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  1. The players are at fault for the events on the night absolutely, to get pissed up when it’s not even an international break is disgraceful. The club should’ve sacked all three players if this is how they saw Keogh’s punishment and been consistent, so yes they are at fault.
  2. Do you know what the biggest scandal in all of this is? That Bennett is classed as an asset 😂 Seriously though, this is from the outside looking in a decision of hypocrisy as he’s been sacked for causing a risk to the public... as a passenger! The two drivers should have been sacked. Surely Keogh will appeal and if he wins that then this whole sorry saga will plumb new depths. Such a sad end to a great servants career, he’ll be remembered for two negative events. Derby County, I am so disappointed in you.
  3. Brian Clough leaving, it obviously hit us twice after what he did down the road. It would’ve been great to have beaten Juventus and won the European Cup but we’d have probably lost in the final 😂 The 11 point season, what a waste of my ST money and the ensuing ridiculing.
  4. No danger of that, more chance of him hitting three fans with his free kicks.
  5. I’d have stopped Brian Clough leaving somehow. We’d have gone on to be more successful in Europe and that mob down the road would end up being just another league club.
  6. What a sad end to his Derby career. such a great servant but will be remembered outside of Derby for two obvious events.
  7. Home fans: 🎵We’re Derby County, we drink what we want. Away fans: 🎵Derby County, 3 pints and pissed.
  8. Hopefully Cocu gets the signings in January that he wanted in August, let’s see them get into the side then!
  9. I was one of many who asked for this shirt to be remade so I had to buy it, my first Away shirt as a ten year old 😍
  10. Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Bielik Holmes Shinnie Waghorn Marriott Paterson
  11. The Brentford wide players targeted our full backs, they took advantage of their inexperience. the midfield isn’t protecting the defence enough and that is where our season will be defined. two tough games to come...
  12. Exactly this. apparently, one of the interested parties wanted to purchase the club but didn’t want to hand over any money to Steve Dale which is understandable. if Dale did purchase the club for £1 he should’ve done the decent thing and accept a goodwill payment, the club and wider community have now suffered.
  13. Lawrence, Dowell and Jozefzoon is not a top six midfield. Patience is needed this season until Holmes is fit
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