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    Can someone please explain to me, why our results regress in Jan and Feb and we slowly limp out of the promotion race?Has any one checked our Jan/Feb form before 13/14 season, because I think this pattern has been going on longer (I may be wrong) What are the constants during this time? We have changed managers, players etc . I really thought we would glide past the slump this season, but let's be honest, it has finished off automatic promotion again. I really don't fancy us in the play offs. A huge positive is I can subscribe to Rams TV for another season.😀
  2. Reading v Derby County

    I'm sorry, but after witnessing that, we don't stand a chance in the play offs. Utterly abysmal. I also don't get people who make excuses for these players, they are very experienced and should be more than capable of handling the pressure.
  3. Reading v Derby County

    Watching this live, when we pressed them, it looked we could score a hatful. However we are just sitting back and surprise surprise, we concede. The defense is all over the place.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I actually prefer Fozzy to Olsen. It's our midfield that is the issue, it's great for counter attacking, but not so good when we have to chase.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    This game perfectly sums up why we won't finish second. - lack of creativity and pace in central mid - solid defence now looking suspect - subs made far too late - We struggle in February for some reason or ma
  6. Missing Person

    I think his work rate is good, tracks back etc. it's the end product that is the missing ingredient.
  7. Chris Martin

    Am I the only one who thinks Martin and Vydra is potentially the best forward combination. It baffles me why this isn't given a run.
  8. Derby County V Reading

    Our midfield is the issue. It is just too easy to pass and move through Huddlestone and Johnson. Ledley would have probably made a difference and his absence was telling, I really wanted Thorne to have a good run out.
  9. Missing Person

    He will come good, looks to be trying too hard to me.
  10. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    Gary sold our best two players, if we then sack him before the seasons end, it was all for nothing. After the last five years I know don't think we have any choice but to stick with Rowett. I just want to see green shoots - signs something is being built. I just hope everyone can wait and he gets the time.

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