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  1. Roymac

    Best own goal we’ve ever scored?

    I scored from 30 yards directly playing for the Shoulder of Mutton in Huddersfield quite some time back. To compound matters I went into a 3 way tackle with an opponent and a team mate whose leg I broke........ needless to say I didn't play again..
  2. Roymac

    Memories @ramtique

    8-2 vs Spurs was my first game. Not quite been the same since...
  3. Roymac

    Memories @ramtique

    Not a bad team on paper... never did it though.
  4. Roymac

    Walk Out Music

    Dambusters. Like it used to be at the Baseball ground.
  5. Roymac

    Lampard's inner animal!

    Frankie says come on you rams can see the tshirts now like 1983 (or so) all over again note: with apologies to FGTH
  6. Roymac

    Just outside the playoffs

    Setting the pace
  7. Roymac

    Just outside the playoffs

    Now 3 points clear of the chasing pack.
  8. BBC has us in 7th place. We're 0 points and 0 GD behind Villa who are top. Surely we can catch them?

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