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  1. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Rowett is on The Debate tonight at 10pm if nobody has already mentioned it, he’s bound to be asked about Stoke
  2. Pre-Match Music Poll

    That version of Mr Brightside that gets played is awful. play Black and White Town by Doves then Steve Bloomer’s watching leave enough time then for a chant, ideally Since I was young as that creates a good sustained atmosphere. And no music when we score!
  3. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    I don’t think i’ll Bother trying to ask a question, I might just take a Sign up Thorne placard
  4. Boxing Thread

    Would love to see Haye win and where that would take him, Fury perhaps third time lucky even though Tyson has said he’ll never fight him again. Bellew v Fury would be a joke, Bellew looked bloated v Haye and is no way a HW. Groves v Eubank Jr is the fight that I can’t wait for, a real 50/50.
  5. Decent Radio Stations

    Radio X for me, plenty of Gallagher 🙌
  6. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    I’ve been invited to next Tuesdays forum at The Yard, any questions that you would like swerving? Might demand that Thorne is given a contract extension or else
  7. Will Hughes Watch

    Nice to see Will looking class and Jeff doing so well 😭 Get rid of George and i’m done.
  8. upcoming gigs

    I won tickets to see Liam Gallagher at Bethnall Green working men’s club on Tuesday night, approx 300 of us there and we were stood about 10 feet away from him. He sounded brilliant, did 10 songs including a cover of Bob Marley Natural Mystic which I love. The music scene has missed him.
  9. Boxing Thread

    Wilder is a one punch wrecking machine but has been hurt, AJ can certainly beat him but should lose some weight so that he’s more mobile. Whyte wouldn’t beat Wilder imo, the build up would be brilliant though!
  10. Boxing Thread

    Chisora is washed up, his ‘fight of the year’ was because him and Whyte suited each other. Some of his wild swings were nearer to the ref! Hearn won’t be able to generate enough money now to make the rematch. Wilder is dangerous but a boxer like Fury could beat him, so many flaws in his technique. Stiverne didn’t look capable of winning to me. I can see why Hearn wants to build up Wilder v AJ with the Whyte starter but I can’t see DW playing ball under the current offer.
  11. Boxing Thread

    That’s why I can’t see Warrington beating Selby now that he’s mandatory, I can’t see him winning on points and he hasn’t got the KO punch in him.
  12. Bin Collection

    Our collection is alternate weeks with recycling, there’s 5 of us in our house and we manage. I recycle everything I can which makes it quite easy to only fill your black bin without needing to jump on it. Something needs to be done about landfill and unfortunately a lot of people need to be made to do it.
  13. Just an old shirt ?

    I bet Mel would let you put a display on at Pride Park, it would be popular i’m Sure.
  14. upcoming gigs

    Going to see Ohasis at the Rescue Rooms on Saturday, they are quality and play a lot of album tracks for the true fans. warms me up nicely for LG in December 🙌
  15. Leicester sack Shakespeare

    I think this is a case of replacing good seasoned pro’s with players from all over Europe which has ruined the cohesion and the Manager always suffers. At least King Power are starting to make Mel look rational

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