is nothing to suggest that is the case. We do have budget constraints, but we need to do three things regarding the squad. 1. Promote young players who may be good enough. 2. Move on the players who are on high wages and not contributing to the first team. 3. Sign low risk (finance wise) young hungry players to add to the squad where needed. James Wilson just released by Man United, I'm not suggesting signing him, but it's that market we should be looking at. Players with a point to prove. Duanne Holmes is another example, albeit different circumstances.
  13. But this is so short sighted. It is possible he could be a really good player and worth so much more. You would sanction that sale just to get 1 million now? He hasn't even played a run of games for us. If Barnsley are offering 1 million, they are willing to gamble that on him... so there is something there. We should just give him a run og games and if it doesn't work out we haven't lost anything. We don't always have to sell to raise funds for new signings... that's exactly what got us in this mess. How about we use what we have?
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