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  1. We've had one good day since the 12th December which luckily was yesterday and we feel very blessed for that on the most festive of days. The wife is far from 100% today and I came down with a sickness bug in the night. What a Christmas! Now to attempt a day at work tomorrow.
  2. Just read this and it was a bit of comfort. Thank you.
  3. I force myself to try and look at everything in a positive light. I try to be a good person every single day. Sometimes it seems like I'm getting somewhere. Then I get hit harder than ever. This week has been such a long story but to cut it short, my wife is not in a good way. It started with a twitching eye on Wednesday but has moved on to full blown facial paralysis and now full body tremors. I've just had to transport her to bed. The past few days I've had next to no sleep with hospital visits. Getting nowhere with wards contradicting eachother. As well as taking care of a potentially autistic 2 and a half year old. Yes we have help but not enough. It can be a hindrance at times. How am I supposed to go back to work and actually earn money to live too?
  4. It helps that Leicester's biggest legend is still playing for them every week too!
  5. We lost 2-0 to Villa but the day was magic.
  6. This time 20 years ago, having been in love with Derby County on the radio and TV for 2 years, I was magically excited to get absolutely everything Derby related for Christmas. The kits, DCFC goalkeeper gloves, framed photo of pride park, bed covers, sunglasses, videos, mugs, pencils, chocolates, you name it. Late on Christmas Day I went to my Dad's house for the next batch of presents (the perks of separated parents). Yet more Derby related items until finally, one big box. I open the box which seems empty but for an envelope. Within that envelope was 2 tickets to see Derby County at Pride Park the following day. To this day I don't think I have ever been so innocently excited. This love was created by Mr Jim Smith. None of my family was Derby fans. I long for my son to feel that pure excitement on whatever he chooses to enjoy in life. Thank you for my first love which will never leave me Jim Smith. Fly high bald eagle.
  7. I didn't want talk about it but since you insist. My Mum bought them for me, my brother and our wives. She bought 2 Lindt and 2 Quality Street. I'm sure you can guess who ended up with what.
  8. It is very important i get to this game and here is my chance... The answer is Tommy Mooney.
  9. Not this Boaty McBoatface scenario again please!
  10. My sources tell me in the next 48 hours. In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas.
  11. Last night there was also a stabbing at the cinema in Nottingham which is now being related to this film. What they don't realise is that in Nottingham it was just simply Sunday. It is just coincidence it was at the cinema. if they delved a little deeper they'd probably see that there was also one in Nando's, the church, Mcdonalds, the bus stop, Subway etc etc.
  12. You practically asked the same question on the same day last year and you still haven't got a conclusion? It must have been a tough year! Bless you.
  13. Was back to normal loud music on Saturday which makes me think it was quiet by mistake previously. I take back my offer of fair play to the club.
  14. Tip for the future. Elaborate further when mentioning that Hillsborough is 'your thing'. I'd much rather make people aware of knocking one out in their toilets than holding you responsible for the disaster.
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