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  1. I prefer Hitchens' definition.
  2. Didn't Brentford score an ace corner against us earlier in the season too? Before conceding from one of their corners?
  3. Marriott left out as a tactical decision apparently. Not buying that.
  4. Books Cole for diving, gives their player a free-kick against Cole for a very obvious dive 🤬
  5. I dont even know what it is.
  6. "Undertones of white right wing views" Nope, I'm going to stick to the football bit.
  7. The last person to compile a list of hattricks forgot that one as well. Was it so forgettable?
  8. That one take scene where he's walking around the neighbourhood was really good.
  9. You had a hangover last night? How early do you start drinking?
  10. I went to Croatia and they seemed lovely. My brother who fought over there thinks they're as bad as each other.
  11. Different type of player but I'd have Will Hughes over Ward Prowse.
  12. Hudson Odoi looks better on the left on this evidence. Have we finally solve our left wing problem? I can't see Jason Wilcox getting picked again.
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