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  1. where are they now - Rob Hulse

    I always thought he was event for us, scored some decent goals. I seem to remeber him taking a fair bit of stick though even though he was probably one of our better players during a very dull period.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Why is commentary on ramsplayer 2/3 minutes behind all the time? How hard is it to play in real time!
  3. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    FFS ?
  4. 17/18 Loan Watch

    That would be a reasoned opinion and I’d accept that, but I’ve seen so many far more negative comments than that towards TL. He’s obviously struggling with form/confidence at the minute, the lad needs some encouragement not heckling.
  5. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Don’t forget Lawrence, now Johnny has left Lawrence is getting the full scapegoat treatment. Does every other teams fans do this or is it just Derby fans that have to find a player to hammer even when we’re winning? Just watched the championship highlights and I think some of the Wednesday fans may be going a bit OTT, one of the fans on there blamed the second goal solely on Butterfed even though the ball goes through the keepers and then his legs into the net ?
  6. Curtis Davies

    It’s statement that always bemuses me. Man who has more than likely never played a decent standard of football is sat at a keyboard criticising a professional footballers technique ?
  7. Johnny Russell all 35 goals video

    Get the feeling he started to fall out of love with the club/football so is looking for a change up. Bore the brunt of a lot of stick over the last few years, reacted badly to a bloke in the east stand constantly shouting abuse at him. I think Wel miss him more than some people think after all he is our most productive wide player this season. Great video though, lot of good memories in there ??
  8. New Manager

    HITC May have got our manager wrong but did they actually break the story about Palmer?
  9. Kamil Grosicki

    I told you didn’t I ???
  10. Kamil Grosicki

    Looks like the guy out of the US version of impractical Jokers
  11. Transfer Deadline Day

  12. Transfer Deadline Day

    How do you you know that we didn’t? And hasn’t he signed for RB Leipzig who are still in the champions league?
  13. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Forest doing some half decent business.
  14. Jason Steele

    Just remeber if everything goes to plan he won’t even play for us this season and possibly ever.
  15. Chris Martin - joined Reading on loan until the end of the season

    Haha im sure he’s got far more credible sources than anybody that posts on here!

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