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  1. Lawrence, Dowell and Jozefzoon is not a top six midfield. Patience is needed this season until Holmes is fit
  2. They’ll go on sale Wednesday I’m guessing, the club will want fans buying tickets for tomorrow night first.
  3. I have pointed out to the Keogh haters that every Rams and ROI Manager have played him, in the same sense I always look at the fact Lawrence gets picked most of the time. I’m not his biggest fan and his performance at Huddersfield shocked me to be honest, not the quality around their box but the effort in tracking back which seemed to suggest that Cocu had finally unlocked his potential. Sadly, he seems to be reverting back to his 1 in 5 performances. We are definitely missing Holmes, it will be interesting to see how we look once he’s back in there.
  4. Dean Moxey, he didn’t need any support 😂 In my early years I saw Saunders and Goddard but I’d have to choose Wanchope, Baiano and Sturridge as that team in general was a joy to watch.
  5. I made this point the other day, sponsoring a stadium is worse (in our critic’s viewpoint) than Rooney’s deal. If you bring your child up correctly then the only part of the shirt front and back that will resonate with them is the word Rooney and our Ram. More kids will be outside pretending to be Rooney rather than turning them into gambling addicts. I recently went on holiday to Weymouth and the amount of fat boys I saw was shocking, obesity is the number one priority to tackle *pardon the pun.
  6. It was on The Jeremy Vine show in the news review, there’s criticism of his morals by agreeing to a large betting deal.
  7. I’ve just seen that 32 Red are paying Rooney £7.8m as part of this deal.
  8. Hmmm, not sure about your medical diagnosis but agree about his two left feet. After seeing Lawrence tonight I’m questioning my judgment on our players anyway 😂
  9. Wow, just wow. This trumps getting Frank in, please let this happen 🤞
  10. Why is it? A box to box midfielder is different to a keeper who is in decent form and was dropped to force him out. He’s better than Roos.
  11. Carson should be our number one, it’s ridiculous how much stick he’s been getting when he’s been a great servant to the club.
  12. Top 10, transition season with the younger squad players getting minutes on the pitch. We need Marriott on the pitch to offset Lawrence. oh, and get that trophy back .
  13. Comparing Cocu with Clough is like comparing Lewis Hamilton with Wisdom. What a lot of fans are forgetting is that players that we want who are one of the selling clubs best players need to have a replacement lined up so realistically we will be waiting until August for any key permanent additions.
  14. Carson Bogle Keogh Davies Malone Shinnie Dowell Holmes Waghorn Marriott Lawrence
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