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  1. A new Cold War

    Lol. I thought the hat thing had been debunked and that it hadnt had its size altered. The only thing is it was darker, but then it’s been incorporated into the backdrop, which was a backdrop used a couple of months ago. Absolute madmen.
  2. Beatles or Stones?

    I was thinking of him. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste but as an indie kid I love Velvet Underground from that era too.
  3. Beatles or Stones?

    In true Tupac style, Jimi Hendrix has a new album out.
  4. Beatles or Stones?

    Yeah, it’s weird to think, considering his general demeanour and naffness what a rebel someone like Tony Blackburn was out there on his pirate ship. I saw Brian Wilson at Glasto in 2005. He looked utterly perplexed when someone was literally crowd surfing (on an actual surfboard).
  5. Beatles or Stones?

    Yeah. He was a hero of mine as a teenager but I’d probably think Lennon was a bit of a pillock if he was around now.
  6. Beatles or Stones?

    I think The Beatles were great vocalists actually, instantly recognisable voices all of them - but Ringo’s voice is destined for novelty songs 😀. But then I like people who sing the melody. Too much of this around these days
  7. Beatles or Stones?

    Exactly. And The Beatles, possibly more than any other band/artist, are one of the reasons we’re still not stuck in that cutesy period. I loved their early stuff though. Like a lot of old music it weirdly makes me nostalgic for a time period for which I wasn’t even around. Recently rewatching American Graffiti for the first time in years reminded me how good The Beach Boys early stuff was as well, another great ‘boy band’ who went on to make more artistsic stuff later.
  8. Beatles or Stones?

    And they wrote those songs themselves while The Rolling Stones were doing Chuck Berry covers. After they put themselvs together rather than being put together like an actual manufactured boy band like The Monkees, defying their management on occasion. And then they took a leaf out of Dylan’s book and stopped singing songs like that to sing counter-culture psychedelic songs with backwards guitar solos and sitars with drug references and talk of revolution and not to mention concept albums, inspiring others to do the same. I think the term boy band means something different to you than it does to me.
  9. Beatles or Stones?

    How were they a boy band?
  10. A new Cold War

    Yeah I was more having a dig at the lunatics going on about Corbyns hat.
  11. A new Cold War

    Are you sure he’s said that? It wasn’t the BBC that said it was it?
  12. Star Wars

    Wtf. That was just supposed to be a link.
  13. Star Wars

    Doubt it he’s a sith
  14. Star Wars

    I didn’t know that about Harrison Ford signing on for 3. I’m in favour of recasting Leia as weird as it would be. One way that they could allude to all three eras is something I really hope to see. And that’s that I hope Luke isn’t the only force ghost in the film. I want the whole gang, Qui-Gonn, Yoda, Obiwan even Hayden Christensen as Anakin. There was some interesting ideas thrown about in the concept art book for TFA with some kind of Anakin/Vader split Force ghost. We could see Anakin talking to Rey and Ben Solo. I also think Luke should teach Leia how to become one with the force. There’s no reason I can think of that he wouldn’t visit her and at least offer to do so. She’s clearly naturally strong enough in the force (Yoda actually wanted to train her and not Luke!) Doubt this will happen because people seem to be resigned to her getting killed off in the opening crawl which I think would be ****. I’d love Lando to come back in it but I don’t think Billy Dee is that well these days. Only done voice work in recent years.
  15. Star Wars

    I think there’s that many of them Starkiller Base wasn’t a big deal. It was Hux’s pet project but I don’t think Snoke was that bothered about it. I think they’re in the process of a full military invasion of the galaxy and that’s why no one comes to help at the end when they send a distress call. Although that nobody came to help or witness what happened begs the question of how the story of Luke’s heroics got out so that broom kid and his friends heard about it. I can see why Rian Johnson wanted to set it straight after. We all want to see what happens immediately after. But for Abrams fantastic cliffhanger it’s kind of ruined the middle chapter a bit perhaps and the character growth that would seem more palatable to some If it was set a bit later. Ive been thinking there should be four films rather than three because it basically seems like there’s not going to be a proper middle chapter due to these two films talking place so close to each other. I’ve not seen it again yet. I’m going to watch it a second time this weekend and see what I think. I appreciate from a storytelling point of view what they did with Luke but it wasn’t what I wanted. Luke Skywalker is basically the modern day King Arthur to a lot of us. He’s the archetypal hero in the modern age (Harry Potter can sod off) and it’s a bit of a gut punch to see what happened to him. I do like his final stand though. Kirks a really good comparison, left me feeling similarly too.

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