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  1. Smyth_18


    http://terracechants.me.uk/club/chants/Sheffield+Wednesday Some crackers in here. The official original chant book. Steal away.
  2. Smyth_18


    Was just about to suggest this. You're a genius.
  3. Smyth_18

    Jacob Butterfield

    I actually completely agree with every part of it Jacob.
  4. Smyth_18

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    Don't know how they've managed to get the taste of a Christmas tree. Every one i have eaten has tasted different.
  5. Smyth_18

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    All single seats available apart from the odd few in the north stand. Anybody getting tickets now is a sad loner with no friends basically. Adrenalin will be high, so if you get a bit bored of abusing the Forest players and fans, find one of these late buying loners and bully the hell out of them.
  6. Smyth_18

    Why Morsy should be charged with at least

    So many talking points in that video but the bit that sticks in my mind is Cyrus Christie being bloody awful.
  7. Smyth_18

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    WBA apparently interested in taking Andy King on loan. Would be a decent shout for us.
  8. Smyth_18

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    A win for Derby would level it up at 39 wins a piece in history. This time 20 years ago the record was; Forest: 32 wins Derby: 26 wins So in a 20 year period that's 12 Derby wins to Forest's 7. Pretty dominant!
  9. Smyth_18


    I seem to be miraculously coming out the other side today. I appreciate everybody's support and concern, don't think i would have made it without you all.
  10. Smyth_18

    How do you cope...

    I know exactly how you feel. You wonder why you're even in the same room. It just goes on and on and on. You don't get a single word they are saying. She even talks to me in her native language after a long day at work. i just respond with yeah where i feel it fits. The only difference between me and you is that my wife is English.
  11. Smyth_18

    Alex Scott

    To be honest i haven't really took much notice when she's been on, which is a good sign for her. I take notice of the bad ones. I tend to zone out whenever pundits are analysing games. It's a very simple game i can form my own opinions on from watching.
  12. Smyth_18

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Will be finishing work in Nottingham at 5pm and crawling down the A52 at an average speed of around 4mph. It will probably be quicker to walk. This is not what derby day is about!
  13. Smyth_18


    I will leave you my Nokia 7+
  14. Smyth_18


    Think i could well be dying. Was nice not knowing you all but exchanging words via a forum.
  15. Smyth_18

    Hilda is ill.

    She'll need to go back in to hospital when she smells your dirty undies on her return.

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