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  1. Smyth_18

    Number One when you were born?

    Ironic as somehow i'm a bit darker skinned than the rest of my family.
  2. Smyth_18

    Sleep Talking

    Is there anything funnier than waking somebody up and them coming out with a load of random poo? Last night i woke the wife up as she fell asleep on the sofa. She suddenly blurted out... 'Did you know there's a banana range and it's called monkey noo noos?' I was in tears for the next half hour and when she got up to go to bed she didn't have a clue what i was laughing at. Another one a few years back. When i used to stop at my Dad's at the weekend i slept on his sofa. My Dad fell asleep on the sofa and i was trying to get him up. 'Dad, go to bed' 'i'm just looking' 'looking at what?' 'the pictures' 'What pictures?' *rather angrily* 'IN THE CANTEEN YOU twit!' Apparently me and my brother used to have conversations despite being in separate rooms, which is strange because we don't have too many conversations when awake! Add your sleepy gibberish in this thread!
  3. Smyth_18

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    The sad thing is, We're still missing a Jamie Ward. The balance just seemed to be right when he was on the pitch whoever was on the other side.
  4. Smyth_18

    If Harry Wilson was English.

    So you'd stick a player on who has played more rather than to the game situation? Whilst i agree there are probably better young options than Chalobah out there, he is a defensive midfielder and we was looking to see the game out. If we was losing, then Mount/ Sancho would have been on. This is a case of just being impatient to see a Derby player on the pitch. Others could argue that Mount shouldn't have even been in the squad when the likes of Hughes are performing consistently at the top level.
  5. Smyth_18

    If Harry Wilson was English.

    Not having this. Did you honestly think Mount would suddenly be playing? There is an integration process and Mount being away and training on international duty will be a big part of this. The jump he has already made is monumental.
  6. Smyth_18

    If Harry Wilson was English.

    Think i've already answered this in the other thread. In general play so far this season, i would rate our wingers in this order; Lawrence Bennett Wilson Josefzoon. And not one of them has been anywhere near good enough. All of them have the ability (perhaps not Bennett) to be top players in this league but have to step up big time.
  7. Smyth_18

    Billy & Frank Lampard

    He's had a haircut since!
  8. Smyth_18

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    An unpopular opinion but i don't particulary rate Harry Wilson. Can hit the odd free kick though!
  9. Smyth_18

    SBW 34: Rammie speaks

    Th first full episode i've listened to while i was on the way to work this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Will have stories to tell for the rest of his life. Can tell he's quite ashamed of his actions which he really shouldn't be. He was only trying to have a bit of fun which backfired.
  10. Smyth_18

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    I don't think Johnny Russell ever 'hated' playing for Derby.
  11. Smyth_18


    He wasn't even being conservative about it. Might be best to send him a PM.
  12. Smyth_18

    Non-League Day 2018

    Wouldn't surprise me if a good portion were neutral too. If i chose that game i would have slightly swayed towards Ilkeston, only because i live there and have been to a few games in the last year or so, Probably wouldn't have cheered for the goals.

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