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Best own goal we’ve ever scored?


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5 hours ago, Kernow said:

I think you’re missing the point. His isn’t even the worst mistake we’ve made in recent times.

Also, if he has decided to spend his evening reading a fans forum after an unfortunate mistake, my advice would be don’t.

Players do.

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5 hours ago, Dethorn said:

I scored one from 30 yards once, in off the post

I think I still possess the only ever own goal of the season trophy presented by our club ?

Bent for me

I scored from 30 yards directly playing for the Shoulder of Mutton in Huddersfield quite some time back.  To compound matters I went into a 3 way tackle with an opponent and a team mate whose leg I broke........ needless to say I didn't play again..  

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6 minutes ago, AshfieldRam said:

Not one that we scored but one scored against us.

The one Leon Best scored for Southampton in the 2007 play off semi final.

He come off the post to try to clear it and somehow managed to put in the back of the net. Fantastic finish considering just how useless he is

Ironically the only goal he ever scored for us

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