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  1. Waghorne was superb today, his best game for me, everything stuck to him and he linked play like a more mobile Martin. Lawrence had his best game in a while and Bogle looks better defensively. We just need to get Wilson back on form and we could just make it yet!!! Football... one minute your down, the next your right back up again!
  2. You cannot use the Burbs, which is a cult classic to reference Forest!! It is far too good lol
  3. But signing 10 players would block the pathway from the academy. Our better players from the last ten years have come from the academy. Our less successful players have come from our largest expenditures. We spend a sizeable amount on the academy and while it is not going to fix everything, it should provide the club with a couple of youngsters to bring through each season. We can then focus our limited funds into buying the crucial pieces of the puzzle, quality over quantity. In our case a good up and coming cdm, CB and atm to provide a tough spine to the side. This would keep costs down, inspire the younger sides and hopefully provide long term stability to the club, with success following. We so nearly got in right in McLaren's first season!
  4. Why do we always go back to selling our young players with even a slight amount of potential? I remember the let's sell Hughes for x ammount, or Hendrick. Well that got us a long way didn't it? We cannot be trusted to buy players! Bogle has made a good start, but let's keep him and introduce more young players. I really think the way forward is to build a young pacy squad with players from the academy, this is supplemented by a couple of signings, but no more.
  5. I would make only three signings in the summer, all under 24 years of age too. A really tough midfielder, no creativity, but wins it and plays simple passes to others. A creative midfielder, but a passer, not a player that goes invisible for 70 minutes (Barry Bannan style) A strong left sided centre back. The rest of the squad places should be used to give the academy players a chance. They are above nearly all other teams, so why waste time on future loans, unless it is for one of the key positions above.
  6. That was a horrific performance. We looked like a bunch of strangers. Too many players who think they can go it alone. Wilson, Mount, Lawrence, constantly giving the ball away. Apart from Keogh and Bogle, I do not think another player won a 50/50.
  7. So after three weeks, another game missed. When it works it's great, but today it appears the rights have been bought for the game. Ok, but I literally cannot watch it anywhere and I would be willing to pay, actually I already did, but that's another story!!
  8. Bogle, let's be honest. Loads of potential, but has his ups and downs this season. With persevering with? Absolutely, will be a top player. Who else can join him?
  9. Mr Zoon was a complete waste of a sub, 10 men when he came on. Offered nothing and hasn't since he joined. By far the most disappointing signing. On the other hand I thought Bogle was immense, great energetic performance.
  10. Sit down and have a word with yourself!!!
  11. I put this down to bad luck with injuries. Brave choice from Frank and I hope it pays off...
  12. Very disappointing overall, too little too late... I still don't think we are good enough to maintain a promotion push, we cannot cope against physical sides for starters. Hopefully Frank has targets for the summer who will rectify this. Apart from his free kicks, I see little in Wilson to suggest he will be a first team player for Liverpool, maybe we could get him for another season. Cole, Marriott and josefzoon looked good coming on. Sadly Nugent and Bryson look too far off the place to be regulars in the side.
  13. Solid first half for me. Could have had 3 on another night. Holmes looking good, Nugent showing well, Waghorn growing into the game.
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