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  1. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    I think sell Vydra for as much as we can get, then offer Arsene Wenger the lot for a rebuild project integrating the youngsters into the first team. Wenger turned Ray Parlour into a near world beater, imagine what he could do with Bradley Johnson!!! Would also play the Derby way!
  2. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Me too! Fingers crossed he goes!!
  3. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Time for youth

    Errrrr I think this is pretty much the same gamble to be honest, for every Malcolm Christie there is a Liam Dickinson. You seem to be against having or spending on an academy, but I would far rather spend on the academy than blow 6 million on someone like Bradley Johnson.
  4. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Time for youth

    But don't the U23 team play in their respective top league?
  5. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Fitness levels

    The players looked shattered in the second leg, mainly because they spent both games chasing after the ball.
  6. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    On reflection, I think the football served up this season has been pretty dire to watch. I don't think anyone can argue with that. I miss the style that we used to have under Mac1 and that Fulham used against us. Rowett's style (If you can call it that) is only acceptable if results go our way. I was ok with the solid defence, nick a goal and win approach, however I never watched us this season and felt entertained or proud of the team. (Cardiff game and a few others excluded) Even the big victories, the cohesion was lacking going forward. Furthermore, there is no one In the first team I would be desperate to keep if an offer came in. Infact selling Luke Thomas concerns me most. When we lost at Wembley, I was gutted, but in the aftermath, I just wanted Derby to not sell anyone. Look how we all hoped Thorne would sign all that summer. There is none of that pride this season and it is down to our style. Our lower attendances support this. I want Rowett to succeed, but to keep me onside, he has to change the style. (I would also like him to take a chance and integrate some of our youngsters into the side) i think the first ten games of next season will be crucial. He has a lot of work to do.
  7. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Will Hughes Article

    This is so true, Will was our best best player since the Asanovic days...
  8. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Just dropping in

    I actually think we will beat Cardiff, but then lose our last two The Derby Way!!
  9. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Richard Keogh.

    So Keogh who has played nearly every game for 5 seasons and been captain for each of our collapses (Despite us changing everything else around him) is blameless? I think that he is a good player, but he severely lacks consistency and seems to panic under pressure during key points in the season. I understand why fans will stick up for him, but he is also accountable in his role as captain and therefore questions will be asked.
  10. Abu Dhabi Ram

    The Derby Way - A Progression

    This is exactly my point of view too, let's be honest, the football has been dire this season. Am I the only one who thought when we beat Hull 5-0 that it was a great result but a poor footballing performance? It is crazy to write that but I could name many other games too. Infact I don't think we have put in a quality football performance all season. We have achieved some great results by being well organized and hard to beat. Now we can't even do that. We are so far from the 13/14 style, such a shame as I was convinced it only need a few minor tweaks to get us promoted.
  11. Abu Dhabi Ram


    Why are we being critical of a player who were great before serious injury?? Surely it is obvious that he is struggling because of this and like Forsyth needs time to find previous fitness and form. Next season after a full pre season will be the time to judge. In hidesight, perhaps we should have loaned both out to league 1- lower champ team this season. We have far far far greater problems than an out of form Thorne.
  12. Abu Dhabi Ram


    Can someone please explain to me, why our results regress in Jan and Feb and we slowly limp out of the promotion race?Has any one checked our Jan/Feb form before 13/14 season, because I think this pattern has been going on longer (I may be wrong) What are the constants during this time? We have changed managers, players etc . I really thought we would glide past the slump this season, but let's be honest, it has finished off automatic promotion again. I really don't fancy us in the play offs. A huge positive is I can subscribe to Rams TV for another season.😀
  13. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Reading v Derby County

    I'm sorry, but after witnessing that, we don't stand a chance in the play offs. Utterly abysmal. I also don't get people who make excuses for these players, they are very experienced and should be more than capable of handling the pressure.
  14. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Reading v Derby County

    Watching this live, when we pressed them, it looked we could score a hatful. However we are just sitting back and surprise surprise, we concede. The defense is all over the place.
  15. Abu Dhabi Ram

    Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I actually prefer Fozzy to Olsen. It's our midfield that is the issue, it's great for counter attacking, but not so good when we have to chase.

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