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  1. High chance of being back on it within 6 months anyway.
  2. £28. Which is around the max I would personally pay for an away ticket.
  3. Remember when clubs said they missed the fans and the game is nothing without us? Yet since we’ve come back, the prices have gone through the roof. Absolute disgrace.
  4. Lawrence has the amazing ability to make the wrong decision with the ball literally every time he gets it.
  5. Did the commentator really just describe Lawrence as a free kick specialist?
  6. I mean the timing of the article stinks really doesn’t it. The JCVI rule out vaccines for kids, the gov wants to push ahead anyway and just days before they want to start, articles start appearing on how kids are going to get long Covid. Surely that would have been factored into the JCVI findings anyway? Me and the Mrs both have Covid at the minute, our daughter has been completely unaffected by it (so far) admittedly she’s 2 so doesn’t fit the age range.
  7. Be interesting to know who’s done the modelling to predict that number. If it’s the same people who have gotten near enough everything else wrong the’ll be fine 👍🏻
  8. I’ve heard about this day from my dad and his mates numerous times over the years, his account is almost identical to yours, especially the bit of about KO!
  9. Same here mate, the Mrs got it last Monday and because I caught it off her 4 days later, my isolation has been extended……so I’m currently on day 6 of 13. Starting to crawl the walls. Hope you’re doing well.
  10. That wasn’t me quoting the article, those were my words. Look at the picture in the article, a child under the age of 16 is up to 8.5 times more likely to suffer adverse affects from the vaccine than they are to be admitted to ICU. The risk outweighs the benefit to these kids and that’s why the JCVI have ruled against it.
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