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  1. Smyth_18

    Carabao Cup Round Two Draw - Hull (A)

    Without reading any of it i can't believe this thread has 8 pages.
  2. Smyth_18

    I am going to rotheram untied now

    Can we add a poll to this thread? Who is going to Rotheram Untied? Who is going to Rotherham Tied? Who isn't going to Rotherham?
  3. Smyth_18

    A Level results day 2018

    It seems you got fantastic results... but you are also going to Leeds....
  4. Smyth_18

    I am going to rotheram untied now

    I'm not falling for that trick again. I should have known that they wouldn't keep lollipops in the back. I'm much wiser than i was last month.
  5. Smyth_18

    I am going to rotheram untied now

    I'm going to get a haircut on Saturday.
  6. I may make myself a subject of the thread by saying this, but i'm pretty sure everybody thinks they are right when they say something, otherwise they wouldn't say it?
  7. Smyth_18

    DCFCFANS own little second Brexit Referendum

    I voted leave and would vote the same again if there was a change in leadership. If it was to stay the same i wouldn't vote as they'd duck it up either way.
  8. Smyth_18

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Again. No, no, no. Why should he constantly be covered by a holding midfielder? He can't perform without one.
  9. Smyth_18

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Sick of the endless backing of Keogh. He learns absolutely nothing from his mistakes. He hides from piss poor performances after the games leaving Davies to pick up the pieces. Fans up and down the country in general can't wait to come up against him. A Leeds fan text me before the game saying exactly what was going to happen to Keogh. As much as a twit Morrison was, he's saying what every team thinks coming up against him. Truth hurts.
  10. Smyth_18

    Third kit?

    awful. Other 2 excellent.
  11. Smyth_18

    It's too hot

    Why does this not surprise being with you being a larger gentleman? (ongoing inside joke.)
  12. Smyth_18

    Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Throwback to 2 games in last season when Forest got promoted with a 100% win ratio. They've gone downhill this season big time.
  13. Smyth_18

    Geriatric Floresta

    Seeing a lot of forest fans say how much better it is than last season already.. But by this point last season they was running away with the league and on 6 points from 2 games. Explain...
  14. Smyth_18

    Geriatric Floresta

    I think this is the point Caesar goes on to say he has 'rattled' us with a fishing emoji.

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