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  1. We’ve done the same routine from set pieces for a while now. It’s a hybrid of zonal/man marking which seems to conjure the worst of both tactics. Our “best” headers are given a zone to mark and then players are selected to mark to basically try and be a nuisance. All well and good until the biggest bloke on the pitch stands outside one of the zones and is left with a complete mismatch and effectively a free header.
  2. £20m?!?! 😂 We would be lucky to get £10m plus add ons, if we’re in league 1 we can expect even less and rightly so for 2 players that have gotten us relegated.
  3. Don’t think I’ve ever had a bet win as convincingly as this one did, all mine seem to come In in the last few mins 😂
  4. Fully agree, if we can’t get 4 points from Blackburn, Preston, Brum and Wednesday Wel deservedly be playing 3rd division football next season. I’ve got a feeling Wel get 4 from the next 2, I have no idea why, I haven’t been optimistic about Derby since Bielik was hurt.
  5. Win at either Blackburn and Preston and Wel be fine. Might actually have some players back for the Preston game.
  6. Came a bit out of the blue this really didn’t it, trying to get my head round why somebody would want to commit to buying a club that could well be relegated in a months time. The bloke absolutely screams amateur hour, the fact he’s already been turned into a meme on twitter doesn’t exactly bode well. The big question though is where is the money coming from? The athletic are reporting that the club has been bought outright with no debt or borrowing involved, so somebody’s got some money. Have to see how this unravels I guess, certainly doesn’t fill me with confidence mind.
  7. Pass the ball Knight, what are you doing?!
  8. This tactic of not pressuring the man on the half way line with his head up is going to hurt us eventually.
  9. Wel be the only club who sells young players without sell on fees. You can see it now can’t you.
  10. If you could get £500k for an out of contract waghorn in the summer Mel would give you the job as head of negotiations.
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