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St George's Day.

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No. Thankfully we're not daft enough to lose another workday out of the calendar for this archaic nonsense. I've no problem if people want to celebrate and wave a flag etc... but you don't need a day off for that.

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The only thing I know about St George's day is that it's something about a killing dragon (no idea where or why) and I had to be part of a cub/scout procession in Tideswell every year when I was a kid. Hardly ever gave it a thought since.

I'm all for another bank holiday but not for this and not another one in April, what with Easter & then the 2 days off in May.

Far better IMO to have one in October/November, to split up the bloody long run-in between August & Christmas.

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As a scout St.George's day was a thing. But I've not really thought about it since I was 14.

I thought he was a roman soldier of greek origin. Wikipedia also says this but there are a bunch of different "legends" that people think was used to create the dragon myth.

Killed by some emperor for not recanting his Christian faith in the late 3rd century and therefore becoming a christian martyr, becoming a saint and then being venerated during the crusades.


EDIT: He was either born in Cappadocia or Lydda, located in modern day Turkey and Palestine respectively, but both cities within the Roman Empire. His family is certainly Greek. 

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Guest DEL

Yes celebrate with it. Proud to be English :) 

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I don't celebrate it.

St George never struck me as particularly English. The patron saint of so many places.

We should have an English one. How about St Swithin? All that stuff about rain etc. Seems much more appropriate.

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