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  1. Goooooaaaaalllll why is Rooney itching his balls so much?
  2. Closed and reopened App and WIFI and it stopped for me
  3. It's the arm/shoulder/chest grey area that's the issue
  4. Lent this to my COVID bed-bound friend last week (sorry I didn't buy a second copy 😂). Now my friend is a book-snob, a proper bookworm, Ulyses [sic] etc. He said it is the best written DCFC book he's ever read, as we know most are poorly written. Lovely read.
  5. Pub team, rough-arse classless owner, starting hate them
  6. I bought a copy of Sportsweek, it was crap
  7. Gobby Gobbyson's Rovrum, Brum and Chairs to go down, hopefully
  8. Cus theres a national pandemic and is non-football club owners can't go and do it too?
  9. Classless owner of a Sunday league pub team, get back to your level and let a proper club like Sunderland rejoin the big boys 😘
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