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  1. Smyth_18

    Riddle Game

    This isn't a riddle, it happens all the time. The bouncers only let you in if you have tits.
  2. People seem upset about the fact Brighton drew Millwall in the cup. a) Millwall always seem to be a good cup team and would probably have easily beat us at their ground, with us putting in a similar performance to Saturday. b) A bit 'out there' but we may not have even drew Millwall if we won. Without going too deep into it any minute change in history changes future events in ways you couldn't even imagine. Unconsciously, whoever drew the balls could have put his hand in a different position if the teams assigned to the balls was different. What i'm trying to say is... Does it matter?
  3. I struggle to see how you have come to this conclusion.
  4. Yet another one having a dig at the South Stand.
  5. Quick question.. Are you Efe Ambrose? And how short is this contract?
  6. Remember being on a high for about a week after i lost my virginity. Make the most of the next 6 days or so pal!
  7. Go on then what did you pull? Hamstring? a fast one? a sickie?
  8. How is not getting Thorne fit our, or his for that matter, error? He has complex injuries that probably can't be fixed.
  9. That brings back memories! Huge craze that was. Everybody was buying them off ebay, completely defeating the object of the charities!
  10. Not Having this 'well done Forest' crap. £28 is far too expensive to visit that crap hole.
  11. I'm in South Lower at the moment and was only discussing this move with my brother on Saturday. You would recommend then?
  12. I try to stay until the stewards kick me out. Then I go home and face my responsibilities until the next release day.
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