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  1. Clowns to the right of me, jokers to the left!
  2. Train for this! Who's drinking where before match?
  3. What's that? A prototype?
  4. Embarrassing how so many people on here think leaving early is ok cuz they've paid and can do what they want. Screw the team, forget supporting the players, make sure you get home instead. Sad.
  5. Why? Pathetic. Stay and support the team, so you get home 10 minutes later, get a grip.
  6. You seem very pessimistic and angry, are you ok pal?
  7. Tyree Wilson is the one! He's the shining star in the youth set-up
  8. Ha ha! It's fun to spy on the grumptarts
  9. From LTLF.... "We have nothing to play for so let's do Boro a favour and give them the win to put Derby further from the playoffs" ....no wonder the crowds are flocking to the Sh1tty Ground this season 😂
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