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  1. Find out quite worrying that PC has already come out and questioned the teams commitment and desire that never usually ends well these days. Rewind a few months, a late double from Harry Wilson seals a late a victory against QPR, Frank and the whole ground is bouncing in unison. The club is on the play off March. It already feels like the bond between the players and fans has disintegrated, the fans have hounded out 3 of their own players, our vice captain is shouting expletives at the away fans, it feels like we’re in turmoil.
  2. Aren’t ticket prices agreed by both clubs before the season starts? It’s supply and demand, if you know the away team will bring a full away end you bump your prices up like we did against West Brom last week. Pretty sure Leeds will have to pay the same when they come here or very similar.
  3. Wether cocu thinks the league is more important or not surely winning games is better for team bonding than losing them? It’s very early in the season and we haven’t got up and running, last night was a good job chance to make sure all the fans are on board. But by just discarding the game as just another game he’s annoyed a lot of fans so early into his tenure.
  4. I can’t be the only one that would rather have seen Martin up top than Bennett last night? With such a weak side I surprised he didn’t at least make the bench.
  5. Just don’t see the point in making so many changes, freshen the team up, blood a few youngsters but at least give us a chance of winning. He never gave us a chance tonight, as soon as the team was read on the train to Nottingham it killed the mood, we knew it was going to be a tough night. 3500 rams travelled to that poo hole to be laughed at for 90 minutes, not good.
  6. When bielik has the ball 25 yards out looking for a pass all of our players made exactly the same run into the middle of the pitch. Hoe can we keep losing the ball like this? This is so sloppy.
  7. Anybody else find it cringe that we continually sing songs about Rooney?
  8. Don’t know if we have the players to give him the service he wants which is probably why waghorn gets the nod as he can battle a bit more.
  9. Cocu not ruling out signing any free agents, I immediately thought of Danny Simpson. Really hope I’m reading too much into it
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