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  1. I hope he doesfinish them. Id imagine there will be more than one fan of the books since the early 90s who will find out how it ends from somebody telling them what happens in a telly show they don't watch. Martin needs to crack on.
  2. I thought it was dumbed down in number of ways. It was a few spectacle but that's notes GOT is great. Unfortunately my predictions are that he republic I spoke of will happen. I've also been saying for a while I think the books will finish differently but who knows when well get the answer to that?
  3. I hope it's better than the last series. And if they end up with some stupid republic rather than someone winning I'll flip.
  4. "I think because it’s 2019, and what 2019 is about, really, is intersectional feminism"
  5. Who's going to kill the shebrats? I don't care if you like Captain Marvel. Its just the coffee I had to clean up after I read you describing her as a likeable lead that concerned me.
  6. Thanos is an amazing villain. But I suspect as Larson is an ardent feminist Captain Marvel might be up for wiping half the population out of existence.
  7. Is this an allusion to all those times when I said all Muslims were to blame for Islamic terrorism in your head?
  8. Loads of kids get into communism.
  9. I used to think that but apparently that's not true. A child born to Congolse parents in the UK is Congolese.
  10. Jordan Peterson is now to blame according to some book seller in New Zealand. And Chelsea Clinton is to blame as well apparently.
  11. Bill and Ted Face the Music. It was most excellent.
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