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  1. Saw this post on Twitter this morning. Somebody in the comments suggested that with so many people believing they could have had the the virus before Christmas, when so many people were ill with Covid like symptoms (I myself had one of the worst coughs I’ve ever had) that The April spike may well have been the dreaded second spike. There’s probably science to refute this claim but I’d love to hear the question answered by a medical expert.
  2. Borris to tell everybody to get back to work.
  3. 1. Before my time 2. Before my time 3. Commons 4. Bryson 5. Mason mount 6. Buxton 7. Brayford 8. Paul thirwell 🤷🏻‍♂️ 9. Bogle 10. Rooney
  4. I’ve heard that the coronavirus was made by remainers in a last ditch attempt to kill off the “old people who stole their future” so they can have another referendum. Sneaky
  5. Ahhh........well that took a dark turn
  6. You can probably thank the EPPP for that, the big clubs can now take the beat young kids from anywhere around the country before they get any where near the senior level. We’ve done it ourselves recently with Bogle and Luke Thomas
  7. On the Derby fan meltdown scale that was up there with the best 😂. Everybody coming out with their own very specific details on why they should be able to take sweets to the match and how the board should be hung, drawn and quartered.
  8. Best bit is it was that Bamford Gallagher who he left on the floor 😂
  9. Were easily the best team in the league at imploding, nobody can take that from us 😂
  10. I know he did it twice second half but it got them free kicks in dangerous areas, which is exactly what we used to laud the real wardrobe for. They did it throughout the whole first game and the ref gave a foul every time, the ref was as accommodating last night though.
  11. Good game, good goals. Holmes and martin developing a telepathic understand, the 1-2s were lighting quick. Lawrence has his 3rd good game in a row, not losing the ball anywhere near as much, even if sometimes opting for a “safer” pass. Rooney cut above, wisdom solid. Side note, would anybody make a bid for the Northampton captain Charlie Goode In the summer? MOM in the first game, good leader, decent footballer could see him just before the second half geeing up his team mates, seconds later he absolutely smashed Marriott with a brilliant tackle which set the tone and they scored a minute later. He’s 24 so a good age and playing league 2 so unlikely to break the bank.
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