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  1. The ‘let’s get behind the players’ lasted long for some 😂😂😂😂😂
  2. It’s just embarrassing to support DCFC at the moment!! I have to laugh at the club now, what else is there to do.
  3. In Rooney’s opinion, which I have big question marks over.
  4. Depressing, no… disinterested, yes. I have very little enthusiasm for the upcoming season due to the whirlwind of circumstances.
  5. I Cancelled mine too, but I think many factors add up to my decision. I really like the concept and the quality of RTV, but so many games are taken for sky, or even other international broadcasters, that the price really isn’t worth it for two games a month. Furthermore, the Saturday 3pm kick offs are at 7pm at night here(the weekends are Friday and Saturday). The midweek games are therefore 11:45pm kick offs. Sunday lunchtime ko I can’t watch as I am still at work. Last season watching Derby left me angry frustrated and tired, was it worth it at these times? Not really! Finally, my dwindling enthusiasm for DCFC, I blame this on both the club and that vindictive organization called the EFL. It is just not enjoyable at the moment as the football is a sideshow to the politics.
  6. Massive missed opportunity for me. Southgate is very likeable, but his selections are so negative, maybe have faith in some of our world class attackers who should start instead of being on the bench.
  7. The fact these clubs want to sue us actually illustrates what a morally incompetent, corrupt bunch of idiots reside with the EFL. Furthermore I have never had such little interest in football in general as there is no fair playing field for any team. We are only guilty of trying to compete in an unfair system. We should now sue the Premier League for forcing us into this position.
  8. Because he has not got a response...
  9. 30, but the forum hasn’t gone on that long 😂
  10. Your love in for Rooney is admiral, you have hated every previous manager so I have no idea what he has done to get you onside 😂
  11. He never scraped survival on the last game of the season though.
  12. I am glad my spell check gave you some amusement today 😂
  13. Hmmmm. Disagree completely. But you keep going down this path. 🙂
  14. But the issue with Mac is he can’t build foundations. If we didn’t have Clough we wouldn’t have Mac. Clough is not a good coach, Mac is not a good manager. If we combined them we would all be happy 🙂
  15. You make it sound so so easy, like Mac just turned up and switched the light on. It took Clough years to build that side and I am so greatful, let’s not forget after six months of Mac our position steadily declined to where we are today.
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