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  1. I personally think it would still be similar to back in the day in some cases. Whilst the medical treatment has massively improved, so has the general fitness aspect and speed of the game.
  2. He has had 2 ACL injuries, a badly broken leg, and several knock on muscular injuries/ strains. In the modern game that is catastrophic.
  3. In all fairness even when we lift the premier league trophy this time next year, it will still also mean premier league survival.
  4. Why on earth would somebody ask you of all people to buy a full teams kit?
  5. Smyth_18

    London Marathon

    All the best mate. Was one of the most memorable weekends of my life. Remember, after Sunday, you will have that medal forever!
  6. A 'run every day' challenge sheds the pounds pretty quickly. I decided to give it a go this month with a mimimum 3 miles a day. All upon waking up (Mainly 5:30am) so i think the fasted running has helped a fair bit with trimming the fat. This month i have gone from around 11st12 to 11st7. Despite running for ages (used to longer distance), i have just done my first 2 park run's. You're bound to have one nearby. A free timed 5k every Saturday morning only competing with your previous times is great for motivation.
  7. Apparently the cordon was lifted around 10pm. 10 minutes later there was a ticket. The policeman who was still there said he thought the bloke was checking on his business or something. I don't know what rule was supposedly broken, but he definitely isn't paying it!
  8. I did think this. The one I was with had been here 3 weeks too!
  9. It all started around 7:30am when I got a phone call from my brother asking if an American visitor at his work can come with us to the game. A few family duties followed then I was dropped off at my brother's work place. While my brother was locking up I was chatting away with the American bloke and heard a bit of a bang thinking nothing of it. The American then spotted smoke coming from behind the opposite building so I ran to check it out. Could immediately see it was going to turn into a major issue when we saw more gas canisters. Being the only people around, we rang the fire service. More explosions followed. Sirens everywhere. All the local scags turn up on bikes. Just mad. My brother and the American move their car around the back and off we pop in a taxi to the game. Looking back at the smoke from pride park was pretty surreal. Go for a pint in the yard and everybody is talking about it. We then go into the club shop and the American guy buys about 5 shirts! Onto the match. Despite it being absolutely terrible, the American was absolutely in awe. His words after 'your fans, WOW!'. He'd never seen anything like it. The togetherness, the tribalism. Amazing. Never felt so proud to be a Ram. We've got something special between us here. Anyway, didn't get home til late. Police wouldn't let us have the cars back. My brother got to work this morning to a ticket on his car issued around 10pm. He got a message around 2am to say the cordon had been lifted and his car is free now!
  10. I hope to god we don't get in the playoffs. If by some major miracle we get through them, we would need 11 first teamers signed in the summer!
  11. I demand to see a league table for each teams results against Birmingham. Top 3 are the only ones allowed to go up.
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