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  1. I’m sure the club said at the time that this wouldn’t happen unless we were promoted anyway?
  2. Why do the majority think this management team will make us any better next season? What have they actually done to to inspire you?
  3. Can understand Cole playing in a back 4 but when we played 3-5-2 against Millwall it was taylor made for Malone, frank got the wing backs completely wrong imo. If you had to describe what your ideal wing back would be it would be Malone and Bogle yet one didn’t play and one played as a centre back!
  4. If I went to football just for the 90 minutes I would have given up years ago.
  5. All well and good saying “net spend” but maybe the £10m he did spend could have been spent better?
  6. Don’t worry normally when it’s gets to the last 5 mins we remember we have to score so Wel try a bit.
  7. Cole getting torn a new one by Lolley. Hardly surprising when our very own Mason Bennett did the same to him 5 years ago!
  8. Tactical change looked like it was working, King gets injured to disrupt the team again.......how’s your luck
  9. Forest want it more, not the first time this this season we’ve been found lacking unfortunately.
  10. We’ve got no idea and no game plan to break them down when they sit in. Poor
  11. pooping myself to be honest, don’t know which Derby is going to turn up.
  12. I’m hardly surprised, since the 2-0 win at home to Hull we’ve played 3 different formations and I think he’s played in 3 different positions. Make that 4, he ended up at left back on Wednesday night! Definitely think he’s better through the middle, his ability to ghost past players in the middle of the pitch opens the game up and creates space for somebody else.
  13. Another goal for Cresswell, got to be a better option coming off the bench than Nuge at the moment who can’t seem to buy a goal?
  14. Woke up this morning and I’m still pissed off with last night. We seem to walk out on the pitch in these sort like we’ve already won the game, we started well, got the goal and thought we were in for an easy ride. It’s not like it’s the first time this season either, we’ve dropped points in other games where a team challenging at the top should go and win. Too many changes to the team again. We need to put a proper run together in the league, we’ve stuttered in the league literally all season, how many times have we strung together a run of wins? The strongest team should have started last night, got us into a decent position then rested a few key players for Saturday. Seems like we had one eye on the cup before the game even kicked off last night. Is there nobody in the U23’s that’s worth giving a go rather than Nuge? Cresswell scores for fun, even Jack Stretton. Nuge has 3 chances to win the game last night and missed them all, he’s constantly missed big chances all season thank god his time is nearly up here, great player but we signed him 4 years too late.
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