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  1. One of those CB's being the captain Lascelles.
  2. Nixon has blocked me purely for pointing out last year that if you throw enough stones eventually one will hit the target, regarding his 'gossip'. This was after a run of his insights regarding us coming to nothing.
  3. I'm wearing this shirt today, really nice apart from the sponsor! i liked the first Kappa shirt, then again I'm not a fat barstool
  4. No thanks, he belongs in a swimming pool.
  5. Damn, Bradford away would've been a good day out. Away to the knuckle draggers on a Tuesday night it is then
  6. Get rid, One of the much of a muchness players that we have collected. I would like to see us have a go at signing Sako who we were linked with in January, he isn't playing for Big Sam and he would give us a presence.
  7. I wonder if as he walked around the stadium he asked why the seats were pink and dusty? From living in Greece to spending time there, these owners are as mad as a box of frogs.
  8. A bullshit button gets my vote, it will get worn out when looking through the Red Dogs thread
  9. So he's passed the Feta and proper owners test then. How much did the club Kos?
  10. Spending £10m on Rhodes or using that money to buy 3-4 decent players is a crossrhodes indeed
  11. Those of you that moan about how much time Martin spends on the floor: Did you watch Forestieri last night? Rolling around clutching his knee but then springing back up when the ball comes back near him. Every time I watch him he just tries to cheat the referee. thankfully I think GR wouldn't dream of spending £7m+ on this type of player, I don't care how gifted he is.
  12. The only positive I can see from George's knee injuries is that no Premier league club would want to pay good money for him, his leg break was just bad luck. Keep him fit and we'll make the top six no problem.
  13. I thought Jewell and Pearson would do well for us so I can't judge Manager's! Loads of players have not lived up to my optimism when I see them holding up our shirt, Blackman in the current squad. I believe GR will be a success and our new signings will be great, no more Conor Doyle's and Eddie Lewis' please!
  14. Junior scored at the Shitty ground so he's a legend!