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  1. Yes! I said that a couple of years ago. Pastel colours ftw! Then I could have a long sleeved version and pull the sleeves up, with some light blue chinos I'd look like Don Johnson's first football match.
  2. Apparently you seem to think consumer rights are more important than citizenship. Would that be the same neighbouring country that illegal immigrants are coming from? A problem a wall is designed to fix? "Build bridges not walls" it says - on a wall! A wall specifically built to keep the freeloading undesirables out. Build bridges? Ok. Shall we make it easier for illegal immigrants then? 'Security (on zero hour contracts I'm guessing) that mans climbing over our wall! He's trying to get in for free! Stop him! Where were we? Ah yes, boo Trump!' Ecosytems? I don't know how Trumps wall effects the ecosystems but is Glastonbury good for the environment? He didn't say free music lessons. He said a right to make music, a right that already exists. Corbyn is offering idealistic and ill considered bunkum. The reason he appeals to young people is because he has never bothered to grow up.
  3. No not that one. The colloquial carrot stick and hummus chomping one. He's going to fix the rights for children to make music I gather. Because apparently we live in a world where Theresa May has ensured children don't currently have the right to make music. I like it how he says there's a message for Donald Trump on the wall. On the wall! The wall Glastonbury has to keep people out! Mans a tool.
  4. The bourgeoisie absolutely love the bloke.
  5. I said the other day my favourite 4 players to watch are Hughes, Thorne, Martin and Ince. We've actually done well to keep our squad together the last few years. Through bad luck with injuries and bad decisions (thanks Pearson) it's gutting to see these four players play so few games together. We're due a bit of luck I think, and hopefully with Rowett (as long as Mel doesn't sack him) some sensible decisions.
  6. I'm glad it's put a smile on your face, but I've already seen it and I think it'll be a few years before I can bring myself to watch it again. We can replace him and become a better team, but we'll probably not see a midfielder with his natural qualities again until we're out of this league, and even then...
  7. We did well to keep hold of him as long as we did, although we might actually have got more money if we'd sold him earlier. Damn shame he's gone though, a midfielder whose style was the most pleasing on the eye since Eranio. I'm sure many will follow his career with interest and hope he goes to the very top. Wouldn't mind seeing him abroad one day, if his skin can hack it.
  8. The way Americans pronounce Craig.
  9. As that's nothing to do with anything you quoted I'd suggest the answer to that question would be a resounding no.
  10. Just goes to show you socialism is very appealing when on LSD.
  11. I made a pun!
  12. It's based on a false premises.
  13. Was DCFCfans around in 1972?
  14. Yeah but people's front had practically disappeared. It was better then.
  15. Being on crutches will do that to you.