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  1. Low attendance

    Interestingly last night was the lowest attendance since We lost 1-0 at home to Millwall in March 2014 under Mac1, so even when we were like Barcelona the attendances could still be low 🤔 http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/numbers-behind-derby-countys-lowest-817944.amp
  2. The Budget

    Lol 😳
  3. Low attendance

    Agreed, it can be frustrating at times when we start playing we create very good opportunities but then Wel go off the boil for a long period. If we could find the consistency to play that way for 60/70 minutes we’d be looking at autos IMO, I think GR may need another summer window to get the personal to be able to do that though.
  4. Low attendance

    I personally think given time we will find ourselves “somewhere in-between” I mean we’re not exactly far off now.
  5. The Budget

    I’m sure in affluent areas £300k is more than achievable, Im a decorator and my mrs is a vet nurse and we’ve just bought a £200k house and we’re first time buyers! So thanks for £1500 saved on stamp duty 👍🏻
  6. Low attendance

    I’m guessing though by entertainment factor you mean because we don’t have 70% of the and play triangles all game in nothing areas of the pitch. Last night for example we created 4 clear cut chances where it was attacker v goalkeeper, if anything you could say were very effiencint in that we do a hell of a lot more with the ball when we have seeing as we don’t have the vast majority of possession.
  7. Low attendance

    Am I the only one that’s not really that bothered about the attendances falling a bit? If people choose not to go that’s their decision, il still be going so I don’t really care. Personally I think our attendances are naturally levelling out as the last of the bandwagoners are hopping back off. Between 20/24k is their natural level, it was only really after Wembley they sat at around 29/30K. Then as the chance of promotion has got smaller so have the crowds. Make no mistake about it though if this team got to Wembley playing exactly the way it is now the wagon would be overloaded.
  8. Fair weather fans

    If Rowett could get us to play like we did second half for 90 minutes every game we would win the league. That’s the problem though, I don’t believe he has the tools at his disposal to be able to get us to play that way for 90 minutes. If you sit back and think about it, he’s sold 2 fans favourites and arguably our best players, he’s brought in 4/5 players of his own into a squad that still consists of 4 managers players, I’d said in perspective he’s actually doing fairly well so far. Next summer Wel add another 3/4 players and if we get even stronger We could be challenging for autos. The answer to the original question we have around 4000 fair weather fans who just want to be entertained. Personally it makes no odds to me if they come or not, the ground is like a morgue most of the time with or without them. Enjoy the game (or part of it) and stop worrying about people who haven’t bothered to turn up.
  9. What would you have done differently?

    We had one player out injured instead of straight like for like swap with Thorne he moved 3 players and we looked like strangers. It was probably right to start Winnall after scoring 3 goals in 2 games but Nuge shouldn’t have played in the number 10, Martin should have started to keep the continuity. Having said that the first half It might not have made any difference, we were completely out played, we were literally chasing shadows, can’t remember the last time I saw a team come to PP and completely out play us like that.
  10. Joe Ledley's impact

    Great minds and all that...
  11. Joe Ledley's impact

    You could say as well, even though we all love him dearly Bryson wouldn’t have had the same impact on this team that Ledley has. GR made some big decisions in the transfer market and some are now coming to fruition.
  12. Leeds United V Derby County

    I was just thinking about this, it’s a joke isn’t it really?! It’s normally the kind of thing that happens against us not for us!
  13. Leeds United V Derby County

    Damn it!
  14. Leeds United V Derby County

    Vydras having a good season IMO........
  15. Leeds United V Derby County

    Oh dear

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