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  1. Ignore them, tinpot club
  2. Yeah, i recall, I thought he meant in the last day, after this latest EFL announcement
  3. This is the actions of a proper captain... https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-curtis-davies-injury-5403447
  4. Keeps his fit wife in Range Rovers #punching
  5. My thoughts exactly. Club captain, getting in a car with a young drunk colleague. Great leadership that Keogh, maybe give some of your £2.3m to a drink driving awareness charity??? Not like he fell off a table sustaining his injury? 🤔 Leech.
  6. EFL leaking the result to the media before an official statement, what a bunch of Gibson's these incompetent self-serving slags that run our league. EFL, an organisation that allowed Bury FC to die. Premier League please come and save us with a division 2 so we can leave these amateurs.
  7. Keogh you leech. Thanks for the Wembley play-off disaster.
  8. Wonder if the apprentices thanked him for leaving them in the lurch
  9. Yeah, not a person I'd trust, or care for his views
  10. Marples. I'm sure all the former apprentices that lost jobs at his ramshackle company hang on every word he says. Self-centred baffoon.
  11. I remember that. Plymouth & Man U are away fans that made some noise too.
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