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  1. I hope we give them a better game than we did 4 years ago in the Cup !!
  2. A number of long-forgotten quiz shows on ITV and Channel 5 in the early 2000's. I was on the Endemol TV Company list of willing idiots who wanted to get their mug on the box at any cost to their own dignity ! My mother very kindly recorded them all and now my kids can also live my shame with me! I made the front page of one of the local rags at the Maxwell Out pitch invasion in Jan 1991. That made my parents very proud. Also, spotted walking behind Sam Rush as he was being interviewed by Sky before a live game. I was spotted by a number of my 'friends' blowing my nose very loudly whilst looking at Sam.
  3. No, that was definitely Villa. Remember watching the highlights later that night and yelling at the TV. I'm sure they caught him as well. Long time ago, now.
  4. I still watch it now and think, 'he's gonna score this time' ! Worst journey home ever. All those bloody Fester fans lining the bridges over the M1. Didn't help that I was living in Coalville at the time !
  5. Many times, the most recent being last tuesday, at Luton. They sussed out that I was Derby pretty early on and to be fair, we had some good banter until we scored. Luckily, they took the lead within the next ten minutes so they took pity on me. A couple of times that really stand out are Forest in '88. My late Grandparents were Forest fans since the 20's and had season tickets in the notorious A Block. They'd sat there since the 60's when it wasn't frequented by the hoolies ! They got my mate and I tickets sat just behind them and we must have just looked nervous because I soon as we sat down, I was tapped on the shoulder and the guy behind me said 'we don't like your sort in 'ere !'. They scored after about 5 minutes and we both stood up, only for my mate to get a whack around the head and we were then led away very quickly to the away end where my arse was spotted on the highlights as I climbed over the wall. The other time was at Leicester. My Brother-in-law worked for Ind Coope and he got my mate and I two corporate tickets. We had the full tour of the Trophy Room. It was 1992 so it didn't take long in those days, we had the free grub and booze and took our seats high up in the old Main Stand. We assumed that all of those sat around us were also 'corporate fans' so my mate and I didn't bother to hide our allegiances. We took an early lead, celebrated and my mate got whacked around the head (again!)...'Derby Scum' said the thug behind us. This time, we didn't move and we eventually lost in the last minute. The abuse we got was wicked but, for some reason, the stewards protected us. Probably thought we had money. Joyous times. Never actually seen us win whilst sitting with the enemy, either. Probably a good thing as I've got a shocking poker face !
  6. Old Trafford again. Heard about it on my little trannie radio and only found out the real horror as we were driving home. It was a very quiet journey back I can tell you. Bradford, I was at home watching World of Sport and they cut live to the game. Just horrific. That night we were at a pub in Repton and a minibus load of Leeds fans turned up. Very loud and pretty nasty. The locals told them in no uncertain terms to get back on their minibus and piss off back to Leeds. Horrible times.
  7. Disappointment is 'The Derby way'.......but onwards and upwards (or downwards)....It's like going back to the heady days of 2009-2013 ! Expect nothing, and you're never disappointed.
  8. I was unfortunate enough to watch the game with the Luton fans who were amazed that we let them back in it, then let then win it ! The consensus among their lot was that Lawrence was by far our best player and that Rooney was played too deep (No poo?). I couldn't wait to get away.
  9. A bit similar to Saunders and Hebberd from Oxford to us in the '80's? Funny money, that's all it is.
  10. Be thankful that you weren't around to watch us in 1984 !!
  11. There's been a few, some of them mentioned already, but for me, it has to be Sheffield Utd away in the promotion season, 1987. Over 9000 of us in the away end, Phil Gee running in on the keeper, slotting it home and cue the biggest 'mental' I've ever had ! My mate Nick dropped his meat pie and lost one of his contact lenses and spent the next ten minutes trying to find it on the terraces. https://youtu.be/fgEK4iKU3hs
  12. I went to watch this 'classic' earlier this year whilst up in Musselburgh, Two red cards, 7 goals, possibly the worst decision I've sever seen by a Linesman and the opposition 'keeper waiting for the 'said' linesman after the match. 350 were there and it was well worth the £5 admission. https://www.musselburghathleticfc.co.uk/videos/musselburgh-athletic-52-newtongrange-star-1622019-142895.html
  13. THAT !.......The sound of seats going up in the East Stand after the 4th is still with me now ! Although the 1-7 to Liverpool was so awful that I felt the urge to stay right until the end !
  14. Attended Melbourne City V Melbourne Victorty about 3 years ago in Oz and there was virtually no segregation. Probably too friendly as well. Tim Cahills’ debut for City and he scored an absolute worldie that I happened to miss as my daughter wanted a hot dog !
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