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  1. Attended Melbourne City V Melbourne Victorty about 3 years ago in Oz and there was virtually no segregation. Probably too friendly as well. Tim Cahills’ debut for City and he scored an absolute worldie that I happened to miss as my daughter wanted a hot dog !
  2. We did the same (sort of...) to Trevor Christie ! Ok, it was a division lower) !
  3. I help to run a pub over in Lincolnshire and we've started to rub Vaseline over all of the surfaces in the loos to thwart the 'sniffers.' It's actually far more of a problem in the ladies ! I had one come and complain to me about how slippery it was on top of the cistern. My face said it all. Sad fact of life that all walks of life have this issue.
  4. I had my usual £1 bet before the game and put it on us winning 5-0 at 100-1. My mates all had a bloody good laugh at the time, but were more than happy to help me spend my winnings at the bar afterwards !
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