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  1. I started too early and slowed down I don’t know if I can pick up the pace again to keep me awake 😩
  2. Yeah granted the centre backs weren’t at fault for those 2 goals but there’s countless goals that they can be blamed for. The problem was because teams knew we were so weak at defending crosses they would cross from anywhere, as soon as they got a chance the ball was in our box. Doesn’t matter who your full backs are they weren’t going to stop the bombardment of crosses.
  3. I completely understand the Tomori suggestions but if Keogh and Tomori are our first choice centre backs again this season we’re probably going to concede a lot from crosses and set pieces again.
  4. Ian Holloway was on talksport a few months ago and was pretty much saying the same about Mac. Saying how he was in the owners eat saying how he could do it better and what needs to change. They got rid of Holloway, put mac in charge and then sacked him half way through the season.
  5. We’re going to announce Cocu 17 minutes after FL leaves aren’t we 😂
  6. Stupid rule IMO. It was pretty clear Frank was Chelsea’s number 1 choice but they had to give an interview to a BAME candidate knowing full well they weren’t going to get the job. You can’t not give somebody a job based on the colour of they’re skin but have to give them an interview solely based on the colour of they’re skin.
  7. Just saw them mate, interesting. I’d be more than happy with him as manager
  8. What comments are these regarding Jokanovic mate?
  9. Does anybody else think we’ve not released our pre season schedule due to this uncertainty? Noticed most teams have released all the details by now. We had a disrupted pre season last year and Frank was already in place this time last year, IF frank does go Wel be another 2-3 weeks behind getting ready for the season.
  10. I guess it’s a gamble knowing when to see and when to keep hold. If Sibley comes in and has a few bad games we mighty get nothing for him and he may never achieve his potential. You only have to look at Max Bird, won apprentice of the year and very highly rated in the academy but a couple of average cameos and I’ve seen people on here writing him off already.
  11. Saw a post on here regarding Sibley, the bloke apparently claiming to be the same person who first spoke about Delap to city. In an ideal world yes these players would go onto play in the first team for years on end but selling younger players with big sell on fees isn’t a bad thing. If bigger clubs come knocking on the door with money these not a lot we can do In all honesty.
  12. Exactly this, players from city’s academy are being sold for £10m plus and have never even had a sniff of the first team. If all the reported fees are correct, £10m for Bogle, £3.5 for Sibley, £1.2 for Delap and £1m for Thomas. £15.7m for players that’s have cost us nothing, this is exactly what Mel wanted to achieve with the academy, taken a few years but it’s starting to reap its rewards. For what it’s worth I was told Bournemouth are in for serious talks with Morgan Whittaker, unsurprising after the goals and assists he racked up this season.
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