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  1. You probably should listen, it’s a great interview and while he does seem a tad arrogant, it gives a fascinating insight into our club.
  2. I actually think Cocu would have done better... at least he made subs if it wasn’t working. Our players looked off the pace from the very start. We desperately need points, so why didn’t he change it?
  3. Sibley or Holmes is a non contest... it has to be Sibley, cannot believe there are posters saying he’s not that great, he has so much potential.
  4. Swap Holmes for Ibe once fit and this team will look far more dangerous. Jozwiak is setting the standards and Lawrence is hopefully out the first 11 until he realizes he has to put a shift in and play as part of team.
  5. Marshall 6 Byrne 8 Buchanan 7 Clarke 6 Wisdom 5 Bird 8 Bielik 8 Holmes 5 Knight 6 Lawrence 3 CKR 8
  6. I thought Bird was very good today, one of better players.
  7. Disagree, these players are more than good enough. Something is amiss that we don’t know.
  8. Even interim managers of past regimes get a reaction. There has been no reaction. There has to be major issues behind the scenes, because these players are more than good enough to make the play offs.
  9. Well after Cocu left, we should have expected a bounce, we didn’t get one. To me that means one of only two things... 1. the cause of underperformance is still at the club. or 2. the players are not good enough. I am certain it is 1.
  10. I don’t mind our players not being good enough if they give 100%, but Tom Lawrence jogged through that half. It’s beyond time to move him on.
  11. Great, back to the tried and trusted method of developing other teams players, a typical Mac tactic... We just need to play Bird, Knight and Sibley as our midfield three.
  12. Marshall 6 Wisdom 4 Davies 5 Clarke 6 Forsyth 6 Shinnie 4 Evans 4 Holmes 5 Sibley 6 Lawrence 3 CKR 8
  13. So our best 45 of the season gets us one goal and one point against the relegation favorites (After us). We can’t score and frequently concede one or more. Far too defensively minded against a very weak yet physical team. We should be set up for all out attack. If that’s the senior pros trying to show the academy lads how it’s done, we are screwed. It is going to take a seriously experienced manager to turn this round.
  14. Really wanted Cocu to succeed, class guy throughout his time here, especially through some incredibly difficult moments.
  15. People said similar things about Paul Jewels Wigan!! We need someone experienced who can turn us round.
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