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  1. Bristol City v Derby County

    I'm sorry, but today I watched a player who I rate highly and have never been critical of before perform very poorly. In the first five minutes he nearly set up a goal with a miss timed header under very little pressure. He dived in when he didn't need to at 1-1 and he appeared erratic throughout. His nervousness seemed to spread to other defenders. I think describing his performance today as error prone is fair. I am not saying we drop him or anything, but it did make me think the people who are critical have a point. Did you watch the game? How did you think he played? I agree that the problems are far greater than just Keogh, the past four years is littered with some awful decisions which will take a while to solve. We have gone backwards since 2013/14.
  2. Bristol City v Derby County

    Tactics to remove Huddlestone from playing any role in the game. In possession: pass and move - Huddlestone won't catch anyone. Without possession:press press press- Huddlestone can't run away from anyone. Some players are slow, then there is Huddlestone. I bet he still walking off the pitch.
  3. Bristol City v Derby County

    Isnt it strange how one game can totally change your opinion on a player. I live in Abu Dhabi and have only been able to watch Dcfc play live on sky or at pp over the Christmas break ,when I am home. This season I have watched every game on Rams TV, brilliant. Today changed my view on Keogh, error prone and nervous,looked like a rabbit in the headlights. If he has five games like this a year, we will not get promoted. (Not that we will anyway) Granted we have other major problems, mobility in central midfield being a serious Achilles heel. However where was Keogh, showing passion, determination, confidence?? I just felt he was nervous and standing off players from the start, by the end it seemed to have spread to everyone. Just an observation, I have always rated him the past, but this really stood out today. I am sorry if this reopens the whole Keogh debate.
  4. Lawrence watch

    A few nice touches and turns, I would like to see him get more of the ball, looks a possible threat. He also looks a bit like Andrew Garfield.
  5. Jeff Hendrick

    Sadly it is a historical issue. We seem to have an amazing ability to sell good players for peanuts and replace with overly expensive and sadly inferior players. Some we never even replaced...
  6. Jeff Hendrick

    Hendrick was an underrated player for us. Linked midfield with attack. If we could have put Hughes, Thorne and Hendrick together for a season behind Martin, Ward and Ince we would have been promoted. What could have been...
  7. RamsTV

    10 quid a month is fantastic value for all games live outside the U.K, this is a huge untapped market imo. i have watched every pre season game in Abu Dhabi so far and despite some technical issues in the first game, the service has been very good. Commentary is another story though!! I am sure there must be loads of fans living abroad who will purchase this. great job dcfc Im in
  8. Final Squad

    Out: Roos, Pearce, Butterfield, Russell, Blackman, Olssen, Bent, Bryson. Hanson (Loan) In: Tom Lawrence, Matty James. I really think there needs to be opportunities for the academy players this year.

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