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  1. I will just leave this here... If Lampard had played Martin last season we would have been promoted...
  2. Some fans just want us to sell anyone who gets decent. If we had a track record of excellent signings, I could see their point. But selling Bird to sign a Johnson and Butterfield just makes me lose complete interest in football. We need to build around the youngsters, resist bids and make teams pay well over the going rate for them if we decide to sell, which we shouldn't.
  3. Not really, just issue an apology... by not dealing with this situation, it has escalated with players and coaches now becoming involved. This could all have been avoided.
  4. If it's been edited out and no apology made, then this is seriously poor from Radio Derby and questions need to be raised.
  5. I actually thought we did ok today. There was a great move which Waghorn headed straight at the keeper, that goes in and its 2-0 game over. The game was dull, but Huddersfield did a good job stopping us playing. The substitutes were logical, would liked to have seen Knight though.
  6. I think a commanding goal keeper is a must, probably the most important signing we need to make.
  7. Errrrrrr, we are in massive need of building.... we have a mix of players from different managers that struggle to play together. You talk about a manager who can get 100% out of his squad, we have tried this before... you do remember what happened after Billy Davies? Paper over the cracks, promoted with players that just couldn't hack it in the pl. Frank Lampard did the same, albeit with far more style, but the end result was still failure, but nothing was built... The last time we stuck by a manager, Nigel Clough built the basis of the best side in the last 15 years. We need this again with Cocu, we just cannot keep employing different managers in the hope we stumble across a formula, it doesn't work. Furthermore, we have no money, so anyone coming in cant bring their own players. The green shoots are now clearly evident and the future looks bright. You are right about Cocu too, he would be great at those clubs in the premier league let's hope they dont try to to sign him!!!
  8. We need to stick with them, both very young and will improve, today was disappointing granted. Stopping the crosses is about positioning, this requires experience, Cocu and his team will be working on this, make no mistake, it's just not a quick fix.
  9. Thought we played well, Bird and Rooney having good games. Not sure what happened to Holmes and Bogle, but they didnt seem to want to/ or able to get past their men.
  10. Agree with all, but I think you are a tad harsh on Waghorn, his hold up play was excellent in the absence of Martin.
  11. Superb again today, always available, plays it simple, pass and move, played some excellent long passes to switch the play. It's also worth noting that he intercepted the ball, glided past a player to start the move for the winner.
  12. Anyone who watched the game would know they were the only (and sensible) subsitions to be made. Cocu made them at precisely the right time, in fact he was readying them when the second goal went in, so he was on it quick. I cant believe people are still critical... The way Cocu got them playing today was awesome, little flicks, back heels. Rooney with an outrageous dummy. I particularly liked the way three players went in on max bird and he just stopped, then waltzed out with ball. Frickin fantastic today!!!
  13. I would say so... doesn't seem to run into blind alleys anymore, defensively solid. Best all round performance from Tom I have seen. Looked a real team player today.
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