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  1. I’d happily scrap it. Been told for months if we don’t abide by the rules Wel be responsible for the deaths of our parents and grand parents yet it’s ok to let in 2500 millionaires and let them swan about doing as they please. Feck off
  2. Life won’t truly be back to normal until I’m at a pre season game surrounded by people singing “Burton’s a poo hole I want to go home” who then travel back to their houses in Burton.
  3. Notts county away as our final warm up game before the season starts?! Are the dates mixed up? 😂
  4. In a normal season you would be right, it’s just another thing from a long list that we seem to be weeks behind literally every other club on. At least we’ve got a new pitch though
  5. Those websites are unreliable in my experience, most reviews are unverified, you can even review yourself if you wanted. If you want a tradesmen ask friends for recommendations or if you have any other tradesmen work regularly at your house ask them, they won’t put you in touch with a bad one as it looks bad on them.
  6. I agree and I don’t think I’ve ever seen mass flu vaccinations dished out to 12 year olds.
  7. You’re right the virus will always be here. Do you think the government will pay to vaccinate the entire population every year knowing full well most people won’t be severely affected?
  8. I’m 30 and I’ve been offered the jab but I’ve been finding excuses not to go for the last 2 weeks. Im not “anti-vaxx” I’ve had all my immunisations and my 2 year old is up to date with all of hers. Quite frankly I’m worried about becoming one of the anomaly statistics that die after having the vaccine, when I’ve had mates that have had the virus and been ill for a week or so. I’m self employed also so even any short term side effects would hamper my ability to provide. A friend had his second jab 2 weeks ago and hasn’t been able to lift his arm above his head since, I know these are rare but t
  9. I can’t wait to get back to my row, a bunch of strangers I’ve not seen for nearly 18 months. Hugs, handshakes and some times a hip flask going about. GET. ME. BACK!
  10. I think you’ve over thought the poll and my reply a bit.
  11. If the club sent me a season ticket renewal tomorrow it would be paid by the end of the day.
  12. It’s not actually Barry. It’s a middle aged bloke who does the paintings. Not saying it isn’t complete tosh, but everybody gets a chance. The cryptic stuff pees me off though.
  13. To be fair to her she pays that through PAYE so takes on the full tax burden.
  14. Did you see that our “manager” went to a football match on Wednesday? Scandal!
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