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Sheffield United v Derby County


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Saturday 26th August 2017

Bramhall Lane 3pm KO

Can we make it 4 on the bounce

Do we bounce? Will Wendies let us use the bounce?

Do the blunts have the steel?

Regards The Mafia

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Posted on the predictions thread about this being my first away game of the season and I can't wait. Few beers , a train ride , hopefully a bit of Yorkshire sun and of course some football in there somewhere too. Same team that started against Bolton and Preston for me . The prodigal son that is Tom Lawrence will get his chance soon enough ! 2-1 the Rams. 

Where's everyone going for a pre match pint ? 

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48 minutes ago, Paul71 said:

In Crete for this one so hoping to give Rams TV a go.

Good luck if that's go well. I'll be doing another sightseeing somewhere else in Malta though lol. ??

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Sith Happens
1 minute ago, Gritters said:

I'm going to Hersonissos in October. Not been to Crete for about 30 years.

My last visit to Crete was in 1993 to Malia, expecting it to have changed a bit

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5 minutes ago, coneheadjohn said:

We'll be there in some Cone formation,meeting some of the Blades in town for an early shandy.

Be careful if you're going into town.

Any parking within a 10 - 15 minute walk of the ground? We are struggling to find out with this one.

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