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  1. Was watching one of those police interceptor type programmes the other night, they said roughly 500,000 breath tests are recorded each year with 1/5 being over the limit. A quick check shows there were 83,000 (Wikipedia) people in prison last year, so sending down all drunk drivers would more than double our prison population.....but you know, he should be in jail 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  2. This was my take on it. The club offered him a new job, one he was actually able to do rather than being paid ridiculous money for a job he clearly can’t do anymore.
  3. I’d love him to pretend he’s driving a car and crash into the corner flag in front of the A block
  4. You’re not at the works party though mate, you’ve gone to the pub after the works party and got poo faced. Would your employer still be ok with paying you for 18 months if that was the case?
  5. But the big difference is Keogh cannot fulfil his multi million pound contract. Why should the club still pay his wages for his stupid decision? If you severely injured yourself, how long would your employer pay your wages while you sit at home? I’m self employed, so if I don’t work I don’t get paid which is why I make sure that I don’t put myself in any unnecessary danger, getting in the car with a drink driver is high on that list!
  6. What does that matter? A decision he’s made has resulted in him not being able to fulfil his contract. There’s all kinds of clauses in players contacts saying they can’t do certain activities skiing, riding a motorcycle etc. It seems harsh because the blokes car he was in is also on the books and he got a fine but he can still play. If Keogh crashes in a random persons car and not a player of our club the consensus would be it’s his own fault and he deserves the sack.
  7. Whilst the result was clearly disappointing I actually thought the performance was much better than recent weeks. We had 2 great chances in the first half to take the lead and then a goal very harshly disallowed IMO. I understand the frustration from a lot on here, but I can’t reiterate enough that changing managers again now is just not warranted. The squad we have available is pure and simple not good enough no matter who is managing. The three loan players papered over great canyons and now they’re being laid bare. Not only are we seriously lacking in quality but also experience (not saying we need to go down the Growett route again) but Roos (half a season playing in the champ) Lowe (less than half) Clarke (handful of games) Bogle (1 season) Shinnie and Bielik (less than 20 games between them) and Holmes who had an injury hit season last year and you can see why we’re not managing games properly. January can’t come soon enough so we add some quality to balance out the lack of nouse. Still not fully behind the Rooney signing but hopefully he can still offer something to this team. Fully expecting a mid table season this and I’m ok with that, just hope it’s a boring mid table season and we’re not having to look over our shoulders at any point.
  8. Last season they were showing the away games in there, even the 3pm kick offs. Went in today anyway for lunch, they stopped showing the games last season after the EFL complained and threatened a points deduction apparently
  9. I was actually thinking more about today? I know they used to show away matches in there, was hoping to pop in today
  10. Yes but unfortunately it’s not open yet to ask, unless you have a direct line to somebody who works there?
  11. Morning all, does anybody know if they still show the game on match days?
  12. Yes we’ve made it to the play offs, but we’ve always kinda snuck into them. The first wembley season we were resounding favourites to win them, we were the 3rd best team in the league without a shadow of a doubt but that’s football. We got to the play offs that season by building for years signing players for modest fees, since then we spunked millions and haven’t been able to build a team as good as that. Throwing money at it doesn’t always lead to the best outcome.
  13. Didn’t GSE oversee one of best ever seasons? They got a bad rap, but they Put in all the foundations for us to get to Wembley and for Mel to takeover. You could argue that our financial potion has gotten considerably worse since Mel has been in charge.
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